ok that was a freakin long day

after the wild day on Tuesday with Sly’s stunt and Jason Statham showing just how badass he is with a knife, I was kinda hoping for an easier day today.  Unfortunately that was not going to happen.  We shot on the streets of Rio in what I know only as Boxing Square which I think is near downtown Rio.  Eric Roberts and Steve Austin rolled through the fictitious village of Vilena with a military escort.  The militia then proceeded to terrorize the locals before driving off.  We also shot the scene where Barney and Lee Christmas first meet Sandra, played by Giselle Itie, in a little cantina.  We had a lot of lookie loos today which was to be expected but I didn’t see any p’razzi…but I’m sure they were there.  We also had the not as funny as they think they are guys from the TV show Panico following us around trying to get close to Sly so they could challenge him to arm wrestle…sheesh what a waste of braincells.  At any rate we had 7 scenes to shoot at 4 different locations within the couple of blocks that make up the square. A very ambitious day but with the sunny skies and bearable heat and humidity life was good.  Until the thunderstorm hit, delaying the shoot and sending us to lunch early.  visitors to the set today included director Fernando Meirelles (City of God, Constant Gardner) and ultimate fighter Vitor Belfort.  We wrapped around 9pm and I fell asleep writing this update…we have a late call today – back out to Colonia.  Next week, our last week in Rio – we shoot nights…the big battle.  one little observation – I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised to see a whole different side of Statham in this movie.  Yes of course he is badass, but he and Sly have a real chemistry and the repartee between them reveals character and humor…it is fascinating to watch them together…

on a personal note, I read  your comments on this blog and elsewhere and I appreciate the feedback – Sly also reads them…but to be clear, these are my observations unless otherwise posted.  I try to write with a little humor and a lot of truth (even though I am a publicist) and for those who write nasty little emails calling me a racist and a hater of Brazil and Brazilians I suggest you re-read what you wrote to me…that’s where you will find the hate, not here.

47 Responses to “ok that was a freakin long day”

  1. TheMagedMan Says:

    Thanks for the update! Screw the haters. You’re providing us with information from the set we’d otherwise never have access to and I’m sure most of us fans greatly appreciate it. Cool to hear about the chemistry between Sly & Json. Can already kind of envision it. This movie’s going to be old school action/fun.


  2. Steve Taylor Says:

    As a teacher of film and video, I applaud your blog. It gives me insight into a world I don’t have access to and makes me more prepared to teach the next generation of grips, electricians, AC’s and more! THANKS!

  3. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Thanks, really enjoy reading these, and love the fact Sly is back to form doing the stunts and i hope we have close up camera work of him doing these stunts to shit up the ageist creeps in the world !

    Would love for you to possibly clear up what rating you are hoping for ??


  4. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Thanks, really enjoy reading these, and love the fact Sly is back to form doing the stunts and i hope we have close up camera work of him doing these stunts to shut up the ageist creeps in the world !

    Would love for you to possibly clear up what rating you are hoping for ??


  5. Linda Says:

    This is so exciting and i can’t wait for the movie to be wrapped and playing in my theatre. I am a life long Sly fan and this promises to be awesome! Thank you for blogging and keeping us up to date. I look forward to your blogs.

  6. magdesigner Says:

    Screw ’em! Your blog is great, it’s not often you have an insiders view of a Stallone movie, your comments are read with mass appreciation. Thank you.

    One question? Does Jason Statham have an English or American accent in the movie?

    Keep up the blog and the Twitter account, great stuff.

    Can’t wait for this movie – Stallone, you the man!

  7. Tabitha Says:

    Your blogs make my day – don’t change a thing! Stay safe in Brazil (and hydrated!)

  8. Russ Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on the making of the film, its a facinating insight into the movie making. I hope Sly does the Q & A session on AICN that he did for Rambo and Rocky, really great that he has that interaction with fans and movie goes. Maybe I can entice him to an interview for my little site too.

    Keep it up these updates are great.

  9. Agno Says:

    I believe this will be the coolest movie ever! Have filmed anything with Dolph yet?

  10. Gabriel Griffin Says:

    keep the updates going. I enjoy them, and don’t worry about those haters…can’t wait to see this film!! Go Sly!!

  11. Cameron Says:

    Man this is the movie to see next year. I’m putting it at #1. Above Iron Man 2 and any other action film coming out. This movie is top dog.

  12. Reaver Says:

    Sounds like a somewhat rough shoot (not that I would know), but it also sounds like Sly is making it all bearable with his consummate professionalism, and his obvious passion for the project.

    On a side-note, I’m waiting anxiously for the fight between Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren that Sly promised. 🙂

    Take care, stay safe, and keep it coming!

