bye bye Colonia

it’s 2:22am and I’m a little fried. we work tomrrow as well…six day weeks are rough
ok so this is the last time I am going to mention this cause it’s totally bogus…SLY DID NOT BREAK HIS ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!
we worked a split today – started around noon and wrapped around 12:30am in Colonia. I have to say I fell in love with the people there and tonight some of them became extras in a scene with Eric Roberts, Steve Austin, Gary Daniels, David Zayas (shout out to David’s son who reads my tweets) and the Nogueira twins among others. Many of the locals turned out to watch and because there was gunfire we provided earplugs to anyone who needed them. One guy, on the advice of our assistant prop master Audrey, put them in his dog’s ears perhaps forgetting dogs have hypersensitive hearing and it would take more than earplugs to block out the sound. At any rate the guns went off and the dog went running with earplugs a flying. Sweeeet!
To clarify, Dolph works in Nola only but definitely has some very cool scenes with Sly, Jason, Jet, Terry & Mickey
Tomorrow starts a week of night shoots at Parque Lage…more tomorrow. I need to chill & get some sleep.
Ciao for now

15 Responses to “bye bye Colonia”

  1. LukeVienna Says:

    Thank you very much. Great info!

  2. mike Says:

    mkunda33…TMZ clearly did not realize there is no Kryptonite in BRazil. Petty debris and squibs and falling trees can not hurt The Sly!

  3. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:



  4. Tabitha Says:

    Thanks for the update!

    Hope you get some sleep – makes me tired READING about your hours…

  5. Inspector Says:

    It’s not “Ciao”; this word is from italian language. In portuguese we write “Tchau”. Almost the same pronounce, but very different writing.


  6. Expendable Says:

    Well, tough times but overall I think it’s all for the better. I mean, just how many people are waiting this film is worth the while. Even those who rearly go see films are definitely waiting to get to see this.

    Btw, I was wondering, has there been any problems within the cast so far?
    Not that any of that was to be expected, but after all, that kind of a cast and the weather of Brazil may cause some clitches among the crew.

    Any new photos coming up?

  7. Pochoclisimo Says:

    Thanks for the updates! I’m so hyped for this movie… And I keep telling people that Sly didn’t break his arm, but the rumor is all over the place… A little set pic could shut them up 😉

  8. julie vandewalle Says:


    my birthday party is over and i’m tired! and i’m 30 now, i think i need a drink!

    greetz julie from Belgium

  9. Ben Jolliff Says:

    First off, let me say this movie will be 100 percent badass regardless of what happens. It could be these guys just sitting around playing poker for 2 hours and it would still be awesome because of who’s in it. But since i’m bored and love reading this blog, I’ll say for one side note that i wish Matthew mcconaughey had a small role. I know that sounds ignorant and some may say it’s the dumbest thing ever but if anyone ever saw “reign of fire,” you know he’d make a great fit as well. Also, i read that sly asked kurt russel and russel’s management turned it down, that sucks, come on russel, put back together some tango and cash, he looks young enough to do it, that sucks he turned it down. that’s all, keep posting, i love reading these!

  10. Marcio Says:

    Dont have any pictures in the Colonia, like the pics in Mangaratiba?
    I´d like to view the shooting, Colonia is close of my home, but i was very busy last week, and today is the last day there… :´(

  11. Don Johnson Says:

    Hale Caesar is a much better name for the Terry Crews character than the newer Jazz Gumbo.

  12. Ana Costa Says:

    Love your reports!

    Thanks from a Copacabana resident 🙂

  13. sherman Says:

    Dear Ethelmae:

    Hello and congratulations! Your blog is amazing! I’m from Buenos Aires Argentina, near the Brazil set. I’m a big fan of Sly director’s work. Sly is a real marksman, in a computerized society, he is the last craftsman!!! I’m a low budget filmmaker since I saw -in my childhood- the Rambo’n’Rocky movies. Thanks to Sly, I study the Filmmaker career. He’s my guide.
    That’s all. If you want to look and scream, you can visit my real low budget trailer inspired in Sly work: or in youtube: uno por uno reel.
    I’m waiting THE EXPENDABLES trailer!!!!!!!!!
    Truly Yours: Germán Favier, from Argentina.

  14. Says:

    Well I was very happy to know that one of the best actors of Hollywood film came in my dear homeland, especially knowing that he came near my house and filmed the race where I play on the weekend (Col? Nia) because I came to see by far the film and after all it was I came back and took picture of the place served as the setting for this great movie of Sylvester.

  15. Mola retractarse: Sylvester Stallone NO se rompió el brazo durante el rodaje en Brasil. « El lobo iberico Says:

    […] de abril, día siguiente a que los numerosos medios dijeran que Sly se había fracturado el brazo y en la entrada de ese día que es totalmente falso. Que Sly no se ha roto el brazo. Esto me deja más tranquilo porque todo lo […]

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