a little update

Wanted to give you a little update – I read the pages for the scene with Sly, Bruce and Arnold and while I can’t share the contents I can tell you it is 4 pages long and Arnold has dialogue in all but 2 scenes.  It has not been shot yet – still waiting for the stars to align themselves!!!  everyone’s busy.  But it will be soon.  As soon as cameras roll I will be tweeting!!

74 Responses to “a little update”

  1. Fake Church Says:

    THANK YOU young lady:) So does that mean Arnold will be in 3 scenes scattered through-out the film or just in the opening or the end? You can at least tell us fans that part? 🙂

    • ethelmae Says:

      The scene with the three of them is near the beginning of the film. Arnold does not play himself. No idea if he will smoke a cigar or do the hokey pokey. Sly and the guys I’m sure will add their personal touches to the scenes once they are together on set.

  2. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, does Arnie hold any guns or smokes cigars in his THE EXPENDABLES scenes? Think PREDATOR when I ask this. My name is Dutch from that awesome Arnie classic. Oh, tell Arnie all the fans love that his first comeback film is THE EXPENDABLES. Can you do that for me and tell him so he knows fans awaite his huge comeback. I also wish you luck and hope you get to work with Arnie alot more on future projects such as TRUE LIES 2 and TERMINATOR 5.

  3. Potro1980 Says:

    Ha ha ha you are crazy guys… have patience.

  4. ウィリス、シュワ知事、スライのカメオについてのアップデート « SLY_JP Says:

    […] ウィリス、シュワ知事、スライのカメオについてのアップデート 投稿日: 2009/10/09 | 投稿者: RockyZone Sylvester Stallone on Schwarzenegger’s “Expendables” Cameo   by WorstPreviews a little update by ethelmae’s blog […]

  5. Gina S Says:

    Thanks for the update! It sounds like the scenes will be awesome and worth the wait. Glad you are still posting periodically.

  6. Kev Brock Says:

    Dutch, if you read her post, she made a point that she can’t give any details in the script. Meaning she can’t say whether Arnie holds a gun or smokes a cigar in the scenes. Sly is giving her permission to say little things about the script and not giving details.

    And Fake Church, if you read her post, Arnold has two scenes in all. Not three. I’m sure she can’t say when Arnold will be in the movie.

    Can’t wait to see set pics with Arnie, Bruce and Sly together again when they start filming. They’ll make it’s way to the internet somehow.


  7. DUTCH Says:

    I can’t wait for a trailer. I really hope Arnie is in the marketing of the film so it becomes a bigger worldwide hit. Kev, wasn’t it you that stated that it was a fact Arnie would be playing himself? Even going so far as to write an article about it. Some people never learn not to shoot their mouth off.

  8. Kev Brock Says:

    No, I wasn’t saying that Arnie would be playing himself. I was saying if he was, it wouldn’t bother me a bit. I’d be happy either way no matter what character Arnie is playing ’cause I’m glad he is in the film with Sly. You guys still assume that Arnie won’t be playing himself, he could still use his name in the movie ’cause Sheryl hasn’t given the full details on what Arnie is playing. Sly never really did either. Sly has hinted that Arny is playing a former war veteran, a former seargant or general or something like that, but that still doesn’t mean that Arnie will be playing a different character that’s not himself.


  9. DUTCH Says:

    Ok, I’m not here to argue and make this topic negative. Stallone already said Arnie is a former Expendable….another guy who wanted to lead the team but is pissed at Barney…so he will NOT be playing Governor Schwarzenegger in the film. Thats the way I always wanted it, given that the film is a raw action movie. I can’t wait for a still with Sly, Arnie and Bruce.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      That’s the thing you don’t understand, he maybe a former Expendable, but Sly still could use Arnie as himself in the movie. Governor Schwarzenegger could be a former Expendable, makes sense to you doesn’t it? It makes sense to me. Schwarzenegger used to be an Expendable, but now he is Governor of California. Since Expendables is a dark comedy with humor, I find this pretty humorous. I think this is what Sly is going for. Schwarzenneger is never Expendable in real life since it’s fiction but this is for a laugh since this film is a mix of action/comedy. I think there is a possible change that Sly will make Arnie play himself.

      Sheryl can’t give details, ’cause Sly doesn’t want to spoil the film for all of us.


  10. Fake Church Says:

    Thank you sheryl.

