Oh what a night

picture this…Sly, Jason, Jet, Terry Crews and Randy Couture blending into the night swathed in black swat garb and locked and loaded.  It was truly a sight to behold.  The rain Gods showed us some mercy tonight giving us all what we’ve been waiting for…some action!!!!!!! In between it all Sly, Jason, Jet and Terry taped a promo for Jet’s foundation to help those who suffered losses in the devastating earthquake in China last year.  Pretty cool to see these manly men walking  towards camera saying “one family – walk together.”  More about the foundation in a later post.

15 Responses to “Oh what a night”

  1. Ryan Crow Says:

    I can’t wait!!! Will we see some footage at Comic Con?

  2. Lilly Says:

    Thanks for the updates! You lucky girl! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Andrew Jones Says:

    Sounds good so far, cheers for the updates.

  4. HMB Says:

    Man that sounds awesome! Hope we get to see some footage soon!! Thanks for the updates!!

  5. HMB Says:

    …Sucks that these guys have to get older…they just don’t make ’em like they used to. Sly will be ‘King of the Hill’ for decades to come…

  6. Tabitha Says:

    Hey, if I die from hyperventilation at this post, can my ghost have free tickets to the premiere?

  7. Susie Says:

    I just want to say thank you for this blog and for your Twitter feed. I’ve been so enthralled by the whole film industry for a long time, and it’s been really neat to be able to follow the production of a film like this. Keep it up!

  8. Dash Says:

    Wow! I cannot wait for this movie! Big fan of all these guys- it’s a modern day “Magnificent Seven” or, as one friend called it, “The action movie equivalent to “Cannonball Run”!

    One question: I am aware Van Damme was asked to be in the film. Was Seagal?

  9. mike Says:

    we need to see pictures of Sly,jet li, statham, Terry crews and couture in this black swat garb!!

  10. mike Says:

    pics of all the expendables toghether would be awesome!

    when are you gilming the Arnold cameo?

  11. Omer Sheriff Says:

    Just the thought of the Trailer is getting me SOOOOOO PUMPED!!

  12. Hope Says:

    Man, the trailer….

    Sheryl, you deliver again

  13. Expendable Says:

    Finally they get to some action.

    Kudos for the promotion for the foundation also.

    And to all who are asking for the footage, it will be available us sometime after 25th which is the day they wrap the shooting in Brazil.

  14. Valentina Says:

    Is it true that Sly is looking to buy a house in Rio??

  15. Carlos Says:

    These are very, very cool news!!!…

    I think I’m as hyped as everyone around here!

    I’ll continue following this blog of yours…. congratulations by the way!!!

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