A bloggers life for me (not)

ah I get so amused when I read things online that are so cockeyed…www.blackbookmag.com gave me a full out belly laugh today.  The article states there are 18 rungs on the ladder of production and I, according to them, am on the 3rd or 4th rung…wow…moving up in the world.  They also state that Eric Roberts said no way is Arnold in The Expendables.  Really?  Then how come The Guv himself in an interview in February said yes absolutely he told Sly he would do a cameo.  Now I am the first to admit that things change and anything can happen but I’m not sure Eric, who is wonderful in the film by the way, is the litmus test for who is or isn’t in the film.  My money is on The Guv making an appearance.  Any bets on this one??

Sly is busy working on the teaser for the Venice Film Fest which begins the first week in September so I am hoping to post tht puppy as soon as it is available…maybe I can move up a rung when I do that.

Cheers to all and thanks for your feedback even when I don’t post.  Hoping to have lots more to share in the coming weeks.

26 Responses to “A bloggers life for me (not)”

  1. Jason Price Says:

    Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch! We appreciate what you have been doing for us fans. Looking forward to the teaser! Be careful when moving up the ladder… I am afraid of heights! lol have a great weekend!

  2. ethelmae Says:

    Actually I thought it was funny not insulting cuz I see myself as the whole ladder not just a rung!!

  3. Nico Says:

    Hey ethelmae,

    when filming Arnold his scene?
    Please help me.

  4. Omer Sheriff Says:

    I don’t know about all that ‘rung’ bollocks – as you say a lot of what one reads on the internet is laughable – you’ve been doing a grand job with these blogs. I’m a STALLONE Fan for life and THE EXPENDABLES is gonna be one of the single greatest Movie Events of my life; I CAN’T WAIT. Thanks for the tidbit about the teaser trailer.


  5. tomhahnl Says:

    Thanks for the info, looking forward to the teaser!

  6. Sheryl Main Talk « Statham Fan Says:

    […] Yea to Sheryl!  She has a rebuttal post to the BlackBookMag.com rant.  Good for her!  I for one enjoyed her blog and appreciated all her […]

  7. Mike Says:

    first thing I did when I read the article yesterday was send the guy a message informing him how wrong he is, and putting up the youtube link…what an idiot this guy is..

    anyways, has Arnold and Church filmed their scenes yet??

    CANT WAIT FOR THE TRAILER!!! so excited!

  8. farid Says:

    Please tell Sly not to reveal too much of the movie in the trailer, this way it will build up the excitement even more.


    • Kev Brock Says:

      Sly pretty much revealed a little too much in the past by releasing all these pictures of the movie to the internet, so it’s too late for that. We pretty much know the entire movie anyways.

      • Mike Says:

        How did the pictures reveal anything?? a few pictures of Sly, dolph etc. on set doesnt make me know the movie any more..

      • farid Says:

        What are you talking about buddy!!! We just know the plot of the expendables, we don’t know what happens scene by scene. You wanna see a perfect example of how stupid some directors are when it comes to releasing a trailer, then here’s a good one for you, the movie Armored. I can’t watch this anymore, cause I know how it ends now!!


      • ethelmae Says:

        Sorry Kev but I have to disagree with you on the photos…there’s so much you haven’t seen. As for the script – I read the one floating around the net and can tell you the one we shot is quite different. The shooting script changed everyday – yes some of the plot points remain the same but once again there’s so much you haven’t seen. And I am confident the trailer will be what it is meant to be – a teaser…

  9. Donna Marie Cox Says:

    3 or 4 rungs is better than none 🙂

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks for the post, like I said before can’t hardly wait for the movie.

  11. Fake Church Says:

    Great info about the teaser trailer coming soon.

  12. Kev Brock Says:

    Arnold’s a busy guy with politics, he’ll get to Sly’s scene when he’s ready, I think. Be patience.

  13. film Freek Says:

    that’s great news on the trailer front!!

  14. Tabitha Says:

    Thanks for the update Sheryl! And congrats on the ladder thing…from the pebble beside the ladder…. 🙂

  15. Lugoves Says:

    Perhaps Mr Roberts was quoted out of context. A cameo appearance might not mean the same thing to him as “IN” the movie with a complete role.

  16. cristian Says:

    hey! thanks for all these info! im from argentina, sly is the best. this movie is gonna fucking rock!! sly and jason in the same movie! great! thank you for your post and the pics. sorry if my english is bad. thanks!

  17. Expendables Says:

    If you guys want to see a little sneak peek of the movie head here:


  18. Fake Church Says:


    The scene involves STALLONE and SCHWARZENEGGER.

    Read here:


  19. Andrew Says:

    I just read that Schwarzenegger will play a Retired Lieutenant General of the Expendables. That’s a role sort of. Unless it turns out that Schwarzenegger, himself, is fictionally a retired lieutenant general of the expendables

  20. Potro1980 Says:

    It was clear

  21. Kev Brock Says:

    Hey Sheryl, just wondering, is Sly going to see UFC 102 live in person? Will he be there to see the show to support Randy Couture and Antonio Noguiera who are both in the “Expendables”? Let us know if Sly will be there, so we can spot Sly in the audience on the PPV. 🙂

    • ethelmae Says:

      not sure – he is editing and then heads off to Venice to accept an award. I will check and let you know if he is going to be there. I was hoping to g but I will be on the east coast…should be a real mix it up fight…

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