We won’t get fooled again…

awesome posters – turns out Sly did see these…they look bold and big just like the movie

Cannes poster

11 Responses to “We won’t get fooled again…”

  1. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    so whose back is it in the poster?

  2. Expendable Says:

    Nice posters. Early promoting, but why not.

    Can you tell us when to expect the first teaser trailer?
    I would guess that it will be sometime next Fall?

    And how much footage have been made so far?

  3. Tabitha Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! No words, just a kick-ass image. ALL you need to know.

  4. Mike Says:

    is that stallones back?

  5. Saskovic Says:


    Very impressive blogging for a movie. Nice to see the buildup of the movie being presented through a blog.

    The photo’s look good to, but I’m pretty sure they are fake.
    My biggest doubt would be that the Carlton wouldn’t expose itself to such kind of ‘tapestry’ on it’s building, let alone close down a few rooms to support the posters. (See website link (To the stallonezone) for pictures from google maps (carlton cannes and such…))

    The above poster blocks an entire set of windows at the side of the building. You’d need to pay of a lot of houseowners to establish that 🙂

    But whoever made these, nice work! Looks cool.
    (Maybe someone will surprise me and establish the authenticy… 🙂 )

    with kind regards,


  6. Fake Church Says:

    Looks like Sly’s back to me, could be wrong.

  7. muri71 Says:

    i guess its jasons back?!

  8. Another “Expendables” poster hits the web, first look at Terry Crews as Hale Caeser!!! « K’Brocking Entertainment Says:

    […] https://ethelmae.wordpress.com/2009/05/13/we-wont-get-fooled-again/ […]

  9. Adam Says:

    So what gives?

    These posters aren’t really there and that doesn’t look like Sly’s back.

  10. muri Says:

    hi sheryl

    about the title “the expendables”…question is this somehow true?

    i read an interview once about sly, where he told he always felt like an outsider all his life and he always had 2 fight 2 get where he wants etc.
    he has this kind of view about himself, all his career long.
    since he writes his own stuff/screenplays etc (90% of it)i guess its one of the quotes that always matches about sly in “rambo 2” of “being expendable” or like in “rocky” where he self calles himself a “bum” or that he doesnt wants to be a “nobody” etc.
    he always had this outsider attitude in his movies, except some stuff he made from the end 80`s til mid 90`s!
    another reason why we like him, he was the biggest thing in the 80`s but he fought his way through to this point. nothing came easy on him, he had 2 work harder 2 get there.
    he was never a pretty guy…handsome ok, but he did a make over on himself and formed himself to a sex symbol in the 80`s.
    in the mid 80`s every guy wanted 2 be like him and nearly every woman loved him!
    once i saw and interview where he just quit with brigitte, he was disappointed, hurt, felt betrayed and he talked and answered the questions and maybe this was the most inside interview i saw from sly.
    it was the first time i realized, he has problems, he is an oustider, he is a nerd in another way..cus he was talking about daggers and that he collects them and showed them 2 the interviewer and he was like a kid with a dagger.
    i mean he is a freakin autor and every guy who writes (novels, poems, screenplays etc.) knows that u need 2 be a little different in thinking…writers questioning themselfs over and over again to get there with the story our themselfs. writers live somehow in their own world to form such characters and stories.
    sly already said it some times now…he always thinks he is a writer first.
    my point is, that is that what makes him more special than arnold, segal, norris, jcvd, willis or the rest of the guys.
    i just read it at aicn, some guy wrote sly has this “vulnerable side” even as a badass, he has that compared to guys like arnold, norris etc
    that is a plus, it makes him more believable than, kicking the shit of an army and dont care about it!
    the other badass actors never could deliver something like that, cus sly lives it, he always felt like and outsider, a nobody, someone expendable! but in the hearts of the fans, he aint and never will!

  11. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    nice muri, here, here

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