bring it on

you want a piece of this?????

14 Responses to “bring it on”

  1. DUTCH Says:

    THANKS! Now can you get an exclusive picture with Stallone, Schwarzeneger and Willis? PLEASE…

  2. Fake Church Says:

    I second that. This new still is great. But what EVERYONE wants to see is a few stills of Sly, Arnold and Bruce together. PLEASE put that up next.

  3. Sandy Zahler Says:

    Thanks for the updates. I will still be reading the blog, Expendables or no. so what’s next for project? Can’t wait to hear.

    On separate note, gotta love those Stealers!!!

  4. Frederick Richardson Says:

    Maybe few followed but you have been the BOMB for most of us. I’m solidly one of your followers and will continue…with the last of The Expendables and those projects beyond. Don’t ever forget: We may be small (now) but very loyal. Bless you. And…GO STEELERS!

  5. DUTCH Says:

    Thanks for the reply Sheryl!

  6. Fake Church Says:

    Do you know if Arnold will be in 2 scenes like rumored? Or is it one?

  7. Potro1980 Says:

    Thanks! I look this blog every day searching news, I cant wait to see any photo with Bruce and Arnodl, this will be awesome!

  8. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, can you PLEASE answer this question. How long do you think Arnold will be on screen for in the movie? some people think 25 seconds. I think 2-3 minutes. Can you help with this debate, PLEASE! Thank you.

  9. BMoney Says:


    Please see if you can convince Mr. Stallone to create and release a teaser one-sheet movie poster for the film featuring him, Mr. Schwarzenegger, and Mr. Willis together. Maybe a subtle poster design with their profiles, or better yet, an hommage to a Resevoir Dogs style with the three of them walking down a deserted road toward the camera. How could that possibly not promote the movie to a higher level? Thanks for all that you do!

  10. Potro1980 Says:

    Where are those photos? Have been filmed the scenes already? I cant wait, I cant wait! 😉

  11. Fake Church Says:

    Has the SCENE been filmed yet?

  12. Potro1980 Says:

    We want to know! pleeeeease he he 😀

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