first off let’s cut the MJ chatter…Sly knew him, I never heard him call MJ a pedophile although millions of folks around the world believe he was and an MJ biopic is not on Sly’s radar…seriously.

As for Church – Sly’s back in LA getting ready to start the editing process, look at what he has and what he may still need, if anything, and then make a plan to shoot Church and Arnold.  Church will be shot on the east coast or perhaps LA…that is still TBD.  Church is male not female os we can end that speculation as well.

As for Arnold, if you go back to the first press statement I made regarding Arnold’s participation you will note he was to play himself in a brief cameo that would be shot in LA.  That has not changed although Sly has bantered about several scenarios for Arnold that make his character more meaningful to the story.  He is not an Expendable and I highly doubt he will be running around in swat gear brandishing a weapon…but anything can happen!  When it happens you can be sure I will keep you posted.

Brittany Murphy – in an early version of the script her role was quite big…but as time went on and Sly continuously reworked the script, her role diminished and became a bit part.  Sly ahs a tremendous amount of respect for her and wants to work with her – when  you see the film you will see what I mean.  The role ended up being  a glorified walk-on.

As of yesterday Empire still hadn’t posted the photos on their website…since we gave them an exclusive run I can’t post it for a few more weeks…if I find it online I will share.  Total Film, another UK outlet will have an exclusive image of Jason in their August issue…

80 Responses to “Whatever”

  1. Kev Brock Says:

    Thanks for the response on if Sly is doing the MJ biopic thing, I figure he wasn’t going to do it. I thought it would be a cool suggestion and to start a conversation, it was nothing to have a heated argument about. I’m sure Sly’s fans would still like to hear a statement on MJ’s death though.

    Can’t wait to find out who Church is. It is probably going to end up being Bruce Willis, but who knows, maybe Sly will take us by surprise and Church will be a different guy. Maybe John Travolta?


  2. Omer Sheriff Says:

    I liked this post (well, I like them all) as it clarified a few rumours. I’m glad that Sly never believed MJ was a paedophile – they are BOTH heroes of mine. a new image of Tool doing Ross’ tatto has appeared in the new EMPIRE issue.

  3. Ryan Crow Says:

    Can we expect to see anything at Comic Con in San Diego coming up?

  4. Fake Church Says:

    1st, MJ was no child molester of any kind.

    2nd, I seriously hope you are mis-informed about Arnold playing himself. AICN ran a recent report saying Arnold will be driving some kind of amazing action looking truck. How could he still be playing himself then?

    3rd, Church is BRUCE WILLIS 🙂

  5. Kev Brock Says:

    Somehow I think Sheryl is also being secretive about Arnold’s cameo. She keeps saying Arny won’t do an action scene, Arny will be brief and very short, but I think deep down inside, Sheryl knows that Arnold has a pretty long scene in Expendables. Sly doesn’t want to give away any surprises, so I’m betting my money Sly is telling Sheryl to keep quiet about Arny’s cameo and who Church is. Arny’s cameo and the Church role will be pretty huge if Sly doesn’t want to be public about them.


  6. Fake Church Says:


  7. Kev Brock Says:

    We dont’ know for sure if Willis is Church, no confirmation by Sly or anybody. Although there has been reports on the net that Willis is on board for Expendables, he could be playing a different character. Church can always be a different person. For now, Church being Willis is speculation.

    If not Willis, either John Travolta or Ray Winstone would be the next possible choices.

    I hope it’s John Travolta too. I’d like to see Sly and John work together again. John Travolta announced his return to Hollywood since the tragedy of his son, Jet, so I think Travolta’s next role could be the Expendables. Never know!


  8. Al Young Says:

    I’m disappointed to hear the role for Brittany Murphy was cut short but atleast she still have a part in the movie. She is awesome. Good on Sly for trying to rework the script for her in the movie.

  9. Rebecca Clark Says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the movie, I’ve missed your posts, looking forward to seeing the movie.


  10. Fake Church Says:


  11. farid Says:

    It’s a no brainer that Bruce Willis is CHURCH, cause if you look closely, you’ll all realize that Arnold, Bruce Willis and Sly are great friends. So if Arnold is in the movie, then Bruce Willis won’t miss out on it either….DUUHH, haha

  12. Fake Church Says:

    I think Sly is having Willis and Arnold film together so that they can be in future sequels. So, like Willis playing a character named Church, Arnold can’t be playing himself. It would be DUMB.

  13. Kev Brock Says:

    Church isn’t Bruce Willis ’cause he’s too busy filming Kevin Smith’s new action/comedy, “A Couple Of Dicks” in New York City.

    Recent pics of Bruce filming the movie, posted June 3rd.


    Maybe Sly is waiting for Bruce to finish filming Kevin Smith’s movie, and then they’ll do the Sly/Church/Arny scene for Expendables.

