Hanging out at Fort McComb

shooting all week at Fort McComb off Chef Menteur Highway about 30 minutes from the center of NOLA.  The fort was built in 1822 and used by the Confederate army for about a year at the start of the Civil War before being retaken by the Union army.  Lots of catacombs and tunnels but I cant go too far inside or I have a sneeze attack from all the mold and god knows what else.  Interesting place – haven’t seen any gators which I hear are all around but we do have snakes and 6 pygmy goats who work for the state of Louisiana as self contained lawnmowers.  I love that! It’s here where we shoot some major battle  scenes and the aforementioned water boarding scene.  That scene literally left us all gagging.  it was intense and could be one of the most effective scenes in the film.  But then again there are so many of those moments in this film and we are just getting into the meaty stuff. Sly, Jason, Jet, Randy, Steve etc insist on doing their own stunts…even the actor (or was it an actress) who got water boarded didn’t use a stunt person…yesterday we had the Nogueira twins on set – sheesh those guys are humongous!  A little trivia –  Rodrigo Nogueira fights Randy Couture in August in Portland so the dynamic between those two is pretty interesting.  So far today Jason has done a hammer time on a few unsuspecting lookouts while Jet kicked his way through some walls.  All while Sly was releasing himself from a stranglehold and Randy was flipping and puttingthe hurt on another goon. After lunch Sly and Steve Austin mix it up again and this time they go in for the kill so to speak.  Next week we shoot a big car chase sequence near Esplanade and N. Claiborne…should be nuts…

46 Responses to “Hanging out at Fort McComb”


    thanks for the update sheryl!!

    the car chase scene next week is between who and who?


  2. Ben Jolliff Says:


    you need a sidekick assistant publicist for free? haha, let me know, cause you definitely have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. questions—

    what kinda stuff do some of the coolest 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s action hero’s talk about when they’re just hanging out together?

    will we have some footage to view again soon?

    how’s the food in Nola?


  3. Alex Says:

    Wow this movie sounds insane…I cant wait

  4. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Seems the film is covering lots of bases.

    tunnel scenes, explosions, hand to hand, customer chopper bikes, weapons, torture, martial arts, car chase

    Please no sex scenes, they will slow it down.

    What else can be added to attract other audience members??

    A few cute animals?

    A talking Gorilla that joins the teams?

    A time travel scene involving shakespeare for the art lovers?

    Some old steam trains for the train spotters?

    Lets get it right, have i missed anything?

    Oh, and a cameo for Sheryl?

  5. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Well it seems Expendables is getting alot of media coverage, must be hard doing your job and finding ways of getting the word out there but i guess there is a system for it, the net is certainly one way through the major movie sites etc. I have done my bit sending some links to “the sun” newspaper here in the UK (alot of readers), why? Because i am a Sly fan and i wish him huge success and respct again, god knows why i dont even know the guy but he has obviously impacted my life while growing up etc…

    Anyhow, hope you have many great creative ideas on publicty stunts, we at Stallonezone are loving this and are doing our best to help spread the word anyway we can.

    A shout out to all Stallone fans
    lets agree as brothers and sisters on one thing, we want Sly to make this big and get the respect he deserves from now and throughout the rest of his long career

    All the best

  6. Sébastien Says:

    Hey Sheryl,

    About the car chase, tell Sly to watch again the chase in “Live and die in L.A” from his friend William Friedkin one of the best car sequence with “French connection” and “Bullitt” of course.

    I’m agree with you about Terminator but i will go too, can’t be as bad as Wolverine, no?

    Take care

    Sébastien from Paris

  7. adnuk68 (StalloneZoner) Says:

    fantastic update!

    I was standing in line for tickects, but apparently the movie is not out until next year! Go team Sly!

  8. Tabitha Says:


    Scuse me..I gotta go run around in circles.

  9. Ben Jolliff Says:

    what’s the big fuss? go see terminator, christain bale looks bad ass. i’ll see it sunday, it’s can’t be that bad.

  10. orangearrows Says:

    Great to follow your blog. Been a regular on it now and look forward to all the updates …exciting updates

  11. leon x Says:

    It can´t be as bad as Terminator 3

  12. nowayout11 Says:

    Post pics, or it didn’t happen. 🙂 Just kidding, but yeah… pics anyway. LOL

  13. Diana Says:

    Fort McComb? Great. Chef Menteur Hwy? I can find it. Catacombs & tunnels? No problem. Mold? I”ll wear a mask. Gators? Think nice shoes & handbag. Six pygmy goat lawnmowers? How cute. Snakes? Ain’t no way……No man – including Jason Statham – is worth a snake encounter.

    Doubt I can get close enough during the car chase scenes to really see anything. What a movie this is going to be. It’s gonna have absolutely EVERYTHING. What a vehicle for cinching the title of “ulitmate-kick-butt-hero of the century” for Mr. Stallone (and I’m a Jason fan!!!) It’ll be pure entertainment at it’s best. The perfect fix for any adrenalin junkie.

    Really hoping to get a second invite to watch Jason and Mr. Stallone shoot some more scenes. Hubby bought me a new camera and I’ve been practicing. Really makes me appreciate the guys behind the lenses.

