I finally got my reward…Mickey Rourke, Jason, Sly, Jet, Randy, Dolph, Terry

we finished week 1 of a 7 week shoot here in NOLA and I gotta tell ya it was a freakin amazing week.  Seriously I know I’m a publicist but I am also a lucky fan who scored the perfect job…Friday night/Saturday morning I was standing in the middle of South Peters Street at 5:30am watching Sly Jason Mickey Dolph and the guys roar out of Tool’s garage on indescribable choppers (Jason rode a Ducati) that were loud…seriously loud…like vrrrooom vvrrrooooom LOUD so apologies to the neighborhood – but it was do damn exciting.  Total bummer we only had Mick for 2 days – he had to get back to Iron Man 2…but he and his character brought a vibe to the set that was just the element needed to bond the whole cast together.  Seeing the expendables sitiing around Tools tattoo parlor plotting, planning and just being guys kind of blew me away…the p’araazi finally revealed hemselves on Friday on rooftop and hanging out of windows and we had lots of fans who definitely saw some action.  Today we are at Fort McComb…not sure where exactly that is even though I drove here but it is beautiful and quite peaceful out hre.  Just the place for a torture scene…

I know you are anxious to hear who’s playing Church and I am anxious to reveal it but the deal is still not sealed…you’ve been very patient!

53 Responses to “I finally got my reward…Mickey Rourke, Jason, Sly, Jet, Randy, Dolph, Terry”

  1. Ryan Crow Says:

    AWESOME! I can’t wait. Will footage be available at Comic Con in July?

  2. farid Says:

    DAMN, you’re a lucky one..haha 😉

  3. Tabitha Says:


    This could quite possible be the greatest movie ever filmed.

  4. Stuart Says:

    Thanks for the blog, keep up the good work 😉

  5. Susie Says:

    Why is Statham on a Ducati istead of a chopper like everyone else? Just curious.

    I love your blog! Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop!

  6. Carlos A. [Colombia] Says:

    DAAMMMNNNN!!!!!….. I so can’t wait for this movie to come out!!!!!….. that cast sounds like something you would’ve never imagined…. something like the teaser trailer for Team America World Police hehehe…

    Anyway… I wanna know more about the Church character…. why is he so important?

  7. Rico Says:

    Rourke working two days? On the whole movie? That wouldn’t be much more than a cameo, would it? Or is he working again later?

    • ethelmae Says:

      believe me they packed some great stuff in to those 2 days…you won’t be disappointed but you will want more of him…Tool is Mr Cool in this movie..

  8. leon x Says:

    Church is playing by Bruce Willis, Van Damme, Liam Neeson, Snipes or Carl Weathers.

    • Lucas Says:

      Haven’t thought about that, but Wesley Snipes would be awesome! Actually, any of those choices would make this movie even more interesting.

  9. Omer Sheriff Says:

    I get more and more excited everytime I read one of your blogs. The idea of the team all together riding choppers sounds too cool! PICTURES??!!!!

  10. Inge Says:

    When will “Church” be on set and how many days is he filming?

    • ethelmae Says:

      not sure when Church works – waiting for a new shooting schedule but I think it is just a couple of days

  11. Diana Says:

    Sheryl, after meeting you, I refuse to believe that you don’t endorse second chances. Maybe you’ve gotten a lucky break here or there? But after watching you at work, I suspect you created your own opportunities using much determination and hard work. Bravo – you rock. I have a new camera (one that works). I can find you again. given the chance…meet me halfway in the form of some “clues”. I’ll be quiet as a churchmouse – maybe Jason will walk out of the door next time???

    • Kathy French Says:

      QUESTION???? How do you get to catch these guys on camera or better yet how would you get a chance to meet these guys or watch while they are filming????

  12. Inge Says:

    Did Brittany Murphy film her scenes already?

  13. muri Says:

    rocky balboa court scene fan video!:)

  14. Sébastien Says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Thanks so much for doing this, it is so cool and we have the feeling to be part of the shooting with you!!! Do you think Sly will do his Poe movie after “the expendables”? I think it will be a perfect time for him and Robert Downey Jr because they both very popular now.

    Thanks again and best regards from Paris.

  15. johnboy Says:

    Damn Sheryl, I am loving these updates – it certainly whets the appetite! Do you know what rating Sly is going for? Please say it wont be a bloody PG-13?!?!

