I need to be clever – will you help?

Monday and Tuesday I am doing interviews with t he cast for the electronic press kit and DVD.  There are some questions i HAVE to ask – like tell me about your character, etc but since this is a unique movie I want the questions to be interesting and revealing.  So I’m turning to you – if you could ask Sly, Jason, Jet, Terry, Dolph, Randy, Eric, Steve or Giselle a question ABOUT MAKING THE MOVIE OR THEIR CHARACTER what would it be.  Respond only on the blog and I promise to read them all as long as you don’t get too verbose or off track.  IF I use  your question I will let the actor know it came from a fan…so thanks for helping…I expect big things from you guys!

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  1. Shona-Jill Says:

    I would like to ask Jason and Jet how this film experience has differed from the other two times they’ve worked together anddo they feel it may be third time lucky?! 😀

    Many thanks if you do ask this

    • ethelmae Says:

      good one!

      • sandy zahler Says:

        Isn’t this the 4th time they have worked together? Maybe I am wrong let me know.

    • -=chrisTOEpher Says:

      I’d think it would be REALLY NEATOE MOSQUITOE to seriouSLY aSk each cast member an ‘on the spot question’ to see how many differ in answers. Cuz it is soooooo boring in cliche’ to ask each person that knows or works with Stallone, “what’s your favorite Stallone film?” they all end up saying “ohh, ROCKY, the oscar winner’ etc etc YAWN BORE. But if that was the only hit, he wouldn’t be here.

      So ( i could be wrong/been wrong b-4) but i think it would be REALLY ORIGINAL, to put them ON THE SPOT,at the end of each interview, so they can’t cop out on an easy answer and ask: “”” other than ROCKY & RAMBO, what Sylvester Stallone film have you enjoyed the most up until The Expendables???”””

      now, THAT would be interesting to see how many different cast members come up with different answers, since he’s soooo identified with Rocky and Rambo.

      thank you Maria, please e-mail me, or give me an email i can contact you, over one (1) simple question i have.



    • -=chrisTOEpher Says:

      Perhaps a little easier, (though i love the other one)

      to each actor/actress could be

      “”””How were you approached and what was the first thing that came to mind, when asked if you would like to co-star in Sylvester Stallone’s new film that he’s wrote and directing himself?”””


      (sorry, got a female foot fettish)

  2. Rob Says:

    You can ask these questions pretty much everyone:

    Did you spend some extra time in the gym, because you knew what buff guys you had to act/be compared with?

    Did you have any input for your character/chance to get things changed, or was Sly’s original version of your character tailor-made enough?

  3. James Says:

    Would you guys work together again?

    What are your favorite action movies?

    Who was the funniest actor in the film?

    • Janice Says:

      my questions would be
      To Sly
      What inspired you to write the Expendables? Did you get the title from Rambo when he is talking to the Vet. lady and says he is Expendable? How and why did you choice New Orleans to film this movie? What curriculum did you use to chose the filming locations around the city that was used? Which do you enjoy more writing or acting? Where will the red carpet premier event take place NO, Vegas, or Hollywood?

      To Mickey
      How was filming in New Orleans on the Expendables different from filming Johnny Handsome? How much has the city changed in your eyes?
      Thank you for all you wonderful movies.

      To Eric
      No, question just a thank you for the special memory in the park.

      To Jason
      How did it feel wearing the outfits for the Expendables compare to the Suites you wear in the Transporters? Which style of clothing do you prefer in filming making?

      To Sheryl
      Thanks for the wonderful blog & tweets. You have made this such a special movie for me in so many ways. Especially helping me get to see Sly in person. Question Do you think you can help me get that picture? LOL. I haven’t given up yet. haha And the breakfast offer still stands. Please take care and god bless you because you truly a wonderfully sincere person

      To Everyone
      Great job. Hope you enjoyed everything while in NO.

  4. James Says:

    Did you guys hang out and drink some beers with Stone Cold?

    Was there locals crazy enough to start any trouble with you guys when you were not shooting?

  5. Potrillo Says:

    Hi sheryl, Im from Spain, the expendables will be the best movie in the history, no doubt he he. This blog is wonderful and the idea of ask the fans about the movie is great! congratulations for all. Well, I think that the most interesting question for us is this:WHAT IS THE ROL OF ARNOLD?PLEASSSSE DONT PLAY AS HIMSELF!! I think this is the wish of all, and something more, put chuck norris in the movie if it is possible, this would be very heavy! Viva Sly, I love him, is the number one and my idol since I was a child, and PLEASE, tell him that make Rambo 5 quickly!!! sorry for my poor english 😉

  6. Laura Says:

    I’d like to ask Jason what types of challenges did he face making this movie that he may not have in other action movies he’s filmed. And how was the food in Rio? lol

  7. Potrillo Says:

    Ouhhh, I think that my question is not aproppiate no?…sorry, I understood wrong…Well, another question so, is for Sly of course he he:
    – I see him better than never, in the best form since Demolition man and in the best moment profesionally, How does he feel?

  8. Pedro Afonso Says:

    To Sly.
    Besides being a hell of an actor (great in Cop Land), I consider you to be the last true action director (as I consider Eastwood to be the last true drama director). In your two last movies, you directed yourself in roles you were before directed in by others.What echoed from those directors in those movies and in what sense is “the Expendables” different? Is there more freedom to create?
    (sorry if my english isn’t perfect)

  9. Potrillo Says:

    What was the most dangerous scene/situation in the filmation, the funniest and the worst, until now?

  10. Potrillo Says:

    just another more…and the best?I forget put this in the previous question,sorry for the troubles 😛

  11. Drew Says:

    How much time did it take to reinforce all the floors to handle the combined weight of all the awesome in this movie?

  12. Potrillo Says:

    Ahh!and the last, I promisse:
    – Sly is thinking come from Spain for the premiere of the movie? I hope that it would be afirmattive, I would love meet him someday

  13. Rebecca Clark Says:

    To All The Actors:

    How was filming in New Orleans different from other movie locations and would you like to come back to film another movie here.

    Did you find that New Orleans offers you certain anonymity and you were able to go out when you were not filming without too much bother?

    To Jason:

    You have been great in all the Actions movies you have been in is there another type of role you would like to pursue?

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask these questions. Rebecca Clark

  14. REAL6 Says:

    I would ask Dolph Lindgren how is it feel to be back on set of a big budget film and what did he dø to prepair for his role?

  15. Daniel Says:

    Out of all the action movies you have been in, how does this one rank and why?

    Do you think your character and the untouchables in general are heroes in the traditional sense, or more flawed anti-heroes with their own sense of right and wrong?

    Just two off the top of my head. Might be a bit length and self-explanatory on the last one.

    Thanks for all the updates and putting all the hard work into this blog. Its rare that fans get this type of insight and play-by-play. I appreciate it. Sounds like you are having a blast working with a great bunch of people. Hope the rest of the shoot goes without a hitch.


  16. Shel Says:

    Jason’s fight scenes i.e. from Transporter and Crank were so well choreographed, how much input does he have? Has he ever missed and accidently hit someone?

  17. Mat Says:

    Thanks for the great Blog,

    I would like to ask Sly how it feels to be a genuine pioneer in the action field. To still be genuinly challanging himself, infact to be going through something of a creative renaissance at a time when most men are retiring from life. I personally believe that age is bringing with it a creative maturity and freedom for Sly that looks like it’s going from strength to strength (and that he should definitely keep directing his projects). But what does he think?

    PS. If there’s a wish that I could have granted, it would be for a signed EXPENDABLES t-shirt (had to ask, I find a little cheek goes a long way!)
    If there’s a snowballs chance in hell my email is either eugenepearlhammer@hotmail.com or the one I signed up here with.

