oh what a lucky man he was….

yes I am obsessing with song lyrics but hey I had an amazing day yesterday.  Shooting in a machine shop on South Peters here in NOLA – first shot was with Sly, jason, jet, Randy & Terry…then we moved into the scene with Sly and Dolph that for me was a real cinematic moment.  Aside from their history let me tell you they have amazing chemistry.  Jeffrey Kimball’s lighting for that scene added just the right dramatic touch…it was very cool.  And the folks staying at the hotel across the street got a real treat as Sly and Dolph hung around video village which was in the middle of South Peters street.  We wrapped around midnight.  Today we started at 3pm – tomorrow around 6pm…that’s when we finally have ALL of them together including Mickey and Dolph…I’m gonna so excited I will be chasing my tail just like Miss Sadie ..

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  1. Ben Jolliff Says:

    defintely update us soon and hopefully if you can get a picture of them all together or something, i’m guessing they might do promo shots? maybe? that’d be amazing! also, when might we get some more video footage from the set? can’t wait to see more footage!! and what about church?!

  2. Reaver Says:

    Yeah, I would love to see a snapshot of Sly and Dolph hanging around.

  3. Mike Says:

    awesome! and definitely agree with Ben. if you can get pics of all of them together!

  4. Hope Says:

    Yeah, need to see what “Tool” looks like in this.

  5. Hope Says:

    Sherly, please tell Sly or Lionsgate to release more OFFICIAL posters so that the fans can do some guerilla promotion.

    Also, can you please beg Sly that this film has to be a HARD R, or an 18

    peace and well done on the job,

  6. Ashley Says:

    Yeah, I’d love to see a pic of Mickey.

  7. Diana Says:

    No fair you big tease ! ! ! Now how about tomorrow? It’s gonna rain so it’ll be a horrible hair day but worth every frizzed strand to see Statham in person.

    Just out of curiosity – who babysits Miss Sadie while Mommy’s away? I can never travel with my Yorkie ’cause it’s almost impossible to find a nice hotel that takes pets

  8. John Says:

    Hey Sheryl, can you post up a pic of Mickey when he gets down there, I’m curious to see what he’ll look like for the film. Also, you have any idea the amount of screentime Mickey we’ll be getting. Thanks!!!

  9. Omer Sheriff Says:

    I can honestly say, I’ve NEVER been this excited about ANY film as much as this – this blog is a lifeline! thanks Sheryl. The posters look great. I know it’s still very early days but do you know when we will see the first teaser trailer?

  10. TarantinoDork Says:

    Its Randy Couture’s back in the tattoo poster, isn’t it? Has to be. All due respect to Sly, Dolph etc. but the only confirmed Expendable built like that is the Natural.

    A knowing wink or tease will suffice for a yes. 😉

  11. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Is Sly showing a showreel at cannes?

  12. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:



  13. Blue Ty 24 Says:



  14. Reaver Says:

    That’s awesome, Tony!

  15. Tabitha Says:

    WOOOOT!!!! AGAIN, you make my day. You…are a day maker.

  16. 24framelover Says:

    DOLPH! Thanks for all the updates from the set. Any idea what rating Sly is aiming for? Rumors have it at PG-13. But by and far the fans want this thing to be a hard, in your face R. Thanks again.

  17. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:




  18. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:



  19. Expendable Says:

    And so we never got to know about the Church-character. No biggie, because it ain’t gonna be Bruce Willis anyway. Nice try though.

    By the way, it just occured to me, Mark Dacascos might have been a good choice for this movie. One of the Expendables or an opposite.

    • Mike Says:

      how do you know it wont be bruce willis Expendable??

      anyways im dieing to hear whom Church is…

      • Expendable Says:

        Nothing is 100 % sure, but the newest rumor circulating states that Willis is “busy”. Not sure what to make of that.

        Also there is a rumor stating that Arnold has already shot his scenes in California. This just doesn’t make sense, if we are to believe the original shooting schedule.

  20. Mike Says:

    but where are you hearing these “rumors”?? unsubstantiated sources?

    how much can change since wednesday when Maria stated we have a Church just waiting for the deal to be finalized?? Plus the role of Church seems to be a Cameo appearance at best..

    and I doubt Arnold has shot his scene…Maria mentioned that the length he will shoot for depends on california

    • Expendable Says:

      Here’s the Arnold tidbit (although I got 3 e-mails about this and there were other links to various sites/forums, but erased the mails, so I have to try and look for the other links the old fashion way: Google):


      Yes, it was indeed stated that we have Church waiting, but nothing about Willis, so I’m betting he’s somehow managed to get Kurt Russell aboard.

