I went a little rogue last night

part of my job is to make sure no one takes photos on set other than the unit photographer.  when we are shooting in a public place it’s impossible but on stage or on the back lot at the Louisiana Film Studios you must obey my authoritay!!  With over 70 extras it’s not an easy task but I make best effort.  Last night I broke my own rule – I took photos on the set.  I had to – it is such an impressive set.  We are shooting the battle scenes that take place in the courtyard of General Garza’s (DAVID ZAYAS) palace.  So I am posting a couple of shots I took with the IPhone I hate…

We have 3 more weeks of shooting left – the majority of which will include all of the guys.  One thing I love about Sly’s scripts is that no matter how many heads roll (literally) there’s always an element of humor.  Who knew that Jet Li and Seve Austin were funny?? Actually Steve makes me laugh more than anyone on set.  He’s a totally anchored to the earth living on a ranch in South Texas kind of guy with a big body and a bigger heart.  And a sassy sense of humor. Even when Sly and he are beating the bejesus out of each other.

To while away the hours during night shoots I began doing little impromptu interviews with the guys in between setups.  GIves me a chance to get some quotes and find out how they see their characters while giving me a little glimpse into who they are as people.  Barney Ross (SLY) is the sage and strategist of the team.  Lee Christmas (JASON STATHAM) is former SAS and a savant with anything with a blade.  Toll Road (RANDY COUTURE) is the intellect of the group, a skilled and deadly demolitions expert.  Hale Caesar (TERRY CREWS) is a long barrel specialist who has been friends with Barney for over 10 years.  Ying Yang (JET LI) is a master at close quarters combat, who because of his size is the brunt of jokes from the bigger guys.  But they all know he can be as deadly with a kick as they are with traditional weapons.  Gunnar (DOLPH LUNDGREN) is a combat veteran and an expert at precision sniping.  He’s also the problem child of the group.

No news on Church.  Oh and the guy who said my blog is poorly written…piss off!!


Palace set

alace set 2

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  1. Rob Says:

    Thanks for the updates!
    I’ve been reading since the beginning(but only now I found out you don’t have to register to post a comment, I’m dumb) and I really appreciate your blog. Not only because it keeps us fans up to date, but also because you’re honest and speak your mind. It’s obvious that you’re enthusiastic about the movie and it wouldn’t be as compelling if you only posted “today we did X tomorrow Y. bye”. I really like it and have a hard time understanding the criticism you get.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Mike Says:

    so, when will you guys be filming Arnolds scene??

    so, no news on Church…good thing or bad thing?? still working out the scheduling problems?

    cool pictures! I can only imagine what action will go on there..

  3. Inge Says:

    Cool update and description of the group! Church news isn’t looking good…you think that you guys are going to look to someone else?

  4. Diana Says:

    Hi Sheryl – it’s me from Baton Rouge. You will never know how much we appreciate your blogs. So sorry to hear that there’s only three weeks left for shooting …three weeks left of “hide & go seek”. Ain’t it time for an allee-allee-in-come-free? After the next three weeks, you guys are gone for good. So sad. Will you keep up the blog after Louisiana? Please do so. The blog is enough teaser for me. Please give the fans chances to catch the guys in action-even if only from a distance. Hey, do you even read what we write? I don’t remember reading that someone thought negatively about your blog. That person should go read all the other publicist’s real-time blogs about block-buster movies in production. Get my point???? You offer a rare and special glimpse into what’s happening with the movie. If that person had a genuine interest in this film and/or its star(s), he wouldn’t find fault with this blog, but appreciate every little morsel you choose to give us. I, quite frankly, wait with bated breath, for news in re Jason Statham…love that guy (along with the trillion other women. I want just one good picture-I’m getting pretty good with the new camera.

    This has nothing to do with you or this movie, but I watched “Copland” the other night. It really showed such a different type of Stallone. I had never thought he could portray such diversity…I liked it. I watched all the credits roll and YES they showed unit publicist. If anything, you’ve got this household aware of that profession now. Keep up the great work and stupendous blog.

  5. Omer Sheriff Says:

    Good Blog entry as always Sheryl. question: is Jet Li’s character really called ‘Ying Yang’?!

  6. muthagoose Says:

    Thanks for all the updates. The set pics are really cool. I can only imagine the work that is going into this film!

  7. leon x Says:

    I hope that Sly and Jet are the main characters. I would love to see many action scenes of them.

  8. Tabitha Says:

    Thanks Sheryl! How cool is that statue?

    I’m gonna be bummed when filming stops and we don’t get your blogs anymore!

  9. Fake Church Says:

    ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is CHURCH! It’s been confirmed. Thanks.

  10. Mike Says:

    where’s it been confirmed Fake Church?

  11. Kathy French Says:

    love the blog-you’re doing a great job. Do’t let anyone tell you or make u feel ur not. A lot of us really appreciate what the extra effort u take to keep us informed for those that donot–ptfo. keep on blogging

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  14. film Freek Says:

    Methinks, that Church has got to be Willis, – the scheduling is being difficult as Willis is busy shooting a “couple of dicks”..
    the other choices, are obviously “freer” so scheduling issues wouldn’t occur!

  15. Tabitha Says:

    I forgot to add thanks for letting us in on the names of the characters – so many have been thrown around on the net it’s great to see the official ones.

  16. Fake Church Says:

    Keep up the good reporting young lady. Arnold is Church because all your reporting points to this. You are trying to throw people off. Well played. If Arnold is not Church, you tell me the name of his character then:)

  17. DUTCH Says:

    Fake Church, I know a little thing or two with a spy on this film and I know BRUCE WILLIS is Church. I do hear though that SCHWARZENEGGER is going to play this well written bad ass (not his real life Governor self) and that is role is more than a cameo scene. Sheryl is right that ARNOLD is NOT Church, but I wish she would let the cat out of the bag that Arnold is going to play a bad ass SAS ex EXPENDABLE soldier! I know this for a FACT! Ethelmae, you have been in this business a long time dodging FAKE CHURCH’s claims Arnie is Church. Hope you weren’t wrong and look silly. But my spy says Arnie will end up playing an ex Expendable.