    PPS. I would also like to say a personal thanks for SLY MOVES – it’s been a genuinly useful and inspirational book for me.

    If you do ask the question it would be enourmously appreciated.

    All the best, Mat.

  18. Alex Says:

    Maybe Ask

    Sly- He is the last big star/heavyweight in the fading group of real action movies/heros, how does he think The Expendables will revive/bring back his type of stars and these kind of movies?

    Giselle- What was your experience and how did you feel working with all these tough guys on the set?

  19. Shel Says:

    I’ve heard that Jason is a big UFC fan. How was it working with Randy Couture? Has he ever considered entering the octagon himself?

  20. peter Says:

    please ask sly about his training regiment in the gym….what were his specific goals in getting into shape for this movie?

  21. Kathy French Says:

    To Sly, Jet, Jason, and Mickey–All of you have had some pretty rewarding careers with a lot of high impact action/routines. What would you recommend to someone in rural America that would need a low impact routine but, yet help increase muscle tone and strength?

    Understand need to hit major cities to promote the Expendibles Movie but, wish that for once actors of your callibers could promote your film in small towns across America. Wish one or more of you would consider this possibility. EVER HEARD OF RICHLANDS, VIRGINIA????????????

  22. Rene F. Rangel Says:

    For Sly: How did you come up with the idea of The Expendables? It sounds like such a simple plot, yet no action movie in recent memory has done this. Also, it’s so incredible that you’ve been able to bring together so many of action’s top stars. How did you achieve that?

    For Dolph: How are you approaching the character of Gunnar? Will you be bringing any of the awesome swagger that you did when you portrayed arch villain Sgt. Andrew Scott in Universal Soldier? Looking forward to Command Performance, it looks awesome!

    I’m a member of a website called CHUD, and on it’s message board, there’s a thread topic called The B-Action Thread where we discuss all things action. We’re all pulling for you to make the greatest action movie ever, and we wish the best of luck on the production!

  23. Nancy Says:

    For Jason,

    I don’t think there is anything that Jason cannot do? Does he?

  24. Ryan Says:

    For all stars, Why do they think they deserved the role in this epic film?

  25. Fake Church Says:

    Is this going to be the start of your own OCEAN’S 11 type series where the entire cast comes back for sequels while adding a new big actor to the mix each time much like what George Clooney did?

  26. Robert Says:

    Sheryl..thanks so much for this opportunity!!

    Sly-When did this idea and /or story come to mind and how long did it take to write and put it all together? Did you already have in mind certain actors?
    Are you planning a sequel?

    Thanks Sheryl..you’re da bomb!!

  27. Dragonseeker Says:

    To Jet Li:

    How involved are you with the martial arts choreography in this film? Is it mostly Stallone’s ideas, or did you have a hand in it? How are the martial arts used in this movie different than your other films?

    Thank You.

  28. Andrew Says:

    Ok I didn’t read any of the others, so forgive me, but I guess a questions I’m wondering are

    To any actor:

    “How does it feel to work on set with so many professionals? Does it offer healthy competition?”

    “How did the bonds formed by actors from previous films (Stallone & Rourke, Stallone & Lundgren, Statham & Li, etc.) contribute to the process of the film?

    To Mr. Stallone: (to my knowledge, he’s never quite worked with this many stars, but if I’m wrong than alter the question I guess)

    “So how does an action film with so many stars compare to previous action films like Rambo, Cliffhanger, or Demolition Man where most of the action was focused on him. Basically how was sharing the spotlight?”

    The same question could be used for Mr. Statham or Jet Li except, you would replace Stallone’s films with their films.

    To Mr. Lundgren:

    “How does it feel to be working with Stallone again? How does it compare to the time spent on Rocky IV?”

  29. Tim Says:

    How does this movie compare to other action movies that you have been in in regards to the size of the movie?

    Would you consider making the ependables 2 or a prequal to the expendables?

  30. Susan Says:

    To all the actors: Working with such a diverse group of action stars, what did you learn from each one?

  31. German Says:

    To Mr. Stallone:

    Besides the awesome cast, What will we see in this movie that we’ve never seen before?

  32. Ben Says:

    To anyone..
    Who trains the hardest in the gym out of everyone?

    And what where the gym sessions like with all them guys around? there must have been some super intense, uber competitive training going on!

  33. ksshadowfax99 Says:

    I wouldn’t mind knowing the inspiration or drive for Sly’s writing of the screenplay and whether or not the characters were tailored to fit the actor playing them.

  34. Ben Dixon Says:

    For Randy…

    Firstly, you rule. I could watch you fight for the rest of time, but that seems unlikely (and not fair!).
    You’re a massive name in MMA. Has it been difficult to establish a career in the film industry?
    Did/Do people take you seriously as an actor?
    Is it challenging to establish yourself in an industry where a lot of people are unaware of your background?
    Do you think we will be seeing more MMA stars make the transition to the big screen? Like the Nogueria brothers and Keith Jardine (Crank 2).
    Do you think this will have a positive affect on the sport?

    If you use this, thanks very much!

  35. Lindsay Bingham Says:

    If the movie was done over and you could pick any character to play which one would it be and why?

  36. Kain424 Says:

    Sylvester Stallone,
    It’s hard to convey just how much the very concept of this film has captured the imaginations of Action fans. That in mind, was it the idea from stage one to include so many Action heavyweights? Aside from Kurt Russell, were there any other Action heroes you’d hoped to bring to The Expendables?

    Jason Statham,
    I’ve read that the creators of Crank 2 talked you into doing The Expendables. Is there more to this story?

    Jet Li,
    There has always been an interest in this sort of ensemble Action film, but only recently have there been any sort of progress in getting stars of your caliber together. The Forbidden Kingdom and War (Rogue) are just two examples of your own work in this area. Why do you suppose this is only happening now?

    Terry Crews,
    There was a lot of controversy surrounding the casting of your character. What are your thoughts on that?

    Dolph Lundgren,
    You’ve really come into your own as a director recently, did Sly allow for any input from you as a fellow director? You’ve said that Sly is so prepared and focused, does this inspire you in your own work as another director?

    Eric Roberts,
    Why do you suppose it is that you’ve been appearing more and more as a villain in these newer Action films?

    Gary Daniels,
    What is the story with your casting? Is Sly a fan of your work, and are you a fan of his?

  37. Couple Things « Statham Fan Says:

    […] Fan Gushing, The Expendables No Comments  First off, thanks to Kelly for this heads up from Sheryl Main’s blog.  She is going to do interviews with the cast of ‘The Expendables’ and has asked for […]

  38. jayfan Says:

    To Jason:

    You’re always up to doing your own stunts. What was the most difficult stunt that Sly has asked you to perform for this movie? I noticed how intense Sly was in videos while directing. Were there any stunts where you said “no way” or “instead of that, let’s do it this way” to him? How important was your input?