    • Expendable Says:

      Oh, forgot: Someone somewhere has “inside” info on the Willis-thing and this too was stated in some site/forum. I had a link to this info too, but I am erasing anything immediately not so interesting in my mail box, so…

  21. Chris Says:

    I atleast want to hear a lil more about Jason Statham..Whats he doing with his time there?

  22. Diana Says:

    I will promote this movie all over Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I simply can’t wait for this to be in the theatres. The car is gassed up and I’m headed down to South Peters Street (hope the set/site is closer to Canal Street end – it’s nicer…but it’ll probably be toward the warehouse end…YUCK ! What I won’t do for Jason Statham…I am sooooo excited about the mere thought of a “Statham sighting” Hope he’s cordial to his diehard, loyal fans. I hope I find you Cheryl/Sheryl. And I hope you can get me a little spot to watch the action from. I know you’re doing your job to keep the buzz on this movie alive – I must say, you’re doing one heck of a job.

  23. Janice Says:

    Thanks Sheryl for all your awesome updates. I have waited 34 years for Stallones and myself paths to cross. I am hoping the day has arrive with all your updates. I live across the river from the Elmwood studio 3 miles from my house where most of the filming is scheduled. I am looking forward to finding out where the other locations are. Maybe where I work again. Mickey filmed Johnny Handsome there. Where filming is being done now will fit the movie perfectly. great job on location. I agree w Diane, I hope to meet you and Sly, and have a little spot to watch the movie being made. Maybe the next location. Please tell Sly hello and yall keep up the great work. I am helping promote the movie all over town. There is to many great actors and a wonderful writer for it not to be the BEST PICTURE of the YEAR. Thanks again

  24. Diana Says:

    Okay guys, I just got home from meeting Cheryl/Sheryl on the set of The Expendables. Sheryl/Cheryl, my sincerest genuine appreciation for EVERYTHING you did for me. You are one class act and such a pleasant person. Again, I can’t thank you enough.

    What an exciting movie this will be. Everyone (Mr. Stallone, Dolf, Jet Li, Stone Cold, and of course my hunka hunka burnin’ love – Jason Statham)looked so good. Fit as fiddles. Mickey looked like Mickey. The motocycles were gorgeous and I don’t even like bikes…And that Mustang – wow. I got to watch Mr. Stallone practice a knife scene-that was great. It amazed me just exactly how so much work goes into making a film. I now have a better appreciation of “the finished product” Keep up hte great work and blog. Respectfully beholding to you…

  25. Diana Says:

    OOPS- should have proofread my entry. Keep up THE great work and blog. Respectfully …..

  26. Andrew Says:

    lol I went but I didn’t know who to ask Cheryl for. Like I didn’t know who to talk to in order to get a hold of Cheryl. It was awesome what I saw though. But now that I hear I could’ve seen more, I’m so jealous. I came from Slidell. Is there anyway that I could see anything more. Personally, I want to see Stallone the most. He was mostly inside and never passed by on my side of the set. He came out sometimes but not where I could see his features. I feel so bad I was so intent on looking at the set, everytime a famous star passed by, I missed him. And Dolph never came back when I was there so I couldn’t see him. It was cool though, when they went back to their hotel I got to stare see their features in the dark lighting. Not a good look at Statham when he passed though. Anyway, is there anything that I could do? I’m a real die-hard 80’s action fan so Stallone and Lundgren are the ones I’d like to see the most.

  27. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    A knife scene eh?


  28. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


    best add i am not into violence at all !

  29. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:




  30. José Luis Says:

    Hi,Im from Spain.I look this blog every day to find some news with very very enthusiasm. Sylvester Stallone is the greatest action hero in the history of the cinema,mi idol since i was a child and the father that i would like want. I hope can meet him some day, and I would like to take this opportunity for congratulale you for your excellent job. This film will be great,no doubt, and Rambo 5 (I hope) will be fantastic too. Viva Stallone and sorry for my poor english.

  31. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Sheryl, anychance the Expendables could have a musical number, somehting like this?


  32. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Sheryl, anychance the Expendables could have a musical number, somehting like this?

  33. Expendablesteam2010 Says:

    so, how much longer until the Church announcement?? next week perhaps?? monday maybe??

  34. muri Says:

    some music & a liitle bit of a rocky tribute!:)

  35. benwaa Says:

    does anyone know which hotel they are staying in??? i would guess the windsor but am not sure i know a lot of really big names stay there when in town. anyone know??????

  36. TOOL4LIFE Says:

    Me too, cant wait when Stallone and Lundgren will bring back magic!

    By the way, good work Muri!

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