Sly in Rio

wow this has been crazy. Yesterday we went to a Mangarathiba, small fishing village about 2 hours outside of Rio. Sly set up the first shot for tomorrow (Monday) our first day of shooting. The whole town turned out to greet him. I’m told it’s the biggest thing to happen in the village since – well, since ever! When the stunt seaplane flew over the crowd at a VERY LOW altitude, they began cheering. Sly then walked over to the crowd to take photos, signs autographs and shake hands. Chaos ensued! Back to Rio where he was mobbed as he tried to enter the hotel. 300 fans chanting ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY in Portuguese was pretty interesting. Meanwhile out at the airport Jason Statham required a police escort just to get out of the airport. Speaking of airport one interesting observation – I didn’t see many shops but they do have a dentist office. In fact the city is filled with dentist offices so now I am obsessed with looking at everyone;s teeth. Maybe the heat has gotten to me…ciao for now

2 Responses to “Sly in Rio”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Thanks for these longer blogs, I appreciate them. Keep up the good work, and keep enjoying being on the set of what may well become a very famous film.
    (P.S) I f you Myspace come and befriend me 😉

  2. Jose Luis Says:

    Hellow,Im from Spain, please answer me, how is the health of sly?is he ok??here, there are many rumours that he broke his arm,Im very worry for this,I hope that it would be a lie.thank very much, congratulations for all and sorry for my poor english.

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