  39. muri Says:

    now thats my sport, thx for the opportunity sheryl!:)

    1. for sly:

    did you start too write “the expendables” because quentin tarantino couldnt get it done, the rumor was around for a while now, that quentin always wanted to make a world war 2 movie with all the 80`s icons…it means you, arnold and bruce?!
    has that something too do with the whole concept about “the expendables”? or did you wrote “the expendables” already some years ago and if, how did you come up with the concept/idea…and whats the whole idea about ?
    since you refused to work with some “sweet hunks” for supporting roles, can we say it was always intended from you, to bring back some older action icons on track & that you always wanted arnold, bruce and the other guys in it and if so, who`s the one actor declined or simply couldnt make it, you would have loved the most in it: kurt, jcvd, wesley…?
    without hurting the feelings of the actor who maybe replaced him, simply who would you haved love to work with or again?

    the funny thing is, i created nearly a same concept 5 years ago, where you (sly) and a lot of the cast you already have in the movie are the leads. i always tought i`m gonna be the next tarantino one day and i would boost your careers on top again. now it looks like you are the new tarantino yourself in sense of boosting some careers back on track. thx for that sly, another reason why i think choosing you as a rolemodel, when i was 11, didnt prove me any wrong until this day!:)

    by the way, please never work with tarantino, he only does pi** on the monumental of legend. if you saw “deathproof” you`ll know what i mean, look what he did with kurt!;)

    2. for mickey:

    since you said it around your oscar nomination for “the wrestler” sly was one of the few, who treated you with respect and helped you in times when you were broke…with the salary out of his own pocket. how was it to work with him again, with someone who always supported and respected you for your craft

    3. for dolph:

    i read an interview were you said, working with sly is a great thing in terms of how much you can learn from him on the set etc.
    this is very interesting, cus you are around yourself for a long time in this business, not as long as sly, but you already have nearly 40 movies on your bio. my point is how would you rank sly as a director in terms of, how would you rank sly as one of the best of 3 directors you already worked with and how comfortable were you playing such an insane character like gunnar, it must fun or not?

    4. for eric:

    everyone who knows something about the movies, know how talented you are and i guess everyone is pleased (same like with mickey rourke & dolph) that you are in this and in a bigger project again, how was it for you, working with sly again and how different was your character from other characters you already played?
    too be honest a lot of the guys ( we the fans love/like) had a time in direct to dvd and b movie hell.
    how do you keep yourself in motivation for…to name it, so much “not so good roles/movies”?
    i can imagine working on a cool set with some cool actors, in a B movie can be fun, but you for an example were nominated for the oscar, was it a choice or did you were forced to take every role you did in the past?
    really i never liked that you and mickey got wasted there in b movie hell, cus therefor you both are way to talented.

    5. for jason:

    hey mate!:)
    since “lock, stock…” everyone knows your a cool guy and since “revolver” we know you can act, but was it your choice to do more so called “action roles” are you not afraid getting to attracted into action movies, since you can act and can be diverse, is there a fear that like sly, you could be sucked into this type cast action guy too much?
    that doesnt mean, i`m not happy your in this, damn your the only believable action star at the moment, from the new generation!plus how was it working again with jet li. i`ve read it somewhere and i dont know if there is any truth behind that, that you learned some of your martial arts skill from jet li, true?

    6. for jet:

    you were in such wonderful and great asian movies like “hero” ,”fearless” and “warlords” is it more difficult to work with a whole english speaking crew, instead a crew who speaks mandarian and how is the difference between chinese and us film making for you?
    what is better in us movies and what is better in chinese movies and tell us please whats not so good in us production and whats not so good in asian productions?

    7. for gary:

    you said in an interview, you kind of felt sad that steven segal wasnt any kind of open for a good showdown with you in “submerged”
    did you have the feeling sly did better on you in this? were you able show what you wanted to show in the fight scenes, or do you feel you were backed down again and how was it to work with sly as a director and how was it for you do work with him as an actor and how was it to work with jason and jet who are skillfull in the same level like you are in martial arts?

    8. for terry:

    you seem like a very smooth kind of guy in a body that can smash hulk into pieces, did you had the feeling you were miscast in this?
    my point is you have a very friendly face, but i can pretty much imagine you could go beserk if you want and did a hell of a job in “street kings” so i guess i would have love to see you in the bad guy corner fighting the living sh** out of jason or sly.
    i can imagine that would have looked awesome…anyway i`m glad your in, really, really a better choice than fitty or forrest, thx sly!

    9. for steve:

    when i saw “the condemned” i pretty much saif “FU** YEAH” and already praised your name, as a new action movie god .but WHY you do so less movies man? do you get to less offers or why the hell did you do so less movies?
    i loved you as a wrestler and i loved this whole “the rock” vs “stone cold steve austin” stuff, any chance you both make a movie togehter and if dont keep us waiting like sly, arnold and bruce did?!;)

    10. for randy:

    since this is your first major role in a big budget production, how was it working with a legend like stallone and how comfortable were you with your role, did you had the chance to expand it the way you wanted it?

    11. for charisma

    be true about its sweetheart, tell us is sly a “buffy/angel” fan cus he must be?!:) now your the second lady from this both series he casts for a movie and how was your experience working in this testosterone filled mountain of madness?

    (by the way i love buffy and angel as well and if i would do movies i nearly would have cast them all too: julie, s.m.g., eliza, amy, juliet, you…!:)

    12. for david:

    oh i`m such a sucker for “dexter” and its freaking great you are in this! still its hard to imagine you`ll be a bad guy, cus your such a sweetheart in “dexter” but i cant wait to see you as general!
    how much did you liked playing the baddie and do you think you did a good job on this, or do you think you could have done a bit more?

    i can only say that sly must have a great taste in series, he must love buffy, dexter and prison break, cus out of each series he took the ones i liked the most.
    i always loved darla and cordelia the most in buffy and david is somehow like the soul of “dexter” and since sly tried on robert knepper…cleary the best thing in “prison break” he`s the man!
    funny i suggested robert knepper before anything was out who plays in or should be casted way in nov. 2008 at imdb.
    i bet sly is reading imdb boards!:))
    well than dont forget i wanted robert knepper in also, sadly he isnt on board!:(

    13. for giselle:

    i dont know you right now lady, but as long as you act like you look, we both will have a long realtionship on my screen?!;)
    just kidding how was it for you working with this cast, especially with the man sly?
    could you learn something from him?

    14. for sheryl main:

    tell us how much will you miss working on this great set when its over and if you could pick one guy out of all and make a wish who would you marry if it would be possible and in this dreamworld they are all free and you are as well, who would be?

    i think i know it, i think i know it?!;)

    2 all the expendables lovers, rockers and sweethearts:

    OR I WILL CURSE YOU and send dolph and steve after you!:)

  40. Omer Sheriff Says:

    For Sly –

    Will there be any Action Figures?!

  41. Omer Sheriff Says:


  42. muri Says:

    oh i have another good one sheryl!:)

    ask all actors:

    who`d they personally think would win in a real vs streetfight out of all actors, who would be the toughest to beat, who would win? but they all can only answer one name (them selfs included of course)!

    i personally think it would be hard 2 beat dolph, jet or steve for real and randy and sly of course!:)

    but it would be interesting to hear what they think, ask without the knowing of the others and in the end we will have good solid result.
    would be good as an extra category point on the dvd making of,
    plus fun 2!:)

  43. Jim Bedford Says:

    To Sly

    Is team work important, in this film, as opposed to one guy like Rambo? And what is it like working as a unit?

  44. Jim Bedford Says:

    To Every actor playing an Expendable
    Is being an Expendable like being an actor in hollywood?

  45. Marek, Czech republic Says:

    Hi,first thanks for your blog,it´s very good. I look every day 🙂
    Question for Sly: You have fantastic music (soundtrack) in every your movie,so I want to ask,how you will choose the music for The Expendebles? Have you somebody,who give you advice,tips? Or you like some music and then you put it into film? Thanks for answer. Marek,your big fan from Czech republic.

  46. MichaelD Says:

    For Mr. Stallone: I would like to know if he originally set out to make The Expendables an ensemble piece like The Magnificent Seven, A Bridge Too Far or Once Upon A Time In The West, or was the initial casting just a happy accident you’ve rolled with?

    On paper this looks to be another classic action film. Does that create addition pressure to be awesome?

  47. Mike Says:

    watching the making of predator , i noticed there was alot of friendly competition going on..arnold messing with ventura, carl weathers saying everyone got pumped by themselves so they could come on set bigger….and was wondering was the vibe similar to this with the Expendables? obviously there are alot of Ripped guys on set I wonder if there was any friendly competition going on as to who was the toughest/most ripped etc.

