Sly’s stunt double must be getting bored

so today I heard Sly say,  in an understated way, he was about to do the stunt of his life.  Hmmm…sounded pretty cool.  I’ve seen some pretty big action dudes do some pretty tricky stunts (no disrespect to the incredible guys who risk life and limb by doing dangerous stunts for a living) so it takes a lot to impress me.  well today you can color me impressed…a lot…for real…by Sly.  The freakin guy is fearless and pretty much ageless.  No matter how I describe what I watched him do – 6 times – it won’t even be close to conveying what it was – a classic old school mano a mano takedown.  Keep in mind there were no mats on the ground and Sly was basically bareback – no pads except for on his knees – as he dove, rolled, flipped, growled and punched his way through the scene ending with him breaking a neck. Oh and did I mention the sweltering heat and the hard dusty ground he kept slamming his body into?  Sly was bleeding and bruised but after watching the last take he turned around and said “that’s how you teach the children.”  Then he set up the next shot while the medics tried to stop the bleeding and clean the dirt and stones out of his arm.  I LOVE ACTION MOVIES!!!!

. That's what I'm talkin about...

18 Responses to “Sly’s stunt double must be getting bored”

  1. TheMagedMan Says:

    Phenomonal! Sly doin it old school action style. The “teach the children” line is absolutely classic. Thanks so much for these updates. Please keep em coming.



    Sly is the Ultimate Meat Beast for sure!!

  3. John Wright Says:

    Thanks for these awesome diaries Sheryl! Sly is a legend, and I’m so unbelievably happy that he is more popular than ever, bringing legions of new younger fans to appreciate honest-to-god quality action movies, rather than those prissy action-star wannabe’s who darent mess up their hair.

    This stuff is really interesting and I look forward to reading more! You should turn this into a diary and get it published, for film fans, this is must-read stuff!

    Sly did some fantastic Q&A sessions for Rocky Balboa and Rambo via and it was some of the most entertaining reading I’ve come across in years – please push him to do some autobiographies – he has lots to tell I’m sure!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love, Johnboy.

  4. King Knut Paxton Says:

    Sylvester Stallone is a freakin’ legend. Long may he reign.

  5. Tabitha Says:

    That is also how you do AN ACTION MOVIE!!!

    By GAWD I love me some Sly.

  6. Reaver Says:

    This is why the man has been my hero for literally decades.

  7. Tim Says:

    One thing Stallone has is BRAIN. He KNOWS what fans want. He KNOWS these things will be published here, read by the fans, and this will gather even more people into theaters. He also KNOWS what fans want from this movie loaded with action stars. Long live Sylvester, this movie will rock.

  8. Punchy 45 Says:

    I’m no mo, but DANG! What an inspiration!

  9. Omer Sheriff Says:

    Sly is STILL tha Main Man! This film will ROCK! Thank you for these diaries, I check them everyday. Looking good!

  10. Hope Says:

    I am just hoping that sly can get alan silvestri for this soundtrack. You heard Predator, you heard Beowulf….he would EAT this movie alive; musically speaking.

  11. Stuart Says:

    It IS exciting and inspiring seeing, hearing about Sly kicking up fuss, well, better than he’s ever done, just awesome. Loving it! 😉

  12. Andre Joseph Says:

    I love Sly in that “Nighthawks”-style pose with the gun. Can’t wait for this to come out!

  13. PierreValerWilson Says:

    Sylvester Stallone Is The Greatest!!!!!…

  14. Nezilda Says:

    Estoua adorando tudo o que esta sendo feito, não vejo a hora da data da estreia chegar para poder ver o resultado final…

  15. Mila Stewart Says:

    Sylvester Stallone is friggin awesome.

  16. INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Ethelmae (Sylvester Stallone’s Publicist) + FILM PREVIEW – The Expendables « Alternative Magazine Online Says:

    […] […]

  17. Rose Damas Says:

    It´s not clear for me, what really happened to Sly´s neck?? is it serious ??I hope he´s ok. About the pic, this cene was shot in brazil, Mangaratiba (rio de Janeiro).

  18. Laine Says:

    I was taken to the Rocky movie against my will in 1976, I didn’t know what I was about to see would turn me into a life long fan of the main man of the movie. I’ve been a huge Stallone fan ever since. That movie was and still is my most favourite movie of all time. How can you not love the Rocky character??
    He was right about people needing heroes and boy he sure gave them one.
    Stallone Rocks

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