Cult of Personality

working on a film shot on location is similar to a traveling circus…lots of moving parts, lots of different personalities, long hours and little time for social engagement outside of work.  So the cast and crew become a family of sorts – kinda dysfunctional like most families but a family nonetheless.  As in most families there is a hierarchy and the way I see it… the producers are the parents constantly telling you what you can and cannot do, the director is the teacher and life guide, the actors are the children and the crew – well I guess we are the glue that holds it all together.  when you have an adventure such as the one we’ve had shooting The Expendables you tend to bond with your co-workers. I am always fascinated by set dynamics – it never fails… the oddest couples emerge…Eric Roberts and Steve Austin for example – these guys are day and night but as Eric told me last night, Steve is now his new best friend.  Their common ground – a raucous sense of humor among other things.  Both of them are pretty freakin funny and together they are hilarious. Terry and Randy are like the set ambassadors – they always have a smile or kind word for everyone but they both look like they could break you in half in a New York minute.  Jason…ah Jason… well he’s the guy everyone wants to be or be with!!  He is a really focused let’s make it better, rougher, meaner kind of guy who just looks freakin awesome in that swat garb…holy cow people.  He is longtime friends with Mickey – it was very cool having them on set together….Jet Li is the consummate professional.  He is always prepared always on point and totally immerses himself when on camera.  I was taken aback by his keen sense of humor and his love for shopping!!  I am also impressed with his commitment to his foundation (  There is only ONE Earth. Each of us has only ONE life. We share the planet, and that makes us ONE global family. By helping others, we are also helping ourselves. Together we can overcome any challenge or difficulty. We encourage you to join us and help support the One Foundation. Pretty inspiring! Dolph is the one people look up to.  He reinvented himself and is very unassuming on set.  But he is a big blonde Swedish dude so seriously how unassuming can you be???  Then there’s the Slymeister…what can you say about this guy.  He is a visionary and risk taker who obviously loves what he does.  Writing, directing and starring in a film of this scope is no easy task to be sure but he sees everything in his minds eye and what a vision it is!  The actors love him as a director and he seems very generous as an actor.  We already know he can write.  And he likes to keep it real by doing most of his own stuntwork…which encourages the other actors to do the same.  Pretty freakin amazing.  He likes to keep the vibe on set upbeat so our sound guys crank up the tunes…The Who, CCR, Tom Petty, Rick James, Led Zep, Stones etc etc etc…every once in a while you’d hear him yell “keep up the momentum guys” as another explosion goes off or another body goes flying.  I love my life.

As for the crew I must say there are very few on this team I don’t like but some of my faves are…Celestina who allows me to vent and rant on occasion, Wes the Visual Effects God, Amy who went to Jesus with me in Brazil, Audrey & Kent the prop masters, Mark the key grip, my girl Shannon who runs basecamp and kept me sane in Brazil, the “hair girls” Nikki and Kristi, Mustaffa the wonder of wardrobe, the crazy assed crafty guys Mike & Paul and almost all of of transpo…what a hilarious bunch of characters they are!  And I cant forget my peeps in the production office who always take care of me…Ashley, Amy and Casey. But my absolute faves are the beauttiful Giselle and Super PA Craig.  I feel pretty lucky to be able to work with such a cool group.

Last night was interesting…we started with Jet Li in the back of a pick up truck shooting, running and jumping then moved to the palace grounds for lots of gunfire and explosions.  On more than one occasion the ADs had to move crew out of the way so as not to get hit by exploding grenades…we also had to be mindful of the hundreds of bullets being fired by nearly 100 extras and of course the totally out of control big mama Terry Crews blasts his way to hell with.  The explosions looked pretty cool as well but the dust it kicks up contains Fullers Earth which is NASTY NASTY NASTY…and hard to get off your skin and clothes. And the fireballs our SFX team created weren’t any sissy fires…they went big…real big.  Tonight we have more of the same…Next week we enter the homestretch as we wrap (I think) on June 26th.  Looks like we are going to have some press visit us when we shoot the Somalian pirate scenes…we will also do the EPK interviews and we may have a visit from an online outlet – waiting for confirmation.  And did I mention we are shooting French hours tonight?  No lunch break and we can only work 10 hours…yippeee…we have to wrap by 6am…ok enough…more later. Oh and to you know who you are…don’t hold your breath…



Shannon & me

Shannon & me


48 Responses to “Cult of Personality”

  1. Fake Church Says:

    Filming wraps June 26th? so when does Willis and Schwarzenegger begin filming?

  2. REAL6 Says:

    Thats what i want to know. Thanks for the reading. 🙂

  3. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:





  4. Rico Says:

    somalian pirate scenes?! you kiddin’ or is there really gonna be somethin’ cool like that?!