    You do know that when ‘Church’ Sly and Arnie have their scene, the world’s paparazzi will descend upon you – kinda like that arrow scene in 300, except instead of blocking out the sun, the combined flashbulbs will be brighter than the damn sun!

  16. Charley Moss Says:

    Stop leaving your own stupid videos on here. It ain’t about you.Geesh, the ego.

    Sheryl, your updates rule!

  17. Ben Jolliff Says:

    do you have any new pics of the guys all together yet? when do we get to see some new pics and some new video footage?

  18. Lugoves Says:

    Im Sure it’s have to be “R” but that’s a good thing

  19. Expendable Says:

    It doesn’t make any sense that Brittany Murphy hasn’t shot her scenes. After all she is supposed to be Tools girlfriend and Mickey has already shot his scenes. Well, I guess it will be done by editing then.

    About Church: Liam Neeson it will not be nor Wesley Snipes, but the rest of them: may be.

    Outside the list: Ron Perlman and Michael Biehn. Now Hulk Hogan would be weird…

  20. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


    • Expendable Says:

      There’s always room for Hulk Hogan…

      • FLOOBERNINO Says:

        Hulk Hogan would be a great addition to this cast. The cast is perfect as is but Hogan would be great.

        It would be great to see a sequel to Expendables with a Rambo 5 tie in somehow. Stallone would have to have a dual role but it would be very interesting.

    • Ben Jolliff Says:

      hmm, what about nick hogan?

  21. Gina Says:

    Sheryl, I really love the updates. I especially like trying to figure out where you are. But you got to post some more pics from the set! You’re killing me!

  22. Jimbo Says:

    Hi. Any word on who will be doing the music (score) for the film?
    Personally I would love to see Alan Silvestri score this film because his 80’s action soundtracks were great. It would fit perfectly!

  23. Ben Jolliff Says:

    new pics new pics and new videos yet?? come on sheryl, show us what ya got, haha and p.s. yes you do have the luckiest job ever. if you ever need an assistant you let me know and i’ll quit my job in the IT world faster than ever.


    so sheryl, is eric roberts with them in new orleans? i love that dude!


    pope of greenwhich village, I LOVE THAT MOVIE, CLASSIC!

  26. muri Says:

    WHAT…did really somebody mentioned MICHEAL BIEHN?
    I WANT MICHAEL BIEHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    other possible choices: bruce willis, clint eastwood, mel gibson (why the hell did no one brought him up earlier, if he aint badass, well i don`t know nothing at all?!) i`m still pissed that kurt russell declined, he destroyed dream team unification and its really not like, he has something going on since 2007 (see working with quentin really doesnt pay off anymore;)!
    OH NO, dont want jcvd anywhere near this, after he was bitching about “character” he should make “bloodsort 2” and be happy for his “coming oscar nomination”!;)
    about oscar, mick if ur reading this “congrats man” you should have won that damn thing!

  27. muri Says:

    since this movie will blow ur eyeballs out in 2010 and make hopefully at least 500 mil. worldwide?! sly should already check out some possible casting choices for “the expendables part 2”. those who survive with some adds from these guys:

    michael biehn (depends if his already in part 1?:)
    russel crowe
    cliwe owen
    eric bana
    kurt russell (if hes coming back too his senses?)
    viggo mortensen
    antonio banderas
    denzel washington (i know would be tough too get him;)
    benicio del toro
    bruce campell
    jensen ackles (for the chicks, ladies love that dude)

    since i dont know sh** and havent read the script & i hope for the best of dolphs character and that he does survive and wants revenge in part 2 and forms a “anti expendables group” to hunt the expendables down on a mission in africa, that would be awesome?!
    possible choices for something like that:

    gary oldman
    michael madsen
    vin diesel
    jean reno
    triple h
    the rock
    tony yaa (vs jet li another world explodes kind of thing;)
    wesley snipes
    robert knepper (he`s brilliant)
    ron perlman
    scott atkins
    brian thompson
    david boreanaz (since sly must be a buffy/angel fan;)
    matt dillon
    steven segal
    michael jay white
    chuck norris
    mark dacascos
    tom crusie (as villain how great would that be?)
    hugo weaving

    some ladies for part 2: SANDRA BULLOCK, kate beckingsale, halle berry, juilanne moore, diane lane, terri hatcher, sarah mcihelle gellar, julie benz, summer glau, milla jovovich, michelle rodriquez…

    give me 2 names out of every list for part 2 and i name my unborn son after you sly!:)

    • Tony Williams Says:

      hey muri, since your putting names for Expendabels 2 you should add that steve kasan guy who put the video audition!
      he’s really good and a new face thats the main thing!