    Don’t get your hopes up that Church is Bruce ’cause he’s too busy filming other movies as well.

    I still say my second possible choice for Church could be John Travolta.


  14. Mike Says:

    Mickey Rourke was able to film his parts during Iron Man 2….so thats no reason why It cant be Bruce Willis..

    Kev Brock, did you ever think that that is why they may be filming on the East Coast?

    I cant think of any other reason/actor theyd wait so long for…it has to be big..and I dont see Travolta having any conflicts that made them have to film in July sometime…

  15. Lindsay Bingham Says:

    I think that church will be played by an already existing expendable and it will involve an assasination of the Governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)…. One of the expendables has already been credited as being a excellent sniper. I think that it would be either a good way of opening up the film or to end the film as a shock ending… leaving way for another film.

    • Mike Says:

      that theory seems so outlandish…Its never going to happen….for one, Church is the guy who HIRES the expendables why would an Expendable hire one of their own??

      and why would someone who is already an expendable not be able to film the scene until July??

      not true..

      • Kev Brock Says:

        Mike, Lindsay’s theory is easy.

        Although Church may have hired the Expendables to take down the dictator, Church could be a guy that can’t be trusted.

        Could Church be the one that assassinated Governor Schwarzenegger at the end of the film, and Sly’s character Barney Ross tries to stop Church from killing Arnold? Is Church the one that is a good sniper that people are talking about? It’s been said that Church is not an Expendable and Barney Ross finds out later in the film that he already is an Expendable by seeing an Expendable tattoo on Church’s body somewhere.

        To the people who think Arnold playing himself is stupid and doesn’t make any sense, well, of course it makes sense. Some of the scenes in the film were taking place in California so it makes perfect sense that Arnold should play his own Governor in the movie.

        I actually like the idea of Arnold playing himself.

        I know Sly fans want Arny to star in throughout the entire movie with Sly, but with Arny being in politics, it’s impossible for Arny to star in the whole movie although I know he would have loved to do it.

        Sly fans, just my 2cents of advice, just be happy that Sly finally got Arnold to star in a movie with him even it’s just a small role. Arny and Sly starring in a movie together has been our long overdue dream and it finally happpened. A small role for Arny is better than nothing.

        I am proud and thrilled that Arny and Sly will be sharing the same scene together when those two should have done a movie together a long time ago.

        You should thank Sly for getting Arny in for us instead of complaining about Arny’s role. Thank you Sly, you da man!


  16. Mike Says:

    You are wrong, Church isnt an expendable, the twist is that Sly finds out Church is a member of the CIA according to the review..

    DOlph is the expendable who is a good sniper..and arnolds not going to be killed…HARRY from AICN already said he has something to do with a large Truck thats been customized especially for arnold..

    lets stop this speculation and rediculous rumors, its prolly gonna be Bruce Willis or someone like that…

  17. Kev Brock Says:

    True about Church in the CIA but I like said, he can always be an Expendable once Barney Ross notices a tattoo on him. It’s not a spoiler or anything, just a storyline prediction.

    Anyhow, I can see why Sly doesn’t want to send out too many pics of the New Orleans settings because he doesn’t want to give out too much of the plot that way, maybe that’s why there hasn’t been too many NOLA pics on the internet when Brazil had way more pics.

    It’s a good idea because Sly doesn’t want to spoil too much of the movie. Sheryl once said photographers were banned from the NOLA set, so there must be things going on in NOLA that we all don’t even know about. So maybe Arnold, Church and Sly already secretly filmed their scenes in NOLA without us knowing about it?

    We should not discuss the plot of the story too much to not give away the secrets. We should wait for the actual movie to come out and then we can discuss the story after.


  18. Fake Church Says:


  19. Tony Williams Says:

    Guys, let’s just wait until April 23 and get blown away by this movie!

  20. Janice Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad I share my birthday month with someone as great a person as you. I am the 18th. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Steve Kasan Says:

    Greetings Sheryl,
    Please give my best wishes to Mr. Stallone if you can.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Stallone! All the best for a great day and thank you for inspiration all these past years!

  22. Tabitha Says:

    First off..HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLY!

    Second off…Thanks ONCE again for keeping us updated, Sheryl. I was happy to see your blog this morning. (And thank you for turning me on to Randy Couture! I’ve become a big fan since your blogs!)

    Third off….I think Church is MJ and Arnold will be playing the part of Brittany Murphy.

    That’s my two cents.

    Is it April yet?

  23. Fake Church Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You still look amazing Sly.

  24. DUTCH Says:

    HAPPY B-DAY Sly! Ok, it’s a fact Church is WILLIS!!!! Get the hell over it people. Also Sheryl, how the hell could Barney and Church hang with Governor Schwarzenegger…and in real life, Stallone and Willis hangs with the man. The film would be an inside Hollywood film like GET SHORTY more than a kick butt action film like FACE/OFF. Arnold will NOT play himself…he will play a kick ass killer like Harry Tasker in TRUE LIES!

