So it’s no secret that I love

action flicks and the badasses (male & female) who make them.  Arnold and Sly set the bar, rebuked stereotyping and gave us all some of the most memorable moments on film. So when I have the privilege of standing in the middle of what is The Expendables set, in Rio de Janeiro, I have to pose the question…how lucky am I!!!! Watching Sly act and direct and being on the set with Randy Couture (not to mention the afore swooned over Jet Li, the totally manned up Statham, the gloriously beautiful Terry Crews and of course “the Man” himself, Sylvester Stallone) I am grateful for a fortunate life. there’s no disputing Randy Courture is a tough guy but yesterday when I sat down with him at lunch – well actually dinner since it was 11:30pm – I got a glimpse of who he is…a determined focused down to earth athlete who enjoys what he does and who he is.  All the fems on the show are now formally in love with him.  Then there’s Terry Crews…magnificent man clad in a magnificent body.  I worked with Terry on his first film – “The Sixth Day” with Arnold and although he wasn’t convinced I knew he would one day be living the dream.  He is a sweet caring man who is grateful for his good fortune.  Both Randy & Terry are really gracious towards the fans. so ya gotta love that.  Tonight is our last night of shooting main unit here in Brazil – second unit will continue for a few days in Mangartiba.  I have mixed feelings about leaving Rio…this hasn’t been an easy 3 weeks of shooting (I’ve been here a month) and aside from the normal problems of working in a foreign country I have really enjoyed the experience.  I’ve learned a lot about the Brazilian culture, made a few mistakes (I inadvertently made a tourism person cry) and had a few laughs.  But most of all I’ve made a few friends who I cherish and am grateful to for helping me through this adventure.  As I said…how lucky am I.  More later.  Ciao tscau for now.

23 Responses to “So it’s no secret that I love”

  1. zerokul175 Says:

    Great post!!! keep up the good work…

  2. Tabitha Says:

    Admit it – you’re gonna miss the weirdo bugs…

    Have a safe trip back to the US, and thanks for the updates!

  3. Lugoves Says:

    Be safe. Thanks for the updates.

  4. Hope Says:

    Cheers a lot for the updates.
    Might make the big trip to Brazil soon, your posts have inspired me.

  5. Stuart Says:

    Thanks, a nice blog today, giving us your feminine view of the fellas.
    However PLEASE tell me how you made the tourism person cry! 😉
    …No seriously post a blog 🙂

  6. Reaver Says:

    The question is, do we get to see Randy kick someone’s ass hand-to-hand? 🙂

    Great post. Can’t wait to hear the stories from NOLA.

  7. Fernanda Says:

    Made a tourism person cry?

    Pls tell us what did you say!

    Lovin´your blog, Sheryl!

  8. Stephan Martins Says:

    Hey Mae, I just want to conglaturate and thank you for your job here on this blog! We from Brazil can’t wait anymore for that movie, and we’re a bit sad you guys are already leaving 😦

    Don’t pay attention to the “haters”. Know there’s much more people loving you guys and your work.

    And if you ever plan on coming back here, tell us!


  9. Lacy Says:

    Thanks so much for all the updates> I love reading them

  10. Inge Says:

    Yeah the updates have been great!! Keep them coming. Let Sly know we really want him to do another Question and Answer talk back at aintitcool if he has time once production wraps if he gets some time. Can’t wait this movie looks amazing..

  11. mike Says:

    well, now onto louisiana! where we get Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke!!

    when is the crew going to los angeles to film Arnies cameo??

  12. Kevin Says:

    Very Excited for this flick! And the Next Rambo Hopefully Soon

    Fantastic cast under Stallone’s direction.

    keep up the with the updates

  13. Omer Sheriff Says:

    It sounds like there is a real sense of camaraderie on the set – Good Luck with the next location and please send my good wishes to The Gang!

  14. Pafuncio Says:

    I am not a hater, but Sheryl is an ass-kisser, for sure…

  15. Pafuncio Says:

    I am not a hater, but Sheryll is an ass kisser, for sure…

  16. NightHiker Says:


    She’s not an ass kisser, she is a publicist. Sometimes the distinction does seem a bit too tenuous, at least when it comes to the fact that you are not likely to see a publicist talk badly about a movie he or she is working on, but the most interesting things about this blog are not her (maybe) subjective impressions of the cast, but that it has news about what actually is going on on the set, something she can do and has been doing properly, at least to what I expect to be the studio/production limits or guidelines, kissing ass or not kissing ass.


  17. Stephan Martins Says:

    So what? Just ’cause she’s a fan means she is an asskisser?



    I hope we have Expendables 2! Rambo V first and maybe Cobra 2 could the dream come true!

  19. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Well i guess when we see the footage (hint hint) we will all end up being asskissers !!!

    If i was there i would be ass, feet and everywhere else kissing !

  20. Mathieu Says:

    I’m loving the updates and blog entries – and The Stath’s tweets as well! It’s so nice to have a big film and the people working on it interacting with the fans in such a friendly and informal way. Can’t think of an occasion where that has happened before.

    I can’t believe people would complain about this, either. Of course as it’s their movie and they want us to see it they’re not going to start bitching about it and each other. But being positive and excited about the movie you’re working on is hardly ‘ass-kissing.’

    I personally cannot wait. And I’d love an Expendables 2 if all goes well! Perhaps if Arnold returns to full-time acting as he has hinted in the last couple of days he could have a bigger role in the next one? Let’s have Bruce Willis in it too! 😉

  21. Dash Says:

    Awesome. It is really entertaining to follow the film from start to finish, especially one as spectacular as this one. As a huge Sly fan- yeah, I put olive oil on everything too- it is great to see him still shouting into the wind!!!

  22. muri71 Says:

    hey sweety

    dont listen to the haters…we all would be doing some kind of “kissing” around such a cast like this!

    this is the movie that will own 2010 and i cant wait to see it and i would cut off my little finger to be in it!:)

    ps: i like the way you write, stay the way you are!!!!!!!!


  23. Carlos A. [Colombia] Says:

    This is definitely going to be one of the “must see” for 2010…

    I wanted to add, that what you said about Terry Crews, actually shows in his acting… I mean, he has such a great sense of humor… I like his acting style and all his characters, from Chris’ dad… to the ‘loco’ Cheeseburger Eddy…

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