  11. Potro1980 Says:

    Kev Brock shut up already and go away please… And if you want to see “comedies” go to see Jack Black´s films…Stallone is an ACTION hero, and Expendables is an ACTION film.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I have the right to post here as long as Sheryl is letting me. You guys post things that aren’t true and just assuming things, I’m just pointing out your mistakes. Even Sheryl said in this blog that “The Expendables” is a mix of action and comedy, Stallone said himself plenty of times in interviews the film is a dark comedy. Didn’t you even see the “Expendables” bootleg trailer? There was lots of humor in it. Get your facts straight before posting things please.


  12. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, let it go already. The movie is what myself and the others wanted and got: a big action movie with fun. Stop it already with all the false hopes you had.

  13. Potro1980 Says:

    Kev you are very very boring…

  14. farid Says:

    Kev, are you an Expendable GEEK or something, get a life man, it’s only a movie!!!! JEEEZZZZZZZ

  15. Kev Brock Says:

    Actually, I am an Expendables geek and a huge fan of Sly thank you. I’m actually explaining things in a positive manner and you all are doing nothing but barking orders at me to “let it go”, “shut up” or whatever rude things you tell me. It’s a free country, so I have the right to disagree with you as I please.

    You keep begging Sheryl to give more details on the scene when she made it clear in the post that she can’t.

    You say this film is not a comedy? Remember this interview from IGN? Straight from Sly the man himself, “It’s a dark comedy”.


    There you go.


  16. Fake Church Says:

    Well then Kev drop the talk about Arnold still playing himself. Sheryl already cleared that up.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      So Arnie doesn’t play himself then, well that’s good. At least that will kill all this “Arnie playing himself” discussion with everyone for good, not just myself ’cause remember, it was you guys that started bringing this up in her blog in the past. If Sheryl makes a post, and you guys reply, it gives me the right to reply too, so you have no right to tell me what to do.

      Looking forward to this movie, it’s one film I look forward to seeing than anything else now. Wish we didn’t have to wait for next summer to see it.


  17. Potro1980 Says:

    Buff. enough please… and Sly said that this ACTION film have shades of black comedy, not that was a black comedy, is different eh?

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Sly never said in that interview there are shades of dark comedy in the film. He made it pretty clear it’s a dark comedy and a mix of action, is it that hard to understand?

  18. Potro1980 Says:

    I give up… ciao

  19. Fake Church Says:

    THE EXPENDABLES will probably be like TRUE LIES or LETHAL WEAPON where it had lots of humor. But make no mistake, this is NOT a comedy.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Well when Sheryl here read the script with the Sly, Arnie and Bruce scene, I’m sure there were LOTS of humor in it. Is there a bit of comedy in that scene Sheryl? Was it funny?


  20. Fake Church Says:

    Sheryl, so basically the first scene featuring Arnold and Bruce is at the beginning and the second scene is where???…at the end?

  21. farid Says:

    OMG, I can’t believe how many Expendable geeks there are here…WOWW!!!!!

    I’m a huge fan of Sly myself, but I don’t over do it like you guys. Get a life all of you

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Actually Sly and Sheryl both would LOVE IT to find people being die hards of the Expendables and Sly himself. So for you to come in and say, get a life to the fans, maybe it’s you that needs to get a life. Attacking other fans for supporting Sly’s flick is rude. Go back to AICN where the other trolls belong.


  22. dylanisis Says:

    trailer up on youtube

  23. Kev Brock Says:

    Expendables trailer happens to be online already.

    The film looks amazing!


  24. Kev Brock Says:

    Fake Church and Potro, as you saw in the trailer, there is plenty of HUMOR in the film. Lots of funny lines in the film too. I would say the trailer is good enough evidence to prove it’s a mix of action and comedy.


  25. Potro1980 Says:

    Wooooww!!!!! awesome!! great! great! great! 🙂 and yes Kev, you have said now, a MIX of action and comedy: a lot of action and a bit of comedy, he he he, but NOT A COMEDY, is different, guy.

  26. Fake Church Says:

    Like I said, more TRUE LIES and the latter LETHAL WEAPONS than a comedy like you suggest.

    The film looks like it’s going to be a blast.

  27. Kristof Says:

    oi! no posts about the trailer? just saw it…

  28. Kev Brock Says:

    Am I seeing a different trailer here? There were lots of things in there that made me laugh. Especially Jet Li speaking English, that was different!