    • ethelmae Says:

      Hmmm…you need a new spy. No cats in a bag here – the scenario you mention for Arnold was one of many ideas… Sly and Arnold haven’t worked it out yet…we all hope it is more than a cameo but we have to wait and see. All I can confirm is Arnold agreed to do a cameo that will be shot in LA after we wrap in NOLA.

  18. ksshadowfax99 Says:

    Love your blog. If someone told you it was poorly written…its obvious they’re just jealous. What you’ve done for us is provide a window into the movie making world that the majority of people never get to see. And for that, thank you very much!

  19. Michael Says:

    Thx for this blog, its great to have a source for whats going on behind the scenes. I did some stand-in work but haven’t been on the lot or stage yet (only at Fort Maccomb site)…. but judging from your pics, that set is impressive indeed. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit later. On another note, I thought Li’s character was Kong Bao?! Did they change it?

  20. Gina Says:

    Great pics from the set. Can’t wait to see more. Whoever said your blog was poorly written needs to get a life. The point of a blog is to express yourself in whatever way you see fit and keep in touch with friends, etc…not to write a masterpiece. I have had a blog for 3 years so my out-of-town friends can stay in touch with me. They just want to know what I am up to and see my pics, etc. They don’t care how well I write. I think you are doing a great job.
    What’s the possibility of having a meet-and-greet with the cast (and you of course) before filming in NOLA wraps? I would make a special trip for that!

  21. DUTCH Says:

    Ok ethelmae, I guess you are right. Keep up the great work. If that was an idea for Arnie to be playing a bad ass, I can dig it. Maybe Arnie and Barney (Sly) will set up the sequel with Bruce Willis as Church.

  22. Rebecca Says:

    Luv your blog!!!!!! It keeps us informed about the movie and in anticipation to see the movie (to bad we have to wait until next year to see it). I’m not far from where you are filming and am having to restrain myself from coming to see the action in person (I just tell myself you are in business and would I like it if someone disturb me during work.) so I just try to enjoy the blog and live vicariously through you.

    To the person who had the audacity to criticize your blog, as my Grandmother use to say “Go Butt a Stump”

    Take care and keep up the good work.

  23. Diana Says:

    I second what Gina blogged. In fact, I implore you to do so. PAHLEEEEZE – before your stay in New Orleans comes to an end and you’re off to your next big adventure. Can we meet at the studio where dreams really do come true? South Peters Street was absolutely unbelievable – I’m still pinching myself.

  24. Arniefan283 Says:

    Hey shyeryl…I know you say there’s no news on church…does that mean that they are still working out the scheduling problems? or is whomever playing the character out??

    when should Church be filming?

    by the way, love the blog and all the pictures/information you have been providing us!! I feel like a little something will be missing once filming has ended….checking out this place every day…dont listen to those haters!

  25. Robert Says:

    First, thank you so much for this, and keeping us informed. I for one aprreciate it very much!! I’ve been excited since the news of Sly’s Expendables movie!! Been a fan of his since Rocky, and with this AWESOME cast..this movie is going to ROCK!! Yes we are anxious to know about Church..really wishing for Bruce Willis, but there are others if he can’t make it. I picture Samuel L Jackson or Ray Liotta or even Robert DeNiro!! Alittle disappointed that Forest Whittaker couldn’t make it. It would be awesome if Arnold would get more screen time than a cameo. Please tell Sly that his BIGGEST fan can’t wait for more of his movies. Also he looks physically awesome!! Please continue to keep us informed..thanks for all the pics!! Waiting patiently for April 2010!!!

  26. ethelmae Says:

    Jet Li’s character has had a couple of different names including at one point Ping Pong – gulp. It is now officially Yin Yang (I spelled it wrong in my last post…oops)

    • Michael Says:

      Really?!!… No one on set last week was aware of the name change that I spoke to. I wished they would have lefted it Kong Bao… or at least let Yin Yang be some stereotype name the other Expendable characters gave him. Anyways, Ms. Mae, thanks again for the blog, hopefully we’ll run to each other on set this weekend.

      • ethelmae Says:

        you are obviously talking to the wrong people because it changed a while ago…and it wasn’t Kong Bao either…

  27. Fake Church Says:

    Arnold’s role is still a cameo? I thought by now it would be a full fledged supporting role? Are you kidding?

  28. Robert Says:

    Just to confirm, is Danny Trejo in the movie? Some sites have him listed and some don’t. Also, you mentioned 3 more weeks left of shooting..is that it? There’s more filming that needs to be done right? Or is that just in Louisiana? Man I wish I had your job!! Enjoy the rest of the shoot!! Tell Sly to start writing a sequel..I know this movie is going to be HUGE!! Thanks again.

    • Expendable Says:

      Trejo is not in the movie. There are various reasons for this: Money, which I personally don’t believe or script-changes (now this has been told by the publicist so I guess we can all rely on that).

      You should remember that they have already shot a lot of scenes in Brazil for about a month or so. And after Nola will probably bring the so-called cameos of Arnold and Church (if they deside to cast it anymore…) to light.

  29. muri Says:

    oh sweet jesus i really love sly and he is my idol for over 20 years now BUT!!!!!
    calling jet li`s character ping pong or ying yang is really stupid! why not stay with kong boa man i even would prefer kong koa?!

  30. muri Says:

    so church will be bruce willis, i said it before!:)

    what about the rumor sly was trying on kurt russell again, any truth about that sheryl… THAT WOULD BE AWESOME?!
    i really would have dig the robert de niro also as church, is there still room for de niro PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE?!!!!!!!!

    tell sly if he wants extra cash, he should give tom cruise a cameo as the fat expendable!:)

  31. Hope Says:

    Man, let Sly and Carl Weathers patch up their differences and get him to be Church. No point in waiting on Willis, and I would rather Weathers is in over Willis. Predator OWNZ Die Hard…sorry.

    • Robert Says:

      Hope are you crazy or what?? Weathers over Willis??? Nothing against Carl, maybe get him in there with a small role or something…but Bruce all the way!! That’s just my opinion Hope..I guess you’re entitled to yours.

  32. Arniefan283 Says:

    IF its Bruce, I REALLY HOPE he can take a couple days off of “A couple of dicks” and shoot his scene…

    but if they’re wrapping up NOLA in end of June?? and then filming Arnies cameo after that….is that when Church’s scenes will be filmed??

    perhaps whomever it is could film then….afterall its in a month…and im not sure how long Bruces movie is shooting until..

