just a spoonful of footage…

so here’s a little never before seen footage from the set of The Expendables shot in Brazil.  I’m headed to NoLa early next week and will be bloggin and tweeting up a storm. I also got a sneak peak at the teaser posters for the Cannes Film Festival which I hope I will be posting in a few weeks.  Some behind the scenes photos will also be posted.  footage shot by John & Pedro


62 Responses to “just a spoonful of footage…”

  1. Omer Sheriff Says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! AWESOME STUFF!!!!! Keep it coming! and Thanks Again! XXXXX

  2. farid Says:

    DAMNNNN!!!!….That’s AMAZING, I LOVE it. Thank you sooooooo much! More Please.

  3. The Maged Man Says:

    INSANE FOOTAGE. Thanks!!!

  4. Hope Says:

    a m a z i n g

    man, i hope sly delivers on this movie

  5. Kiril Says:

    Thank You for the blog, it’s great to have an inside info from the set. One question, do you know what model Panerai watch Sly wears in the movie? It looks like Jason Statham is also wearing the same Panerai watch I think the model is PAM 317. Thanks!!!

    I noticed that Sly is wearing behind the scenes his new Panerai PAM 341 Radiomir Egiziano. 60mm watch. Looks very good on him.

    P.S. Can you tell I’m a big Panerai fan? 🙂

    Thank you one more time for the inside stories, keep them coming!


  6. Gina Says:

    Love the updates on the movie! I can’t wait to see it. Don’t know if you can answer my question, but I thought I would ask anyway. I live in Baton Rouge, LA. I will be in New Orleans next Saturday (May 9th) for my wedding anniversary. Any chance of running into any of the cast in the Quarter-particularly Sly, Jason, or Dolph? My husband and I are big fans of theirs. I will also be there June 1-3 for a conference for work. Are they shooting the movie only in the studio in Harahan or other areas of N.O., too? Just wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to meet them. Thanks!!

  7. Mr B Says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Thanks.

  8. Donwoo2 Says:

    lookin good!

  9. Penny Says:

    Who knew?

  10. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:




    very verY AWESOME STUFf!!!!



    WHEN IS PART 2??


  12. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:




    ¡¡¡¡Increible!!!! Amazing!!!!

  14. zerokul175 Says:

    sickkkkkkk!!! so sickkkkk!!!!!!
    very intense, you can see it in his eyes… Awesome vid.
    post more please!!!!

  15. Stuart Says:

    Thankyou, that’s just lovely, it’s put a big smile on my face 🙂

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    […] e protagonizado por Sylvester Stallone teve o primeiro vídeo dos bastidores divulgado por um site não oficial da produção. O vídeo mostra a cena ilustrada na imagem acima,Eric Roberts e Stone Cold Steve […]

  19. Steven57 Says:

    This is amazing footage! It says footage by John? John who? Pedro who? Are they a team of directors who always work together??? Whoever they are the shots are amazing? Sly my man, YOU ARE STILL THE MAN! Thanks for John and Pedro.

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    […] que alguien tiene un blog no oficial que parece oficial para la peli The Expendables de Sylvester Stallone. Allí han publicado un pequeño video del set […]

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  22. Igor Couto Says:

    Thanks! We in Brazil need to show wour people!
    Show our potential in the film. We are a huge country, the people and our land has much to be tapped.
    STY, thank you for choosing Brazil! I know it’s good financially, but we have potential for technical Hoolywood recognizes.

  23. The Expendables - Scene video de la filmari Says:

    […] de la filmari, publicate pe blogul de productie al acestui film, acum, tot acel blog posteaza si un clip video cu filmarile de la aceasta […]

  24. Davicine Says:

    Amazing!!!! que está de moda ese termino en mi país…

  25. Mike Says:

    thats sex!

    I think stallone just coined a new phrase

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  30. Spidey Says:

    Great Info and very good blog. I too have a free wordpress blog.

    How can I embed a video like this..? Can anybody help..? Appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance..


  31. Expendable Says:

    Well, that was ok.

    Keep up the work, Nola will be the next zone.