  13. Richard Says:


    Loving your updates on production of The Expendables, its great to have this insight provided for us fans. So excited about TE, only a year (and 1 week) until the release now! LOL!

    Unbeleivable that you are receiving stupid messages – you just can’t please everyone!

    All the best to you and the rest of TE crew.

  14. Jake Martin Says:

    Eh, like the others above me say, don’t worry about the haters. I enjoy this blog and the updates from the set. When I first heard Sly was getting at the helm of an action movie this large, I knew it’d be something I would have problems controlling my fanboy-ish qualities discussing.

    So excuse me while I go geek out in the corner. Speaking of geeking out…Crank 2 comes out tomorrow…I can only hope it will keep me satisfied until Expendables.

    But please keep the updates coming, and keep up the good work!

  15. Hope Says:

    Sheryl, you are THE number one followed person on Twitter. Forger Ashton coochie coosh or whatever his name is, you are the number one right now.
    The haters can suck the big one and you just keep telling Sly that there are guys who have been waiting for an R-rated male-centred movie for DECADES! We have been overlooked for so long and I think it is about time that we finally got what we deserve.

    PLEASE, Sly….get Alan Silvestri for the soundtrack. This movie needs that THEME. Brian Tyler is good but does not have the yards and experience and quality that Silvestri has. Predator and Beowulf? Nuff said.
    Hope there is still time for Michael Biehn to get in there as the last old-skool member.

  16. Jeramy Says:

    Thanks for the update. Tell Sly, dont just own it… STALLONE it!! It’s become my mantra for the past few months and i tell it to everyone. Cant wait to see the movie


    I appreciate you keeping us updated on how this movie is going. I would assume the people commenting on this blog are the hardcore Stallone action movie supporters who will be there opening weekend to see the movie probably multiple times and also to buy the blu ray the day it comes out and watch that countless times over the years. I hope Sly does a commentary on the blu ray because it is like watching the movie with him and is such a joy. In these troubled times it is nice to see that Sly and all the people involved are making this movie that will put a big smile on all of our faces and let us forget the bad times that we are going through right now. I hope Sly calls in to Michael Savage like he did for Rambo 4 to promote this. Savage seems to like Sly and I believe the Savage Nation will welcome Sly to the show with open arms if he is on to promote The Expendables. Keep up the good work!!

  18. Valentina Says:

    Thank you for the updates Sheryl! And never mind the haters.. They’re just “jealous, lousy, bums!” I’m sure the great majority of the people accessing your page are extremely grateful to you!
    I live in Rio, and to me, it’s crazy to hear that The Legend, Mr. Sly, is right here…
    It’s a pleasure to have you all… I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Waiting for more,

  19. Nancy Macomber Says:


    Have been following your blogs on the Expendables, since you started, wouldn’t know a thing without you, thank you for being there for all of us that love Sly and Jason. So looking forward to this movie, wonderful knowing whats going on, and of course, makes for great anticipation. To me, your posts are Great, I enjoy them. There are some ffffd up people in this world, but darling, you are not one of them; keep up the good work.

  20. Mac Says:

    Unfortunately, things like this are always going to draw trolls, but they’re best just to be ignored.

    Thanks for keeping this blog updated. I love reading these posts and I’m following you on Twitter, so I always know when a new post goes up. I’m looking forward to this movie more and more because of this blog.

  21. [thiago] Says:

    hello sheryl. i’m brazilian and i honestly don’t think you are a hater of brazil and brazilians. i don’t live in rio but i’m aware of its problems. your comments were only regarding the heat, the bugs, some communication glitches between one crew and the other (normal in an international production) and stuff like that. it’s like someone going to russia in the winter and complaining it’s too cold. some things are expected. i just think you are trying to give a sense to people reading the blog of what it’s like to shoot in brazil and i think you are making a tremendous job. or else, what would be the point to hate a country and its people and still shoot there? that doesn’t make any sense. so i make the comments of others my own – forget the haters and keep up the good work.

  22. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


    this link states Sly haa broken his arm, is this true???

  23. Aaron Says:


    I’m really looking forward to The Expendables, sly has been a real inspiration in my life and i’m only 19.

    I grew up on the rocky movies =)

    I would lvoe him to see this

    It’s a fantastic cartoon of arnold and sly teaming up. I really hope sly see’s this =)

    Please tell me this movie will have no cgi and will be an 18?

  24. JBrennick Says:

    Yeah – if Sly didn’t break his arm please let us know so we can breathe easy again.