  25. Expendable Says:

    Arnold will do a brief cameo, that’s it. But I guess everybody refuses to believe this. This debating has been going on since they announced Arnold’s involvement.

    Well, you will see it when the film hits theaters.

    Btw, the pimped out car that AICN mentioned is probably the purple coloured pick up.

  26. Tommy Salami Says:

    I hope Arnold’s character name is Governor John Matrix instead of “himself!” That would be awesome, even if it remains a brief cameo.

  27. Nick Says:

    Sheryl, i think that your idea of posting news about the film in your blog was great but is the truth that is poorly writen, you even have words that are spelled the wrong way.
    I know that this isn´t nice to read but you had the chance to make of this space a huge marketing machine and you blew it.
    I being reading it since the begining in silence waiting for some kind of improve in it but this is actually worst now when you obviously are not taking the time to read what you wrote to at least check your typos.
    The next time you should hire someone that can write that relates what you are living or dont do it at all.
    The people that keeps saying “thank you” is desperate for information but I am sure that if you had put a little more effort in this site your readers number could be huge.
    Better luck next time, I hope you take this as an advice given out of good will and dont answer by saying “piss off”

    • ethelmae Says:

      Oh dear Nick…you are so over thinking this whole thing. Relax…this wasn’t a marketing ploy…I did it for my own amusement and for my friends and family. I had fun doing it, learned a lot from the folks who posted to it and realize how difficult it is to blog. I did it when I could – sometimes from an IPhone at 4am – and when I thought I had something to say. But only a moron would think it was prose or perfect – that wasn’t the intent. And yes there were times when I cringe a little after reading what I wrote but I rarely edited the stuff. It was organic, relayed my feelings at the time, was written the way I speak, in a stream of consciousness style and allowed me to express what was happening around me. It was never intended to be the “official” Expendables blog…that’s what the studios do. For me it was more personal. So basically you were an uninvited guest who upon leaving the party disses the host. Interesting social skill set. But I accept it and am happy you felt comfortable enough to express yourself. and Nick…piss off.

      • HMB Says:

        Haha! Nice one Sheryl.

      • muri Says:

        lol i liked the “PISS OFF” part the most!:)

      • Steve Kasan Says:

        Sheryl, you should not defend yourself here and ignore these types of remarks. What you are doing is a huge privilage to us fans–and aspiring actors ;).
        After all, this blog could have easily not been here so I really thank you for your time and effort. Much appreciated, Sheryl, thank you very much.

      • Nick Says:

        Sheryl, that was a remarcable answer, I know usualy people don´t say this but: you are absolutly right!
        Having said that let me say that I am sorry for being a rude guest to your party and thank you for letting me be a part of it.
        I actually found myself reading your answer with a smile on my face specially with de piss off goodbye.
        That was an example on how to answer in a smart and clear way to someone that, in this case for lack of information, makes the wrong question…
        Hope to meet you someday because I really enjoy that answer and think that a conversation with you must be great!

  28. muri Says:


    all the best wishes and may a lot of health, love and fun guide your way for the next 40 years or so!:)


    sheryl if you do have any impact on sly, please, please tell sly if arnie would play himself, that it would leave a bad taste on the movie.

    i read a lot of talkbacks in the last 8 month about “thex expendables” and i was one of of the few who wrote first, arnie should do a cameo if he has not the time, to join sly in this movie as a co star.
    of cours he is gov. but he shouldnt play himself cus people around any talkback are hyped up to the fullest and a lot of the fans would be mad if he plays himself.

    1. arnie & sly are friends for real, this would mean “in movie verse” that barney ross could meet sylvester stallone for real too…both shouldnt exists at the same time, not a good idea!

    2. arnie wont be gov for long and “the expendables” will be out next year and it will hit box office, in a good way or even better way.
    but if sly uses arnie as gov. all hopes that arnie could play a big role or share with sly the lead roles in a part 2 or 3 are gone!
    cus arnie simply cant play himself as gov and maybe play a retired gov. in a part 2, who kills people or stuff like that.
    this would be so over the top!

    3. arnie didnt needs to do combat or stuff like that, but there should be a door open that sly and he share leads in a part 2 or 3 and that can not happen if this would end up with a goof cameo as himself.
    if sly wants him as something in this league make him president another name and we`re fine.
    arnie still then can be in a sequel as a rettired prez. who knows how to fight!


    i really not see john travalto in this…if willis cant get MICHAEL BIEHN or simply ask KURT RUSSELL HIMSELF and not his stupid agent!

    i dont know how much DENZEL WASHINGTON or MEL GIBSON or CLINT EASTWOOD would cost for some days shot, but those guys where the next names on my list!