  48. Betty Says:

    Hi sheryl,
    Since i dont speak english very well you can correct the question if you pick mine,
    I’d like to ask Jason :
    To me the expendable movie seems like a reunion of the legends,how does it feel to play with sly ,mickey,Dolph,arnold and all these legends and to be part of this unique and excellent cast and movie?
    And what common do you have with your character in the movie,is there anything he does that you quote yourself “hey i would do the same”,or ho has a totally different character from yours?
    And another one if its ok…
    How’s sly as a director?Was it hard or easy working with him?
    And one more tell him Betty asks why he’s so hot?lol
    thanks a lot Sheryl we really appreciate what your doing let us know about the interview,
    you rock!

  49. silencer Says:

    To Jet Li

    I remember a while back you said that you would only spent no more than two weeks on a film at a time because of the (wonderful and inspirational) work your doing with the ONE Foundation. However you’ve been working on the Expendables project much longer than usual. So is this because you’re having such a great time and may possible have high hopes for the film and want to give it all you can?

    p.s Your an incredible inspiration to me. All the best.

  50. Kev Brock Says:

    To Stone Cold: Will you return to the WWE when, “The Expendables” come out in theater so you can help promote the film? Will you have Sly be part of a wrestling storyline with you? I think that would be totally cool!

    To Dolph: How does it feel to be in a huge film after years of doing “straight to video” work? It must feel good to be back on the big screen for a nationwide release, hey? Congratulations, you deserve a huge comeback. 🙂

    To Jet: What made you agree to sign on to this film? Did you like the story or just wanted to be part of all the action with these tough guys?

    To Jason: Who do you spend the most time with on set of “The Expendables”?

    To Stallone: Do you have plans for an “Expendables” sequel? Or is this movie a one off?

    Sorry if any of the questions have already been asked above. I’m a huge Sly fan and longtime admirer. Can’t wait for this movie!!!

    Rock on!

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  52. Riz Din Says:

    I’d be really keen to know where the title comes from. There is a key scene in Rambo where he’s on a boat talking to his love interest about how he’s ‘expendable’, and just before she get’s killed she says to ‘Rambo, you’re not expendable’. Was Stallone conscious of this, or does the title come from somewhere else?

  53. Riz Din Says:

    I put the clip on ‘Expendable’ Rambo clip on Youtube in case fans are interested. Hope it’s okay to link to it.

  54. lilith Says:

    For ALL the guys:

    All of your comrades have a reputation for being tough guys and RAWR on screen, but I have a feeling that there is a nutball in all of you. Though I’ve seen Sly have Kurt Russell in tears during an interview they did for Tango & Cash, I am eager to know from each of you which amongst the lot do you think is the biggest goofball?

  55. Thomas Says:

    Will Sly follow in the footsteps of Clint Eastwood and direct his future films himself? And will he direct other movies where he´s not involved as an actor?
    (Seeing that he kicks butt as a director. Be that drama or action..)

  56. Matthew Spriggs Says:

    In the story their seems to be a lot of refrences to Edgar Allen Poe. Even the very tattoo on the characters back with the skull and raven. Do the characters share a common love for Poe and is their a reasom for that? If so, what is your characters backstory for that love.

    Also I would ask about what’s going on with his “Poe” project. I know it has nothing to do with this film but, I really want to see that movie.


    I’m actually working on this film at the moment and I enjoy your blogs.

  57. DUTCH Says:

    Mr. Stallone, how was it to finally work with your ex Planet Hollywood partner Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a big budget action film such as this? Did Arnie take great direction from you? In your opinion, might Arnie follow in your footsteps and direct his own action films? Do you are Arnie plan on following up on another action film when he is out of office? So many actors team up numerous times but the two greatest action stars of all time–you and Arnold– has got fans all over the world going nuts for that scene in THE EXPENDABLES!

  58. farid Says:

    To Sly:

    Did you write this script because you’ve always wanted to bring in all the great action stars to one picture or did the script go in a direction that you had to get those actors into the picture?

  59. Jose luis Says:

    i will like to ask to each one of the expendables what other expendable character would have been interested in playing and why???
    Txs to sly for putting togethet the best action actors together and film this. Kudos to everyone involved.

  60. Ann128 Says:

    For Charisma

    Woman, you are so blessed to have that hotty Jason Statham to play your boyfriend……tell me a little about Jason and his Character? What you enjoyed about working with him? How much fun was it making this movie? What part of making this movie did you enjoy the most?

    For Jason

    First of all…….. you are so Hot! I love watching your shows… your body and your accent is so sexy. Tell me something about charisma that impressed you about her when you worked with her.(please fill me in on all the romantic parts if any!!!) I want to know how it felt driving a ducanti? Do you plan to buy one as part of your collection of vehicles you own? How much fun did you have making this movie and what part did you enjoy the most? How did it feel using knives as a weapon? Did somebody have to show you how to work with them?

  61. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:



  62. robbie93 Says:

    hey sheryl its me from twitter, anyway, ask dolph or sly how does it feel 2 be playing against each other after 20 years, is it better, different, stronger??

    thanks sweetie!!

  63. Farhana Aadam Says:

    I would like to ask Jason what his thoughts are of this movie, and how and why it is different from the other action movies he’s made….

  64. Andy (uk) Says:

    Hi this would be my question to SLY. With the best cast of action heros ever put together in one film, was there much competion between the new guys on the block to take your title? big shoes to fill I meen your Rambo!!

  65. Steve Says:

    For Sly: Given the long and irregular hours of shooting for weeks, how do you train and eat during the filming to stay in the kind of shape you’re in for this film?

  66. Tommy Salami Says:

    Sly: Tony Maffatone was a family friend of mine- for the readers, he did your security back in the day, and did some consulting on some of your films for fight choreography, if I remember correct. Now that Tony has passed on, may he rest in peace, who do you go to for the realistic fight scenes this movie will certainly have?

    Dolph: I always thought you were not just a badass, but also very funny in movies like Showdown in Little Tokyo. Are you going for the steely tough guy or will your character have a sense of humor?

  67. Mike Says:

    Nice easy one for all of them:

    ‘Which of your characters would you LEAST like to meet in a dark alleyway?’


  68. GOULET Says:

    Do any of the cast members have a favorite restaurant in the city?

  69. Angelo Says:

    For Sly:

    Who do you regret not having in the movie the most?

    Who would win in a Death Race, your character in the original or Jason’s in the remake?

    Favourite 80’s action movie?

    For Jason:

    Will you ever bring back the Revolver mullet/porno ‘stache combo?

    Would you like to do a psychological thriller like Revolver again?

    Any chance of you and Jet Li going head to head in another movie?

    Aside from Jet Li, which other action star would you like to take on in a WAR style face off movie the most?

    Favourite 80’s action movie?

    For Steve:

    Any chance of you doing a buddy cop movie with The Rock?

    Favourite 80’s action movie?

    For Jet:

    Aside from Jason Statham, which other action star would you like to take on in a WAR style face off movie the most?

    Favourite 80’s action movie?

    For Terry:

    Could President Camacho solve the global financial crisis?

    Favourite 80’s action movie?

  70. Cindy and Dave Says:

    I had a question for you Im new to all this blog stuff I had a crazy idea. I live in SC I am a HUGE Sly fan and have always wanted to meet him Im considering taking the long trip prob 500 miles or so for me and driving down this week and hoping to meet up with Sly. This is as close to me as he probably ever will be and I know its risky but sometimes if you want something, you have to go get it I would love an autograph but even more than that just a pic with him and a moment to chat. Yes that would be worth all the drive gas hotel etc. If you would please reply back to this and let me know my chances etc and any inside information you could forward would be greatly appreciated thanks so much for the help I know that you have gotten a ton of these request but my husband and I would really appreciate it thanks so much fell free to respond to my email privately.