  33. Arniefan283 Says:

    oh, and if Mickey Rourke can take off 2 days from Iron Man 2…..I sure hope whomever Church is can do the same..

  34. Janice Says:

    Hi Sheryl, Your blog is wonderful because you make us feel like we are all friends just talking to each other. You start the subject and like friends we all have our opinions. Keep up the great work!!!.

    On the sujbect of the Church, why is everyone so sure Church is a HE, maybe it is a SHE and this is why you cannot guess who it is.

    Sheryl, I loved your hide and seek game. I am so glad I meet you at CP. I enjoyed everyone I meet. Mr. Stallone body guards are very nice men. I really enjoy meeting you and them. I truly enjoy watching Sly, Dolph, and Eric. I can’t believe I was about 40ft from Sly. A picture with him would have made the day complete, that was my only disappointed. I did get a picture with Eric Roberts so it was not a total disappointed. I support the idea of a meet n greet 100%, this probably would be the only way to actually meet him and the other actors. or may not we could meet like we almost did today. I was driving down the highway by my house, going to spend money, when I had a state trooper fly up on me. I moved over because he was in a HURRY and who do you think was following the trooper. Yes, Sly and gang. Yes I remember everything from cp. They caught the red light and traffic when I pull up next to the car and even with their tinted windows I could recongize Sly. It was a nice surprise and glad to see him on my side the river. Again the invitation for breakfast still stands, it would be nice to meet the people behind the characters. If necessary I will let you know where the restuarant is and yall can check it out first. Just let me know.

    Again thanks for your blog Have a great time with your 3 weeks left of shooting.

  35. DUTCH Says:

    Word is Bruce Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger will film their scene together. Do you all smell a SEQUEL starring the three big action stars!?!

  36. terry Says:

    hey love the blog! intrigued to no how big is steve austins role?

  37. supervixenusa Says:

    Hey Sheryl! Its’s Nikki…I love your blog. I enjoy your writing style. Easy & fun reading, I can’t get enough. Thanx for the pics. Looking forward seeing more. Barney Ross and Tool are my favs. Definately all about the T-shirts too! lol. xxoo c u soon

  38. Paul Levy Says:

    Sheryl, from your reply to terry, so Stone Cold has an amazing fight with Stallone?

    Also, just wondering if you got a chance to take a look at Steve Kasan’s audition video? He really is a talented actor, Sly should at least take look.

  39. Inge Says:

    Moviehole is reporting that Steven Seagal recently turned down a role because he doesn’t get along with the producer! Can you confirm this? Was he up for Church or another role? Any chance Chuck Norris was offered anything?

  40. TOOL4LIFE Says:

    I enjoy reading all the Infos here, great Blogs. Is this Liam Hemsworth Guy in the Movie?
    Wuz up with this Steve Kasan Family boost? Actually I kinda liked the Rocky Montage from this Muri Guy, at least he looks like a younger Stallone?!

    I really hope MICKEY ROURKE has a lot of Screentime!

  41. Fake Church Says:

    It is BRUCE WILLIS. Cat out of the bag young lady.

    • Robert Says:

      Are you sure?? If so, that’s awesome!! Please confirm, Sheryl…just come out and say it! I know Bruce wants to participate and work with his pal, Sly!!

  42. Josh Says:

    Hi, have you heard anything about the next Rambo movie..?

    I’m dying to know anything.

  43. Fake Church Says:

    It is BRUCE. Sheryl can’t confirm for obvious reasons. She doesn’t want a lawsuit on her hands.

  44. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, did you know STEVEN SEAGAL was offered a part but turned Stallone down due to his hate for producer/funder Avi Lerner? So SEAGAL and VAN DAMME both could have been in this. Anyways, Willis is Church and Arnie is going to play an ex expendable!

  45. ethelmae Says:

    No I haven’t heard the Seagal story and I doubt that it is true but will ask Sly just to make sure…and while I enjoy the speculation about who is playing what, Church is still not confirmed and Arnold is not playing an Expendable at this time. Anything can happen but I can only confirm what I confirmed before – The Guv is doing a cameo which is scheduled to shoot in LA sometime in June. Church works next week in NOLA but that could also change.

  46. Inge Says:

    Did Chuck Norris except the small role he was offered?

  47. DUTCH Says:

    SEAGAL was not a rumor, but fact. Read here:


    As for Schwarzenegger, if he ever plays himself in this film, it will be a dumb move. Barney would know Arnold as well as Sly in real life. Lets pray it’s the role of an ex-expendable. So Bruce Willis shoots in NOLA next week huh wink wink:)

    • ethelmae Says:

      is “someone close to the actor” your idea of rumor confirmation? I will talk to Sly about it tonight but I think I may be right about this one

    • muri Says:

      ur damn right about that dutch!
      i`m with you on this one you can mix fiction with reality, would be stupid!

  48. DUTCH Says:

    Bet Sly will say Seagal was offered a part:)

  49. Fake Church Says:

    Young lady, we all know your hands are tied as to what you can say and can’t, but we all know Bruce Willis is playing Church. I am willing to bet my two children on that one. As for Arnold, his cameo better amount to more than just a ‘hi’ walk-by. I will be pissed at both Sly and Arnold if they think a 30 second meeting in one of 2010 biggest action movies is gonna please anyone.

    • ethelmae Says:

      I beg to differ…my hands are not tied – I just don’t like to work in hypotheticals. When I tweeted that Church had been cast we all thought it was a done deal. Then it went sideways because of scheduling. Now I cannot say with any certainty who is playing Church as I believe it is up in the air. Also you should know that even though I am paid by the studio they do not edit or comment on anything I say on the blog or on twitter. I wouldn’t do it if I couldn’t say what I want to say.

    • muri Says:

      ur right about that, but if we are going back to reality, arnold wont and cant do 5-10 days of shooting for a screentime of 10 minutes i guess that will (sadly) not happen.
      he is still cov. and has a day job and cali has problems a lot of the people who gives a sh** about movies, will be really pi**ed if he does a movie while he`s paid by the people…thats a reallity!

