And we’re rolling…

cameras rolled yesterday with Jason and Sly doing some pretty cool stuff.  The sets Franco Carbone built on stage look great. today we have David Zayas, Giselle Itie and Eric Roberts.  Dolph Lundgren stopped by for a wardrobe fitting and the guy is in excellent shape – don’t believe the p’razzi shots you see  – the guy is fit.  Jet Li is also now in NoLa – Mickey Rourke arrives tomorrow and will work on Thursday and Friday.  We’ve been on stage at the Louisiana Film Studios in Harahan – tomorrow we move to South Peters Street for 3 days where THE EXPENDABLES will finally all be together.  should be freakin great.

I will be releasing an exclusive shot hopefully tonight…it’s a cool shot of Sly taken yesterday during a stunt. sure wish the studio had better internet access (wireless please!!) so I could do it from set…but that is my only complaint about the place…so far. Oh and the women’s bathroom is kinda funky…

I’m also adding a photo of an outrageously righteous beyond customized motorcycle Sly bought at the biker convention or Biker Week or whatever the heck it’s called.  all I know is there were a lot of crazy ass faves are still the ones Jesse James does but the guy who spent five years building the bike Smajor kudos…I need to get that guy’s name to give him his props…

Ok as for Church – some of you have it right but I can’t release the name until the deal is absolutely finalized.  I’m not trying to tease  you I am trying to cover my ass so bear with me…you won’t be least most of you won’t.

as for Arnold…how much time he can devote to his “cameo” depends on what is happening in Cali… but Sly promises every minute of Arnold’s screen time will deliver.  Since I worked with Arnold for 13 years it will be fun to be back on a set with him…and Sly…and Church 🙂

that’s t for now…hey if any of you are in the DC area check out the photo exhibit at the Smithsonian – the one featuring work from the official Obama inauguration.  Our unit photog, Karen Ballard, is prominently feautred in the book and in the Smithsonian exhibit along with other great photogs like David Kennerly…

that’s it for and my rented Kia will be heading across the mighty Mississippi with the Ragin Cajun turned up really loud…



kick ass bike

24 Responses to “And we’re rolling…”

  1. Inge Says:

    So Church is going to be Bruce Willis!! How awesome is it going to be to see the big 3 in a scene together!?!?!?!?!

    Is the gay expendable Richard still going to be in the movie? If so who got that role?

    Thanks as always for the great update!

  2. Chad Sexington Says:

    “Whose motorcycle is this?”

    “It’s a chopper baby.”

  3. Mike Says:

    considering most of us guessed Bruce Willis?! can it be!??!! that is going to be the most epic scene ever!

    Stallone makes action fans dreams come true…

  4. Mike Says:

    oh, and i like the sound of Arnold’s role being more of a small role than a cameo! keeping my fingers crossed all goes well and arnie can put in a couple extra days!

    is Dolph Drago ripped?

  5. slasheroid Says:

    I’d also love to see Woody Harrelson as the Expendable but guess that’s not gonna happen…

    Post some Dolph and Mickey photos if possible, thanks and have a nice shooting!

  6. DUTCH Says:

    GREAT! Arnold will have a small role instead of a little cameo! Thats exactly what fans will pay for over and over at the box-office. Make Arnie’s role a memorable iconic one if he’s a supporting part. Just like Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. Bruce Willis will make this film 100 times better. THE EXPENDABLES will clear 300 million easy worldwide.

  7. Hope Says:

    Well, looks like it might be Bruce. I was still hoping for Busey and Biehn…maybe they still have a shot….

  8. Diana Says:

    If you guys are going to be filming on South Peters Street and I find you, would it be possible for me to have a “Statham sighting”? I promise to behave…just need a glimpse of Jason. Heck, can’t you say where you guys will be filming exactly? Outdoors? Can you give info in re when there will be some filming in public where I could watch Jason in action? You certainly are one lucky girl.

    • ethelmae Says:

      sorry we will be inside…

      • Laura H Says:

        come on !! help a girl out !! my husband and i are planning on coming to south peters to try and catch a glimpse ! i am such a Stallone fan. Will there be an opportunity for a regular kinda person to get to watch the filming while ya’ll are here? No one is saying a word. Glad your here by the way. The Big Easy can use everyone”s help !

  9. Diana Says:

    Here’s my dream scenario: Sheryl Main invites me to join her to watch Jason Statham filming. In return for this huge huge treat, I am indebted to her for life. By the way, who or what is Miss Sadie?

    • ethelmae Says:

      miss sadie is my 4 year old rescue kitten..she goes on location with me except to Brazil but she was on Rocky Balboa in Philly & Vegas. If you find the set you can ask for me but I make NO PROMISES…

  10. Diana Says:

    Holy Cow…Are you Kidding? How extremely kind of you. And trusting of a complete stranger. (not to worry, I’m totally benign). Now I just have to find the set…it’s like finding the needle in the haystack- my husband says South Peters Street is pretty busy and that it’ll be impossible to find you guys without an address…Might be a wasted trip from Baton Rouge -but I have to try…I have no knowledge of “movie lingo” nor do I know where to begin. I’m such a Statham fan though that I will try my hardest. Wish I could extend some “Southern Hospitality” to you. If I do find the set, how do I find you? I just walk up and ask anyone to contact you? How does one do this? I realize how this will be nearly impossible to pull off but I genuinely thank you for giving this middle-aged housewife something to look forward to. If I don’t “find” you, have a pleasant stay in Louisiana.

  11. ksshadowfax99 Says:

    Wow that is one nice bike. Sly looks totally awesome on it as well!!

  12. Fake Church Says:

    Thanks for the great Willis (we all know) and Arnold news. Sly and Arnold together with biceps pumped holding uzies will have me crying like a little school girl. I’m bringing both my two sons to this flick.

  13. dudelove Says:

    It’s Bruce? Damn, I was hoping Bruce would be involved in a shooting/killing/one liner capacity.

  14. Rachel Says:

    When is Charisma Carpenter due to shoot her scenes?

  15. Tabitha Says:

    YOU’RE A KITTEH MAMA? My respect just went up 100 fold.

    Now, I should probably read your blog first but I can’t stop drooling over that chopper…

  16. Expendable Says:

    Now here’s the thing: we may have guessed it, but will it be Willis?

    Logical it may be, but still very skeptic about it.

  17. Andrew Says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I live in Slidell, I’m so going to New Orleans to see if I can see something (if that’s ok of course, wouldn’t want to screw up the best movie in the world). Ever since I heard about this movie I’ve been geeking out. Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren all in the same movie. And now a “could-be” Willis. I might cry lol. These guys are my heroes, I’d practically do anything to see them in the flesh, especially Stallone and Schwarzenegger (I have like all they’re movies on DVD) :O

    I wouldn’t screw anything up, I swear.

  18. That’s How Sly Rolls » Craig Zablo's StalloneZone Says:

    […] You can see a much larger version of this shot and a production update over at the over at Ethelmae’s Blog. […]

  19. Alexa Says:


  20. Harlan Sperrey Says:

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