    Cindy and Dave

  71. Sebastian Says:

    For Sylvester:
    The action genre has taken a turn towards more realism and grittyness. The audience of today most likely know that you cannot use machine guns and fire from the hip and are probably tired of wire-fu – how did this affect you before making this movie? Did you want to make a classical (yet unrealistic) action movie or did you want to make it more realistic?

    For Dolph:
    Action movies a la the 80’s have been shunned by the audience in favour for more realistic movies. Do you think the Expendables will revive the more naive action genre with clear cut lines between good and evil or is this movie just an exception?

  72. The Faith Says:

    To Sly,

    Were you motivated to do this movie to show these young amateurs how real action is done and give people a reminder why the 80’s weren’t all too bad?


  73. Potrillo Says:

    Another for Sly :):
    Are you dissapointed with your “friends” JCVD, Kurt and Steven?

  74. Ann128 Says:

    In regards to early comment to Jason

    I want to correct a comment i made….you don’t drive a ducanti you ride one so please remove driving and put riding…..if you use my question.

    To all

    What part of your character did you like the most? What part did you like the least?
    How was your experience in Brazil? How was your experience in New Orleans?

  75. Daniel Says:

    If you do another (or simply write another extravaganza) would you consider opening the way for Jean-Claude, Steven, Kurt, Forest, and others that couldn’t make it this time around?

    What was your favorite aspect of making this movie? Writing, acting, directing, other?

  76. Ann128 Says:

    To all

    Tell me something that you have experienced while doing this movie that might have changed you or the way you think?….

    Every job i work…there is always something new that i learn that i can take to another job…what do they feel, they have learned…..experienced while making the expendables that they could use for future movies they would be in? Might be stupid questions but i just want to throw some questions out there..

  77. Andy (uk) Says:

    Another question for Sly! making a all action movie in 2009 (apart from getting a little older) how has the experience been diffrent to making a action flick in the 80s?

  78. JerryDam Says:


    how do you supervise the ICARUS post-production while filming THE EXPENDABLES?

  79. Larry Rocha Says:

    I may be late but here goes one for Giselle:

    Como se sente fazendo parte de uma producao que nao eh de dominio da Globo?

    Voce aspira a consolidar uma carreira nos EUA?

  80. Larry Rocha Says:

    Another one for Sly this time:

    If Expendables does as well as is hoped and up to your expectations,
    do you think you will try to get an all-star Expendable brand of movies?

    (Like only having Top-Notch talent do bit parts just to showcase all the awesome leading men from action/drama/copmedy. Clint Eastwood, Duvall, Caan, Freeman, etc… Play all of them as having been a part of the Expendables at one time or the other…)

    Also, play on the idea that Actors are expendable as well….

    Just a thought.

    Much Love

  81. Tim Says:

    First of all, Sheryl, thank you so much for this blog, for letting us know whats happening on the set of Expendables, and how the process is moving. Now, the questions…

    To Mr. Stallone: You have been directing ever since 1978, starting with Paradise Alley. To me, it seems you are equally good directing both dramas and action. Your recent movies (directing wise) were Rocky Balboa, and Rambo. How different it is now to direct, compared to the 70s and the 80s? Will your directing of The Expendables will be different from how you directed Rambo, considering that you wrote both? Oh, and my personal thanks for casting Gary Daniels in the movie.

    To Steve Austin: Mr. Austin, what plans do you have for the future? It seems like some well known wrestlers, you included, have switched to movies, and i admit they look far better than some of so called action heroes. Do you plan on staying in the movie business, or get involved in wrestling somehow? Thank you.

    To Dolph Lundgren: Mr. Lundgren what is the main reason you agreed to be a part of this movie? From what i know from the press, you said you liked the script, and accepted a chance to work with Stallone again. Personally, i believe this movie will give your career a good boost. How important is it to you to get back into theaters with this movie?

    Thank you Sheryl. I hope if my questions ever get answers, ill translate them into my language, and post on my website.

  82. dawn26 Says:

    To Jason
    We can’t predict the future, but I can see you taking on the position Sly is in with the Expendables some day – a legendary action star who still has it directing other action stars. With your experiences making action movies so far, how close are you to stepping into a director/actor role and is that a goal for you?

  83. Sébastien Says:

    Thanks Sheryl,

    For Sly,

    1) Did you get the inspiration from movies like ” the dirty dozen” or “the professionnals” more than the actions movies from the 80?

    2) Is “Poe” you’r next project?

    Sorry for the mistakes!!!

    Sébastien from Paris

  84. Andy Z Says:

    question for Sly:

    As far as the finale of The Expendables goes, is the climax at Garza’s place going to be a big shootout, like something comparable to magnificent action flicks like Commando or Rambo: First Blood- part
    II? Also, will there be any one-liners like in classic ’80s action?


  85. Elizabete Joukoski Says:

    Hello Sheryl!!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity. And congratulations on great work. This blog and Twitter are great sources of news for us fans, a true gift! I am a Brazilian fan my name is Betty. I am the fan number 1 of sly in Brazil, I took a picture with you remember? I have blond hair and long.I gave this picture of this for you gift? too Stay in hotel with sly for 2 days talking with him I took pictures and gave many gifts to sly. he knows me as the girl that never sleeps. can you please ask him if he remember me? I will be very happy with your help, I’m a fan of the sly 20 years. Thanks for your attention. I have some questions to the sly hope you like Sheryl.

    Questions for Sly:

    hi sly!!! I am your number 1 fan in Brazil. My name is Betty I was staying at the hotel sofitel with you, I’m the girl that never sleeps remember?

    1- SLY, you are a man establishing icons in which human beings can be reflect.and you should not act differently from their characters. why BARNEY ROSS will be hard?

    2 -SLY, you have inspired to create BARNEY ROSS ? After his character hates the word, and SANDRA will help BARNEY ROSS wake up and transform!!

    3-SLY, the expendables he is a return of action films of the 80s with a different clothing?

    4-SLY, when you wrote the expendables, you are inspired to form the history and character of each character? chosen and each actor you think is the perfect profile of the character?

    5 – SLY, what made you choose the brazil to shoot the expendables? and what you thought about filming in Brazil, you were happy with the result?

    6-SLY, you like to brasil? to shoot here? projects you have to go back to shooting other films in my country?

    7- SLY, you expect to return to Brazil in the coming year to publicize the film? sly I want to thank you, Sheryl and her team, for choosing Brazil for his film. I and all fans are very honored and happy, thank you for your affection to all of us fans, our love and admiration for you has grown even more.we love you too! Thank you for your attention!!!!

    Thanks Sheryl!!!

  86. muri Says:

    some more questions:

    to sly:

    1. is it true that you and carl weathers have some problems since “rocky balboa” and is this the reason why he is not in this movie?

    2. there was this rumor that you wanted patrick swayze for “tango & cash” ever thought about the idea trying to get him in this…in “the expendables”?

    3. i personally hate remakes/reboots, but out fun i wrote two years ago @imdb.com what the people would think about a “rocky” remake for a younger audience and sadly got good response to it.
    would you ever give your ok 2 something like that?


    5. any truth about it, that you will be in the next “predator”?

    6. why the hell did you never made a second “tango & cash” movie and started a franchise out of it?

    7. how long does the writing of a script from you usually take, how much time did you need for “john rambo” and how much for the “expendables”?

