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I saw Sly today

August 23, 2009

and had a great conversation about all things Expendables.  He also showed me his newest acquisition – a 1932 Deuce Coupe (See photo below). Sweeeeet!  I asked about the teaser that will prevue in Venice – it’s approximately 3 minutes long and according to Sly “kicks ass”.  I am dying to see it – hopefully I will get the chance before he leaves for the Festival.  He still hasn’t given me permission to post it after it’s shown in Venice but I will keep trying. We also talked about the scene with Bruce, Arnold & Sly.  One thing for certain – they will shoot it before the end of September.  Sly is still kicking around some really cool ideas – I mean seriously people…having the three of them together in one frame is pretty freakin exciting… and there are high expectations.  So he is hashing it out and I’m sure will come up with a scene worthy of the actors.  We also talked about the hours and hours of behind the scenes footage director John Hertzfeld shot for a documentary on the making of The Expendables.  This was a difficult shoot – Sly and I agree this was the most difficult movie we have ever worked on.  From casting changes to logistical nightmares to injuries there was a lot going on.  And John (along with several other shooters) captured it all on film…the good the bad and the very very ugly.  I think it would be a great 5 parter on HBO or Showtime in addition to putting exclusive stuff on the DVD.  We talked about the value of releasing some of it before the film comes out – I think that is a mistake.  Once you see the film and then see it from a behind the scenes perspective I think it will have more impact.  At any rate there’s a lot of good stuff and we my friends will benefit.  Works for me.

Ciao for now…

Sly's '32 Deuce Coupe

A bloggers life for me (not)

August 8, 2009

ah I get so amused when I read things online that are so cockeyed… gave me a full out belly laugh today.  The article states there are 18 rungs on the ladder of production and I, according to them, am on the 3rd or 4th rung…wow…moving up in the world.  They also state that Eric Roberts said no way is Arnold in The Expendables.  Really?  Then how come The Guv himself in an interview in February said yes absolutely he told Sly he would do a cameo.  Now I am the first to admit that things change and anything can happen but I’m not sure Eric, who is wonderful in the film by the way, is the litmus test for who is or isn’t in the film.  My money is on The Guv making an appearance.  Any bets on this one??

Sly is busy working on the teaser for the Venice Film Fest which begins the first week in September so I am hoping to post tht puppy as soon as it is available…maybe I can move up a rung when I do that.

Cheers to all and thanks for your feedback even when I don’t post.  Hoping to have lots more to share in the coming weeks.