  14. ksshadowfax99 Says:

    A fight in Portland…that would be cool…only 30 min from my house.

    Again, thank you for your coverage of this movie making process. I find it so interesting and now I can hardly wait to see the movie. Keep up the good work!

  15. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:






  16. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:




  17. Faridr Says:

    Damn, I’m soooooooooooo excited about this film, can’t take it anymore!!! haha

  18. muri Says:

    great poster…thx tony and thx again for the great work you do in here also!

    i guess its jasons or randys back?!

  19. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Sheryl, this is a hoax right?

    “Stallone to box for real”


  20. Mike Says:

    we any closer to the Church announcement??

    and do you know when you are filming Arnold/Churches scenes?

  21. Angie Says:

    Jason driving in the car chase? Make sure he wears his seat belt! LOL

  22. Inge Says:

    Any other MMA fighters besides the Noguira’s and Couture make an appearance?? I heard at one time Sly wanted Lyota Machida (THE NOW CURRENT LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP!) to make an appearance?

  23. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    there must be a prob with the church casting, its taking too long

    • Expendable Says:


      The list to play the Church-character should be this:

      a. Josh Brolin
      b. Tom Berenger
      c. Tom Cruise
      d. Bruce Willis
      e. Ray Winstone
      f. Christopher Walken

      Don’t know if it is genuine or not, but I’m personally beginning to think that they will not use the Church at all and that means script changes again…

  24. BarneyRoss Says:

    StalloneClub. Web of Stallone in Spanish. Thank you Ethelmae!!!

  25. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    If think Sly should play Church, get made up ala eddie murphy style or robert downey in Tropical Thunder

  26. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Sly Beaten Up, Mickey as Tool & Tool’s New Girl!?

    pics here


  27. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Yo ! Sheryl,

    Any truth in the “rumour” that Brian Tyler is preparing to do the music

    for the trailer for Expendables due out in June to show with


  28. Mike Says:

    do you think Church will work out his scheduling conflicts?? I sure hope so..

  29. Jessica Jennings Says:

    Hey, my name is Jessica Jennings and I am a student across the lake. I began following you on twitter because I saw your involvement in the film. I was wondering if there was a way you could possibly message me on twitter and get my information and you could tell me a little about what you do and what it’s like being on the set. I am interested in going into film editing and would like to get some insight from someone who has a wide perspective on the process. Thanks, -Jessica

    • ethelmae Says:

      Hi Jessica…because there is so much going on with this film I don’t have much time but I’d be happy to answer some of your questions if you can be patient.

  30. Inge Says:

    Is there a backup already in the wings if Bruce can’t work out his scheduling conflict with A Couple of Dicks??

  31. Ranjan Vital Says:

    Hello all Stallone fans & Sheryl!
    I routinely visit this blog because I am also a huge Stallone fan. I do not usually comment here but I only read the posts and comments, but I had to make a comment regarding one thing!
    I will start by saying that I became a fan of his when I first say Rambo 2 in Mumbai, now I am in Jersey and always rent a Stallone movie for every weekend!

    I was very surprised to see that Stallone did a Bollywood film Kambakkht Ishq, being from Mumbai the capital of Bollywood and to have Stallone be part of a Bollywood film means a lot to me! It means that Stallone is open to all cultures and venues of film!

    Like I said I do not make comments but I had to when I saw that audition video from that Steve Kasan fellow. I saw that before and I dismissed it because I did not care, then I saw two people talk about how great he was. Over the weekend I saw that Steve Kasan posted his audition video on a previous thread. After debating about it, I finally decided to look at it. I was pleasantly surprised to see how good he actually was and also that he was Indian like myself!
    I sent a message on his youtube account about his video, he replied to me just recently about why he did it. Like me he is a huge fan of Stallone, he has acted before and that he did it to show his talents hopefully to get the attention of Sly!

    Now I understand that the film is underway, things are already done, but after watching the video I knew I had to make a comment about it. Which is why I am hoping that Sheryl and all Stallone fans to take a look at his audition video, and hopefully Stallone himself too! To me, seeing a fellow countryman like him with this amount of talent has made me proud!

    I would like to thank Sheryl for the opportunity for us to share our thoughts and feelings about this film and Stallone. I am very excited for this movie, and in recent years I am more excited to finally see my countrymen be recognized instead of being the brunt of jokes! What is great is that Stallone recognized this when he accepted to be in that Bollywood film and I hope to recognizes this person Steve too!

    Thank you.

  32. Janice Says:

    Hi Sheryl

    Thanks for the awesome updates. I know you cannot promise anything but would you please help me meet Sly. I have push all week at work to get tommorrow (Thursday) off to go see the car chase in the city and now yall move back to the Fort. The impossible to get to Fort. I am not giving up on meeting Sly, he has to be somewhere that is possible to get to at the right time. Anybody who knows me can tell you i am going crazy (figure of speech, I am not a wild person) trying to get my life events to co-inside with the making of this movie, is very hard. I have waited to long to meet/see Sly to miss him again. I missed him with the opening of Planet Hollywood couldn’t get of work. Was in Calif on tour and passed his house, he was outside with his sons and I was on the wrong side of the bus. A lot of heartbreaks but like Sly, I will not give up on my dream of meeting him. My friends called me when they heard he was filming the car chase on the radio and when they saw him on tv. Everybody finds him in real life or on tv, I am always to late. Please help. Congrats to Diane on being able to meet and see all of the actors. I am very envy of you but my turn will come. I am looking so forward to seeing this movie. A movie with true men who are rough/tough just the way most women like them. Thanks for letting me vent, keep up the great work. Thanks a million for all you are doing.