  29. muri Says:

    well here is an addition about the mj stuff. even a us congressman (peter king) bashes @mj:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RmneMDZlWQ have you seen this guy bashing mj?

  30. ann128 Says:

    Hey Sheryl i just want to wish sly a happy birthday…..whoever he chooses for Church i’m sure he’has made a great choice. I want to say again i think your doing a great job!

  31. DUTCH Says:

    Arnie should NOT play himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Fake Church Says:

    Muri, good point for the reasons why Arnold should NOT play himself.

    • muri Says:

      yeah it would somehow be ridiculous if arnold plays himself and the door for him being a co star in a part 2 or 3 would be closed, if the movie should be taken seriously at some points?!

      lets get this straight, this whole movie should be entertainment, fun, an great action ride but it also should take it self serious like the “rambo” movies but not be ridiculous. with arnold playing himself it would be exactly that!

      please mister stallone dont let it be ridiculous!

  33. Kev Brock Says:

    What makes you all think you can tell Sly how to write his scripts? If Sly wants Arnold to play himself, he will. Arny playing himself is already set in stone for the script, sorry to say, I don’t think Sly will change that. Stop trying to tell Sly how to write his scripts, he writes his movies however he wants.

    “The Expendables” is supposed to be a dark action comedy, so the movie is going to be full of humor and I find Arny playing himself in the film is pretty humorous. It’s supposed to be silly for the comedy part of it.

    Don’t criticize Sly’s work, just be happy that Sly finally got Arnold in a movie with him. Always trying to find something new to complain to Sly about when the man is trying to make the best action movie in a long time.

    I’m sure the Arny playing himself scene will be pretty entertaining and funny, it won’t dissapoint us, I’m sure. Don’t judge too early that Arny playing himself is going to suck. You’re just complaining.


  34. Diana Says:

    Hey Nick -Ever heard of “Spell Check”?
    I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl during filming on South Peters Street in New Orleans. She is quite unique, very gracious, quick-witted, and cool. I’m not just kissing ass or blowing smoke up yours.
    Hey Sheryl, Hermosa sounds lovely.

  35. DUTCH Says:

    Sly, you are the boss and whatever you want to do is obviously your call. But Arnold playing himself is a stupid idea, SORRY. You are one helleva action filmmaker along the lines of James Cameron and Michael Bay, but having Schwarzenegger play Schwarzenegger in your tough-guys action fest sounds silly. You might as well play STALLONE in the film. Please, don’t make THE EXPENDABLES become a forgettable DUMB action comedy. Fans want RAMBO meets PREDATOR meets TRUE LIES!

  36. Fake Church Says:

    Remember when Julia Roberts played herself and a character in OCEAN’S 12. Yeah, I thought so.

  37. Kev Brock Says:

    It’s just a movie guys. Arny playing himself in a movie may not make sense, but it’s just a movie right? I don’t find it that big of a deal and some of you fans make it a big deal. Don’t know why. I have no problem at all with Arny playing himself. Doesn’t bother me a bit.

    To Dutch, I find it very silly that people like you bash Sly’s work when you haven’t even seen the movie yet. Wait to see the movie first, then make your opinion. It’s very silly to make an opinion before the movie comes out.

    It isn’t the first time Sly has done an action comedy…”Tango and Cash” was an action comedy, and that movie was great.

    Nothing wrong with Sly wanting to do a comedy, is there? He likes to do a variety of genres of films over the years ’cause he must get bored doing action movies all of the time. He just doesn’t want to be seen as an action star, he wants to try out other things too.


  38. DUTCH Says:

    It’s not silly to voice my opinion right now before the movie KEV! I don’t want Sly to put ARNOLD in as himself because it’s a friggin DUMB idea. I know Stallone is a GREAT filmmaker, but I want whats BEST for his movie. Schwarzenegger should play a “character”…like John Matrix in COMMANDO!

  39. Kev Brock Says:

    In my opinion, there is nothing dumb about Arny playing himself at all. Sly played himself in that Indian Bollywood movie, “Kambakkht Ishq” for a cameo. He probably got the Arny playing himself idea from that. How come none of you are complaining about Sly playing himself in that Bollywood movie?

    I don’t care how big of a scene Arny gets in “Expendables” or whether he plays himself or not.

    “The Expendables” is going to be a great action movie with all these tough guys. To be honest, I’m more interested in Sly teaming up with Dolph, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, etc… a LOT more than the Arny cameo in the film.

    “The Expendables” is going to be a badass film overall and I can’t wait to see it. I’m not worried about the Arny cameo like some of you are, I just want to see a good action movie.

    Just enjoy the hard work that Sly put in it and appreciate it, instead of whining.