  29. ethelmae Says:

    I didn’t post the trailer because it was already on several sites…do you like it? Oh and we are shooting the scene with Sly Bruce and Arnold next weekend. Can’t wait!!

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Hey Sheryl, does Sly like the trailer getting online without Lionsgates permission? What is his thought on that? Is Sly upset that the trailer’s been leaked online?


  30. farid Says:

    Have they taken the trailer off the net, cause it’s not available anymore!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I didn’t get to see it!!!!! :((((((((((

  31. farid Says:


  32. Kev Brock Says:

    An open message to tony stallony from the Stallonezone, just wanted to reply to this:


    The reason your youtube account has been suspended is because you uploaded copyrighted and trademarked material without Sly’s or Lionsgates permissions. You uploaded unauthorized material which is illegal.

    If I were you bro, you should STOP uploading the video ’cause I would hate to see you get sued by Lionsgate, ’cause it would happen.

    Lionsgates studios will release the trailer again under their own name for the fans to see soon, so just be patience and the trailer will be back online but under Lionsgates.

    Respect the owners material and learn all about copyright. People think they can do what they want with other people’s work, but wrong, you can’t. Learn about copyright for your own good.

    Thank you, just wanted to save some face and hopes the guy that is responsible for uploading the trailer won’t get into trouble by Lionsgate because it will happen if this tonystalloneyguy keeps doing it. I hope he stops asap.


  33. Potro1980 Says:

    Buff… let´s talk about the film please…

    • Kev Brock Says:

      It is talking about the film. I’m warning to those fans that think it’s alright that you have the right to upload a trailer that’s unauthorized, when in reality, you can’t do that, due to a copyright infrigement law. This goes for all Stallone and Expendables fans if they don’t want to get “cease and desist” e-mails by lawyers sent by Lionsgates in your inboxes. To all Expendables fans, if you don’t want this to happen, stop uploading the video to the internet without their consent. It’s illegal and you could lose everything you got just for doing this. I speak the truth.


  34. Potro1980 Says:

    Uyyy I´m very afraid uyyy… Do you work from Lionsgate? You get paid for it?? That is problem of Lionsgate, It does´nt matter for me.You are so boring guy…

    • Kev Brock Says:

      No, I don’t work for Lionsgate, but if that company is going around the internet pulling down the videos to anybody that uploads the trailer to the web, that’s a sign of trouble, don’t you think? I’m sure Lionsgate is after those other people that uploaded the trailer at other sites other than youtube. Usually people get sued for copyright infrigement and using unauthorized material. I’m not a lawyer or a law consultant or nothing like that, but I do know these things, it’s clear that you don’t.

      Just ask Kevin Cogill who got busted for uploading 9 tracks of the Guns N’ Roses album “Chinese Democracy” to his blog without permission.

      Learn all about copyrights and trademarks at these sites here:



      If you respect Mr. Stallone and his work, you should respect it by respecting his copyright and the studios that support his work.

      I would not do something like this, take someone else’s work and put it online without permission ’cause that is bound to get me sued. People should be worried about this too, but apparently people don’t learn copyright and think they have the right to do this.

      Who ever took the Expendables trailer from Lionsgate studios and threw it online, well, that doesn’t sound too pretty and that is still considered, “stealing”. In other words, piracy.

      Just my 2cents.


  35. ethelmae Says:

    for me the bigger issue is how did it get out there! and Kev is right – intellectual property rights laws are very specific and ever since Napster the music industry, film studios, talent, etc have been very diligent about cracking down on offenders…but if someone finds it on the web and posts it I don’t see how they can get in trouble if they didn’t know it was a rogue post…just my 2 cents…

  36. farid Says:

    I know few other sites that have posted it, but I won’t tell, cause I don’t want them to get into trouble, and besides, I wanna watch it over and over again…haha

  37. Potro1980 Says:

    Ha Ha well said Farid 😉

    • farid Says:

      Thank you 🙂

      • Kev Brock Says:

        Oh trust me fellas, Lionsgate will find ’em and hunt ’em down on their own. They will find out who is responsible for stealing the trailer and putting it on the net. They’ll do whatever it takes to find out who did it. It would be easy for them to investigate. Never assume it would be difficult for them to find those websites just because you won’t tell anybody else where they are.


  38. Kev Brock Says:

    Hey Sheryl, you may want to check this out…somebody is stealing from Sly and Lionsgates, is this the same person that took the trailer and put it online?