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    […] is running the unofficial-looking official blog for Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables has just posted the first look at any real footage […]

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    […] is set to be released into theaters everywhere, a year from now next April. On the movie’s “official blog;” though it looks not legit, has posted the first behind-the-scenes footage of Stallone in all his 62 […]

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    […] Expendables Behind-the-Scenes Video The production Blog for Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables has posted this new behind-the-scenes video […]

  35. Clappy Says:

    That was awesome. Thanks for this video. This movie is shaping up to be one of my all time most anticipated…. xD

    Keep the vids coming please. Thanks a lot.

  36. Tabitha Says:

    DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!!! SO incredible to see the Roberts/Austin explosion scene live.

    And Sly. There are no words. Just..SLY.

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  38. Valentina Says:

    LOOOOVED IT!! As always, thank you Sheryl.. great job!
    Enjoy your “vacations”… Hope to hear from you soon.

  39. Inge Says:

    AMAZING!!! Any chance you can post a complete cast list?

  40. Carlos A. [Colombia] Says:

    Great video!…. nice shots there, and nice seeing Sly in action!

    Thanks a lot!

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  42. Behind-the-Scenes Video « Statham Fan Says:

    […] speaking of Sheryl, she actually was the one who posted the video first on her blog…Ethelmae’s Blog.  I wanted to give kudos to her for doing that.  She also says that she’ll be in New Orleans […]

  43. jack Says:

    had my expendables tattoo done yesterday…..am i one of the first ???
    cant wait for more news.
    thanks and keep up the great work

  44. Mike Says:

    just a quick clear up…IMDB changed Mickey Rourke to “rumored” is he still attached to this film?? I would hope it is just an error on their part

  45. earl Says:

    i like it a lot

  46. Matthew Says:

    LOVE IT! Thank you so much for posting this! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a movie! Can not WAIT!

  47. Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » On Set With Stallone and ‘The Expendables’ Says:

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  49. Joe Says:

    Very cool – keep this stuff coming!!! The movie looks like it’s going to rock!!!

  50. ccscompany1 Says:


  51. sandy zahler Says:

    Are any of the cast members on Twitter. I have seen several names but can’t figure out if they are real or not. If they are will the be posting any updates about the movie there. I know you are on there but was just wondering.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy the updates. Looks like it is going to be a great movie and thrill ride start to finish.

  52. Movie Discussion - Page 455 - StrafeRight Forums Says:

    […] […]

  53. Lugoves Says:


    Me and bout 8,000 Jason Statham fans we’re duped on Twitter. #Sammy1974 has Hired a company to contact his agent to atleast try to communicate to Mr. S he had 8000+ peeps following him *On Set* in Brazil on Twitter. Sammy moved the Twitter Fan page to here > http://twitter.com/J_Stathamfans1 – If You can can you try to pass the word to Mr. S. What happened? I think you use twitter under account http://twitter.com/marialascala – In which case perhaps you were also duped. I follow U so you can direct message me on Twitter #Lugoves or email admin@lugoves.com If you find anything out. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. And don’t forget to check out #J_Stathamfans1 – Peace

  54. Ben Jolliff Says:

    awesome footage and i agree, keep it coming!!!! that man does not look like he’s in his 60’s, that’s for sure. also, sheryl, don’t forget to post some dolph pics in there whenever he get there.

  55. Steve Kasan Says:

    Great footage! Sly is a true artist! Would love to see Dolph and Sly together in a pic!

  56. Paul Levy Says:

    There is this actor named Steve Kasan with an audition video for Stallone to be a part of The Expendables. I have seen his video, it is pretty good. Check him out here on his facebook group:

    He is really good, should encourage you guys to look at his video!

  57. Mutant Reviewers From Hell » Blog Archive » Trailers and Media Says:

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  58. Genoskill Says:

    That’s Sex.

  59. Арсен Says:

    thanks this post. I made some adjustments

  60. Jen Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for posting!


    Visit me on Twitter: RojoNatural and listen in to online talk radio program, Ace’s Sideshow with Velmaj

  61. Florida video production Says:

    That girl does not even know who he was.
    Thanks for posting.


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