    8. since jean claude did some back talking in an interview and complained about the lack of character of his possible role in “the expendables”. how pi**** were you, since you wanted to give him a chance to be in a big production again and he did run his mouth this way?

    9. out of all actors in the cast, who was the toughest to get and who was the one you wanted in the most and couldnt be in?

    10. since robert downey jr. is back in buisness and said he is really looking forward to do “poe” is this project on the next, or do you want 2 do another “rambo” after this movie?
    and between viggo and robert who would you personally think would fit the most as poe?
    plus if you`ll direct “poe” will you play a part in it, or just direct it?

  87. Mosquito Says:

    To Dolph (and most of the others who usually play the lone hero in their movies):

    What’s the difference between being part of an action team movie production versus working on the usual “one big hero” film? Is it more fun, or just different? Can it be more frustrating or is it more gratifying?

    To Sly:

    Do you think your audience for The Expendables will mostly consist of the fan base following you for decades or are there a lot of young action afficionados out there? Will it be “the usual suspects” or will this unite several generations of fans?

  88. Nancy Says:

    For Jason

    have any of your leading ladies complained of “whisker burns”, from your love scenes? I wouldnt, of course:)

  89. Shel Says:

    What did you learn either professionally or personally from doing this movie that you can use in future roles?

  90. JenzyMW Says:

    Jason …. The weapon of choice for you for this movie are knives. I finished watching the behind scenes from the Transporter and there is a part where you had to twirl a knife during a fight scene and you were not catching on. How has your knife skills improved?? Did you get frustrated with any of the blade scene? Did you ever play with a butterfly knife growing up as a kid??
    For the record, one of the qualities that make s you very attractive is that you seems to be a down to earth guy! It makes me love you even more!

    All the best!
    Jenzy MW

  91. johnboy Says:

    Hi Sheryl,
    Great work as always! Much more interesting to read than too much footage and spoilers leaked too early! Here are my questions:

    Hi Sly, What inspired you to make The Expendables, and was the casting a deliberate choice, considering the wide variety of action-based entertainment of the cast? Is this the start of more honest-to-goodness action movies from you? Oh, and any chance of a sequel to Tango and Cash?!

    Great to see you back in the mix with Sly – was that a weird day on set with the two of you onscreen together? Any interesting stories from Rocky 4 spring to mind?

    Randy, Jet and Steve
    The cast covers such a huge range of fighting styles, most significantly by you three – was it intentional to bring your own game and incorporate your styles into the fight choreography…..and do we get to see aSton Cold Stunner? AW HELL YEAAAHHH!

    As one of the most predominant action stars of recent years, how was it for you filming with action veterans? Was it a case of macho-competitiveness between each other on set, or a kind of passing of the torch?

  92. film Freek Says:

    To all the actors,
    if all the expendables were put in a room together, which one does each think would be the last guy standing?

  93. muri Says:

    to sly:

    about acting, the oscars etc:

    do you feel overlooked from the academy in retrospect? i mean you did create some great characters in the last 30 years and in the last 10 years people like tom hanks, russell crowe (who are good/great acting wise) simply got nominations for losing or gaining weight like in “castaway” or “the insider” and didnt really create good characters on a acting wise level.

    you for one were simply magnificent in “copland” and gained a lot of weight and everyone who knows you, knows this comes with a lot of effort for you, because your simply a fitness junkie, but besides that, you created this wonderful vulnerable character.
    i personally think its still a shame that you were not even nominated for this great portait!
    same goes to “f.i.s.t.” even part one from “first blood” and “rocky balboa” all were oscar calibers but no nomination.

    about the first “rocky” i dont care who died, its about art, talent and who can do what, you should have won the oscar for “rocky” cus from all the boxing movies outthere, you did the best acting and yeah that includes plaul newman and robert deniro and i am really loving robert de niro!

    i personally think that you have the same range acting wise like de niro and pacino and we saw it in “rocky” and “f.i.s.t.” that you can do great and diverse roles, but sadly you decided one day 2 become this action icon and you ruled the 80`s and were the biggest thing and we the fans are happy for that!
    but me simply a movie fan and a fan of your work, always thought its sad that people always think about stallone, he is just an action icon and put you on the same level as arnold, van damme, segal etc but your not.
    people seem to forget what a good actor you “were” are!

    do you regret not having done more artistic movies besides money making movies in the 80`s til the 90`s and did you wish you fired your agent form the 90`s earlier?

    why havent you played a really bad bad guy like like hannibal lector in “silence of the lambs” or anton chirugh in “no country for old men”.
    i truly can see it that you would be great in such a role like that and are you looking forward to do so and if they didnt send you those roles, will you do it maybe in the future with one of your own scripts?

    thx for your time, this goes out for both of you sheryl and sly!


    For Sly or whomever has the answer.

    Will you be doing the commentary on the blu ray?

    Was this movie the most physically painful to make with all the stunts you had to do? If not which one was more painful?

    Is Expendables 2 possible if this one makes money?

    Did you choose New Orleans because it had what you wanted for the film and to help out the local economy there?

    This movie sounds like it could be a big summer blockbuster for 2010. Why release it in April instead of say Memorial day weekend of 2010?

    Will there be a video game made based on this movie?


  95. Ranjan Vital Says:

    Is an Expendables 2 a possibility?
    Seems you have created great characters, why not include them in another adventure?

  96. silencer Says:

    To Jet

    Where you a fan of Stallones films and was that a major reason why you wanted to work with him?

    To Sly

    Where you a fan of Jet li’s films an was that a reason why you wanted to work with him?


  97. Lamprey319 Says:

    There are obviously good reasons, but this seems it could have been an addition to the Rambo franchise.
    What are the differences between Sly’s character in this and John J?
    Are any of the set-pieces ones that were conceived for possible use in other films or is it an entirely original project?
    And slightly off-topic but will we get to see the big guy in action once again? I hope so.
    Can’t wait to see this, keep up the good work 🙂

  98. colombe Says:

    For Jet , is there great differences between doing an american movie than an europeen movie ?

  99. oleredhead Says:

    My question is for Jason. You seem to come across as a bit shy and humble in the live interviews I have seen. How do you get your self geared up for scenes like you have done in Crank and Crank 2? How easy is it for you to drop your pants and show your bare bottom (fine as it is) and how did you and Amy get through the action at the race track without totally losing it and the shock collar bit was a classic.

    • oleredhead Says:

      If I wrote something offensive, please feel free to remove it. I can’t imagine anything written here is any worse than a few others but I don’t want to offend/

  100. Paul Levy Says:

    Hello Sly, now lets just say the unthinkable does happen the box office reception is poor, not the fan reception but box office reception. Do you have good grounds with Lionsgate to go ahead with another Rambo and/or Expendables 2?

  101. muri Says:

    since this pic. is really great!:) the question follows in an instantly…

    for sly:

    well sage aint into acting anymore, does sly thinks one of his daughters (even if they are still pretty young) is interested into acting at all, can he already see one of them is interested more than the others?
    cus one of them already handles the paparazzies pretty well!:)


  102. Fake Church Says:

    Is a city-based RAMBO 5 your next big action film? I hope so.

  103. Diana Says:

    Just curious – can someone tell me what an “EPK” interview is? What is Sheryl doing interviewing the cast? Thanks

    • muri Says:

      i help lady sheryl out here, with her own words (thx 4 that by the way):

      “…EPK means electronic press kit – with b-roll it is used as the basis for the bonus round on the dvd, for media outreach etc.”

  104. Ben Says:

    Hi, I have a question to submit for Jet Li if it’s not too late..
    I wonder how Jet Li became involved in this film and what western based action films/actors is he into?

  105. Johnny Says:

    Will the Expendables have no second act like Rambo?

