answering some questions

I’m lovin you guys…thanks for following us…I’m gonna try to answer a few questions:

sly did not break his arm.  Dolph only works in Nola with Mickey Rourke ( I worked with Mick on “The Pope of Greenwich Village in 1983) Brittany Murphy and Charisma Carpenter. Terry Crews arrived today, Randy Couture tomorrow and Jet Li on Sunday. Lee Christmas (Jason) speaks with a British accent. can’t answer the rating question but I’m also interesed to know so stay tuned. haven’t posted the footage yet as there was a glitch.  internet is slow cuz I’m using dial-up most of the time which takes forever, but it’s coming – I have it…we leave Brazil on April 25th and take a 2 week hiatus before resuming in New Orleans on May 11. Rogerio Nogueira plays a “red beret”

more later…

42 Responses to “answering some questions”

  1. Inge Says:

    Are Robert Knepper and Danny Trejo in the movie? Thanks for all the updates.

  2. Bobby Says:

    What is this video i read about? Also i wanted to thank you personally for all the updates you have been generously providing us. Stallone is the man and next year this movie will be the one to look out for. I wish more directors would get a cast like this together.

  3. Monty Says:

    was the story about Sly’s broken arm actually published by anyone, or were you just squashing the rumour before it got out?

  4. Sharon (goldilocksangel) Says:

    Thanks for doing the blog. I’m sure the 2 weeks off is well deserved by everyone! The movie sounds AMAZING. What a HUGE cast! Please give my best to Sly and Jason. I do wish them and eveyone else a very safe time while filming the movie. Ignore the ‘butts’ that are giving you a hard time. I feel privilaged to read such a blog and get an insiders look at filming. Keep up the great work!


    Of course Sly did not break his arm. If Ivan Drago could not break him nothing could.

    “The Pope of Greenwich Village” was a great movie.

    Looking forward to the footage! This movie is going to have to be shown in large football stadiums because I don’t think a regular movie theatre will be able to handle all the balls to the wall testosterone and explosive action that this movie involves.

  6. Mike Says:

    hey, i was just wondering if you could clear something up….is Danny Trejo and Robert Knepper in this?? theres rumors that they might, but also that they might not be…

  7. Mike Says:

    just wondering if you could clear this up or not, but are the rumors of Danny Trejo being in this true or false?

    and when are you guys going to film Arnold schwarzeneggers cameo? any hints on what it might be 😉 ??

  8. Stuart Says:

    You’re doing great!
    Blogs are gathering real momentum now, following this is making me even keener to see The Expendables than I already was.

  9. farid Says:

    I agree with the message above…lol

  10. leon x Says:

    Sly vs Jet Li = Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris. I´m Looking forward to watch the movie

  11. Brett Says:

    Wow, I had absolutely NO clue some of the filming was being done in NOLA! That only makes me even MORE excited, as I was born and raised there (23 years) until Katrina took everything from me! I can’t WAIT to see my city in this movie!

  12. matt Says:

    did stallone and stone cold fight yet? what was it like????

  13. Lucas Says:

    That’s a great blog, congrats! If I knew it was going to be shot in Brazil, I’d offer my “acting/stunt/best boy/whatever it’s needed for this movie to get done” services for free 😉
    Good luck and thanks for posting.

  14. Marcio Says:

    Okay, first of all, sorry, my comment in a previous post was deleted and I confess… I was one of those who wrote complaining of certain content in some texts, they appeared content ironies with Brazil, all right, obvious that a text with a little humor is lvery good, but certain words may seem like a bomb, depending how they are written.

    I am very happy to have Sly and Jason Statham in here, making a movie next to my house. Certainly I would be very happy to watch a record of some scenes, but I dont have that opportunity.

    It is true that these characters in the TV show called Panico, are boring and fools, not everyone likes it, if you can, keep them away.

    I´m happy to know that Sly do not broke his arm, and he is well.

