I was kinda bitchy today

 and man a couple of people were in the line of fire…don’t know if it was having a way too long weekend or the heat humidity bugs and mold (and yes I am talking about the weather again people) at Fort McComb that got to me but whatever it was I am glad it is gone – I was one crazy bitch today…sorry everyone. ok enough about me…Charisma Carpenter was on set today and she is pretty cool – and beautiful – and nice.  I haven’t seen her since Buffy…my bad.  I’m now a fan…again.   She plays Lacy, Lee Christmas’  girlfriend.  I’m thinkin there’s going to be some chemistry there…from a woman’s perspective I would vaporize if a cool looking british accented badass pulled up to my house on a Ducati with a bottle of champagne.  Indeed.  Today we were in the dreaded palace tunnels where a big battle takes place between the Expendables and Garza’s red beret guards.  Some of the guards have warrior like paint on their faces.  Kind of freaky and pretty intense. Sly Jason Jet Randy Terry Steve Austin and Gary Daniels worked today.  The Expendables were in their swat garb…sweet. Sly handed out crew t-shirts today – black with the Expendables logo on the back (the entire back of th shirt is a huge raven and skull) and on the front left…tomorrow we head back to mid-city to shoot Lacy’s apartment – Monday we’re at City Park.

so Church…there is a scheduling conflict that is being worked out.   The script went through a re-write and Brittany Murphy’s character was deleted.  there’s no teaser trailer yet but we do have 60 seconds of BTS footage I was hoping to post but there is some debate as to whether that helps or hurts the marketing and publicity plan by peaking interest too early.  I don’t understand that thought process – I see it differently…but I don’t call the shots.  So we shall see or rather you shall see, hopefully.

57 Responses to “I was kinda bitchy today”

  1. Omer Sheriff Says:

    glad to hear you’re no longer in an irritable mood. I kinda see where you’re coming from about not releasing any trailer footage just yet – absence does, after all, make the heart grow fonder. I read somewhere (and this is just an internet rumour) that there was gonna be a teaser attached to TRANSFORMERS 2 but that is obviously not true. thanks for another great update!

  2. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    you were in a mood eh, well you are a woman !

    Anyhow, as for the BHS clip, it depends whats seen, if there is anything that spoils the film, its like the bikes, that would spoil it for some people seeing the custom bikes etc, some people would not care, it is very difficult balance to create teasers, trailers that wont spoil or peak interest.

    Alot of trailers show the best bits, but again you need to get people interested, i say just have lots of tease type material, keep people wanting more “to tease” !!!!

    Rambo footage that was released way before any trailer, where you saw the carnage, again people were concerned that we were seeing the highlights of the movie, in a way we were but then again you had to get people’s jaws to drop to get interest in that Franchise that had been away for so long.

    I would go with what we already know in regards to a teaser, lets see the cast as they are already known, maybe a few moves but not show who is fighting who to give away anything.

    The explosion with eric roberts and steve austin was enough, show anymore action bits and it would spoil things

    JUST TEASE !!!!!!!!!

    As for the BHS, its a hard call, if it gives away anything then NO, but if it leaves you thinking “what was that about”, hmmmmmmm interesting, then why not

    Hey, how about a blank screen and just audio……No thats a tease !

    Tell Sly to go back to that Rocky IV rare tease, the one with Drago just standing there announcing himself, you can do that with some of the cast, in fact shooting specific shots for the trailers or teases that will not be in the movie would be far better & unique.

    Maybe its time for you guys to change the way trailers are made as well as creating an action film to rival all action films

    Rocky IV Drago tease
    (this is the way to go, new footage for trailers, teasers)

  3. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:



  4. Sébastien Says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Please tell Lionsgate not to do the same mistake with the trailer like they did with Rambo ,to my point of view, with hard rock music and only action sequences!!! It didn’t show the deep of the movie and that it was very different of all those action non stop films, In France by the way, the Critics were very good with Rambo and they undestood what Sly was trying to explain with the character and about war.
    The trailers now shows way too much, you can guess the all movie sometime!