  50. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, when you talk to Mr. Stallone, can you let him know the fans on this board would love nothing more than to have him give Arnie the role of someone iconic like his past screen roles like DUTCH, TERMINATOR, HARRY TASKER, JOHN MATRIX etc…

    • ethelmae Says:

      I’m with you on that one DUTCH. I know they spoke on Friday so hopefully we will all get our wish…

  51. Mike Says:

    So, Church is shooting his scenes next week if all goes to plan?? if he does we should know next week?

  52. DUTCH Says:

    THANKS Sherly!

  53. muri Says:

    if there are so much problems with bruce because of scheduling and if it didnt happen,
    sly should, instead casting another b action icon (which willis is not, but his choices sink, kurt, jcvd, segal, snipes all cant or wont)
    go with a big name.

    i mean i`m all about kick ass 80`s action icons etc. but i want this movie to get 500 mil. at the box office, so this freaking studio heads go back to handmade action movies, without cgi and pretty looking guys who are beefed up as an unbelievable action hero!

    i hate 2 say it, but if willis cant join, what about a biggie like tom cruise, will smith or johnny depp as church in old make up etc
    would be another suprise and this movie could get some more maintsream fans with a name like that?
    what do you think sheryl?

    i mean i would love 2 see chuck norris in this, if willis cant be church or clint eastwood, but norris aint a seller and eastwood doesnt want 2 act anymore, so we run out of choices here…cus kurt russell was my favorite choice, but he aint a seller anymore and wont be in it.
    michael biehn would be my next fan boy choice, but not much people outthere know him, except the guys who grew up in the 80`s!

    so what about a biggie sheryl, ask sly…so this movie really will own 2010 in everyway, cus as a fan of sly and his work and the whole idea of this project, i want it to make money, really much money!! so sly, dolph and some of the other guys will be back in buiz, really back!
    not just a 100-200 mil. hit, i want it 2 do at least 500 mil worlwide.

    go to the bank and ask will smith, tom cruise, or johnny depp for a 5-10 min. screentime role!
    but no brad pitt for christ sakes!:)

    do it sly!

    • Expendable Says:

      There is no way that Depp, Smith or Cruise would join this. Not that they didn’t want to, but they cost way too much to even to be considered within given budget.

      And I must say that, being realistic, this film will not ever make 500 mil.

      Otherwise, I agree all that you say. Too much sweet-faces and cgi-wizardry are spoiling every movie nowadays. What the heck happened after the 80’s?

      • muri Says:

        @expendable…lol about “sweet faces”!:)

        of course i know they would be too expensive, i am a realist too BUT!!!! a lot of the guys already in the cast, appear just for some scenes like mickey and they also wont do it for free!

        i guess if you could convince guys like johnny depp and hype the project for them up, what this movie is about, i think you could win them.
        johnny is really one of those guys who never did movies because of the money.
        pirates was a cash cow and he took what they offered but normally if he has fun/the love for a project, he a lot of times was paid the normal daily wage.
        if you want too get johnny give him a crazy sh** role and he is in, like in that “mexico” flick from rodriquez!

        robert rodriquez said himself in the “makin of” that johnny wanted his role even crazier.
        i mean church is an old character so…put johnny in old make up and make him act freaking bad ass, he never did that and i bet my pants if he has free time, he would do it!

        if he cant, ask tom or will, tell them its gonna be “thin red line” for bad asses.
        this whole get a big name doesnt make sense if it aint a really big name like those 3!

        about 500 mil.
        already with the hype around this project and the great great cast that is in, its good for maybe a solid 200 mil worldwide…maybe?!
        the problem is, the whole cast are all those 80`s icons, or bad asses from these days.

        i love statham, hes a great guy but except “transporter 3” he never did a 100 mil. wordwide and that was earned because of a franchise of a good action movie, but after part 3 which was the worsed part, it will never make another 100 mil. cus a lot of people not even liked this part, they wont watch another “transporter” in the cinema, so this franchise will never make a 100 mil. again.

        my point is…
        well all those guys speak too the same audience there is not one name who could force a different audience wanting too watch a movie just about bad asses, 80`s icons etc.
        well people from the past who liked stallone, willis or arnold movies watch of course statham movies these days too…the same audience!

        i mean these days stardom comes and goes faster than you can look. in my days of growing up sly was the biggest thing for the whole 80`s and parts of the 90`s but shared that with arnold, gibson, ford, willis, hanks and cruise!
        in the 00`s its pretty mixed up even the really big names wont do it alone anymore.
        i mean they make bombs and hits but i guess if cruise can make a 200 mil box office worldwide on his own, with a world war 2 movie, which a lot of people dont dig anymore and a known ending *****SPOILER*****(cause hitler didnt died that way;) i guess hes still one of the biggies!
        well then get him in and sly alone without a big co star is still good for a solid 150 mil. worldwide and crusie and sly dont have the same audience.
        maybe 10 % of the people who likes cruise also like sly and the other way around.

        same goes too will smith he is the only bankable star besides cruise these days.
        if you could win will, well same like cruise, he is always good for a solid 200-300 mil. worldwide…depends on the movie!
        same like cruise maybe 10% of the audience who likes smith likes stallone…blabla!

        you need one big name who speaks too another fan base and well then you are in a whole new game 400-500 could be possible.
        and in my eyes sly should be back in the ring, he deserves more than just a solid hit, he deseves a world wide hit, not because he was always my hero, but because of this project.

        he had the guts to do a movie like this and he did everything right (except asking 50 cent;) so far. he asked all the right people its not his fault :jcvd & kurt wont, wesley cant, segal hates avi and bullock wont etc
        hes on his way and if schwarzenegger and willis had leading roles this movie would have been in a 300 mil. league but like i`ve written before, all those names speak too the same audience.

        we need a name who can force another audince too watch this movie.
        if sly, willis, & arnold made this movie 15 years ago it would have made “e.t.” and “star wars” look like a bomb.
        thats about that!:)

        my fan boy cast would have been this:

        vin diesel
        bruce campell
        jensen ackles
        sandra bullock
        the rock
        tony yaa
        bill paxton

        i guess those names are the most people wanted in all the talkbacks, but like i`ve written we need 1-2 biggies that speak too another audience get 1-2 from them sly:

        johnny depp, tom cruise, will smith, mel gibson, harrison ford, tom hanks, denzel washington, hugh jackman, christian bale, russel crowe…!