  40. DUTCH Says:

    I want a GREAT action movie, not just a good one KEV. Are you seriously going to compare THE EXPENDABLES to a Bollywood movie Sly did as a cameo as himself? Get real pal because THE EXPENDABLES is suppose to be a real bad ass movie—action comedy or not. Bottom line, I want Arnie’s cameo to be amazing. Playing himself just seems retarded. I hope it comes off awesome. I want THE EXPENDABLES to live up to CLIFFHANGER and DEMOLITION MAN as two of the greatest action films ever made.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Do people have bad reading comprehension? I wasn’t comparing Expendables to Sly’s Bollywood movie, I was comparing to both Sly’s and Arnold’s cameo spots. Pay attention.

      I’m sure Sly will make the Arny cameo amazing, he won’t dissapoint us, just dont’ judge too early. I’m sure the Arny cameo will be awesome. It’ll probably be Bruce Willis, Arny and Sly playing in the same scene, you think that will honestly suck? HA!

      You think “Expendables” is going to suck that bad? Wow.

      After all, all the stunts in the movie are 95% real, all the fighting in the movie is real, the explosions are real, etc. Have you been paying attention to the Behind the Scenes pics on internet and videos?

      If you can’t see that this is going to be a great action movie, then you’re insane man.

      This is the hardest I’ve ever seen Sly work. Sly looks like he wants the Expendables to be action packed all the way throughout the movie. I’m sure “Expendables” will live up to Cliffhanger, Rambo or Demolition Man, but I”m sure “Expendables” will be better than those movies.

      Sly’s goal is to make “Expendables” the best action movie possible and he seemed committed to that goal. I’m sure he won’t dissapoint at all.

      I think the negativity against Sly’s work is pretty ridiculous. I think the negative posts here are mostly coming from the AICN readers which most people there are pretty negative. AICN talkbackers are pretty hateful people, no surprise there.


  41. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, your heart is in the right place, unfortunetly your brain is not. Arnold as himself is ridiculous.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Correction: Actually your brain is not in the right place, buddy. Too many whiners complaining about the Arny cameo. I have a right to an opinion too. It is not a crime that I don’t have to agree with everyone else. People hating the Arny cameo idea, is just an opinion that you’re entitled to. You should just be happy that there will be a huge possibility that Bruce Willis, Sly and Arnold will be starring in the same scene together, but nope, you’ll just keep whining about it. Boo hoo.

  42. Mike Says:

    Kev Brock, I think most of us are big sly fans, but we CAN disagree with sly at times..

    just look at the whole 50 cent casting..the fans spoke up, and we got a better casting with Terry Crews!

    So, I agree with the others…I would rather see arnie cameo as someone else…cameoing as himself, the governor doesnt make much sense to me..and will be kind of strange considering there is a character stallone, and (possibly character bruce willis)

  43. muri Says:

    funny… there is this one guy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WHO THINKS THAT SLY SHOULD MAKE A BIO PIC ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON IS A BRILLIANT IDEA AND ITS THE SAME GUY WHO WANTS ARNIE TO PLAY HIMSELF <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<and he calls himself a sly fan, thats really funny dude!

    i really think a mj movie directed by sly was the dumbest idea of alltimes but you, wanting arnie to play himself tops that!

    for real… do you like stallone, or are you a shia labeef lover?????

    first off all MIKE, FAKE AND DUTCH are damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like mike said it, we want the best for sly and even for a man with the talent like sly has! he his a man who can make mistakes and WE THE FANS CAN RAISE OUR VOICE and say be careful with this idea sly, or this is not a good idea and we do it and say it, cus we care about sly!

    we did it with 50 cents and sly was smart enough to listen, like mike said it and instead this talent free 50 cent, we have terry "hulk" crews=awesome!

    this movie "the expendables" should be and could be a real comeback for sly! "rocky balboa" and "john rambo" were great movies and solid hits, but not big box office record breakers.
    the expendables has the potential to be the first hit in 2010 if some stuff is done right and there for the arnie part could be essential.

    i for one am a stallone fan, not a statham, li, or lundgren fan! i really like those guys and watch the movie with those dudes but stallone is my idol, my ticket 2 buy or not and same goes for arnie.

    he was the guy i hated but loved his movies i was always the sly rooter not the arnie rooter.
    about people loving action movies in the 80`s and 90`s it was always either ur in the sly corner or ur n the arnie corner, well i was in the sly corner and must say arnie did 3 great movies "conan", "predator" and "terminator" thats it for me!

    but i know if they would unite in this movie (sly & arnie) even for 5 min. some of those old fans/farts of the 80`s and 90`s would come back to the cinema and pay to see them kick some ass…if they kick ass for real?!
    but if this whole thing will just be cameo as himself, it will only be the stalloners who come to see it!
    cus the arnie people if they hear its just arnie playing himself, feels screwed and wont pay for it!