    I remember the first teaser of Lock up, remembers guys? you didn’t see much and you were very curious about the film.

    We can’t wait anywore about “Church” if there is is planning problem with ( we all know who now i think!) Tom Cruise was a very good idea and i’m sure he could be very good in the part, he is what he is but he still one of the best actor of his generation.

    By by from Paris

  5. Charisma Central | Your Best Charisma Carpenter Resource Says:

    […] you’re interested in the non-Charisma stuff, check it out here. Related PostsCharisma Now FilmingCharisma Films “The Expendables” Soon“The […]

  6. Chico Boulevard Says:

    I would stay away from the footage this early. This movie is bordering on overhype and it’s a fine line to ride. I would wait a couple of months. July/August maybe. Too much too soon. Creates more anticipation

  7. Tabitha Says:

    Living in the south my whole life, I can tell you that humidity will turn a saint into Freddy Kruger. You are not only forgiven, but commended for not leaving bodies behind. (But hey, you’re on the set of an action movie! THEY CAN BE PROPS!)

    Thanks again for all your hard work. Stay hydrated. And de-bugged. And mold free.

  8. Paul Levy Says:

    that is a shame that Britany’s character is gone. Maybe for the sequel eh?

  9. Fake Church Says:

    Is that STALLONE’s back on the CANNES poster???

    Is SCHWARZENEGGER ready to film his scenes?

  10. Gina Says:

    Hey Sheryl,
    I am sorry the humidity and bugs got to you yesterday. If you aren’t used to it, it can really make you cranky. It’s still pretty mild now. Just imagine if you were out there filming in August! I have lived with it my whole life, so I am pretty used to it. How long will you be in City Park? We will be at the Sheraton on Canal. Would Tuesday afternoon be a good time to possibly visit the set? We will have some free time that day and would LOVE to meet you and see the guys film.

  11. DUTCH Says:

    Sounds to me like CHURCH could be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Am I right Maria? 🙂



    IF NOT FOR EVERYBODY ONLY 4 ME!!! I REALLY WANNA SEE A GLIMPSE OF THIS AWESOME FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  13. Vizma Says:

    “From a woman’s perspective I would vaporize if a cool looking british accented badass pulled up to my house on a Ducati with a bottle of champagne.”

    Thank you for creating a visual for my dreams tonight!!!! w00t for Jason Statham!!

  14. Susie Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated from the set!

    Glad to hear that you’re in a better mood, I know the heat can make everyone pretty cranky, so I’m sure you’re forgiven.

    I can’t wait to see the footage and teasers, but I completely understand the concerns about starting with that stuff too early. I heard a rumored release date of April 2010 for this film, is that true? If so, teasers 10 months before the release is probably a little early. Whatever decision is made about releasing footage, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  15. Expendable Says:

    Actually, I’m kinda leaning towards to the idea not showing us any footage.
    The first footage we saw wasn’t really necessary. So what’s the point looking more unfinished footage…?

    Well, that’s just me. I guess there’s always somebody who wants to see everything except maybe his own life for instance.