        @janice…great idea lady!

        what about church being a fu**** lady general with a big scare in her face maybe 50 years or something played by angelina jolie in old make up or, charlize theron, kate beckingsale…judi dench, ok she doesnt need old make up?!,)

  54. GreatDane Says:

    Even though I admire their talent, Smith, Cruise & Depp don’t feel right for this type of movie.

    Possible candidates for this movie:
    1. Carl Weathers (The only one really lacking in this movie)
    2. Mark Dacascos (His fight scenes in Only The Strong & The Crying Freeman were crazy)
    3. Bolo Yeung (Could be great seeing him back)
    4. Michael Clarke Duncan (given the right role)
    5. Nathan Jones (His minor role in Troy was stunning)

  55. DUTCH Says:

    T2 happened after the 80’s and made cgi what it is. So Arnie and Sly talked on Friday huh. Man, I hope Arnie’s heart is into filming a new action film and wants to play an action bad ass character. I want Barney to be able to ripp off John Rambo’s jaw and eat it:)

  56. Fake Church Says:

    ethelmae, thank you for your responce. I have a gut feeling that Bruce Willis will work this film into his busy schedule. Afterall, he and Sly (and Arnold) are great friends.

  57. jack Says:

    Can we pleeease have some more pictures just to keep us going.
    It feels like ages since we have had some good quality action pics.
    keep it up.
    thank you for the updates.

  58. Inge Says:

    Did you check to see if Chuck Norris accepted the offer? Thanks

  59. Ranjan Vital Says:

    Hello Sheryl, another good informative post. I do not know who said that your plog is poorly written they are clearly wrong as you have stated. In addition, what makes a blog written correctly or poor anyway?

    Sheryl, I was hoping if Stallone had the time to pass on that audition video from Steve Kasan. I have mentioned it before but I think Stallone will really get a kick out of it. Here is the link of his audition:

    Thanks for all the updates Sheryl!

  60. DUTCH Says:

    Norris was never offered a role! Seagal was…

    • Inge Says:

      I heard from a pretty reliable source that Stallone had extended an offer to Seagal (which was denied) and to Norris. Not sure if they were for the same role of different ones. Also have heard that Willis might have to except a smaller role and just appear in the scene with Arnold.

      • muri Says:

        lets hope norris and willis will be in?

        but there is still michael biehn, mel gibson and clint eastwood uncasted what about them sly?

        & a biggie of course?!:)

  61. Rob Says:

    I keep on reading people are claiming that this movie will be PG-13. Could you shed a light on the rating they are actually going for?

  62. Diana Says:

    Rumor has it that the person who correctly guesses who will be playing Church in “The Expendables” will win a meet & greet with Mr. Stallone and Jason Statham.
    Here’s my guess: Arnold Schwartzenegger Bruce Willis Steven Seagal Chuck Norris Burt Reynolds Miss Sadie Jackie Chan Demi Moore Viggo Mortensen Carl Weathers Robert DeNiro Mel Gibson Jesse Ventura Robert DeNiro Matt Damon Denzel Washington Harrison Ford Sheryl Main Michael BiehnWilliam Shatner John Travolta Ben Affleck Clint Eastwood Kurt Russell Will Smith Matthew McConaughey Al Pacino Christopher Walken Sigourney Weaver

    Did I win?????

    • muri Says:

      lol diana, did you really wrote ben affleck & matthew mcconaughey down?

      lady i not even wanna see those talentless hacks in the same country while sly shooting this movie!

      • Steve Kasan Says:

        haha, now muri Diana is entitled to her opinion with Affleck and McConaughey. My audition video which Ranjan has posted up above, some might like it and some dont.
        Although I would like to see Mel Gibson as Church.

        Ranjan, thanks for the support brother! Really appreciate it my friend. I really hope Sly does get to see my audition.

  63. DUTCH Says:

    Norris would be cool but I think Arnie and Sly wanted McCian and Chuck was against them at the time. Bad blood? Maybe, but who knows. About the PG-13 vs R rating…could Sheryl/ethelmae please shed some light on this directly from Sly’s mouth? I know I read that Mr. Stallone got a PG-13 rating but some fans are screaming for an R. Personally, THE EXPENDABLES will gross 100 million domestic with or without an R. But if thats the case, maybe Sly should aim for the R rating and put the blood and guts in his finale cut. No need to cater to the 12 year olds. The film will clear 100 million domestic and another 250-300 million overseas easy. STALLONE & SCHWARZENEGGER’S names will ensure that!

    • Angelo Says:

      I’m interested in the rating too. I’m 21 and I’ve been watching action movies since I was 5. Hell, my Grandmother used to watch the Predator, Terminator, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Rambo movies with me all the time. I’ll be saddened if this movie doesn’t get an R.

      We saw what happened when they PGed Terminator, Die Hard and Predator. The results where poor.

  64. TkoBird Says:

    Hi there,

    An eager life-long fan from Australia here…

    Can you please give us some insight to how Sly is on set? What’s the vibe? I’m sure they’re all getting along but can you tell me if the film is shaping up as expected in a positive way?

    I’m concerned that with these important casting details confirmed it may be a troubled shoot.

    Thanks a lot, really enjoying the suspenseful updates!

  65. TkoBird Says:

    I meant casting details being UNconfirmed. 🙂

  66. muri Says:


    at some points ur right dutch, but as long as schwarzeneggers name wont be on the poster, this movie wont make 400 worldwide.
    if the rumor is true that schwarzengger only has time for a cameo maybe 1-3 minutes screentime this wont sell it dude.

    it didnt helped “terminator salvation” there we had a schwarzengger cgi (yeah i m with you on that, cgi sucks) cameo with arnold in young, it was 2 minutes or something etc but look at the box office, terminator bombed hard and it had even bale in it, but if you do suck as a director u fu** up the movie for sure and we know mcg is a hack!

    i loved the last rambo of course, but it was the only thing sly could do too win back audience for the dead end franchise of rambo! 2 make it hard r about “the expendables” i see it different! on the one hand i want it too be bad ass hard and violent, but i also wanna see a “part 2”

    i dont know what the budget is for sure, lets say something like 70 mil.?
    well with the advertising it can be something like 20-50 mil. everything possible these days?
    cannes was not cheap you know and its just getting started?!;)
    lets say its 30 mil & 70 Mil. we are at 100 mil and you want it to be R?