    i mean there was a cameo of arnie in "terminator salvation" ok it was crap cgi but arnie was young, in full cgi shape with a little fight scene AND DID IT HELP SALVATION…NOOOOOOOO!

    arnie had a cameo in "the rundown" well, it wasnt a seller also!

    dude you really can not compare a shitty bollywood movie with "the expendables" and say as an example…sly played himself in a bollywood movie.
    first of all, i havent seeen it and i really, really think i`m gonna skip it cus all bollywood movie suck major!
    sometimes the stories aint that bad, but i can not survive a whole bolly movie beacuse of the aweful singing and the strange dancing!
    if sly likes it fine for him, thats not gonna make me a NO sly fan, well if he likes crispy flakes i dont need to say i love crispy flakes too, cus i like smacks and stay with it!
    get the point?

    we can be sly fans (even better ones) if we say he should NOT make a bio pic about mj and say we want arnie NOT playing himself because in his best interest, because we think its the best for him.

    in the end he makes his own desicions, but sometimes fans do someone they like a better favor, if they say ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

    i hope you get it dude?!

    i mean slowly you should get it, now you have 4 guys who really dont like your ideas, is something wrong with you man?

  44. Fake Church Says:

    Young Man (that is you Kev), your way of thinking just does not make one bit of common sense. Try to follow me here like following one of those bowncing yellow balls: Sly and Arnold are the only two real draws in this film. Sure Jet and Jason have some kind of fan base but STALLONE and even with a 3-5 minute role (A ROLE god-darnit, not a cameo as HIMSELF) WOULD BE THE BIG DRAW. Just like Muri pointed out in a well thought out responce (Kev, you can learn a thing or two from this young man), the older fans will turn out if they hear or push this as starring SYLVESTER STALLONE etc. etc. and then say and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER at the end of the preview and/or poster.

    Arnold as himself would be like, hummmmm, they might as well have Jack Slater in this trying to save both Barney and Gov. Schwarzenegger. This isn’t LAST ACTION HERO 2.

    I would rather Arnold play President than Gov. At least it would be a character.

  45. Kev Brock Says:

    You guys just don’t get it. The point I’m trying to make is here, that you have no problem with Sly playing himself in that Bollywood movie and find it cool, you don’t bash Sly for that but you are all knocking on Sly for having Arny playing himself, which I’m sure Sly inspired that idea from the Bollywood movie. I’m not comparing things at all. I think a few of you need to take reading comprehension class.

    You guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

    Give Sly a break. Even if you disagree with Arny’s cameo role on playing himself, I’m sure you’ll like when you see the actual film.

    It’s pretty hypocritical to me that you have no problem with Sly playing himself in that Bollywood film and hate the idea of Arny playing himself in Expendables.

    Sly is trying to make the best action movie possible with the Expendables and you’re ruining the fun by complaining about Arny’s role.

    Oh yeah, and just so you know, this isn’t the first time Arnold wasn’t himself in a movie, he was himself in the documentary, “Pumping Iron”. So you must hate that movie too since you don’t like Arnold being himself in a film.

    Go back to AICN where you belong and stay there.


  46. Kev Brock Says:

    “Oh yeah, and just so you know, this isn’t the first time Arnold wasn’t himself in a movie, he was himself in the documentary, “Pumping Iron”.”

    I meant to say “was himself”, excuse me for grammar error, comments don’t have editing.


  47. Fake Church Says:

    “Arny playing himself, which I’m sure Sly inspired that idea from the Bollywood movie.”

    Oh, so now you are SURE it was inspired by the Bollywood movie huh?

    Kev, the only thing you can be sure about is that either you have the mind-set of a 12 year old, or that your ideas are as good as the guy who managed and thought William Hung was great many years ago on American Idol. Either way, Arnold as himself still makes no sense.

  48. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, you have one of the dumbest opinions I have ever read regarding THE EXPENDABLES. First of all, learn how to spell Arnie…NOT Arny! For the love of god, show the governor RESPECT! Second of all, Sly can play himself in the Bollywood movie and Arnie (NOT Arny) can play himself in PUMPING IRON, but those films aren’t trying to be a kick ass action ride on the level of FIRST BLOOD, FACE/OFF, TRUE LIES, CLIFFHANGER, DEMOLITION MAN, TOTAL RECALL ect…

    Stop mention and comparing the two…PLEASE. It makes you seem like a child with no sense at all. I have no doubt Sly is trying to make the best action film the world has ever seen, but if he is, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER should not be playing ARNOLD. Do you want Sly as Barney to say “hey governor Schwarzenegger, can you call Sly Stallone and get us some seats at Planet Hollywood”. Barney might then say I’m a huge fan of CLIFFHANGER”…What if Arnie as himself told the Barney character “hey, I’m off to go hang out with my pal Stallone and smoke some cigars. You’d love that and to see Sly wink and smile at the camera. Only for the next scene to be a kick ass action blast. At that point, the movie going audience would laugh at the screen and walk the hell out of THE EXPENDABLES.