  16. Stuart Says:

    Cheers, as always. Keep up the blogs as often as possible. Stay safe 😉

  17. Janice Says:

    Hi Sheryl

    Sorry to hear about your day yesterday, but working in a shipyard I can sympathize with you. I am all new to this trailer footage but I must agree it may be a little earlier. Why I say this is because at work all I can talk about is Sly and the movie Expendables which everyone is interested to go see but when I say April 2010, they are shock how far off. They are all getting interested because of word of mouth not necessary video. Remember with the first Rocky there was nothing like today on how to publicize a movie. The imagination from hearing and reading about the movie made the movie a big success. Sly is a greater writer and just telling people the tidbits you are doing strikes interest. Especially movies in your hometown. You are doing such a wonderful job without video and many pictures that you have people curious will it be as action pack as Rocky/Rambo. The big names in the movie alone are drawing attention to everyone. There is some major bad boy in this movie that everyone loves. The men at work are finding out how many of their wives actually have that crush on an actor and who they are, like I do with Sly. The joke always at work is I will only trade my husband for Sly, no one else stands a chance. (haha). Please do not take my comment as a criticism to your work, I believe you are making this movie as special maybe more as Rocky for me. I think old school rules sometime need to be put in place, we are killing the element of surprise before the surprise arrives. The commericals for movies show all the action and when you see the movie no more surprises, you have seen all the movie watching the commerical just not in order. I think this movie sounds a lot like Sly old school rules, they should follow their hearts. Curiosity is the way to go after all bad boys keep all the girls hot and interested in what they are go to do next.

    I have to thank you for saying the next film is at City Park. I will be there Monday, I can feel the flu starting today. Please give a hint as to where I can meet you and see Sly in action. Meeting him would be great but just seeing him person is a start. Small baby steps toward the big goal a picture with Sly to know I accomplish the dream and can tell them at work Yo Adrian I did it and don’t ever tell someone that kind of dream will never happen. Most men think actors like these would never just meet a simple quiet women, like myself. But with your help I know it will happen. So please let me know what you can do for me.

    Thank you again for everything and sorry for taking so much of your time. Enjoy the weekend, I would like to invite you and Sly to breakfast at the local place me & husband go to here by my house. I live across the river from Elmwood, just let me know if your interested.

  18. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Since people are sending audtion material in, heres mine

    Nothing special, but its all in the expressions !!!


  19. Hope Says:

    Man, Janice is right.
    We are all doing our little bit to spread the word on the street, the good old way. I think it is the best way to keep people curious then start to really get stuck in once April 2010 starts to arrive.

  20. marcs101 Says:

    here is the rule never give to much stuff away,it ruins every movie.
    i think tony is absolutly on the money with specially filmed teasers.
    that will wet every one`s appetite even further.
    introduce the carcaters to the public like this is church ….he is the guy who hires the expandebles and then maby a great line and very fast cut
    titbits of the caracter.and then this is lee chrismas……etc etc

  21. Lucas Says:

    I find it kind of funny how everyone have a “good idea” for the movie lol. Stallone is the coolest dude in the world, I wouldn’t dare give any idea I just wanna see the movie the way HE thinks is better and right now I’m dying to know who’s going to play Church. I don’t wanna pay to see anyone else’s idea, I wanna pay to see a STALLONE movie. And It makes total sense not to peak the attention so soon, the movie is almost a year from been released. So many character changes, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone else is “deleted” or changed after they have done their scenes.
    Good job by the way!

  22. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    We could have an fbi agent running through all the characters telling us what their background is, specially filmed segments, fbi agent addressing the audience, telling us to look out for these men type of thing

  23. Matt A Says:

    Now I know it is in 2 totally different categories of entertainment, but take a look at how Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear creator) just released a countdown teaser to E3 (Electrionics Entertainment Expo) showing off a few of his characters in an upcoming game by just showing flashes of the characters.

    It has created quite a buzz in the video game community and it is only a preview/hype to a show that is only previews. In other words, a preview of a preview. The game will probably not be released till 2011, but the buzz is there and will continue to rise because Kojima knows how to raise awareness slowly but surely…

    If anyone wants to check it out…


  24. marcs101 Says:

    once again i agree with tony.
    sheryl i just wanne mention that i think this is the coolest blog ever.
    and i have been reading a lot of the bloggers say sequel this sequel that.
    but i have a crazy tought i think sly should no longer be in the sequel business,he has done enough of those .
    he should only concentrate on making fresh and new films and caracters
    with the exception of rambo V,no more sequels.
    i think the expendables should be the coolest and toughest and roughest action picture ever made that no one will ever be able to repeat.
    thats why i think sly and his mercenaries shoul all die heroic deaths in the film while having accomplished there goal.
    i always wanted to see sly have a heroic death scene in a movie but he never had one yet.
    something that will grip you by the troat like mel gibson in bravehearth
    you know.
    any ways what i am saying is stop at one film and make it the most memorabal action movie ever made/
    dont go and ruin it with sequels.
    get it right and move on to the next film there are so many films i wanne see sly make and not the same movie everytime.