    • Expendable Says:

      I guess that it’s all part of the introduction scenes, you know, one earlier mission to introduce all of the guys and a little bit of Dolph’s character’s problems, after they are given the Brazilian gig.

  5. muri Says:

    set = family…beautiful inside view thx sheryl!

    but i would say producers are more like the unwanted grand parents (ask segal and a 1000 other crew members;) and the director is more like mom & dad (bad dad if hes michael bay a good dad if hes spielberg) in one!:)

    about the slymeister i mean i could never imagine it but, was there an actor already who had problems with sly, argumentation on different views, directing him wrong or stuff like that?
    i mean i read a dolph interview where he said how he sucks everything up, when hes around sly, cus he can learn so much from sly on set etc but was there already a louder differences with one guy?

    you dont have 2 name him but just out of curiosity i would like to know if it already happend, which i cant imagine cus sly could break any neck in a second?!:)

  6. muri Says:

    correction i guess sly could have problems in a real fight with steve, randy, dolph, mickey and terry. depends on who has a better day and is faster?!;)

    oh well… jet, jason and gary are faster…damn there we have it.
    lets say sly could break anybody`s neck still though, cus hes no quitter!;)

    by the way sheryl is “TheRealStallone” the real sly twitter side, or is this a fake?

  7. TkoBird Says:

    That was an awesome post. Thanks.

    Great to see some pix of you too.

    Another question if ya don’t mind… in your opinion is there also enough dialogue and story amongst the action? I’m hoping for a lot more character, like Sly’s writing style with Rocky, rather than Rambo.

  8. More From Sheryl « Statham Fan Says:

    […] Expendables No Comments  We’ve been waiting with baited breath for Sheryl Main to do another post on her blog and she’s delivered.  She talked about how a cast and crew on a set become your family for a […]

  9. jack Says:

    Dont belive you about how cool jason looks.
    maybe a few pics might prove it.
    thanks for the updates.

  10. muthagoose Says:

    Very cool stuff! Thanks again for sharing!

  11. Tabitha Says:

    LOL! I agree with Jack. We just gotta make sure, you know, you’re telling the truth. 🙂

    Great to put a face with a name!

  12. Tony Williams Says:

    Thanks Sheryl for this update, I was really intrigued when you described Stallone as a visionary and risk taker! In fact which is why I would like to propose to you Sheryl to ask Sly to take a risk and check out Steve Kasan’s audition video.
    Now I know that you know about him, I have seen some guys post the video up. I am supporting him because he is a talent that deserves the attention. And I think Stallone can really mold him, hell even for the Somali pirate scenes.
    So I ask Sheryl that you take the risk and mention to Sly about this guy. I believe it is a risk worth taking…imagine if Stallone never risked fighting to play his own character in Rocky? What would have happened then?

  13. Rob Says:

    “The actors love him as a director and he seems very generous as an actor.”
    I hope this means we see more movies with Sly, Jason and/or Dolph, etc. in the future.

  14. ann128 Says:

    It’s nice to hear what is going on with the filming of the expendables and a little insight on the ones who are making this film possible….Thank you

  15. Josh Says:

    cool, I’m so excited.

  16. Inge Says:

    Very cool update. Thanks! I haven’t heard you mention Gary Daniels yet though…What do you think of him? Pretty awesome Sly gave a guy like him a chance to shine with all the action icons!

    • Michael Says:

      Inge, I am sure that Sheryl know a lot better than me, but Gary was a very cool, down to earth guy. Had a few convos with him and learned a little about his background. He is Fury in the new Tekken film shot in Shreveport a few months back. I look forward to seeing Tekken, this film, and his future works. Gary is the real deal, we’ll be seeing more of him I’m sure.

  17. Ranjan Vital Says:

    Tony, I compeletly agree with you. Sheryl, it is a risk worth taking by having Stallone atleast take a gander at Steve Kasan’s audition video.
    Why all the praise for someone whom I do not know personally? Well why do we praise Stallone, person we do not know intimately as well except for his films?
    There is a whole lot of talent waiting to be discovered, they can only do so much to get their word out but it is us who must accept and discover them. I have discovered this actor, I hope Sheryl, Stallone, the entire production and fans take the risk on Steve as well.

  18. Fake Church Says:

    Nice pics young lade:) Now that we ALL know Bruce Willis is CHURCH, can you tell us how many days he will be on set? Have you ever met him?

