Now that I’ve landed in the ‘Burgh…

here are some photos…some were released in the UK only –

behind the scenes on the set of THE EXPENDABLES

Sly directs Statham

image002jason plane

Jet Li

Eric Roberts & Giselle Itie

37 Responses to “Now that I’ve landed in the ‘Burgh…”

  1. Burns Waggener Says:

    Nice! Don’t know which is my favorite..Sly getting the tat from Mickey or Randy in that god awful shirt. ­čÖé

    Thanks Sheryl!

  2. Kev Brock Says:

    Pics are looking great! I love the last one with Eric Roberts covering that girls face! Badass! Yeah! Movie is looking great so far, Sly! Can’t wait!


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  4. Sandy Zahler Says:

    Finally pictures. Thanks Sheryl. I am bummed about no Comic Con presence but oh well. How are things? Move go well? Email me and let me know what’s up. What’s new for the cast after Expendables, if you know?

    Burns’ tat is the bomb!!!

  5. farid Says:


  6. Ann128 Says:

    Love the pictures sheryl…are you going to have more? I remember you said you had to go through 3000 pictures…again i want to thank you for these pictures.

  7. DUTCH Says:

    Thanks Sheryl! You are AWESOME! Love the cinematography and the film looks old school. Keep up the great work and please send more pics…maybe when Arnie and Sly met up the other day?

  8. Fake Church Says:

    Love, love, love it.

  9. Andrew Says:

    Were the pics of Rourke tatooing Stallone and of the group talking together (Jet Li was wearing white) filmed while the crew was down in New Orleans. I think I was outside the set of “Tool’s” shop when that was filmed because when I caught a glimpse of Jet Li, he was wearing that outfit.

  10. muri Says:

    mick tats sly = i`m sold!

    great pics, thx sheryl!

  11. Pics from Sheryl « Statham Fan Says:

    […] to Sheryl Main for these photos from the set of ‘The Expendables’!┬á She posted them on her blog for us and said some were released in the U.K. only probably for Empire and Total Film magazines.┬á […]

  12. jerrydam Says:

    We miss an official still of Dolph!!

  13. tomhahnl Says:

    Great pics, thx a lot!!!!!

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    […] ringrazia Wim per la collaborazione – e comunque sono uscite un sacco di nuove meravigliose foto tratte da The […]

  15. DUTCH Says:

    I just remembered Rourke and Sly starred in GET CARTER together. This film will make 100 million easy and give Sly alot more power in Hollywood. Sly creating an original blockbuster movie outside of ROCKY and RAMBO will have studios and producers kocking down his door for roles.

  16. Várias novas fotos de Os Mercenários | ZeroOitocentos Says:

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  17. Tabitha Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Jet photo! You RAWK!

  18. MonikT :) Says:

    Nice ­čśÇ

  19. Jason Price Says:

    Awesome pics! No doubt in my mind that this will be THE MOVIE to see in 2010!

  20. Mosquito Says:

    OMG this proves that’s it’s not a dream. All *THE GUYS* in the same movie!! OMG… I *so* can’t wait to see this… *sigh*

  21. Jose luis Says:

    Sick sick sick!!!!!
    Great pics… When can we expect some footage????

  22. Slyfan Says:

    Thanks for the pictures, but are they available in high resolution? Thanks!

  23. PDVW Says:

    This new photos are 100& perfect!…

    Sylvester Stallone is my favorite filmmaker, actor, screenwriter and producer of all time!…

  24. Gina Says:

    Awesome pics! Thanks for posting them!

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    […] vor einigen Tagen hat Sheryl Main auf ihrem Blog zu den Expendables ein paar neue Setfotos gepostet. Ich m├Âchte diese hier nun nicht vorenthalten, da Jason Statham dieses Mal auch wunderbar zu […]

  28. pooriya Says:

    hi sly im one of ur fans that realy wanna see u
    im from iran and im fanatic of u. good luck sly . i adore u.

  29. ibrahim ayeola Says:

    though am a nigerians,but i must say that i grew up knowing sly, i never knew sly has change so mush,nt until i watch rocky vi and i went back 2 watch rocky 1. sly u ar jst wonderful. i cried wen i watch rocky vi. i really tank God 2 av been with u dis far, more good life,more movies,more happiness. hp 2 see u in nigeria.

  30. Marcelo Says:

    Spectacular!! Great actors !!!

  31. dylan Says:

    where is arnold HE IS THE BEST

  32. raid Says:

    i think this movie will the icon movie action .. silvester.. aornold .. jason .. and i think ive seen jet lee … what movie is that i must say wooowooooooooo .. keep it up sly

  33. Mitch Says:

    Would love to see him do a action/adventure, period piece

  34. Peter274 Says:

    Yeah, I am looking forward to see that movie….Twenty years ago you couldn┬┤t get them together make a movie….but today ther price together is like one of them 20 years ago :). Nevertheless, action is guaranteed…

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