    Look at the user twinpeaks in the stallonezone board…


    Sorry, but I’m dissapointed and being a little annoyed that people would steal from Lionsgate. Come on people. Respect Sly’s work and respect his ownership if you really respect the man’s talent! Grow up!


  39. farid Says:

    I think you work for Lionsgate. Why do you care so much?!! Just sit in front of your playstation and play games and be quiet.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      ’cause I care for Sly’s work and thinks his work deserves to be protected from thieves and more people are stealing from him…

      check it out….


      the stallonezone board…


      I wonder if this is the same guy that stole the trailer from Lionsgate and put it online.

      Do not steal, do not be a pirate. Respect copyright, learn it, and respect other people’s work.


      • Kev Brock Says:

        And I don’t understand why my comments aren’t being approved when my points are valid and truthful? Am I doing something wrong?


      • ethelmae Says:

        Huh? Your comments are posted…I only delete comments that are offensive or stupid…

      • Kev Brock Says:

        Oh, my comments are still there, they just say “comments are waiting for moderation”, but you don’t have to approve them since I already got out what I had to say to farid above.

        Hope Sly will lawyer up and track down these thieves!!!


    • Kev Brock Says:

      farid, more people are stealing from Sly and Lionsgate, some dude from Brazil stole behind the scenes footage of the Expendables and threw it in youtube, check the stallonezone board.

      And no, I don’t work for Lionsgates. I just care for Sly’s work and his work deserves to be protected by thieves. You should respect it too if you’re a fan of Sly. You need to know Intellectual Property rights.


  40. ethelmae Says:

    if you read the YouTube comment posted by the thief who stole the footage it’s clear he is stepping way over the legal line by threatening to post more if he isn’t paid. Totally bogus and a bad reflection for the Brazilians we worked with on the film. This one bad apple rots the whole bunch…

  41. Potro1980 Says:

    Kev ,take care that do´nt steal to you, that it will be better… you are not normal, man… I do´nt go to read your commentaries already, I dont want to lose my time anymore.

  42. farid Says:

    You know what, no matter how many sites put up the trailer, it will not affect the film what so ever, cause people are still gonna go and watch it for sure. So don’t sweat it all of you.

    Just one thing bothers me and that is that I was hoping that Sly wouldn’t reveal so much of the film in the trailer, but since it was stolen, I guess he never got his chance to cut it short. I can’t believe it’s 3 mins long…hahaha, when I showed it to my brother, he said, is that the whole movie?!!!!….LOL

    • Kev Brock Says:

      “You know what, no matter how many sites put up the trailer, it will not affect the film what so ever, cause people are still gonna go and watch it for sure. So don’t sweat it all of you.”

      While I agree that leaking a trailer to the web, will not affect the film, but you know what will affect? It affects the film makers that make it. They put alot of hard work and committment into it. When someone steals it, leaks it to the net without their consent, it upsets them. They would rather have their work promoted under their own name, not under someone else’s name. That’s what copyrights and trademarks are here for, so their work are protected.

      How would you feel if you made a movie or wrote a song if you’re a musician, you’re about to release your work to the public, whoops too late…someone else already did? That’s why people copyright and trademark their material to stop people from stealing and they have the right to sue if they please.

      It may not damage the film, but it damages the makers that create it.

      I am thinking that farid and Potro both support piracy since they are both defending it.


      • farid Says:

        Relax buddy, you talk as if someone stole the movie completely and posted 2 hours on the net for the whole world to watch. It’s just a 3 min trailer and trust me the people who made it are loving these conversations that we’re having about it, cause it shows them that no matter what their pockets are gonna get pretty full when the movie is out.

        So you can talk all you want, it will not affect the movie makers or the studios one bit, cause they are billion dollar businesses and a leakage of a trailer won’t hurt them one bit. Yes, if the complete film was stolen on put on the net I would agree with you, but not a trailer so relax. You never know maybe this was even their own doing to make it even bigger when it’s released next year. They’re smarter than this!

      • Kev Brock Says:

        Everything you say, farid, is all opinion. You don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes of Sly and Lionsgates studios.

        If Lionsgate is going around the net pulling down the videos especially from youtube, that’s a pretty good sign that they are pissed off and ARE affected by it, from the looks of things.