  19. muri Says:

    now i have the perfect idea how this movie could get more money!


    and let him get killed by sly (he should rip his throat out:) in the first 5 seconds and after that bring us SHIA LABOMB…getting killed by dolph in the next five seconds, after that robert twilighty getting killed by steve austin!:) i bet all my belongings ONE BILLION opening weekend!:))

    ok i have 2 give the credit for that idea 2 some guy at imdb but the shia and robert thoughts are mine!:)

  20. muri Says:

    oh by the way i already wrote it down in nearly every talkback…



    everyone who downloads this movie should be cursed by the worsed hell curse outthere, that makes “drag me to hell” look like christmas!

    i mean it folks… right now i dont know the numbers from dolph & steve austin, but if i do and i´ll get the information that ur dad, ur cousin or your stepbrother in law downlaoded this film, when it comes out… i will send them dolph and steve for some sweet gathering, promise!:)

    tell it outthere, spread the word…DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE EXPENDABLES…if you`ll get a copy by a friend… dont watch it and bit**slap em right away!:)

    • Stuart Says:

      You know what, I agree, Rambo was ALL over the internet with a workprint AND the R5, the studio did a TERRIBLE job of keeping that pirate free.
      I’m sure it cost many millions in receipts, such a shame.
      Sly, please work hard regards this issue or the Expendables box-office will suffer too.
      Or perhaps a really clever solution can actually be found where film-makers and studios release on-line for paid downloads! AT THE SAME TIME AS CINEMATIC RELEASE. Because by the time it gets to DVD it’s too late 😉
      God bless, and positivity to Sly.

      • Stuart Says:

        ..just to add, I think a common misconception about downloading / piracy is that it’s about free movies.
        IT’S NOT.
        It’s about convenience.

  21. DUTCH Says:

    Please Sheryl, report when ARNOLD and BRUCE are filming and what they are wearing (ie) military clothes, swat outfits ect…thanks!

  22. Fake Church Says:

    It was reported that Arnold will have a huge scar on his face? True or false?

  23. TOOL4LIFE Says:

    Sounds good Ethel, good Inside Job.
    I really would like to know how Mickey was on the Set.

    @Tony Williams & Ranjan Vital ( Steve Kasan) it gets boring People.

    Steve is not even an average Actor, stop the Family Boost. He has the Charisma of a Teddy Bear.

    • Tony Williams Says:

      Tool4Life, I respect your opinion and that is what it is. An opinion.
      As to the family boost, again you are entitled to your opinion but just to clarify I am not in anyway associated with him.

      My association is that I believe in this guy, and to you it might be boring but again, its all your opinion.

      In closing, to you he might have the charisma of a teddy bear…but a lot of people like teddy bears.

    • Ranjan Vital Says:

      Well said Tony.

      What an appropriate name…TOOL4LIFE.

  24. TheMagedMan Says:

    Fantastic update! So cool to hear about each person, how they’re bonding, etc.
    And of course hearing about the leader, Sly, on the set and how he handles everything. Thanks!

  25. Arniefan83 Says:

    so, is Church still supposed to be filming next week like you said? or later?

  26. Diana Says:

    Hi Sheryl, it’s me from Baton Rouge. The vibe of this latest blog sounded like impending sad good-byes being said. Very insightful and still the teaser with the last sentence.

    In response to your recent Tweet about Jason being so cool – we already knew that on Team Statham @ Welcome aboard.

  27. Gina Says:

    Great pics of you! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the cast. Really gives us some insight. Keep up the great blogs! I gather from the last line that there won’t be any more opportunities to see the cast shooting or meet them. That’s okay…we understand y’all are busy trying to finish on time. However, I would like to extend an invitation to you and some of your new “family” to join my family for lunch this Sunday or next. We have Italian food every Sunday at my parents’ house around 3pm. We stuff ourselves with home-cooked pasta, read the paper, swim in the pool, fish in the pond, ride the 4-wheeler, and feed peanut butter sandwiches to the horses. We would love to have you if you want to get away from the city for a few hours and experience Baton Rouge. The house is off the road, so it would be difficult for the paps to get pics. I know it’s a long shot, but I thought I would offer. Sly is Italian. I know he appreciates a good family meal! Let me know if you, Sly, Jason, or any of the others are interested! BTW, we are having lasagna this Sunday. 🙂

  28. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Charisma Carpenter on the set of The Expendables

  29. Rico Says:

    Hope they dont portrait the somali pirates as ruthless killers because in reality its just a bunch of pisspoor people from a pisspoor fucked up country trying to make a living – the wrong way of course.

    • Stuart Says:

      Jesus, Rico, lighten up!
      This is a blog for fans, go type a letter to the U.N.
      And take the pole out of your ass after that.
      Phew…. 😉

      • ethelmae Says:

        hahaha…ok people play nice. But seriously Rico pirates in Somalia aren’t trying to make a living, they are trying to get rich by threatening and even killing innocents…big difference

      • Rico Says:

        Dude, chill out, just sharing my thoughts like everybody else. i’m well aware this is gonna be a badass flick about badasses blowing away bad guys and I wouldnt wanna have any other way. And by the way, I like the pole.

