Slammin new photo

me again…just gave aintitcool the exclusive on this rockin shot of Sly…enjoy…and I didn’t say it was Bruce Willis as Church…also Sands, Lickson, Emmanuel and Richard characters are out…

kick ass photo

26 Responses to “Slammin new photo”

  1. zerokul175 Says:

    sick sick sickkkkkkkk!!!!!
    Way to go sly!!!!! Great pic..

  2. Mike Says:

    “I didnt say it was bruce willis who was church”

    you are such a tricky one maria šŸ˜‰

    I still say(or hope) it is bruce willis šŸ™‚

  3. Mike Says:

    oh, and no one said that you said that it was Bruce willis šŸ˜‰

    any idea on a timeframe when we will find out who the elusive Church is? a week? a couple days?

    • ethelmae Says:

      I know…I am just saying that I didn’t say it was BW…but I didn’t say it wasn’t but I did say I was CMA…soon…soon…soon. blame it on the lawyers…or the bossa nova





    • ethelmae Says:

      no that means Roberts is Monroe, Austin is Paine…there’s no gay expendable (where’d that come from) and the other character names are out…

  5. Lucas Says:

    That’s an awesome picture! Wow, looks really really cool and this the the closest I’ve seen Sly tattoos, they look pretty nice as well. Thanks for posting!

    And oh yes, I also hope Church is a badass like Bruce Willis.
    Maybe Jean-Claude Van Damme? Hahaha that would be interesting, to say the least.

  6. DUTCH Says:

    As of now, the thing I want most is to hear what role Arnie plays. Is he an ex Expendable? Is he an action character even for a cameo/small role? Is he gonna hold guns? Is he gonna be as pumped as Sly? Are they waiting to shoot his scenes to give him time to get jacked up for his scene(s)? Remember Maria, Arnold is the 2nd selling point to the film besides Stallone. Even if it’s a cameo, the names STALLONE & SCHWARZENEGGER will sell the film WORLDWIDE!!!

  7. DUTCH Says:

    By the way, Stallone looks in AMAZING shape like CLIFFHANGER and RAMBO 3. God, the man is still doing sick/crazy stunts at his age. Guys like Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson look like p—- compared to Mr. Stallone. That pic looks like Sly has topped QUANTUM OF SOLACE in crazy stunts. Maybe Sly should play Bond next. Heck, Barney could become a BOND type role for him. But get Arnie as a star in THE EXPENDABLES 2. Also, if you read this Sly, PLEASE make RAMBO 5 next and please set it in America! Rambo needs to leave the foreign scene and be more like TRUE LIES or QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Make it fresh and give John J. some new scenary. Make Rambo battle Mickey Rourke type terrorists in California and destroy half the state:)

  8. Fake Church Says:

    I too want Rambo 5 to follow this puppy. That shot of Sly on the side of the plane looks wild. Color me impressed. As for Arnold, we do need Sly to use Arnold as much as possible even pumping up his role to a supporting part. Film Arnold’s scenes during his vacation Mr. Stallone. Both men are international superstars. They are the reasons I’m bringing my entire famiy to see this film opening day. DO NOT LET ARNOLD “ONLY” be used as a CAMEO. Make it count.

  9. Omer Sheriff Says:

    Great shot. So, exactly how many days of principal photography now remain?

  10. Page 2 | /Film Says:

    […] A new photo of Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables has been posted on the film’s official production blog. […]

  11. The Film Freek Says:

    How do these guys manage to stay in such great shape on set?

    do they work out together?

  12. muri Says:

    hey sheryl

    wuz up with robert knepper is he in or out, he was already listed twice at imdb and gone again?!
    what about dany trejo same about him?

    have a nice day sweety!
    keep up the good work and by the way, i bet all my belongings bruce willis will be in this.
    sly and he are friends for a long time it makes perfect sense!;)

    ps: if roles are still uncasted tell sly WE WOULD LOVE SEE some guys like CHUCK NORRIS, MICHAEL BIEHN or CLINT EASTWOOD in this as well, just for a unknow suprise u know!;)
    well about a young fresh hunk/badass can be JENSEN ACKLES!:)

    ps2. about JCVD this prick had his chance and blew it, so i prefer not seeing in this! if sly calls YOU SAY YESSSSSS!

  13. muri Says:

    anyway, i would say yes!:)
    sadly i`m from germany otherwise i would camp outside the studio 2 work in this movie as an extra, i do it for free and pay my own flight, any chance 2 be in this sheryl?!:)

    SLY CALL ME!:))

  14. Tabitha Says:

    Holy cow.

    Done yet? How bout now?

  15. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Shery, are the tattoos staying then, bit miffed as they are Sly’s real tattoos of his wife???

    And does Sly have the Expendables tattoo anywhere?

    & the skull with wings is just fab !

  16. EdnRder Says:

    Most likely got kicked off plane. I wish my arms looked like that. fack.

  17. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Hey, isn’t it time Sly used Vince Dicola again for some thumping music like he did for Rocky IV?



  18. geekCouch - Awesome New Photo From Stallone’s Expendables Says:

    […] [Source: The Expendables Production Blog] […]

  19. Tony Williams Says:

    Wow Sly is just awesome! And those tattoos are the same ones he got with Chuck Zito rite!

    You know that Paul Levy guy who always posts about that Toronto actor. So I checked out his audition video to see what all the fuss is about. You noe what, that dude really is not that bad! He is actually good his rendition of Copland is pretty good and he does a good Predator bit.

    Sly should look at that audition video Sheryl you should pass it to sly to look at this guy’s audition video. Might be too late for this one but maybe for Expendables 2!!!

  20. New Photo of Sylvester Stallone from The Expendables @ Your Entertainment Now Says:

    […] brand new photo of Sylvester Stallone from The Expendables has been released online courtesyĀ  Click the photo above to […]

  21. Chuck Says: CIA?

  22. Steve Kasan Says:

    Hello Tony, thank you for checking out my audition video. For those that do not know, my name is Steve Kasan, I am an actor from Toronto, Canada and most importantly a 20+ year Stallone fan.
    I made an audition video for The Expendables and for Mr. Stallone which you can see here on this facebook group:

    In the audition I perform three scenes, one of them includes Mr. Stallone’s underrated performance in Cop Land which muri has once commented that shows his vulnerable side, and an underrated film as well! I hope you all can check it out and land your support which will hopefully garner the attention of Mr. Stallone.
    Thank you to Paul Levy and now to Mr. Tony Williams.

    “You can have anything you want in this country. All you need is a little push.” Sylvester Stallone as Johnny Kovac in F.I.S.T.

  23. leon x Says:

    awesomw picture!

  24. oasism Says:

    hi, thanks for information

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