    so think about it kind of like the ending of the bruce willis movie tears of the sun,where the soldiers decide to help the people across the border risking there own lifes it was very heroic but to hollywood light no guts to just kill off your heroes after such an heroic act.

    you can not make this movie twice.
    so why not just give us a killer ending where this mercenaries become the ultimate movie heroes in cinematic history by saving the country from the dictator and in the prosses give up their own lives for the greater good.

    so that when the movie is over we can truly remember these caracters
    sly put on screen as the ultimate action heroes in cinematic history.

    sly you da man.
    sheryl you da man also (you know what i mean)

  25. Mathieu Says:

    I think the mistake is to show too much footage from the FILM, too many sequences too early. Look at the way most trailers are made now – they give away plot twists and make you feel like you’ve already seen the whole movie months before it’s out.

    BUT… behind the scenes footage? That’s exciting! Give us more of that! One brief glimpse at the making of the movie each month/every other month in the run up to release, perhaps with the odd candid interview with crew members or some of the cast would be a way to keep the interest there, not deflate it. I hope whoever is holding you back from sharing video clips changes their mind…

    On another note, I agree with what someone else said earlier – don’t kill Dolph! 😉 I’ve been watching a run of his movies recently (Dark Angel, Showdown In Little Tokyo, Red Scorpion, etc.) and I’m really happy Sly has got him back on the big screen where he belongs. It’s awesome seeing Rocky and Drago back together again, and I’d love him to be in the sequel in some form…

  26. Mike Says:

    so, the hope is to move a few days around to get Church to film his parts??? I hope whomever it is can do it!!

    on the subject of footage…I dont think small teaser or Behind the scenes footage would hurt as long as it isnt spoiling anything major…too many times studios release clip after clip and 5-6 different trailers and you feel as if you’ve seen the whole movie…its nice to be surprised….somewhat..

    but small pictures, BTS footage, IMO still adds to the hype but at the same time doesnt spoil anything because theres no context to it…

  27. DUTCH Says:

    If THE EXPENDABLES is to be the roughest toughest action film of 2010…or ever… ARNOLD needs to be longer than a silly cameo. And he needs to take part in at least one action scene. When Arnie is on vacaction, Stallone can film his scenes all day. I’m sure you can get plenty out of Arnold in 1 or 2 days. Have him film numerous scenes for those days and make em count. Then maybe Sly can edit the scenes in to make Arnie have a full 30 minute role. And if WILLIS isn’t Church, it’s SCHWARZENEGGER!

  28. DUTCH Says:

    By the way Sheryl, did you notice how ARNOLD’s scene in TERMINATOR SALVATION gets raves and has audiences all over errupting with cheers when he arrives on screen! Thats’s all I hear when I read blogs and message boards. So, if fans go nuts for a CGI cameo in T4, imagine the reaction when Arnie shows up for real in THE EXPENDABLES. Arnold is still pulling in the crowds with T4 so maybe Sly should really try HARD to beef up his cameo role to a full 30 minute role spread throughout. Have Arnie shoot guns, say some cool one-liners like PREDATOR and look bad ass.

  29. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:



  30. Sheryl Main’s Post « Statham Fan Says:

    […] No Comments  The unit publicist for ‘The Expendables’, Sheryl Main, as posted another entry about Jason.  This time she’s let us know that Charisma Carpenter arrived on the set today.  We […]

  31. DUTCH Says:

    Thanks Tony. I hope Sheryl shows Sly these messages from the fans so he reads what we all want from Schwarzenegger’s role in The Expendables.

  32. Fake Church Says:

    Yes, Sly and Arnold is what is going to sell THE EXPENDABLES.