    Sorry for being a smartass, but I watched Rambo again on Blu-Ray and it really bothers me that the weak dramatic structure undermindes everything else that\’s so cool about that film.

    • ethelmae Says:

      Sly wrote a good script – the action is big and bold but the driving force is the story. If that doesn’t come across it will be too bad but from what I’ve seen… and I’m on set everyday… Expendables will deliver. I have high hopes that we are gonna luv this movie…

      • Johnny Says:

        Well, can’t wait to see the Expendables rock the screen. This is one of the few films that really gets me totally excited like no film in a long time! 🙂

      • muri Says:

        IN SLY WE TRUST..as always!

        ps: sheryl is there any word out about soundtrack, will sly try 2 get a kick ass rock band for one track (besides a score) did he ever mentioned something like that?
        it would fit 2 the concept of the expendables…sames goes 2 those bands!


        mötley crüe
        guns n roses
        bon jovi (only a anthem like its my life of course no ballad:)

      • Stuart Says:

        Yep, a genuinely great score or collection of songs will really add to the feel and energy of this movie.

      • Mosquito Says:

        I would like to hear something older than that mainstream Bon Jovi stuff. The guys are older and the music should fit their age when they started to listen to rock music. Tough music for tough guys, not your average charts mainstream rock band.

  106. muri Says:

    oh dang i have a another question…about slys beard (lol sounds weird)

    1. did sly always wanted 2 have a beard in this movie?

    i think he again stole an idea from me at imdb cus there i wrote it down before any scene was shot!:)

    i think slowly… i need 2 be in the credits for giving ideas!;)

    • muri Says:

      by the way he looks the best with a beard like in “get carter” & “rocky 4” and “nighthawks”!


  107. Tom Says:

    What a disappointing blog and twitter. Very little has actually been reported about the making of the movie. It’s really about your complaining, which is sad, because most of us would bust our ass to cover this. And we wouldn’t complain about a night shoot or the locals. And for a publicist, your grammar is atrocious. For anybody, actually.

    • ethelmae Says:

      sorry about the guy twisting your arm and making you read such a hideous blog. I will have him cease and desist immediately.

      • Larry Rocha Says:

        Hahahah Boa!!!

        Nao ouca os idiotas.

        Keep up all the AWESOME, COMPLETELY HONEST and ENGAGING commentary, opinion, fan excitement, pictures, etc.

  108. oleredhead Says:

    This question is for TOM. Who freaking cares what you think. If you are so concerned about her grammar, maybe you should just stick to an educational channel.

  109. Tom Says:

    Sorry I’m not one of the other suck ups on here. I’m a fan of the guys and the upcoming movie, so that’s why I started reading. They all kick a$$. Unfortunately, you’re failing to generate any heat about the project (only 2,253 followers). Not that you’re Favreau, but he has over 95,000 with his Iron Man twitter. The fact that you have to ask us for good questions for the cast is a sign of your laziness. Isn’t that your job? You’re just not doing this epic movie the justice it deserves. Sly deserves better.

    • ethelmae Says:

      Look the last time I checked this was a free country and you have a right to your opinion just as I have the right to express my views. You can call me names and insult my intelligence but the bottom line is you don’t know me or anything about me so to make it personal says more about your character than mine. I started tweeting and blogging for my own amusement not yours and I could give a rats ass about how many people follow me. Can’t figure out why that matters to you but again i don’t really care. As for asking fans for questions yep I’m a lazy wench who needs the Internet to help do my job. Or wait maybe it was because I wanted to give fans a chance to have some input. So continue to voice your opinion and i will continue to post your thoughts but I’m not going to engage you anymore. I’d prefer you go elsewhere to get your kicks

      • Tony Williams Says:

        Well is this not a sad state of affairs, right shery? Truthfully I find what you are doing, connecting with the fans with this blog quite remarkable. In fact I wish more studios would give fans the chance to interact such as you are doing.
        Afterall, you did not have to do this, but you are. What does having so many followers on Twitter mean? Ashton Kutcher has more followers than Favreau correct, does that mean he does a better job, no. That is the way of this world, I guess.
        Speaking of giving to the fans, do you think you could give Sly a little nudge to watch my friend’s Steve Kasan’s video? Just to watch, I am sure he will be impressed by Steve and his ability. Believe or not, even though it is an audition video by Steve he does market the film really well at the end. With a great song and some bad ass looking pics of all the starts invovled.

      • Gina Says:

        You go, girl! I think I speak for just about everyone who follows your blog and twitter when I say you are doing an awesome job. Don’t listen to that jerk. We support you! Keep up the awesome job you have been doing!
        Tom, take some advice from me. When you criticize others in a mean way, it means there is something wrong with you. Take a look inside yourself and use the negative energy you are wasting on Sheryl to work on your character defects.

      • ksshadowfax99 Says:

        Gina says it all for us!! Your blog is great!! I don’t care if your blogging for your Great Aunt, I still get to read it and enjoy it. Don’t ever stop!

  110. Mike Says:

    maria scala dont listen to those bums!! I like the information, pictures etc. that you provide.

  111. Mike Says:

    dont bother with those bums mariascala I like reading your blog, the info and the pictures that we’ve been getting!

    so any update on when Church is filming? I know you said last week that it was planned to be some time this week..

  112. Jason Pennington Says:

    My first question would be for Sly:What quality or charectoristic of each one of your co-stars caught your attention enough to want them cast?
    My second for Jason Statham:What was the first thought you had when you found out Sly Stallone wanted to cast you in his new film?And how did you find out?
    My third would be for Jet Li:What (if any)diffrence is there between shooting an asian film v.s. american?
    My fourth is for Dolph:How has working with Sly influenced your own directorial efforts?Have you picked up anything that might influence your own style?

  113. Jason Pennington Says:

    WoW,well if my opinion is of any help,I think it is fantastic that you are giving fans the chance to participate in such an awsome film by asking us for some good questions,that is pretty cool I think.I for one would LOVE to ask ANY of these guys a whole slew of questions especially Sly.

    I absolutely LOVE your up-dates and info on this film,you are doing a stellar job dear,pay no mind to negativity we appreciate all your effort in keeping us fans excited and wanting more!LoL.

  114. Dash Says:

    For Mr.Stallone,

    It is fantastic that you have amased such a spectacular cast for this movie! I hope this isn’t your swan song to action by going out with a bang?!?

  115. Expendable Says:

    Just watched Cradle 2 the grave and am I the only one to be thinking Mark Dacascos should have been in this film on possible sequel?

    And Michael Biehn should be cast in every movie ever to be made…

    Just kidding, time is running short, 26th will be the end of the shooting. I guess Arnold will have the last day(s) of the filming.

    • muri Says:


      but this movie is nearly done…so lets hope 4 part 2?!:)

  116. firemanandy Says:

    A general question to you. Next year the release of another great Stallone movie and another year I do everything I can to get a golden ticket to the premier in London. I have begged, gone in competions how can i get to be one of the few. One day I will get to a Stallone premier here in the UK. Could you do me a favour and ask Sly to put me on the guest list, tell him I will buy him a pint at the after film party.
    Keep up the good work X

  117. muri Says:

    another opinion “war” in here…oh thats rude @tom!

    the lady does her best 2 keep us updated if you dont like it well, then simply dont *klick* in and go 2 ashton or jon!

    nuff said!

  118. cassidy Says:

    Im looking forward to seeing steve austin. But there hasnt been a whole lot about him. How big is his role in the movie? I miss seeing him on tv. It will be good to see him in another movie.

  119. Inge Says:

    Church??? What is going on? Also you never answered if Mr. Chuck Norris accepted the role he was offered. Gracias…

  120. Mike Says:

    dont listen to those chumps, I like getting info and reading the blog.

    any new info on Church and when he’s filming? or has he/she already filmed?