    john rambo made worldwide: $113,244,290

    Domestic: $42,754,105 37.8%
    + Foreign: $70,490,185 62.2%
    = Worldwide: $113,244,290

    and the whole cast speaks to the same audience, there is not one single name/actor who is bankable to another fan base.
    i dont wanna be too pessimistic and i`m all behind this project but i want it to make money.
    willis was never a seller except his “die hard” franchise and schwarzeneggers cameos didnt helped a lot of movies…!
    so we are at a point were we wanna make money and if there is a kid outthere, who watched stone cold steve austin wrestle at the age of 6 and now he is at the age of 11 he can buy the ticket!

    between a rated r and a possible part 2 i take the part 2!

    i wanna see kurt, jcvd, wesley… jump in next time and form a anti expendable group and fight againgst those who survive first part!:)

    about everything violent…make a dir. cut and i`m happy!

    there is a dir. cut too every shitty horror movie outthere, why should my hero not do the same, but make money in the firts place, so i can see a part 2 in the future!

    • Expendable Says:

      The budget for the Expendables is roughly 60- 70 mil. Plus the post production costs it would easily be around +80 mil. The studio would be happy if the film doubles its budget, so +120 mil worldwide would be the starting point on to say it was a success to the studio.

      My bet is that the film will, at best, make 150 mil worldwide and that’s it. I have no names in mind who would help to make it a bigger sale. But as I said, studio will be perfectly happy if they get what they put in and make a little profit no matter what the critics say about the flick. And that means of course, they would easily greenlit any future sequels…

      • muri Says:

        well my bet at this point is, this movie will make at least 200 mil. worldwide!

        i would go that far to say, it will make 250 mil. for sure with a pg 13.
        this movie will have return business, mouth 2 mouth and a lot of the guys forget jet li is a big name in asia & everyone who doesnt wears a tanga is hyped up 2 see this.

        i see it the same way, even if it would get bad reviews all over the place from critics, wont matter cus people know what 2 expect from this movie and bad reviews didnt stopped people watching “wolverine” which had a lot of bad reviews and made 350 mil. so far!

        with my idea of a big name included to the already great cast is, that it should bring extra cash.
        this movie will be a hit in a smaller or bigger way, thats for sure, but i allready love the idea that it will be the biggest hit of 2010.
        it should own 2010, sly deserves this!

        therefor we need a tom cruise or will smith caliber in it and if one of them only has 10 min. screentime, doesnt matter, put the name on the poster and it will already bring 100-200 mil extra cash!
        plus, if you can give chuck norris & arnold the helicopter rescue scene, were they save “the expendables” at the end and the word will spread fast.
        “man go watch this flick its awesome and in the end chuck norris & arnold come from the heaven and all hells break lose”.
        something like that!:)

        believe me, this movie would rise too 500 mil. easily

  67. muri Says:

    first pic of mickey rourke in iron man looks great:


    sorry, but we love mickey!:)

  68. muri Says:

    what about the ying yang name still on for jet, i hope not?!

    its like calling an american “cowboy” a german “nazi” its somehow lame and pretty old old old school!

  69. muri Says:

    i just watched “we were soldiers” with mel gibson, man i really would love too see mel in it and about church. i guess you cant get a better church kind of guy than SAM ELLIOT, cus clint eastwood wont act anymore!

    sam was a mother eater in this movie!:)
    sadly no big name…damn this movie needs a big name, someone who speaks to another fan base to sell more tickets!!!!

    i wished i had all the actors telefon numbers, i think i could get one big name…i guess i would convience one guy 2 even do it for free…lol!

    make some more calls sly…tell those freaking hollywood guys, the expendables will be something like the magnificent seven!

    this movie will make history as the coolest movie ever and everybody who can jump in for 2-10 screentime should join and then. there are in the coolest movie ever!

    johnny depp, mel gibson, denzel washington, christian bale, tom cruise, will smith, clint eastwood, harrison ford, tom hanks, hugh jackman, russel crowe…tell them the duke and their fathers would be proud of them, if they join the expendables, damn it!:)

  70. Fake Church Says:

    muri, The Expendables is like the first Mission: Impossible where it has a fail-safe of making at least 100 million dollars in the U.S. And I for one want a PG-13. Not all of Sly’s film have to be hard R like Demolition Man, Cliffhanger or the RAMBO films to name a few, now do they? I want to be able to take my two kids to see old Sly beat the hell out of the bad guys and blow things up.

    Also, I think it would be a mistake not to advertise Arnold on the poster or the trailer. If I’m not mistaken, everyone in this film is a cameo or supporting actor anyway besides Sly, Jet and Jason who are the leads.

    • muri Says:

      i`m with you on that, i want it to be pg 13 cus it should make more money, even if my fan boy ways wanting it to be rated r but money first, so we can get a sequel!:)

      well i for one say, if they do put arnold on the poster and they come up with a 2-3 min. screentime a lot of the people that didnt spend that much time in the talkbacks/internet will be pi****!

      i dont know if that would be that wise, i mean “tropic thunder” as an example besides robert downey jr. tom cruise was the best thing about this flick, he owned every scene he was in, he was hilarious and everybody i know saw it the same way.
      he was not on the poster and he had a solid 5-7 min screentime but if you would have named him on the poster people who wanted it to watch because of cruise would haven been Pi**** about a 5-7 min. screentime!

      so there is always a flipside to the coin, right!

      but your right about that, everyone besides sly, jet and jason is a cameo or supporting role…sadly!
      i wish mickey, dolph, mel gibson and tom crusie had more screentime…ops did i say tom and mel?;)

  71. DUTCHDUTCH Says:

    Well said Fake Church.

  72. DUTCHDUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, Arnold must be apart of the campaign/advertisment for THE EXPENDABLES. Even if he is a 3 minute cameo, the way they can use Arnie on the trailers is to utilize the word “AND”. If the trailer proclaim Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li etc…the last name they can say is AND Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    By saying AND, it can mean he is in the film for 2 minutes or he is a small supporting player. Stallone should use Arnie because Arnie agreed to lend himself to the movie. Also, by 2010, Arnie will only be in office for a few more months by the time the film is released. So it won’t matter if the sell SCHWARZENEGGER back in action films. Come on Sheryl, PLEASE get this point across to Sly or show him this message for me, THANKS! And keep doing a bang up job!