    You are using dial-up internet? why not use a 3G modem, from a Brazilian mobile operator (Vivo or Claro), just plug in the laptop and be happy.
    stay cool… hugs to all

  15. ucla_sb Says:

    Do you know if you guys are crewed up for NOLA yet ?

  16. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    thanks, thats real service with a smile.
    I am stuck at home not feeling too good and these twitters are making it more bareable !!

    Since Sly has trained very hard for this film, will he be revealing the torso in the film, and if so will the tatts get covered?

    Also, noticed that Statham has the expendables tattoo on his forearm but Sly doesn’t, so where is Sly’s tattoo or is that a secret??


  17. Psiguy Says:

    Logo poster:

    Picture poster:

  18. Federico Ardito Says:

    So…Sheryl,penso proprio che sia l’ora di postarci il footage,non credi??:-)I think that the movie will be very important in the context of”action”movies…but it’s also fundamental a good publicity for the movie,not only in the U.S.A but also here in Italy and other countries!

  19. Federico Ardito Says:

    Oh..Sheryl!I have a question:When you start to work there?(at morning,evening,etc…)For many hours?I know that Sly working very very hard when he”rolls the camera”

  20. HMB Says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Like everyone has said, thank you for the updates! I’m really looking forward to this film, It’s awesome that Sly shares so much of the production with internet fans… I’m looking forward to the subject matter too. My father is a mercenary, has been for almost 20 years and he’s 65 this year! He’s the real deal and still going after all these years…keeps him young I guess. The photo’s he takes is incredible…

    He’ll probably be looking at this film from a whole different point of view 🙂

  21. David Says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    I looked up the name “Barney Ross” on the net and found this:

    Could you ask sly if this is where he got the inspiration for the name? I have to say, the ‘original’ Barney Ross lived on hell of a life, from rabbi student to boxing champion to war hero; this guy’s life would no doubt make an excellent movie – another script for sly to work on if he ever gets bored!

  22. MagDesigner Says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see this movie. Thanks for answering my question; glad to hear Statham has an English accent and not his fake American one (like The One). He has a great British accent, that’s what makes him such an iconic character on film.

    Thanks again, great blog, keep up the outstanding work, we appreciate the effort!

  23. Anthony Thorne Says:

    Enjoying this blog. My friends down here in Melbourne (all of whom loved RAMBO) are keenly awaiting this flick – really solid cinema entertainment the type you get to enjoy so rarely these days!!. Kudos out to Sly! Great work and please bring out a director’s cut of RAMBO! Kick ass and hope nobody gets hurt too much beyond bruises and bandaid scratches.

  24. johnboy Says:

    Whhoooaaaa there!!!! Did you say that Dolph will only be working with some of the cast??? So we wont get a Balboa/Drago rematch????!!! Are you kidding me?????????!!!!!!!!!! Its what EVERYONE wants to see in this movie – Nostalgia overload!

    Please say is ain’t so Sheryl????

    Keep up the great work – loving these blogs!!!!

    Much love, Johnboy

  25. Hope Says:

    Sheryl, you take the crown again.
    I’m going to keep drumming it as mush as i can. ALAN SILVESTRI FOR THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!! PLEASE!!!

    Also, has the Agent Will Sands been cast? Everyone on AICN and Imdb say that has to go to another old-skool legend, Michael Biehn.

  26. Tim Says:

    one comment:

    THE EXPENDABLES 2 (2012)

  27. Osmar Says:

    Hi Ms. Sheryl, I´m Osmar, the fan that talked with you in Sofitel, Copacabana.
    As I said at that time, I traveled around 2.000 miles from North of Brazil just to see Sly.
    I remember in Mangaratiba when you saw that I was there, you told me:
    “You are everywhere!”
    The few seconds that I could be beside Sly were GREAT, we (fans) always want more … talk to him, a pic, a autograph. But it still was REALLY GREAT!!!
    I waited around 20 years for that!
    Now I´m back to my city (I should come back to work but I would like to be there yet).
    Anyway, I´ll never forget those moments.
    Osmar Daou
    Stallone For Ever!