    Sly, I know you and Sheryl are reading these notes…so PLEASE get Arnold to play a role similar to JOHN MATRIX in COMMANDO or even HARRY TASKER in TRUE LIES!

  49. Kev Brock Says:

    So my opinions are dumb and I sound like a 12 year old kid just because I find nothing wrong with Arnold’s cameo? Wow. Just goes to show that you guys over at AICN don’t know anything about Hollywood and don’t know how the business in Hollywood work at all. I must be honest that AICN is one of the worst movie sites on the net. Most of the sources on that site are not reliable and not true, it is runned by amatuers, not profesionals, and Harry Knowles is one of the worst film critics out there. Also, the talkbackers there have nothing positive to say about anything whenever AICN post movie news. They’re all a bunch of losers there in my opinion.

    For movie news websites, I either go to variety, Dark Horizons, MTV News, etc. I just read AICN for laughs.

    I’m only trying to stick up for Sly Stallone as you can tell. I’m trying to defend the “Expendables” movie ’cause a few of you Stallone fans are not as intelligent as you all look.

    I’ve said before that’s the point of Arnold’s cameo, learn how to read. IT’s JUST A DAMN MOVIE! Arny’s cameo isn’t supposed to make sense, how many times do I have to say that? It’s part of the comedy and humor for the film.

    Oh yeah, another movie that Arnold played himself in was “Last Action Hero”, so you must hate that movie since that movie was a fiction movie, and Arny had a role in “Last Action Hero” where he played himself as well.

    It’s pretty silly, you all act like Arny playing himself in “Expendables” is the first time he played himself in a film, when it wasn’t. Arny played himself in his older movies before. Get your facts straight. You don’t know anything about Arnold that you claim.


  50. Arniefan83 Says:

    Kev Brock, you dont need to stick up for stallone, im sure he can himself. Being a fan doesnt mean supporting EVERY decision that is made. or “defend” the expendables

    I dont think anyone here would be “upset” if thats what it ends up being, but we’d like to let sly(and arnold) know that we would like to see arnold play a CHARACTER…no one is insulting the movie, we’re just putting it out there…if we all followed your line of thinking, 50cent would still be playing hale caesar and not the great Terry Crews…

    and btw, AICN’s “sources” are most likely Stallone himself!!

  51. Fake Church Says:

    Stallone, James Cameron etc. etc. support AICN. Glad you do not.

  52. DUTCH Says:

    I am not from AICN…but I love that site. Sly is the AICN source all the time. So maybe now that you know that, you will start loving AICN. Learn to spell ARNIE!

  53. Kev Brock Says:

    I feel the need to defend Sly with his work because I disagree with a lot of things some of you fans say about his movies that you do not know nothing about. “The Expendables” is supposed to be a kick ass and exciting action movie, and of course, fans will always have something to bash Sly about, no matter what movie the man does.

    Fans negatively bashed Sly for something in “Rocky Balboa” and the new “Rambo” as well.

    And just because Sly supports AICN, doesn’t mean I have to like that site. All those Q&A sessions AICN does with Sly isn’t even that informative because Harry is always sending Sly the same questions over and over.

    For information on Sylvester Stallone, I read Stallonezone more than AICN. I find the Stallonezone a much better site, Sly supports the Zone as well.

    Sly is trying to make the best action movie we all can love, if you give the man a chance for once, I’m sure he won’t dissapoint with “Expendables”.

    I’m a die hard fan of Sly and will stay behind him 100% everytime something tries to bring the man down. No matter what it is.

    Arnold playing himself in the movie is a character, the way I’m looking at it. If an actor plays himself in a fictional movie, it’s still a character in the script. There has been plenty of movies where actors played themselves over the years.

    Jean Claude Van Damme in “JCVD” for starters. Bruce Campbell in “My Name Is Bruce”. Julie Roberts in “Oceans Twelve”. Plenty of more to list.

    I think there is a special reason Arny don’t want to play a character in “Expendables”. Probably because he doesn’t have the time to play a character since he’s governor and that his scene is filmed in L.A. Plus, Sheryl made it clear that Arny’s cameo will be pretty brief and short, maybe a few seconds on screen. If Arny were to play a character in the “Expendables”, he would need a lot of time to rehearse his lines which he doesn’t have the time. That’s the reason Arny is playing himself, so they can film the scene quickly and get it over with. There’s a reason behind it.

    Use a little common sense for once, and you wouldn’t get all worked up over a dumb cameo role when you should be looking forward to the entire film itself.


