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oh and by the way

July 25, 2009

I am not going to approve anymore comments about Arnold and whether or not he is playing himself…I thought that had played itself out but apparently not so if that’s what you want to rant about please – with all due respect – do it elsewhere…

Now that I’ve landed in the ‘Burgh…

July 24, 2009

here are some photos…some were released in the UK only –

behind the scenes on the set of THE EXPENDABLES

Sly directs Statham

image002jason plane

Jet Li

Eric Roberts & Giselle Itie

ok back to business

July 23, 2009

tough couple of weeks due to bad timing on my part…but now I am moved and settled and ready to get back to bizness…Arnold and Sly met on Saturday.  Arnold gave Sly a beautiful humidor with The Expendables logo on it – the  piece was made by Daniel Marshall, the guy who makes Arnold’s cigars, humidors etc.  Its a beauty.  Still no word on when we will shoot Arnold’s scene(s) but I’m told it will be in the next month or so.

Spoke to Sly 2 days ago and he sounded really excited about the footage he has…he showed Arnold some behind the scenes footage that is part of the documentary director John Hertzfeld shot…Sly was bummed The Expendables wouldn’t have a presence at ComiCon but without footage to show it made no sense.

I’m taking off for the east coast tomorrow – before I leave I will post some photos…

ok this was ballsy…

July 7, 2009

Burns Waggener visited the set of  The Expendables a few weeks ago with his friend Eric.  As guests of Steve Austin they had unprecedented access…but they didn’t take any photos.  Burns needed a memento and came up with this…

Burns and his new tat


July 4, 2009

first off let’s cut the MJ chatter…Sly knew him, I never heard him call MJ a pedophile although millions of folks around the world believe he was and an MJ biopic is not on Sly’s radar…seriously.

As for Church – Sly’s back in LA getting ready to start the editing process, look at what he has and what he may still need, if anything, and then make a plan to shoot Church and Arnold.  Church will be shot on the east coast or perhaps LA…that is still TBD.  Church is male not female os we can end that speculation as well.

As for Arnold, if you go back to the first press statement I made regarding Arnold’s participation you will note he was to play himself in a brief cameo that would be shot in LA.  That has not changed although Sly has bantered about several scenarios for Arnold that make his character more meaningful to the story.  He is not an Expendable and I highly doubt he will be running around in swat gear brandishing a weapon…but anything can happen!  When it happens you can be sure I will keep you posted.

Brittany Murphy – in an early version of the script her role was quite big…but as time went on and Sly continuously reworked the script, her role diminished and became a bit part.  Sly ahs a tremendous amount of respect for her and wants to work with her – when  you see the film you will see what I mean.  The role ended up being  a glorified walk-on.

As of yesterday Empire still hadn’t posted the photos on their website…since we gave them an exclusive run I can’t post it for a few more weeks…if I find it online I will share.  Total Film, another UK outlet will have an exclusive image of Jason in their August issue…