  28. JORGE Says:


  29. Psiguy Says:

    Better poster with Sly:

  30. Lehmong1 Says:

    StallONE you are the Best…I can’t even believe that so much actionheros will be actors of this film….I wish I could be there seeing the stunts and Sly at work….

  31. brocknroll Says:

    Dear Sheryl,

    Since you are Sly’s publicist, as a die hard fan of Sylvester Stallone, yes, I’m a longtime admirer of Sly, he’s been a hero of mine ever since I was a kid. I would like to do an exclusive interview with Sly Stallone in my blog site at “Brock N’ Roll Entertainment” sometime in the future.

    I want to ask Sly questions about his film career, The Expendables, his workout, etc.

    I know Sly wouldn’t be able to do it now since he’s too busy filming the movie but when he completes filming later this year, and he’s out promoting the movie, I would like to do an interview with him, to help promote it. I’ll just e-mail Sly the questions and he write back the answers.

    Only if he’s interested in doing this…to hopefully make one die hard fan a happy guy!!! I know Sly’s been writing to AintItCool and Stallonezone, I would love it he keep in touch with me too!

    Check out my blogsite here, Sly even has his own section in it. You don’t have your e-mail up Sheryl, so that’s why I had to write here. If Sly is interested in doing this interview with me for my blogsite, let me know by dropping me an e-mail.

    Thank you.

  32. Eric Says:

    Where did you guys find that cool seaplane? cool paint job.

    Is that thing going to be in New Orleasns too? .. any scenes to be filmed with it there?

    Saw a picture of the airplane set mock-up of it in a story I found on the net about converted warehouse your film is using as a stage in N-O

  33. julie vandewalle Says:

    I wonder could you say hi from me to jason?
    It’s my birthday tomorrow, 30 years oh my god still can’t believe it!!
    I have send him a letter but don’t know if the adress was correct.

    greetz julie from belgium

  34. MagDesigner Says:

    The Expendables character teaser posters…

    (if that doesn’t work try these:)

    The more pics we get the posters we can do – hint, hint!

  35. Expendable Says:

    Thanks for the answers!

    I guess things are developing nicely with the film so keep up the good work.

    I know we will soon see some footage or more photos.

  36. magdesigner Says:

    Can’t wait for this movie, in fact I’m not…

    The Expendables one sheets:

    (hope I didn’t post this twice!)

    Send more pics soon!!!

  37. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    GREAT to see Sly is fine.
    I noticed in the 90’s the use if Sly’s stunt men were so obvious and i thought to myself “this isn’t the Sly i know”.

    The reason i became a Sly fan was because he went all out and earned the action man crown. Who wants to pretend to be an action star and walk away thinking that they perfomed a stunt?

    I know stunts are dangerous to do, but like the stick fighting in Rambo III, and the boxing in the Rocky’s, THATS CLASS !!

    So, keep it up Sly, if YOU cant perform the stunt, then its not going to look real.

    You have nothing to prove anymore, except maybe that age is nothing, and you have already proved that !!!!

    Good on you !!!

  38. derek krauss Says:

    How much is Sly weighing these days…he looks fantastic!
    Thanks for the updates – you rock!!

  39. Jose Luis Says:

    Hellow,Im from Spain, please answer me, how is the health of sly?is he ok??here, there are many rumours that he broke his arm,Im very worry for this,I hope that it would be a lie.thank very much, congratulations for all and sorry for my poor english.

  40. mike d Says:

    i am not asking question i think you had pretty much all of those i just wanted to say thanks for everything and if u can its some of a question and that is your a good guy in this right?

  41. Greg Says:

    Hey Sheryl and Sly,

    I am truly grateful for your blog, as reading it is one of the highlights of my day, and I could not be more excited for this movie. Could you confirm whether or not Danny Trejo and Robert Knepper are in the film? There have been a lot of rumors both affirming and negating their involvement, and it would be cool to have a definitive answer right from the source. Anyway, keep up the great work, and I look forward to hearing more about this truly amazing film.

    – Greg

  42. flora caravale Says:

    What was it like working with mickey on “pope”?

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