  54. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, it is confirmed BRUCE WILLIS is in THE EXPENDABLES on MOVIEHOLE.NET. Rumor has it Arnie will film his scene around his Birthday on July 30th. Oh, it’s ARNIE, not ARNY Kev. How old are you? 13 or 14? You act like a love sick child in your words.

  55. Arniefan83 Says:

    NO ONE IS BASHING SLY….disagreeing with having Arnold play himself isnt “bashing” its constructive criticism…I didnt like the casting of 50cent…is that bashing?? no, its offering my opinion on something…

    if arnold ends up playing himself, ill accept it, and ill enjoy it..but by no means should I sit here silently and not put my opinion out there..and Im sure Sly appreciates those whom give him constructive criticism more than those who are yes-men…

    and you are putting words in ethlmaes mouth…she never said it would be a few seconds…she said that sly would make memorable whatever time arnold had…I doubt arnies cameo will be a few seconds..when they built a whole truck for it, and are taking the whole crew to LA for a day or 2….5minutes at least…they wouldnt take the time if it was a few seconds(and it would be a waste…but I trust sly)

    aryour argument about why he cant be a character is flimsy at best….wouldnt he need lines if he was playing himself anyways?? he can be a “character” and it be a cameo…no one here is yelling for arnold to star in the thing…I doubt there would be lines either way…the whole scene is going to be improv..

  56. Arniefan83 Says:

    anyways, I cant wait to find out whom is playing Church…i guess we’ll find out soon enough as I would guess they will film CHURCH and Arnold in the next few weeks..

  57. DUTCH Says:

    Well said Arniefan83! Well said! I couldn’t have said it better. It’s a fact Willis is Church. Randy Couture spilled the beans here



  58. The expendables: algunas cosillas sobre el final del rodaje. « El lobo iberico Says:

    […] Lo que sea. […]

  59. Kev Brock Says:

    Oh yeah? Well another movie that Arnold played himself was “Hercules in New York” which was his first movie he ever did, he played Arnold Mr. Strong Universe, that’s pretty much playing himself in his first movie. So there’s “Hercules In New York”, “Last Action Hero” and “Pumping Iron”. Those are the only movies he played himself in.

    Me, acting like a 13 or 14 year old? Hey, at least I can debate without flaming people and without the childish name calling, like some of you guys did, just because I find nothing wrong with Arnie’s cameo role in Expendables, I get attacked just for stating my opinion? Is that acting like an adult? No. You should look in the mirror ’cause you’re the one being childish and rude by trying to get me to agree with you guys on Arnie’s cameo role.

    It’s a free country and there’s a 1st amendment. So I don’t have to have the same opinions as everyone else.

    I find Arnie playing himself in the Expendables a good idea. Plus, I’m sure Arnie is doing it to help plug in his political career could be another reason he’s playing himself. The Governator to come driving with a huge truck to bust the bad guys asses. Arnold the Terminator, and now the Governator in a action movie. Get it?

    I for one, can’t wait to see Arnie’s cameo in Expendables, and I’m 100% positive that the scene will be extremly entertaining. Sly is not that stupid, he knows what Arnold fans would want out of Arnold. He’ll make it a good scene, trust me. Believe in Sly if you believe in this movie like I do.

    I believe in Sly for this movie 100%, I’m psyched and so pumped to see “The Expendables”, and can’t wait for it to come out. It’s the biggest film Sly’s ever done, and I’m so impressed with Sly that he worked so hard for it even at 63.

    Okay, I’m done debating in this topic as I will find better things to do. Just think about it guys, just wait for the movie to come out and judge your opinions after. I really think you’ll like the Arnie cameo once you see the movie yourself.

    You guys are on your own.


  60. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. FORGET IT.

  61. DUTCH Says:

    WASTE OF TIME with this guy whom twists peoples thoughts and opinions on a subject.

  62. DUTCH Says:

    Oh, Arnold DID NOT, DID NOT, DID NOT play himself in HERCULES!!! Wake up guy. Arnie played Hercules! He was known as ARNOLD STRONG and not ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER back then for a short period. You are the most childish and non-fan like member ever. Are you really a fan of Sly and Arnold? Or are you a Van Damme fan on this board trying to start trouble with real fans? Go watch DOUBLE IMPACT and leave us true EXPENDABLE fans alone!

  63. Stuart Says:

    Wow, well thanks for permanently turning me off reading this blog, by making it into nothing but an argument, wow, good job boys.

  64. Fake Church Says:

    I agree Stuart.

  65. Randy Couture biography PART-3 | Randy Couture Zone Says:

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  66. ‘King of the Hill’ Star Brittany Murphy Dies « Voice Actors in the News Says:

    […] film’s official blog that Murphy’s character was written out of the film; however, a follow-up post in July states that her role was “diminished” and became a “bit part” that […]

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