ok kids…I’m outta here

we wrapped the brazilian portion of our program at 5:30am at Parque Lage. David Zayas, Giselle Itie, Eric Roberts and Steve Austin worked in what I can only describe as a tense scene in Garza’s palace.  The place is beautiful in itself but the way it was lit  – thanks to the lighting God that is Jeffrey Kimball (not ass kissing) – and with the Cristo lit in the BG (ok I know I am obsessed with the Cristo as well but it is just so iconic that every time I see it I am in awe) created a really cool kind of foreboding look. In one scene where General Garza is painting a self portrait, Sly took one of the canvases and began painting.  he reminds me of Ruscha and the way he works. The crew was in a great mood even though night shoots can be brutal.  we all took photos of each other – some of which I will post in a few days so you can get a glimpse of who is making this film.  I want to give a shout out to all the crazy fans who vigilantly stood outside the Sofitel Hotel every night waiting to see Sly, especially the SLY SQUAD, a group of Brazilian fans who traveled from as far away as Amazonia.  Also to everyone at the Sofitel…Barabra Maia, Ana Carolina, Jean-Phillipe and of course the best concierge in the world, Lionel.  Sly’s bodyguards, Flau, who is a member of the “Elite Squad” (look those guys up if you want to read about badasses) and Ruan…great guys who heped me a lot when things went wacky.  And I met the director of “City of God” a bold film about life in the favellas…all good for me. I will be posting the teeny tiny clip Sly put together next week.  More photos will be released in a few weeks – our unit photog, photojournalist Karen Ballard, has done some gorgeous work (not ass kissing).

and yes I am a publicist and they pay me to publicize the film but anyone who knows me knows ass kissing is not my thing…I really don’t have anything bad to say about this film – I may in the future but you’re right…I’m a fan…I’m excited.  Sorry if that annoys someone.  I worked on “Ready to Rumble” and I maintain it is one of the worst films ever made.  I also worked on “The Love Guru” which apparently you thought was one of the worst films ever made.  The script was laugh out loud funny and I wanted to work with the genius that is Mike Myers.  But the movie wasn’t good…like really not good.  But my experience was. And I got to take a photo with Verne Troyer…on center ice where the Toronto Maple Leafs play. I won’t even get into “The Sixth Day” because I love Arnold and watched him try to make it work…unfortunately Roger Spottiswoode didn’t get the memo.

Ok that’s it…time to head to the airport.  thanks for your feedback…good & bad…I head to Nola in about 10 days.  That is going to be really fun!

Tchau Rio.  Obrigado

27 Responses to “ok kids…I’m outta here”

  1. zerokul175 Says:

    Have a safe trip back home, and Ill wait inpatiently for that teeny tiny clip and more pics…

  2. Nancy Macomber Says:

    Thank you for filling us in on everything, great job

  3. Stuart Says:

    You don’t have to justify your words and thoughts, if people don’t like them then they can stop reading your PERSONAL blogs!
    I’m enjoying them immensely and visit this blog page and your Twitter every day to see what you have to tell me.
    Please don’t get bogged down with feeling defensive over a few idiot’s comments because that risks spoiling the pleasure your uninhibited writings bring to those of us who are genuinely enjoying them 😉

  4. farid Says:

    I agree with the top comment completely. You don’t need to justify your words at all, don’t write “not ass kissing”. The hell with those who think that’s what you’re doing, and that’s only because they’re a bunch of jealous retards who wish to be in your place.

    Thank you so much for your amazing words, I personally look forward to reading them every night, so keep up the great work. 🙂

  5. Tabitha Says:

    Ignore the haters that claim not to be haters.

    Most of us are really uber super excited about the film, and YOUR excitement makes us even more so. If that makes since.

    Keep doin’ your thing – you’re awesome at it!

  6. Omer Sheriff Says:

    I envy you so much! you have the best job ever! I like your honesty in the way you write your blogs – and it must be tough to try and condense all the info in one little blurb. thanks for the updates and I look forward to some new pics.

    Good luck

  7. sara Says:

    Keep up the great work and dont let half wits with nothing useful to say get you down.I like many many others enjoy and look forward to your words. These people who feel the need to give negative comments should just stay away.I as most of the people who read this want to hear from you not people like that.
    KEEP IT UP !!

  8. Hope Says:

    Cannot wait for Nola.
    Cheers for the Brasil updates

  9. Pafuncio Says:

    Hey people! I’m a big fan of Stallone, you can’t have a doubt of it! This is why i’m here almost every day, searching for the news! Nobody seeks for something bad, isn’t it? That’s why i’m here, for the news about The Expendables…
    If I just knew people would take my words so bad…
    Hey Mae, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to provoque such a bad feeling. I was just kidding. Keep up your nice work and have a nice trip back to the US, ok?