    • muri Says:

      well like i`ve written above, you cant campaign with arnold if he aint in for at least 10 minutes screentime.

      the example with cruise in “tropic thunder” was good one, he was in for something like 5-7 minutes and they didnt advertised with him and he`s still besides will smith the most bankable star these days, but he wasnt in the trailer and he wasnt on the poster.

      if they would campaign with arnold and he`s under 10 min. screentime it would pi** a lot of people off, who are not that into internet and talkbacks.

      i remember when segal was still big and “Executive Decision” came out a lot of the people were furious when he was dead after some minutes of screentime.
      i think its not a good idea to campaign with arnold if he has not a least 10 minutes screentime!

  73. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    lets not USE arnie if he has only a cameo, arnie is not the be all and end all here, lets not cheat people into thinking arnie is all over this.

    The main characters is all that is needed, either keep arnie as a suprise to get butts in seats or the smallest of small trailer appearance, 5 seconds worth

    And lots of Sly’s buttocks

    he he

  74. Mike Says:

    Tonystalloney, I think you arent sure what this movie is about….EVERYONE being some known…the only main characters are the expendables themselves….why have Rourke for 2 days??

    arnold is an action legend…who knows if he will return to films at all…lets DO HAVE HIM in this….because it makes the movie all that more awesome…

    • muri Says:

      those guys like mickey, dolph, arnold… of course are the cream on my cake, but first of all i watch this movie because of sly!

      he`s the man and its not like arnold has written the story or is directing this, without sly we wouldnt have this coversation…who should join, be in and who should we campaign with etc.

      SLY IS GOD and the rest are half gods and fallen angels!:)

  75. Mike Says:

    oops, got what you were talking about wrong!! stupid me for not reading!! ya, i agree there….arnold isnt in a starring role, so lets not plaster him everywhere as if he is starring..

    some small footage in the trailer like with rourke would suffice…but calm down Dutch!! arnie only has a small role!

  76. Fake Church Says:

    A small but pivitol role.

  77. Inge Says:

    Wesley Snipes
    Jean Claude Van Damme
    Steven Seagal
    Kurt Russell
    Jackie Chan

    All turned down a chance to be part of this movie and none (except possibly Chan) did so because of scheduling conflicts. WOW!

    • muri Says:

      wesley “cant leave the country”

      jcvd “is simply an idiot” (good for dolph:)

      segal “hates avi lerner”

      kurt “doesnt do ensemble acting at this point” (doesnt do any acting these days, but maybe we have 2 ask his agent;)”

      sandra bullock “doesnt do violent movies anymore”…yeah since when are romcoms not violating my nerves?!;)

      jackie is just the sweetest!:)

      the only one whoe really turned it down was jcvd …in my book, so he lost a lot of credit in my book also!;)

  78. muri Says:

    by the way sheryl:

    the thing I love most about SYLVESTER STALLONE is…everything lady…the man is seamlessly cool…in every way!:))

  79. Fake Church Says:

    ALL 10 male actors must be named on the preview for this film to make alot of money in the U.S. Sure, only Sly and Arnold are the draws but the ensamble as a whole will help make this look really good.

  80. Robert Says:

    The CAT is out of the bag!! You were right, Fake Church, it is Bruce Willis!!! I just read it on the Contact website. Again, they mentioned scheduling but more than likely he’s going to do it.
    Muri, I agre with you re:JCVD…what a FOOL!! As far as Seagal, Avi should have just forgive and forgotten and got him in there somewhere in the movie. The more the merrier.
    Sheryl, how does Sly feel directing all these guys? I know he’s totally focused but I can only imagine all these guys sitting and talking about the scenes…man I wish I was there just to watch this awesome cast work. Again doing an awesome job!!!!

    • muri Says:

      well this cat is beautiful, but we knew it anyway! since 6 month i said it on imdb and aicn & here, bruce willis will be in this, so no suprise here!:)

      yeah this crazy belgian guy hopefully bites in his own pants, when the expendables makes at least 200 mil worldwide and his “command eagle blood force 4” will make a solid 500 bucks at the dvd premier!;)

      i`ve written it before i liked him (jcvd) even though he can be difficult but between the choice of dolph and him i prefer dolph anytime!
      even though it would have been cool 2 see both in this and kurt, segal, & wesley of course.
      anyway if things didnt work out they didnt work out, lets hope they all come 2 their senses in two years and join part two?!:)

      well i guess its the other way robert, segal cant forgive avi, that was my understanding?!

      yeah good question robert, how does sly feel about this?

      me 2 i wish i could hear what they are talking about between breaks etc
      please sly make a part on the dvd sp.edt. and film stuff between the breaks, how the guys chill, goof around and do smalltalk etc.
      i guess i could watch 45 min. of stuff like that and not just pure interview stuff, would be boring. shot a lot between the breaks, when the guys are hyped up for the scene and please put in breakdown stuff!.)

      man i wasnt that hyped up for a movie since “star wars epi. 1” and this movie was shit and had not stallone in it with & all the other dancers!:))

      i think i`ll go now and do work out, so i`ll be in shape in april 2010!:))

      read ya soon slyomatics, jasonmanics and lifanatics

  81. Mosquito Says:


    “johnny depp, tom cruise, will smith, mel gibson, harrison ford, tom hanks, denzel washington, hugh jackman, christian bale, russel crowe…!”

    I don’t think most of them would help even though I love all of them except for Cruise and Crowe (whose movies I watch anyway because they’re usually excellent despite their main characters). The only on is Washington because with some of his recent movies he has proven that he can be really badass. You also list Bruce “Come get some” Campbell in your dream cast. While I *love* Bruce I think he would fall out of place just like Depp, Smith, Hanks, Jackman, Cruise. All great actors but not the tough & dirty ones like the cast of The Expendables.