  33. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    ‘Should Internet Fanboys Shut Up Or Have Their Say’

    of course if ideas are mentioned on the net and the director listens and puts it into the film then the element of suprise is gone, but Sly does not have to take whats being said and with the twittering again the element of suprise is gone, but not everything is revealed and like with everything it has a plus & minus side

    it gives people who know nothing about the film a chance to engage and it helps with publicty

    spoilers, the element of suprise gone, but thats how it is now with the net, the days of just seeing a snip it in the press are long gone, if you want to find out you can via the net and fan sites

    One thing we know about expendables is Sly performs stunts and fight scenes, that alone is worth going to see, we hear about it but have not seen it ….YET !

    Rambo was a classic example, Sly needed to release the blood gore teaser to get people talking, it did big time, otherwise people would not of cared that much and i am talking about the wider audience not fans

    its all about balance, and evolving with the times, and its all about “i want it now” and thats quite sad really, but once it happens there is no going back, like candles to electricity, nobody wants to go back to using candles, so i expect soon we will be able to follow live filming like these reality shows, now that would be a shame

    Having people give their opinions can help but it does take away once part of film making, the Directors vision if not careful, and the whole point of going to a film is to see something new, fresh, and thats becoming harder nowadays and it seems there are no new ideas, BUT, i’m sure Sly will balance things up by seeing what people want and putting his twist on it

  34. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


    and having a good publicist


  35. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


    Another PS

    Get onto


    and start plugging Expendables


    any publicity is good publicity

    right Sheryl?


  36. Larry Says:

    Is there any truth to this rumor that expendables is getting shut down by Brazilian crew?

    As a true Brasileiro, that pisses me off.

    Hope all is well and convince Sly to hard R this!!!

    Checking your last date stamp, it would appear that there might be more to the story…

    Hope not.

    Much love

    • ethelmae Says:

      absolutely false. We finished shooting in Brazil over a month ago. Yes we had issues while shooting in Rio but everyone at the Film Commission, O2 and California Filmes were great and tried to help in every way. It was very difficult and a whole lot of crazy but we shot some great stuff and I got to live in Rio for a month!! Made some friends, ate some food and saw the Cristo…all while working on a rare breed of film.

      • Larry Says:

        Good to know.

        Pois abracos pra voce Sheryl e muita boa sorte com tudo.

        Rio is an awesome town, if you ever make it back to Brasil I would recommend going further north to experience a more “real” Brasil. Fortaleza, Salvador, Maranhao, Para, etcetc.

        Need to have this movie in front of my eyeballs!!!!!

  37. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


  38. Lugoves Says:

    Thanks as always for the updates.
    @Lugoves Twitter
    Blog http://lugoves.com/P3GA/

  39. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Hi Sheryl,
    is it just me that comments here?

    Just wanted to know tho you wont tell me, any ideas on what the studio wants or Sly as a rating for the film?

    PG13 for the money side or R

  40. Gina Says:

    Hey Sheryl,
    It’s me again! Just want to remind you that I will be in NOLA June 1-3 for a conference. Where will ya’ll be filming next week? Can you help me and my 2 coworkers meet you and some of the cast, particularly Sly, Jason, Dolph, Jet & Eric? Maybe we could meet like you and Diane met last week ;). Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!! I am so excited about this movie!!

  41. Ranjan Vital Says:

    Tony Stalloney you are correct.
    Listening to the fans does take away from the Directors vision, however there are times when it can assist the grander scope and also encourage artists to work with other artists who share common personalities.

    For example the post I put up about that Steve Kasan fellow. I remember going to the Aint It Cool website and I read many fans asking for Kurt Russell to be in the film because of Tango & Cash. I like many like that film, I intend to rent it today for the weekend. And then I read that Kurt Russell did not accept being part of Stallones movie.
    Then I see this audition video from Steve. I will not repeat my post but I was amazed to see this new talent! Also, he wants to be in the film as oppose to Kurt Russell and others who declined.
    Here is one artist wanting to work with another artist and as an internet community we should encourage these artist to meet, work with each other to creater a grander scope of the film.

    I wonder why not so many people are not getting behind Steve, he has a talent. I may be getting behind him because he is like me also South Asian but I must say that he is well versed in acting. I ask all the fans of this film and Stallone to get behind Steve. Here is where I see the Internet Fanboys having a positive say in this matter.

  42. TOOL4LIFE Says:

    I can imagine that even the Birds on the Set will do their Stunts themself, I wish I could be there.
    I love Mickey Rourke 4 Life and I would like too know if he has some Action Scenes in the Movie?

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