  30. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    i’m sure the pisspoor people from the pisspoor country will be handled the correct manner

  31. Steve Kasan Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, sir. You saying that I am not even an average actor with the charisma of a teddy bears that I have to work hard to please you sir.
    When you say to Mr. Tony Williams & Mr. Ranjan Vital, and I guess to me also that “It gets boring” to me that means that I should give up.
    Hmm, well, thank you for the advice but no, I do not think so. Giving up is not an option.
    Here is a question, imagine if Mr. Stallone gave up years ago for the first Rocky. Producers wanted Burt Reynolds or Redford, but Stallone kept insisting that he has to play the role. Lets just say that he gave up and Rocky starred Burt Reynolds, would we have the Cinema Legend that we have today?
    All I ask is the opportunity, hell I will even learn Af Soomaali to be a pirate. Again, giving up is not in the cards for me. Mr. Tony Williams, Mr. Ranjan Vital, and even Mr. Paul Levy–who first supported me–thank you for everything and I encourage you not to give up.

    If there is one thing I have learned from Mr. Stallone is that to never give up, never surrender, and always follow your dreams no matter what!

  32. ethelmae Says:

    ok people let’s calm down here. this is not it’s a blog about The Expendables. While I admire Steve for his determination I am sorry to say he is barking up the wrong tree here. Send your vid to the casting folks – that’s their job…to cast. Mine is to publicize the film. I am a firm believer in anything can happen you just have to make the right choices. Posting audition tapes here is not the right choice if you want a part in the movie. Pirate stuff shoots Monday so I suggest you make your move asap. But please don’t ask me for info on how to contact them…there’s value in finding your own way. Good luck

  33. ethelmae Says:

    an anecdote to illustrate what I mean – in Brazil Sly had a Brazilian stand-in. Nice guy who enjoyed his work and did a good job. When we left Rio he did not come to NOLA with us – instead we hired a local as Sly’s stand-in. But Daniel the Brazilian took it upon himself to come to NOLA, reached out to the crew and is now working as a PA of sorts. He is having the time of his life, learning a lot and basically living a childhood dream. So as I said before, anything is possible you just have to make the right choices. And while I am DEFINITELY NOT suggesting you just show up I am suggesting that if you want it then go get it but be smart about how you go about it. Capice??

    • Michael Says:

      Yep, I concur, and Daniel was definitely smart about it. I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel. Here’s a brief synopsis of his story if anybody cares. I thought it was quite interesting. As Sheryl said, Daniel was Sly’s stand-in in Brazil, but was only suppose to work locally in Brazil. Once the film wrapped in Brazil, Daniel put a lot of effort into reaching out to the crew and, through the relationships he built earlier, was able to get the okay to join the crew once again in NOLA. Daniel is a writer and actor in Brazil and bears a striking resemblance to Sly himself. I’ll try to get a picture so everyone can see for themselves. He’s a hard worker, alway looking to help out in any way…. and in between doing this and that, you’ll find him scribbling down plenty of notes (I guess thats the writer in him).

  34. Michael Says:

    Hey Sheryl, can you tell me what set/s are in the Harahan lot?

  35. muri Says:

    oh its war here…calm down sweethearts, its just a movie not your life!:)

    everyone should chase his/her dreams and stick 2 them, fine with me…i`m all about that as well!
    so everyone has opinions good as well, without that, we wouldnt have art, movies, music and all the other goodies, so cool down people!:)

    now sheryl gave some pretty good advices, damn wish she`d have done that before…since i would loved 2 be in this as well…tell me i`ll get a chance 2 met sly sheryl and i`m about to buy the ticket from germany 2 the usa, even if i would starve for a month after that!:)

  36. Paul Levy Says:

    No I have to make a comment since I was one of the first guys who supported Steve. Sheryl, what you say is correct. This is a blog and you are a PR person. But you are also close to Sly right?
    And I know sending to the casting people is one of the main ways to go about lets be honest, they might just take a look and pass it by.
    I heard how Minotauro got a part in the film, Sly heard about him and casted him in the movie right? What I’m trying to say is that a little nudge to Sly about Steve, when Sly does have the time cause I know he’s crazy busy directing & acting, would do it. Something of a “Hey Sly, there’s this video of this guy who put up a video, you should take a look at it!”

    Anyways, Steve, I’m with you man. Never give up, never surrender!

  37. Paul Levy Says:

    I mean, what you should say Sheryl is “hey Sly, there’s this guy who made a video about the movie, you should take a look at it.” Yeah, thats what I mean to say. Got excited there, I have been following this blog for months and only now my boy Steve is recognized.
    Again, to point it out, Sheryl, a little mention of Steve. He has the talent, just mention it to Sly. Same way he got word of Minotauro in Brazil right. He was told Antonio was called the Brazillian Rocky next thing I see pics of him and his brother.

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