  121. Mike Says:

    woops, didnt see that I already posted that!

  122. Johnny Says:

    Please no generic rock soundtrack.

    Have Brian Tyler do a great score like he did on Rambo and that’s cool.

  123. Marko Says:

    A Question that you can ask to every actor:

    How would the character you play in the movie describe you as a person?

    Example, when asking Stallone:”How would Barney Ross describe you (Sly) as a person?”

    A question to Stallone:

    After Rocky Balboa and Rambo, you now come up with that action hit “The Expendables”. Are there some more ideas for new movies in your mind? Do you discover your creative side again?

  124. Janice Says:

    Hi Sheryl

    Looks like the press was impress with the movie. Mr. Scott from the T.P.
    twitter, ” Seriously, “The Expendables” looks like it will be a very fun, very big, very loud movie.” He basically is agreeing with everything you have been sharing with us. Great job!

    Also, Please ask Sly how does it feel it be on an American Greetings card? I was given a Father’s Day card because of him being on the cover and talking on the inside? Tell him yes that is a face you can trust and it shoud be on a stamp.. The card was from my mother because she knows how crazy I am over stallone

    How many pictures of Rocky did his fan club mail out when Rocky I can out in 1977? The one on his website with the white sweat band. I have one of the originals in mint shape. Even the picture is used to evucating from Hurricanes, it is one of the main items put in the Hurricane boxes. (the items that goes before all shoes,clothes, & anything that can be easliy replaced.

    Steve Austin, I loved following you as a wrestler, I am sure you will be great in movies, especially one like this one. I can’t wait until next year

    Keep up the great work Sheryl, I love your blog & tweets it is every personal. Numbers don’t count because “Ellen DeGeneres” whose show I l love to watch everyday to be able to have a nice laugh has 2 million followers on twitter and her tweets are as personal as yours. People follow people because they are interested in the views, not the numbers. Iron Man has 95,000 followers how many of them are going to actually physcially go see the movie, about 70-75%, if they are lucky. All 2,000 of yours will go see the movie because they interested in the actors not just because they wanted to see what comments are being made.

  125. leon x Says:

    For sly

    Woluld you like to make a movie with jackie chan or another with jet li?

    For Jet Li

    Would you like to make another movie with Jackie Chan or Sly?

  126. Kev Brock Says:

    Sorry to go off topic but Sheryl, don’t listen to the negative haters, just ignore them. It’s obvious they are jealous because they know that you are on set with Sly Stallone everyday, while the haters don’t even get to meet him, you’re on set with Sly pretty much all the time, it looks like. Just keep doing your thing, darlin’. Ignore the negative people and run your Twitter/wordpress blog however you want.


  127. Inge Says:

    Last week of filming…I have a feeling “Church” might be filming after initial production is over. Possibly to appear with Arnold?!?!

  128. muri Says:

    call mel gibson or clint eastwood if you still have no church!

    clint will not act anymore, but it would be great if he says “yes” and goes in retirement with a bang…ask him sly!

    if he wont call MEL GIBSON he somehow belongs to the 80`s icons…so call him in second place!

    after that we still have MICHEAL BIEHN!!!!!

    if willis is still not a save deal…call one of those 3 guys!!!!!

    or go with the suprise big names: will smith, tom cruise, johnny depp man!

    just make some calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. muri Says:

    just watched “rocky” again for the 45th time or so (thx sly for this beautiful and perfect movie) and i still wonder, why this movie is not ranked higher at IMDB (right now no#244)?????

    i mean, even freaking “groundhog day” is at 176 or “in bruges” at 204?????
    those were funny movies but “rocky” was an oscar movie, that gave inspiration for hundreds of people becoming writers, actors, directors, sport guys or simply ordinary people, who wont give up and fight for their rights etc.

    give this movie a boost and your 10 stars @imdb if you are a sly fan or a movie fan and havent done it, go and do it now!!!!!!!!!


    • Jason Pennington Says:

      Because people are just a**holes and don’t want to give Sly credit where credit is due,for some people bashing Sly and Arnold and any of the “old school”action stars is a second nature.Just like Copland(another excellent and overlooked film)Sly stepped outside of the action genre “box”and brought to life a charector that was the complete opposite of any he ever played,a quiet,backward,big hearted man with a dream to be a big city cop.
      Just to make it more authentic he even gained a bunch of weight to look more like us regular folk,lol.I honestly believe if it was any other actor than Sylvester Stallone then whoever played that role would have gotten recognition for it.It’s B.S.

      • muri Says:

        i`m with you on this!

        i already said it about “copland” as well, one of is best works and everybody else who would have played this role would have get an oscar nomination.
        anyway screw them!


  130. Diana Says:

    Saw your tweet….proves what I’ve always suspected is true – it’s not what you know but who you know ? Good Grief Miss Girl – you need a GPS

  131. Shel Says:

    This band would make a great fit and attract the younger crowd as well. Heavy music for heavy action! Bring the violence!


  132. Mosquito Says:

    Sooo… what about the interviews? Can’t wait to read them!

  133. Johnny Says:

    Has Sheryl been silenced, or has she got bored of this blogging lark?! No update on this blog for nearly two weeks now….

    • ethelmae Says:

      not bored just inundated with a million other things..started blogging about 6 times but just couldn’t get it up but I am working on something again so you should have something to read tonight…

  134. Robert Says:

    Hey Sheryl..a quick comment about that bozo named Tom, sounds like jealousy and he should be grateful that you gave us a chance to ask Sly and cast any questions. Thanks so much for doing this and just keep doing what you are doing..great job.
    My only concern and I know you also know…there’s alot of talk about this movie’s rating. Mr. Avi Lerner made the comment that maybe it would be PG-13. This a guys movie, not a chick-flick, so please, please tell Sylvester…keep it an R!!! What does he think? I know he has a say in this also. I know Mr. Avi wants the best for the movie, make money but its Sly’s script, his vision, his project, how did he see this when writing the Expendables? Knowing he was going to cast these guys to deliver and I know they WILL deliver…he should have known right from the start where his vision of this film was going to be. If his gut says it should be an R..so be it!!! They (producers and Sly which is also a producer) should meet again and really think about it. This is definitely another franchise for Mr. Sylvester Stallone!!!
    If you get a chance to read other blogs/websites..you can see they are begging, pleading, for this movie to be an R.
    Either way for ME, I will be there opening day, without a doubt and watching it several times. Thanks again Sheryl for this awesome opportunity!!!!!

  135. Fotos del set de rodaje de The expendables y la calificación moral de esta y Rambo 5. Batman en peligro. « El lobo iberico Says:

    […] un breve apunet, en el último post a día de hoy piden ayuda a los fans, que hagan preguntas a los actores para que estos las respondan en el extra […]

  136. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:


  137. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:



  138. SteamBoat Says:

    HeyI have a question? Will you ever update this blog? It’s a buzz kill to keep going to a dead blog, and its killing my intrest in the movie, yeah ill go see it, but this is annoying that I keep coming back and theres no news. Just post “no updates but its going well!”….Anything….

  139. Larry Rocha Says:

    Please SHERYL, write more blogs!!!!!

    We know you are busy, but your words are the only things out there to satiate my need to know more and more about Expendables!!!!

    Much love,


  140. Stuart Says:

    This is a real nice read:

  141. Love Is My Nature Says:

    Your doing your job…….and well. There is always someone out there ready to be mean and destructive to your character, honor, and integrity. You were chosen, not Tom, and that is the real root of the issue. Forgive him, for he knows not what he does, dust your shoes off, and move on to greater people that obviously support your efforts.

  142. Leoma Panama Says:

    Kudos from one braniac to another. 🙂

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