  28. Kathy French Says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted would love to see more photos of shoots! Bet all of these guys together makes for some heavy action. All the guys in this film are great and make any film they work in verrrry interesting.

  29. Fake Church Says:

    What is the name of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER’S characters name?

  30. muri Says:

    well sheryl i heared it has arnold in it, at least a cgi arnold about terminator sal.!;)
    WHAT you dont dig THE BALE how can that be?
    he is the closest to a badass these days!
    but ur right about mcg he`s hack!

  31. muri Says:

    1. Richard is out of the script. Robert Knepper and Alan Tudyk were both approached for the role. Timing didn’t work out for Knepper, and Alan was in between projects and didn’t want to exhaust himself. The role was cut down alot to 2 scenes (One with Tool and Ross, and one with Ross, Road and Christmas) and just last week the role of Richard was cut entirely.

    2. Lickson’s role in the film was instead put into Sandra, who we will find out is working for INTERPOL when she starts her relationship with Ross, and has been helping the revolutionaries against Garza get guns and medical attention.

    3. Sands has been written out entirely. The role was intended to be very large in the first draft, was later cut down after the casting of Eric Roberts. Was still going to be 3 scenes, and Stallone was courting former Demolition Man co-star Denis Leary to appear, but his contract with Rescue Me got in the way. Stallone also tried getting John Lurie and Kevin Pollack but both declined the role as well, so it’s been scrapped. Sucks because he was one of the better pieces of comedic relief.

    4. Emmanuel was scrapped due to time and budget constraints. Trejo’s fee, as well as the costs for some of the stunt work in that scene, would’ve put them over, so his role has been combined with that of Mickey Rourke’s Tool (as story purpose) and Gary Daniel’s Wickham (in terms of finding Sandra’s hideaway)

    read that at imdb…is that true sheryl?

    • Tony Williams Says:

      Ah muri, just reading these descriptions about actors being approached the roles and turning it down, especially JCVD–why or why, makes me really feel for that Steve Kasan kid. Heres one guy who really wants to be part of this thing!

  32. Fake Church Says:

    Will you be working on RAMBO 5 with STALLONE? Please do tell?

  33. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Sheryl, is Sly still doing his own stunts?<

  34. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Sheryl, you worked with Sly on Rocky Balboa, what happened with Rambo, did you work with him there, imdb does not have you listed as doing so

    hope you are sticking with Sly from now on

  35. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


  36. muri Says:

    @tony are you the manager of steve?
    he is ok but, before him I WANT TO BE IN “THE EXPENDABLES” as well!;)

    @sheryl do we need to wait until april 2010 for church, give us just the first letter of his name?!;)

    • Tony Williams Says:

      No I’m not his manager or anything like that but I am lending my support to a guy who is passionate about this project. I see people post on boards lending their support to so and so, like before on AICN when this first started I remember posters saying “Kurt Russell should be in this one! Sly get Kurt Russell” Then look what happened, apparently Kurt doesn’t do ensemble pieces anymore. Okay, fine.
      But then here is someone who comes on and according to steve will give his all for this project and all he wants is the opportunity. Thats why im lending my support to the guy and make mention of him.

  37. muri Says:

    @tony…yeah dont let me get started on jcvd, always liked that dude, after sly @no#1!!! arnie, bruce, mel, mickey and kurt, he was my fav. actor/action icon of the 80`s-90`s. well now that he declined and bit**** about character etc he`s done for me. if god calls you and wants you in heaven, you say YES!!!!!!!

    now he can make “bloodsport 2 ” and “universal soldier 3” cus there are really some different characters in there!;)

  38. muri Says:

    @leon x…thx man for the nice words, very kind of you!

    yeah i love that scene also, its one of the best in “rocky balboa” slys best acting in the 00`s so far!

  39. TOOL4LIFE Says:

    What a reward Ethelmae, this movie will bring back balance to Cinema, I can`t wait.

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