  10. Tony Stalloney Says:

    Any truth in the rumour of Mr Church being one of these people?

    a. Josh Brolin
    b. Tom Berenger
    c. Tom Cruise
    d. Bruce Willis
    e. Ray Winstone
    f. Christopher Walken ??

  11. Inge Says:

    A supposed insider dropped a “cryptic” scoop claiming that the character Church has been cast and is INDEED one of the following; Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Christopher Walken, Josh Brolin, Tom Berenger, or Ray Stevensen. Can you confirm or deny this? Thanks!

  12. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Any truth in the rumour of Mr Church being one of these people?

    a. Josh Brolin
    b. Tom Berenger
    c. Tom Cruise
    d. Bruce Willis
    e. Ray Winstone
    f. Christopher Walken ??

  13. nowayout11 Says:

    Seriously, don’t even give the haters a second thought. They’re not worth giving any power to. This is your blog, you do what YOU want with it.

  14. ethelmae Says:

    Regarding casting for the character of Church…none of the names listed are correct. I do have a name on the cast list but I need to confirm it. As soon as I do I will let you know.

  15. John Says:

    Do you then by any chance know if it is a respected actor that has been cast in the mold of a Eastwood, Hackman, Pacino or would it be someone like Chuck Norris. Also, can you tell us if Rober Knepper has a small in the film as some associate of Mickey Rourke’s. And how long to you figure Mickey will be in the film. Thanks a lot.

  16. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    can you confirm that Stallones stunt double has been sent to help out the catering staff as he is no longer needed !

  17. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:




  18. Expendable Says:

    I guess this blog will be the source of information for the Nola-shooting also?

    No that it matters to change a page, but helps things to keep this site bookmarked…

  19. muri71 Says:

    hey sheryl

    do you know why it didnt work out with scott atkins which i really would have loved to see in this movie and if at any time MICHAEL BIEHN was considered to be in this movie?

    at imdb the name of robert knepper came up again once he was in, then out and now in again, is he in or out?
    the funny thing is i was the first guy ever, who brought up the name in a talkback at imdb…before he even was considered. seems like sly have read my posts some month ago way back in 2008?!:)
    robert is great in prison break, i hope he joins ?!

    ps:can you tell sly most of the fans would love to see chuck norris, bruce willis or clint eastwood for the part as church that would rock!

    ps2: is there any chance to be casted as an extra even if i`m not from the usa?

    thx for your time & work sheryl

  20. Inge Says:

    Can you please clarify is Robert Knepper in or not? Thanks alot.

  21. Ana Costa Says:

    Hope you had a good time in Rio.

    Please keep as posted on the rest of the shooting.

  22. Osmar Daou Says:

    Hi , I´m Osmar Daou, fan from Sly Squad that went to see Sly from Amazonia area.
    There were fans from everywhere in Brazil, south, north and etc.
    We were tireless to see Sly. We knew that he was working but it was our chance to see him.
    We would like to thank you all, too.
    Sly was a true gentleman with his fans … I wish I can see him other times in my life!
    If ever Sly and his staff need anything from here just tell us.
    Best Regards,
    Stallone For Ever!

  23. Walace Says:

    Thank you for your comments about Sly Squad, and we love Sly´s stay at the Rio. We have too some comments and pictures on our blog. http://www.edmrocky.blogspot.com Walace

  24. Jim Burnett Says:

    Small world! I was an extra on Ready to Rumble the Farmhouse scenes.
    I thought it was an ok movie, comedy’s are hard, some are silly, some are funny, some are funny and silly. Ready to Rumble was no gone with the wind mind you but it was a what I call a have fun film. The love guru the same, I think Mike Myers is the shaz in Shazpah! but even though it is funny to me, alot of critics and others don’t like the same types of jokes over and over, The love guru seemed like “Austin Powers IV” but wasn’t if you get what I mean. Nonetheless all the movies you worked on made me laugh, no they did not win oscars, but they never were meant too, they did their job and entertained and got a few chuckles out of people. Besides writing comedy is not as easy as people think, mainly because most of really funny things have been done before, My Hero, John Hughes, and yes I AM NOT WORTHY, to even mention his name, but he was one of the BEST. “Planes,Trains,Automobiles”,”National Lampoons Vacation”, “Christmas Vacation” etc. and so on..

    Anyway, enjoy your twitter’s keep me posted on Mr. Stallone, because I am still working on the new boxing film we talked about. He is a really good guy, I hope he likes it when I get polished.


  25. Carlos A. [Colombia] Says:

    I’ll be expecting some fresh news in a couple of days then!!!

  26. raven1973 Says:

    Ethelmae, are you really closing down your blog, and if so, why? 🙂

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