The awesomeness that is Sly


Photo by karen Ballard

Photo by karen Ballard

13 Responses to “The awesomeness that is Sly”


    This is fantastic. When can I preorder the blu ray! I hope Sly does commentary on the blu ray. Sly is in the Stallone Action Zone from the looks of this pic!!

  2. Hope Says:

    At 62, he is still the best.


    Sheryl, keep those updates coming. We live on your twitter now! haha!

  3. Another cool shot of Sly Stallone in action!!!! « Brock N’ Roll Entertainment Says:

    […] […]

  4. brocknroll Says:

    Why do we have to wait ’til April of 2010 to see this film? We want to see it this year. 🙂 – Kev

  5. Hope Says:

    Man, it’s a loooooooooooooooooooooooong wait. When this trailer hits, man. I hope Sly makes this a HARD 18, and just blows everything else out of the water.

  6. Jarre Says:

    This is gonna be so awesome.

  7. muri71 Says:

    hey sweetheart sheryl

    i love what you do in here, thx for that!

    first of all i`m a sly fan for over 25 years and THIS is a movie i`ve been waiting for a decade now.
    since that rumor started that sly wants to do a bad ass movie like this, i`m all hyped up and i started 2 post @imdb and aicn… what my dream cast would be and who should score etc.
    it really was beginning 2 be a sport who should be in, who cant be in, what this movie should be about and who declined and so on!:)
    sadly some guys/girls i really would loved 2 see in this declined or cant be in like kurt, jcvd, wesley, scott and sandy but it is allready the best action cast ever in a film!

    QUESTION: i`ve heared casting of extras started for new orleans and as i read it, i tried some days ago!
    my question is since i`m from germany how good my chances are? i´ve written that i will PAY the flight MYSELF!! cus damn it, i need to be in this.
    sly is my idol since 4ever and he`s the reason why i wanted 2 become a movie maker myself and an “actor” even a low budget/amateur one!
    so do you know if its possible that extras from another country will be accepted?
    i always hoped that if i ever will make it as a movie maker, i can work wit sly as an actor one day, well i guess until that day comes, sly allready be long gone, hopefully not… but i cant wait until that might happen, you know, plus i wouldnt bet my money on it that it will happen, so i need to be in this film!:)

    anyway thx for ur time and ur work sweety!

    tell sly i cant wait for this and i wish him the best of luck, i really hope this movie will do 500 mil at the box office, so he does a second part with the other guys he couldnt get for this movie and he should cast me!:)
    well its still not 2 late 2 cast MICHEALE BIEHN, BRUCE WILLIS, CHUCK NORRIS AND JENSEN ACKLES!:))

    tell jason i want 2 see him in this twice as good as in transporter…cus its a sly movie, damn it!:)

    salute 2 mickey…man i`m freaking glad he´s back!

    jet kick em all!:)

    no rap soundtrack PLEASE, give us a mötley, guns, jovi, survivor or metallica song…but only one song, not a full soundtrack and the rest great score and this movie will be *stall`owned*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. muri71 Says:

    well anyway i was the first who had written it @imdb that sly should have a beard in this and look who`s beared now!:)
    cus he looks great with a beard like in get carter!!!!!

  9. zerokul175 Says:

    please please please let it be an R movie, this cast and director deserves it… and the fans too off course!!!!! so psyched about this one….

  10. farid Says:

    Man I can’t wait to see this film, it’s a very long wait, I hope they change the release date!
    This most likely gonna be a R rated film for sure. 🙂

  11. Mark Cookson Says:

    The awesomeness indeed. In fact he brings the awesome giftwrapped in fantastic and shoves it down your throat with a side helping of hardcore.

    Sly is the man!!!!

  12. Joaquin Perez Says:

    Stallone is a real action hero. Expendables has a dream cast and it´s gonna be a big hit next year.

  13. loopmob Says:

    Great read! thx

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