    Too bad that Kurt declined. Gosh he would have been great. But if you really want a big name who draws attention from other audiences, what about… hm… well, actually I can’t think of anyone. Samuel Jackson? Ewan McGregor? Philip Seymor Hoffman? Dustin Hofmann? Ah! Daniel Radcilffe! 😉

    “what about church being a fu**** lady general with a big scare in her face maybe 50 years or something played by angelina jolie in old make up or, charlize theron, kate beckingsale…judi dench, ok she doesnt need old make up?!,)”

    Excellent idea! I have been thinking the whole time: This is a kick ass movie with 80s icons and the only female role they come up with goes to Brittany “Born in 1977” Murphy? They want to insult all us females who watched the movies back then? The perfect choice for a substancial female role would have been Sigourney “Ripley” Weaver. Gosh. I mean, Murphy might be good (have heard her name often but have hardly watched anything in her filmography) but who does she play? A daughter of one of the guys? *sigh*

    • muri Says:

      well i think cruise & smith could help the movie box office wise, cus they useally carry a movie on their own without any big co star and that was my whole indention about that, cus i wish “the expendables” will make 500 mil. bucks!:)
      i didnt say they would fit in the storyline, the casting, or what sly is trying 2 do with this movie, but they would help at the box office which is not a bad thing, if we want a sequel with kurt in, right?!:)

      i`m personally not a biggie of will smith, expect “seven pounds” i always said he`s a bad actor and really i didnt dig his sci-fi movies at all and the other crap.
      about cruise he has 95% account so far of good movies, doesnt matter if hes good in or not, but both are the only bankakbles names since the last 10-20 years, so i think they would make extra cash, cus they spaek to a different audience than sly, or the whole cast that is already in the expendables!

      denzel i`m with you on that, he has it all, he can act, can be badass etc…i love the man!

      crowe would be a great addition, he`s that rough diamond that can outshine anybody or simply fit in as everything, he aint a seller, only acting wise!

      depp would have been another anti type cast addition, but would be a great one, cus he never did an action movie like that (except the small mexico movie from rodriquez). johnny has a lot of credit throughout every movie fan outthere and i guess seeing him in a movie like this would awake a lot of curiosity, if he would play a fu**** up bad ass general, which he never did.

      glad you like a lot of the guys i named, yeah about bruce freakin chin campell, lady he`s a fan fave since years. the people love that guy, me 2!:)

      me as well, kurts not in and i`m really pi**** at him that he declined but i`ll forgive him, cus it was his stupid agent who declined!:)

      lol “Samuel Jackson? Ewan McGregor? Philip Seymor Hoffman? Dustin Hofmann? Ah! Daniel Radcilffe!”

      i guess there is not one name that would sell a movie sweety!
      daniel without “harry potter” didnt sold bread buns in africa hun!:)

      i m with you totally on this one, the female cast is a bit lame! i love charisma and brittany but you`re in bad ass flick and you have not:

      angelina jolie, milla jovovic, kate beckingsale, halle berry, charlize theron, uma thurman, famke jansen in it and if you wanna go older get: sharon stone, diane lane, julianne moore, michelle pfeiffer, sigourney weaver…judi dench!

      but as far as i know brittany is out, she not in anymore!

      in the end its all not our decisions, they all have been made already!;)

  82. Robert Says:

    Speaking of ladies in the movie, I know they cast a girl for Jason. B. Murphy was suppose to be Mickey’s girl. Wouldn’t it have been cool, if Sharon Stone would have been Barney’s(Sly) ex?? Somehow Zayas character kidnapped her..then only to find out she’s actually w/Dolph’s character? Remember Dolph character got kicked out by Barney and went to the other side. Sorry..my mind is going crazy with different storylines…different actors and actresses. Yes, get Angelina Jolie, Samuel Jackson, and would be really nice to see denzel working for the government and have to call in The Expendables and ask what the hell is going on…”what mission?? I didn’t authorize this mission, Barney!!!!”
    Me, pretending to be a screenwriter…sorry.

    • muri Says:

      good ones robert!

      i see you have your own storylines, me 2!:)

      what about dolph survives part one and forms an anti expendables group in part 2 with:

      jcvd, wesley, vin diesel, the rock, bruce campell, chuck norris, tony yaa and michael biehn

      and they fight the living crap out of each other in part 2 againgst:

      sly, bruce, arnold, jet, jason, terry and randy and kurt russell & scott atkins joins slys team!:)

      well i`ll be a happy bird then and i wouldnt care about “star wars, indy jones, matrix etc.” anymore!:)

      • Robert Says:

        Muri..sounds like we should get together and write our own script and have Sly produce and direct!!

        Yes I agree about part 2..and get all those guys you mentioned. I believe Sly has done it again…another awesome franchise!

        Now add some different type actors to go with the action. Jack Nicholson playing a General, ex-Expendable helping Barney(Sly). Denzel a CIA guy getting involve with Church played by Bruce Willis.

        Others finding out about Expendables group, now wanting to join their Team…we could just keep adding other awesome actors!!

  83. muri71 Says:


    sounds very good 2 me rob, since i`ll be on the move 2 do my first low budget feature movie next year, for cannes in 2011.
    but its going 2 be somethin different, not a an action movie.
    i only did amateur/low budget short movies so far, but next year i`m gonna make a full feature movie and if this thing will make it…


    and if the whole world would forget him in 10 years or stuff like that would happen…i will write him the role he will get an oscar for, thats my idea/dream since 15 years now!:)

    yeah sly has it all man, he always comes back with some awesome stuff.
    i think out of every actor in the past 40 years, he had the most real successful comebacks and he did it mostly on his own!

    i see it the same way, if this is not the material for a great franchise, then i dont know sh** at all.
    you can make 3 parts out of it and always add 4-7 other guys/actors who couldnt be in part 1 or 2 etc.

    i`m rooting for denzel since month at imdb & aicn etc i always thought he`ll be the perfect fit between a very good actor (the best afro-american) and a man who can be a believable action guy or a badass!
    he was great in “man on fire” & training day”.
    denzel always does this walking between blockbusters and small movies in a graceful way.

  84. Fotos del set de rodaje de The expendables y la calificación moral de esta y Rambo 5. Batman en peligro. « El lobo iberico Says:

    […] es tarde si la dicha es buena, o eso dicen. Me entero que el 4 de junio publicaron fotografías del set de rodaje de The expendables en su blog de modo que aquí estoy para ponerlas, aunque sea tarde es […]

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