  33. Andrew Says:

    Hello, I love keeping up with this blog. So interesting. I like how most of the information is just about the set and doesn’t give too much away. I definitely want to enjoy the movie for what it is and not know what’s coming.

    Anyway, I read that you’ll be filming in city park. It’s rather large, and I was wondering if you had any tips or hints on finding it. I don’t mean to sound pestering or anything. Just want to see what I can and make some memories since this is going to be the coolest movie. Would love to meet Stallone and Lundgren, but I know that they have tough schedules. I mean, who wants to meet and greet people in their spare time anyway. But nevertheless, I will probably be venturing down there on Monday and would appreciate any information. If by some miracle, I find the set, would asking for you possibly grant me the chance to see some on set action the same way it worked for Diana (or at least I think that’s her name on the blog). I’m bringing my FSU film student girlfriend and I think it’d be great to show her some time on the set of a film. Especially one that I’m looking forward to so much.

    Well, keep up the good work, and I apologize for Louisiana weather and such. I’ve lived here my whole life; 19 years of the weather and I still hate it lol.

  34. muri Says:

    hi sheryl

    do you have any infos about soundtrack, did sly ever mentioned that he wants some soundtrack songs for this movie?
    that could be cool and would fit great if he could get “guns n roses”…”mötley crüe” or “bon jovi” for a kick ass rock anthem…something like that.
    i think the movie could get another great boost if a big band would rock it for this movie!

  35. Steve Kasan Says:

    haha, very cool man! I gave you five stars! AWESOME!
    You are right, it is all in the expressions!
    Yeah, I have trouble with windows media maker too, same damn freezing problems, cannot stand it.
    I use Magix now, not like Final Cut or anything but for a cheap price it is good enough!

  36. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


    I have a Sony camera also which only saves as mpeg2, movie maker does not work with mpeg2 files, and i have had a tough time finding software that does, love the ease of movie maker, i think sony vegas 9 will do the trick

  37. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


    oops, sorry Sheryl, talking off topic here, but its getting a bit dry on the movie front so i may start talking about how to get stains out of 1 month old pants

  38. Diana Says:

    Bitchy, as in Louisiana Red-Ass bitchy? Your eyes glow fiery red. Your teeth turn sharp and pointy as they clack when you rant in a voice seven octaves lower than normal, “My panties are in a wad and anyone within fifty feet of me is fair game !!!!” That kind of bitchy? Look, I learned 15 years ago that something about Southern Louisiana can bring BITCHY out in the best of us. But I also learned that there is nowhere on earth (and I’ve lived practically everywhere) a more hospitable group pf people. The fact that they’re some of the best cooks on earth helps too. I really hope that you are enjoying the many joys that Louisiana has to offer.

    Now, to the reason you’re in this great state- the movie…How is it coming along? A character is out. No news of Church – yet. Red bereted palace army guards. A little Christmas cheer. All sounds great. I look forward to these blogs with great anticipation. Did “we” create a media monster by our meeting? It’s me – Diana from Baton Rouge. It’s been referenced to by others who want a meet & greet. Sorry, but there are just too many fans of ‘the so many stars’ in this movie. Besides, I would think it would be a morale booster for the actors to have fans watching in awe as scenes are shot. Fans become even more enamored of their fav they’ve come to watch. We go back to our daily routine & tell everyone everything. How Mr. Stallone looks so great and fit. How Dolph is so tall and muscular. How Stone Cold is so huge. How respected Jet Li is on set. How gorgeous and hard Jason is. How Mickey is Mickey (hey any animal lover sends me to the moon…) Word spreads like wild fire. That is the greatest publicity. People want to talk about good things , good feelings.

    So keep up with these fantastic blogs. I understand it is very unusual for a publicist to do this sort of thing. Keep up with the random “invites” to the sets. Fans do realize you can’t possibly offer meet & greets or promise fan encounters or even hint of possible photo-ops. What you do offer for die hard (I’m not referring to the movie…heeheehee) loyal fans is a chance to watch a little Hollywood history being made.

