ok this was ballsy…

Burns Waggener visited the set of  The Expendables a few weeks ago with his friend Eric.  As guests of Steve Austin they had unprecedented access…but they didn’t take any photos.  Burns needed a memento and came up with this…

Burns and his new tat

39 Responses to “ok this was ballsy…”

  1. farid Says:

    Man, that looks awesome!!!!….I’m guessing all the expendables have this on their arm in the movie, right? 🙂

  2. Janice Says:

    Nice tattoo but why does Barney wish to sport his on his back. Did any of the actors really get this tattoo?

    • ethelmae Says:

      Barney has his on his back because he wanted to make a statement. None of the actors go the real deal…but I understand Sly will get one in the near future but I don’t know where. His back perhaps??

  3. Omer Sheriff Says:

    Awesome! I dunno about a tattoo but this’ll make a cool T-Shirt…

  4. Expendable Says:

    Ok, hmm. Now who is Burns Waggener…?

  5. Expendable Says:

    This is an interesting piece:


    So now it may be a trilogy…

  6. muri Says:

    yeah i saw that already, burns is cool dude…awesome tat!

  7. Tabitha Says:

    How awesome is that?!

  8. Burns Says:

    Awesome Sheryl, thanks for shout out! And I’m glad everyone liked it; I’ve gotten tons of compliments and have been propping Sly’s design and the flick so consider me the early viral marketing guy 🙂

  9. jack Says:

    hey no fair…
    i had mine done a while ago when you first posted the picture.
    that must be worth tickets to the premier in the uk.
    keep up the great work.

  10. JerryDam Says:

    Gee I came last week as a guest of D without taking photos either but I wouldn’t get a tattoo just to remember!

    • Burns Says:

      Wouldn’t exactly say it was “just to remember”. The design is awesome as I’m sure the movie will be. 😉

  11. Angelo Says:

    IF the movie ends up R rated and I like it, I’d like to get one of those.

  12. Steve Kasan Says:

    Even if it was not Expendable related, that is still a sweet tattoo to have.

  13. cassidy Says:

    Who is burns waggener? i know he lives in texas but who is he?

  14. Tony Stalloney (stallonezone member) Says:

    so barneys tatt is on his back, like the posters seen in cannes?

    Do you know whose back that is in the posters?

  15. robbie93 Says:

    hey sheryl so if barneys tat is on his back, im guessing theres a shirtless scene?!!!!!!!

  16. kjs Says:

    if steve austin is shirtless in this movie….count me in 🙂

  17. Tony Mcnamara Says:

    Cant wait to see sly in action again!

  18. mandy moore Says:

    cool tat. who is burns??

  19. The expendables: algunas cosillas sobre el final del rodaje. « El lobo iberico Says:

    […] Burns Waggener en el set de rodaje. […]

  20. BETTY-BRAZIL Says:

    Sheryl hi!! okay?
    I am a betty fan who was staying at the hotel along with the sly in the BRAZIL, and I took a picture with you and also gave this picture of this for you remember?
    Sheryl would like to know when we can see the interview you did with SLY and cast the expendables and the questions chosen by you, I’m anxiously to see if you chose my questions.
    Sheryl was very grateful for the opportunity to send those questions to sly. as a fan I am happy to be able to participate in this wonderful work that was sly in Brazil and is now doing there in the United States. the expendables will be the biggest box office success!!!!! of sly deserves!!
    congratulations for his work with the sly those 3 months and your blog too. a wonderful job with this great movie the expendables guaranteed success!

    take care and god bless you!!!
    kiss friend BETTY,

  21. Rebecca Says:

    Watched Leverage, what about Christain Kane as Church?

  22. sandy zahler Says:

    Way to go Burns. Nice tat. How does Steve Austin like it? Anybody else getting one?

    Hey Sheryl, how’s the Church thing coming? Any news…. when can you start posting pics and where can we find some if you can’t post them? I know they gave exclusives to someone just can’t remember who.

    • Love Is My Nature Says:

      Who cares what Steve Austin thinks? Is he your god? Sounds like he is worshipped by every move and word that comes out of his mouth…He is just a man (sic) that makes crazy, mind boggling, provoking movies of no significance or adds any value to this world, making money off all of you while laughing all the way to the bank. That makes him a sad nobody. Like it or not, Burns doesn’t need anyone’s opinion or APPROVAL Sandy! Why would you even ask such a demeaning question?
      Why don’t some of you put your efforts in something much more worthwhile and actually quit feeding the egos of these so called “stars; try supporting causes that actually CHANGE life situations and BETTER the world. Respond anytime, I’m listening. This is an open blog, if anyone doesn’t want comments, don’t put it out there! You don’t know me anyway!

  23. Love Is My Nature Says:

    WHO IS BURNS E. WAGGENER, IV.? The bravest, kindest, man you would ever meet. He has followed Sly since he was young enough to understand “movies”; extremely welll read in all forms of literature, collected comic books of the thousands since he was 4 with his Mother, and the greatest movie and documentary critic that has been un-discovered. When he writes, it is private; but I have read many and one can actually place and feel yourself in each charracter in the scene. The emotions are explosive! He is the best friend to many, holding fast to his convictions, even when it may hurt. He is a cancer survivor, did you know…no! He doesn’t define himself as such, But he is greatly blessed (empowered) to do great things. He has suffered GREAT adversities, but used them as opportunities to push through and make life a great place to be and eternity a place to look forward to.
    He is admired by many, but he admires many more!

    • ethelmae Says:

      I’m just getting around to reading some of the longer posts including yours and am wondering why you are so angry if love is your nature??? Steve Austin happens to be a funny and respectful guy who works very hard – at least that is my experience. I have to ask what your experience is with him to give you such a negative view. If it weren’t for Steve I wouldn’t have met Burns and would have missed meeting an amazing human being. So lighten up Love…Sandy’s question wasn’t demeaning – it was a real fan asking a real question of another real fan…i

  24. sandy zahler Says:

    Gosh, I only asked because Steve was in the film and I know he and Burns are friends. Doesn’t take much to get you riled, huh.

    I actually like what you had to say in the next post. Told Burns that too.

    Not sure what set you off but geez, you know I do have a life and you don’t know me ether apparently….

    Sorry Sheryl didn’t mean to get anything started here! I’ll send you an email later. Burns you too. And Love, well you need more of it dude or dudette whichever you are.

    • Love Is My Nature Says:

      Sandy……I deeply apologize to you, sincerely. Your right, it didn’t take much to set me off ; about him at least. I am sorry I hurt you.
      Ethelmae…..thank you for the rebuke, and you are right also. I should have kept my personal thoughts to myself. I apologize for breaking the boundaries of your blog.
      I am always so overwhelmed to hear others speak as highly of “him” as I feel. You are all great friends and he has always and is an amazing person to know. May God richly bless and empower each of your lives.

  25. sandy zahler Says:

    Apology accepted. I was not trying to make you mad. Sorry if it did. I was just asking a simple question. BTW I am not hurt at all. I am very thick skinned so hey it was your opinion that day…

    I don’t know any of you personally but I do enjoy reading what you post. I am just an ordinary person reading someone elses blog.

    Blog on!!!

  26. Carla Jo Waggener - Reeves Says:

    I am Burns Waggener’s mother……………

  27. Carla Jo Reeves Says:

    Yes Mary Ann,,,and a really “super” man. Not because he is my son, just because he just is. Thanks for asking. As always, God Bless, Carla

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