the answer to where is Sheryl…is…

I’m right here where I’ve always been… but sadly…with nothing to say about The Expendables.  I am finishing up the production notes which I hand in on the 21st – the synopsis I wrote is now being used as the official positioning and the photo material is 90% approved  and captioned. So at the risk of falling yet another rung on the ladder of production I am, alas, out of the proverbial loop.  As most of you know, a unit publicist is hired to publicize the film during production and to work with the film makers, talent and studio on positioning, interviews & set visits and photo approvals.  The job usually ends a few weeks after wrap. Sometimes the job is extended depending on the studio and the film. When I worked with Arnold I was on the film from pre-production through release.  On The Expendables my run ended in late July.  I continued to post what I knew but once you are out of the loop it becomes a mouse hunt to get information.  Guess I just didn’t want to put time and effort into something that doesn’t open for almost a year. So my friends I am afraid this blog is obsolete in the world of The Expendables.  And by the way it was never the “official blog”…it was my blog and you contributed to it – so it was our blog.  I did it as a fan with a publicists twist..neither Millenium nor Lionsgate ever told me what to say or even suggested anything.  In fact I am not even sure they read it!!!!! Same with the tweets – that was a lot of fun but very few people following me were there for my thoughts and observations on life – understandably they wanted The Expendables. That was totally cool until I had nothing to say about the movie which prevented me from saying anything about anything for fear someone would say “who gives a fk where’s sly”.

So that’s the deal – no Sly here.  Just me talking about things…So for The Expendables updates check out the Lionsgate website & the Millenium site – they are pretty good at posting new info.

As my parting bit of info…I had lunch with Arnold today…he is totally committed to shooting his scene and it will be done before the end of September.  He is just waiting for Sly to confirm a date.  I will be there for sure and will hopefully blast a few tweets and maybe even a few photos…we shall see.

Cheers…thanks…keep up the dialogue and thanks for the feedback – even the self serving boorish bullshit ;-}

Catch you on the flip side when I start a new project…

23 Responses to “the answer to where is Sheryl…is…”

  1. Kev Brock Says:

    That’s so cool that Arnold is still committed and taking it with pride that he is willing to shoot this scene, no matter how many politics and other important stuff in the news gets in Arnie’s way.

    I hope Sly will tell you his adventures in Venice today so you can post it here, maybe Expendables footage if possible.

    Do you think Sly will ever get his own Twitter account? Try to talk him into it if you can, that be so cool.


  2. REAL6 Says:

    Thank you for everything 🙂

  3. fastlife93 Says:

    WHEN IS THE TEASER?!?!?!?!??!?!

  4. Robert Says:

    Thanks so much Ms. Sheryl Main for ALL the scoops and pics for the movie!! I enjoyed everything you had to say and I for one appreciate it very much!!
    I hope you hook up w/Sly on his next film, which sounds like another Rambo. Would love if you got the job and gave us the load down on that film.
    If not, whatever other project you get..I’m here!!
    Take care and a pleasure meeting you thru the reading of your blog!!

  5. Omer Sheriff Says:

    Thanks for everything Sheryl – you’ve been extremely helpful with all the tidbits of info you’ve provided us. Good Luck with all your future endeavours! X

  6. Thanks Sheryl! « Statham Fan Says:

    […] Sheryl Main who was the unit publicist during ‘The Expendables’ filming is reporting on her blog that she’s done with her work on the film for now.  She had lunch with Arnold yesterday and […]

  7. Potro1980 Says:

    Thanks and good luck Sheryl, I hope see you soon 😉

  8. Rob Q Says:

    Rock on Sheryl – loved the updates and miss you at the office!

  9. film Freek Says:

    goodbye Sheryl, this was one of the best “while filming” blogs ever!

    see u soon!

  10. CJ Says:

    Sheryl, I’m a film location scout in Toronto and fully enjoyed your tweets and blogs — a perspective from the production side. I think it’s great when the public gets to see a part of the “real” film business — most only relate to the glam side which is a really really small bit — and the grunt work is actually more fun! Looking forward to your next adventure — thanks for sharing. C

  11. maroschi Says:

    THE EXPENDABLES bootleg teaser from Venice here!!!

  12. Potro1980 Says:

    WOOOOOW!!!WOOOOW!!!great! awesome maroschi, thanks, but…where is that R and where is the blood eh?… he he he 😉

  13. Sandy Zahler Says:

    Just got caught up on posts on your blog. am sorry to see the Expendables info. but on the other hand will look forward to just blogging with you.

  14. Susie Says:

    I have loved reading your blog! I didn’t comment all that often, but I read it all the time. I’m completely fascinated by the film industry, and it was awesome to have your “insider’s view” throughout this process. It’s also been neat to read about your thoughts and everything, and I look forward to your continued blogging – about future projects or just your general thoughts etc. Thanks so much for giving all of us a peek inside your world!

  15. Kev Brock Says:

    Just saw the Expendables bootlegged trailer, and was very impressed. Excited to see the film. Great work Sly!


  16. fastlife93 Says:


    thank you so much even with that blurry quality im EXTREMELY IMPRESSED!!

    thank you.

  17. Hope Says:

    Cheers a lot for your sole contribution. Just keep working your way up those rungs! Ha!

  18. Primer trailer de “The Expendables” « El lobo iberico Says:

    […] blog de The Expendables del que hasta ahora venía sacando información ha sido cerrado, por así decirlo. Al parecer quién lo llevaba ha terminado su trabajo en The Expendables y por […]

  19. ethelmae Says:

    too long and didn’t pertain to The Expendables.

  20. Potro1980 Says:

    Oooh Lyonsgate have retired de teaser… 😦 liberate it already, other fans also we have right to see it, and not only the Venetians.

  21. DUTCH Says:

    You did a GREAT job Sheryl! At least you will be there to see Arnie and Sly film together. If you had to guess (or if you know), will Schwarzenegger be wearing military or SWAT cloths for his role?

    I remember when FAKE CHURCH and myslef said Arnie would be playing an ex-Expendable. Looks like we were right all along:)

  22. Casey Moore Says:

    Miss you down here. Come back down anytime. Go Steelers (until they play the Saints).

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