    On that note – any info on where you’ll be filming on the remaining Fridays? I can only make it down on Fridays and would love the opportunity to see Jason filming. I need that second chance with the new camera. PAHLEEEEEZE

  39. Diana Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot…I’d buy a T-shirt (hint. hint.)

  40. Diana Says:

    Oh geeeez – I meant mass market them. I wasn’t asking for one. I meant I’d buy one.

  41. Diana Says:

    Holy crepe suzette…I meant I’d buy one after they were mass marketed and put on sale to the public

  42. Gina Says:

    We had some free time today, so we went hunting Expendables in City Park. Much to our dismay, we didn’t find any. Then we found out from your tweet that you weren’t shooting until tonight :(. Are you shooting there at night all week? We will be in NOLA tomorrow and Wednesday. Can you help out some stressed-out women in need of a little fun and excitement? PLEASE, Sheryl, is there anything you can do…some kind of hint or vague remark to help me out? And I am not one to beg.

  43. Gina Says:

    BTW, I would buy a t-shirt, too.

  44. Diana Says:

    Bet Tony Stalloney and/or Dutch would be good for one or two t-shits…

  45. Diana Says:


  46. Andrew Says:

    Lol went in today but couldn’t find the set. Didn’t expect much though, but it was certainly an adventure since I suck at driving.

    I read on a previous post that you have a twitter? I don’t have one, but I’d gladly get one in order to have more information before I drive to New Orleans. Is there any special way to find your twitter?

    Anyway, thanks for the blog and adventure. I’m sure I’ll be going on another one eventually 😉

  47. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    have you ever tried to iron a damp t-shit?

  48. Steve Kasan Says:

    Tony Stalloney, currently I am using a JVC Everio, that is how I shot my audition which sucks because I have to convert everything into an mpeg file…should have saved up for a sony.
    You are right, movie maker is so easy to use and basic. Unfortunately “it is what it is” to quote Macho Man Randy Savage. Try Magix, its basic but you can do a lot more with it!

  49. Hollywoodhot.info | hot news » Brittany Murphy is written out of her comeback script Says:

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  50. Top Celebrity Headlines » Brittany Murphy is written out of her comeback script Says:

    […] Ethelmae's Blog via Crazy Days and […]

  51. Antoinette Says:

    A good trailer with no spoilers would just show quick flashes of all the actors in it. That’s enough. 🙂

  52. BadDOK Says:

    Hi Sheryl,
    i would like now when we can expect some photos with Jet Li and also all team?

  53. Ryan Says:

    Hey Ethelmae,

    As you may know we have an Expendables page on our MovieSet.com site: http://www.movieset.com/http://www.movieset.com/the-expendables

    It would be great to discuss the possibility of alerting our fan community to some of what you are doing.

    I would greatly appreciate an e-mail at your earliest convenience.



  54. Ryan Says:

    Oops, I gave a jambled url address:

  55. Jason Pennington Says:

    Hey,just thought i would add my 2 cents worth by saying a small teaser would add fuel to the fire so to speak,get people talking because as hard as it may seem to believe alot of people still know nothing about this film.Of course anyone who is a fan of the numerous people in this film probably know anything and everything about it but your average person out on the street still have no idea,none of my friends knew about it and almost everyone of them are movie fanatics.

    I’m a Stallone fan,have been since I was a kid.He seems like a really down-to-earth guy and family man.I wish him all the sucess he could ever want with this film,he deserves it,but,I definetly think more people need to be aware of what is coming around the corner……the Expendables!!I will definetly do my part to “spread the word”best of luck to all.

  56. ‘King of the Hill’ Star Brittany Murphy Dies « Voice Actors in the News Says:

    […] Trejo, and reportedly even Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwartzenegger. It was reported in May 2009 on the film’s official blog that Murphy’s character was written out of the film; however, a follow-up post in July states […]

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