Oh what a lucky gal I am…

siting here in the parking lot across from the beautiful Pargue Loge, an iconic spot in Rio that we are using as General Garza’s palace.  Nestled just above the structure is the beautiful statue of Jesus.  It’s a clear cool night and I am a happy camper.  So for those of you who asked me to stop complaining about the weather…your wish is my commmand.

Sly is directing tonight – he’s not in any of the scenes.  the actors all seem pleasantly surprised that he is an actor’s director.  I think you will see some damn good performances.  Sly is also a visionary – he knows exactly what this movie is and exactly how it should look and is confident enough to make some pretty daring choices.

i asked the art director about the seaplane and he told me it is an Albatross, built in the ’50’s.  There were approximately 500 built by Gruman in the US and somewhere between 5 and 30 still fly. Originally used for search and rescue .  the one we use in a way too cool scene was piloted by stunt pilot/professional Lynne Hunt.  I love the fact the fuel tanks can be jettisoned in case of emergency.

Someone asked how much Sly weighs now – he lost 32 pounds since Rambo and currently weighs in at 180.  

Danny Trejo us not in the film.  Sly met with him and wanted him but when he rewrote the script he needed a different look.

ok I’m not a big star gazer but i am soooo excited about Jet Li.  He starts work on Monday…should be lots to write about when the 3 of them are together.

they jsut called lunch (it’s 11pm) so I’m off to the food room.

here’s a shot from the set in COlonia…my talent as a photographer is a little lacking but you get the point

from the Expendables set in Colonia


Ciao or Tchau for now

22 Responses to “Oh what a lucky gal I am…”

  1. Dana Lawrence Says:

    Hello Sheryl!!! Thank you so much for all the updates!!! I love you and thank you for all the news!!! I wish I could get a ticket to Rio for a week…. 🙂 My fiancee thinks I lost my mind :)But If I do, could I be one of the extras? 🙂 God! I am so crazy about this movie…. I’ll be following all your updates really close 🙂
    Thank you again!!!
    Dana Lawrence

  2. John Says:

    Is Robert Knepper in the film. And will the actor that Sly casts as Church be a respected actor like Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman etc. or are we going to get Chuck Norris. Oh and the names you posted for Jet Li’s and Terry Crew’s characters, are those their actual new names. Thanks!!! This film is going to kickass.

  3. Reggy Says:

    Enter the Dragon! Jet Li arrives! Wish I was there!

    Looking forward to your next update, Sheryl,


  4. derek krauss Says:

    For those of us really into Sly’s physique…can you talk about what he eats when you guys go to lunch/dinner?
    Were you the publicist on any of Sly’s other films?
    What company is doing the visual effects for this film? Have you thought of Tippett Studios in Berkeley, CA?
    Thanks for all the updates SO much.

  5. glen Says:

    thank you very much for the updates.
    i cant belive people moan at you about weather etc. we are all lucky to be getting any news.
    i am big fan of jason statham could we see his tattoo and knife.
    or even some more action shots of him.
    thanks again for the great job ur doing.

  6. Expendable Says:

    Well, that is indeed interesting. Mr. Stallone just directing. That will be nice for a change.

    Ping Pong is a weird name for Jet, but I guess it fits nicely with the other names given.

    Keep us posted for more tidbits! And of course photos Jet, Stallone and Statham together would be nice…

  7. Romain Says:


    I’m the Editor in Chief of a French video games website (www.jv247.com) and I was wondering if you plan on doing a video game based on the movie. If you have any info about it, don’t hesitate to reach me at my e-mail address (I believe that you can see it).


  8. Tabitha Says:


    Are you done yet? Now? How bout now?

  9. Daniel Bertorelli Says:

    Just saying hi!
    Keep up the great work!
    See you tomorrow on set!

  10. Inge Says:

    Thanks a ton to both you and Sly for all of the excellent updates! This film is going to be a blast. Any chance Frank Stallone will be popping up in any scenes?

  11. Ben Jolliff Says:

    i would definitely love to see some pics of jet and dolph whenever they start filming. by the way, how’s the food over there? any tasty vittles worth trying or eating again? and i can’t remember but did mickey arrive yet? if not, when? if so, how’s he looking?

  12. Omer Sheriff Says:

    I’m really excited about Jet and Dolph joining the party soon. Can you elaborate any more about Arnie’s involvement?

  13. Bo Bo Holiday Says:

    Why did JCVD turn down a role in this film?? Makes no sense to me, seems like he would have fit right in?

  14. munna Says:

    slys pics pls ….body pics…workout info

  15. Valentina Says:

    always here for the updates.. wish I could be at the shootings with you!!!

  16. Valentina Says:

    By the way… Any help you guys need, an extra actress (brazilian who speaks fluent english), tour guide, translator.. anything… count me in!! It would be an honor!

  17. peter Says:

    when do sly and stone cold get it on???

  18. BarneyRoss Says:

    Os seguimos desde este foro en Spanish. Saludos!!

  19. Eric Says:

    Awesome updates .. luv the pics of Sly running to jump on the seaplane
    Any more shoots with the seaplane? Did you guys have to fly that classic all the way from the US down to the movie or was it in Brazil?
    Any more scenes with Sly and the plane coming up… Does Sly fly it in the movie? Is the paintjob of the plane part of the movie’s script? .. very cool looking paint job ..


    If I did not have to be at work everyday I would go get in line for this movie right now!!

  21. Very reliable Says:

    OMG, people wanting to know about what Stallone eats… C’mon Main, tell them he eats…FOOD! And also DEFECATES sometimes…
    By the way, what’s the size of Stallone’s belly button? Tell me, please! I just can’t keep on living without knowing this…

  22. sara Says:

    can we please please see jasons tattoo or even a discription.it looks a bit like a skull pleeeeeease lets have some info.
    thank you.
    keep up the great work…..really enjoy updates

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