  25. PFG Says:

    the little square where you worked a lot yesterday (yes, it’s in downtown, the old part where the city was born) is besides the company where I work (the not soo big gray building). With the streets closed and no parking place, Sylvester could come AT LEAST to apologise the mess around our job and say hello 🙂
    But it was very interesting to see this new and big “event” in our ugly and old square 🙂
    Most people here maybe will not have the oportunity to see a production of this size again. I’m very glad and anxious to see the movie, my city in the movie and, of course, the HOT Gisele heheh 🙂
    About the Panico TV Show, yes, they do just that. It’s indeed a waste of braincells. They are stupids and we know that but.. they sometimes bring to us some laughs. Don´t you like jackass? So..We have Panico, ehehe.
    A simple laugh or smile worth a lot here. It may become a reason to keep on … trying, living, believing.
    If you think brazilian people are happy, nice, loveble, friendly and etc … it´s because we always have a reason to smile 🙂 not matter how stupid it is.
    Good luck with the movie, success and always feel welcome.

  26. TheMagedMan Says:

    Oh no, did Sly really break his arm? And if so, is it serious?

  27. farid Says:

    Keep the pictures coming…I love em!!!

  28. TheMagedMan Says:

    no breakage. she just posted on twitter. good news.

  29. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    PHEW !!!!!

    Enough to get some hype going tho !!!!!!!

    Be headline news tomorrow, though it will probably say he broke his neck and is directing headless !!!

  30. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    what happened to the footage Sly was going to post?

  31. Expendable Says:

    What is the shooting schedule on this film?
    I mean, next week out of Brazil, and it’s a wrap? Pretty fast if you ask me and no one is…

    Of course there is still the US-filming, but does it include any fighting/battles since the idea was to battle the fictional dictator in Brazil?

    Well, as long as it looks like Brazil no one really cares.

    And when are Lundgren and Li jumping aboard? Haven’t seen them yet.

    About those Brazilian fighters (brothers Noguiera), did they join the flick or not?

  32. Hope Says:

    Yeah, want to see some footage. Stone Cold and Eric Roberts are going to be so evil in this movie…i can feel it.

    Sly can still make it happen even if two trains ran over his body TWICE.

    Alan Silvestri for Music Score.

  33. Ryan Crow Says:

    Hey Sheryl,

    2 questions –

    1) Do you plan on having any footage to screen at Comic Con ’09 in San Diego this July?

    2) Do you think the epic battle sequence you guys are filming next week will be able to top Rambo 4’s battle climax or the Matrix vs Army scene in Commando? I really hope so. Exploding body parts are always awesome.

  34. NightHiker Says:

    Hello, Sheryl.

    You’re right about those guys from “Panico”. Nine times out of ten they mistake being being funny with being annoying. I can’t stand those guys myself (though I can’t stand pretty much anything on open brazilian TV these days).

    As far as the hating goes, I don’t know what the people are saying to you, but one thing is important to note, though: Brazil is a very diverse country, not only in climate but culture and people demeanor (likely much more so than the US), so as long as you seem to be representing truthfully what you are seeing, it should be noted that what you are seeing is not necessarily representative of Brazil as a whole.

    On closing, keep us posted. The whole affair must be quite interesting to watch in person, but for those of us who are far from Rio, this is the best we can get.

  35. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    until then have this


  36. Reggy Says:

    Hi Sheryl and Sly,

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the updates (here and on Twitter), delivering the fans the experience of being right there, on set. Could you give us a little bit more story details? Some details about Stallone and Statham’s character?

    I will do my best to keep my website’s international visitors posted! The Expendables will rock!


    The Netherlands

  37. zerokul175 Says:

    Great blog.. dont listen to the haters, thats what they are just haters…. U r doing a great job, keep the ipdates and pictures coming!!!!!!

  38. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    and lets see the pics of them bruises !!

  39. ksshadowfax99 Says:

    I’m the Statham fan, but my 9 year old daughter is the Stallone fan (she wants another Rocky movie). I suppose it’ll be another 5 or 6 years before she can see the Expendables!! Oh well, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    I hope you won’t stop posting simply because you won’t be filming in Brazil anymore. Keep the posts coming, please!!

  40. Gustavo Dias Says:

    Very interesting blog!

    But you know that the “ciao” word that you used in your first posts to say goodbye is a spanish word, don’t you?

    Just to check.

  41. Buren Says:

    Please, NO PG13 MOVIE, Sly! Please! Do it like RAMBO. No kiddy movie like Die Hard 4.0 😦

  42. derek krauss Says:

    Grateful for your updates and look forward to reading all the news. Thank you so much and best to you all.

  43. Virgil Says:

    Ok, Stallone’s movies are quite good, i enjoy’em a lot. And this blog is interesting too… But could you please try to stop complaining about the heat? And what about ass-kissing? Everybody knows Stallone is cool…

  44. Tim Says:

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