        And farid, in case you missed the posts above, some jerk from Brazil DID steal the whole movie and put it in youtube as well threatening that he will put the movie up online if he didn’t get paid for working on it, not the full edit, but behind the scene stuff of the whole movie. Lionsgate took that out of youtube as well, immediately.

        It’s very clear that you are uneducated about copyright and intellectual property. You keep ignoring it, acting like you don’t understand it.

        I’ll bet your money that Sylvester Stallone, the man himself, is very upset that the trailer has been leaked and some jerk from Brazil threatened Sly to leak the whole movie if he wasn’t paid. Not cool. And you think there is nothing wrong with any of this.

        If you think about it, leaking trailers online early, does affect Hollywood, it affects the promotion under the ownership’s copyrighted name, that’s the point I made earlier. This stuff happens to other movies all the time. Not just to Sly’s movies. When people upload bootlegged trailers of other films, there is a reason they get taken down from youtube immediately.

        There’s a legal reason behind it all and you don’t understand any of it. Period. Copyrights and trademarks is just proof that the creator is the owner of the material, if you are the owner of that material, it gives you the right to not let other people use it. Being a pirate is never cool no matter what piece of art you’re stealing from someeone. Done.


      • farid Says:

        Ok stealing is wrong, but a trailer will NOT affect the movie when it comes out at all, cause everyone loves Sly and they’ll watch his movie, so don’t sweat it.


    • Kev Brock Says:

      You’re still wrong farid, that stealing a trailer and leaking it online WILL affect the movie. Not only that it affects the copyrights and the ownership of the material, It will affect the viewers and might turn fans off that will not want to see the film, and I’m already seeing it happening. Like in other forums and the stallonezone board, I am seeing the trailer getting mixed opinions, some love it, and some hate it.

      And for the record, the trailer that we have seen leaked, I don’t think that’s the final trailer. I think Sly will put the time in to make a new trailer and make it much better than the one we’ve already seen online. Once Sly films the Arnold and Bruce scene, I think Sly will throw some of that in the next trailer, as a way to hype up the film even more.

      The trailer should debut on the big screen before another action film, it shouldn’t debut online early. So the trailer being leaked screwed that opportunity.

      Not only that you’re uneducated about piracy, copyrights, you’re also uneducated about how Hollywood works. Piracy does hurt the film industry even with stealing trailers. Hollywood loses money that way and many other things.

      • farid Says:

        AWWWW…poor Hollywood, they will lose money, AWWWW. Like they don’t have enough already…haha

  43. Potro1980 Says:

    Yes, with John Rambo happened something similar, the stolen trailer revealed ALL the film, and this was very very bad… when I went to the theater to see the film I checked, unfortunately, that I knew what would happen, it looked like that I had seen the film already:(

    • Kev Brock Says:

      “AWWWW…poor Hollywood, they will lose money, AWWWW. Like they don’t have enough already…haha”

      Making an immature comment like that just goes to show you don’t know anything about business. In case you haven’t realized the economics is in bad times, including Hollywood studios are having bad economics as well. A lot of studios lately have been cutting people’s jobs and other films have been forced to stop production because of bad economics.

      Making trailers costs a lot of money just as much as a regular movie costs. If someone steals it, that could cost them more. That’s why these movie studios have to take action against piracy. It’s business, that’s all it is. You need to research business and Hollywood ’cause you’re making things up. Libel isn’t cool either.

      Leaking the trailer early can also ’cause the film to bomb in the box office, terribly, so you can’t assume the film will be successful no matter what happens.


  44. Potro1980 Says:

    I do´nt support the piracy, I only said that it isn´t my job, I don´t worry for that, is job for others, don´t matter to me. I think that you, Kev, write in this blog to CREATE POLEMIC, with Arnold´s cameo you make the same, and accuse Farid and me of supporting piracy seems to me very serious.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      No, I’m not here to create polemic and to stir up controversy in this blog. I am here to educate you sophomoric minds who know nothing about how Hollywood works. As long as Sheryl is ok and cool with me being here which she is, I have the right to post here all I want and I WILL disagree with you all I want, so keep telling me to leave all you want, I will always be around. 🙂


  45. Potro1980 Says:

    I do not matter about Hollywood and how to work, to me what matters is watch the movie and enjoy seeing my dear Sylvester Stallone, nothing more.

  46. Potro1980 Says:

    Already have filmed the scene with Bruce and Arnold last weekend?

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