sitting idly by…

This morning I had the urge to write  about how pissed I am over some of the comments posted on this blog and to rant about self-indulgence and conjecture based on  well…conjecture!!  I wanted rant about my need for intelligent, interesting and provocative discussions.  I wanted to rant.  When suddenly the clue train pulled into the station and I got on.  Guess what I found…me sitting idly by.  I got off at the next stop and am now back on my own track.  And I’m loaded for bear.

So from this point forward I’m in control…no more personal bullshit.  If  you guys want to navel gaze do it between yourselves.  No one else cares.  Not interested in the concept that infringing on intellectual property rights is stealing?  Go hang out somewhere else. I realize IPR is sometimes tough to wrap your head around – I was a huge Napster user and shared music with friends all over the world.  But ignorance is no excuse.  Think about this – IPR doesn’t just affect music and movies – babies die because an inferior medicine is falsely packaged under a well known brand name…automobile tires stamped with the Firestone name are in fact recycled tires made in China that after a thousand miles disintegrate…it goes on and on and on. Putting the trailer on the net was one thing – I’m not sure how it got there but only a handful of people had access to it so it can’t be that hard to figure out.  But posting raw footage from the set is not only stupid, it is criminal.  That footage is the property of Lionsgate  and Millenium.  I don’t understand why that concept is so hard to comprehend.

We shoot the scene with Sly Arnold & Bruce on Saturday. I still don’t have the location (not that I would share it anyway) but logic dictates it will be in a church in LA.  I’m excited to have the three of them on set together – they each played a big part in my career…Bruce was the reason I stayed in Cali after Prizzi’s Honor, working with Sly in the early ’90’s helped elevate my profile as a publicist at Warner Bros. and Arnold has been a mentor and a friend for nearly 15 years.  Plus I am a big fan of their films so watching them work together will not only be huge cinematically for me but on a personal level I’m thinking it will feel a little surreal! I’m hoping they will share some comments that I can post and maybe just maybe a photo…we shall see.

67 Responses to “sitting idly by…”

  1. farid Says:

    Sheryl, do you know roughly how long the movie runs for? Is it 2 hours long or more?
    Also, do you know how long is the scene with those 3 together?


  2. Potro1980 Says:

    Sheryl, about piracy I repeat the same as John Rambo about Burma: that is not my bussiness… Thanks for the update.

  3. ethelmae Says:

    don’t know what the running time is at this point – the scene with the three of them is probably five minutes long. Arnold and Bruce have consistently called their roles “cameos”. the scenario consists of 2 scenes with Sly and Bruce and one scene with the three of them – all interior shots in a church.

  4. farid Says:

    That’s awesome, thanks a lot.

  5. Potro1980 Says:

    Sheryl, why did you clear my commentary? I have been educated, I think, in this blog can not disagree with you or with what you say?… And thanks again for the update, it´s great.

  6. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, thanks for the update! You have done a KICK ASS job updating us fans and we appreciate you and your hard work, THANKS! Don’t let a few losers get your blood pumping mad. Oh, PLEASE beg Sly, Arnie and Bruce to release at least one photo next week. Pretty Please!!!


    P.S. Thought Arnie and Bruce would be holding guns and take part in an action scene, but you say their scene is in a church.

  7. Kev Brock Says:

    If there were to be a photo released by one of these guys, it would probably end up being Arnie first. After all, Arnie has his own twitter page and he will probably be the first to exclusively release his scene with the “Expendables” in his twitter account. Mark my words!


  8. DUTCH Says:

    The world needs to see how Arnie looks again as an action character. I hope he got back into shape for his first role since T3. Sheryl, since you’ve seen Arnie, has he been working his butt off in the gym to look great and ripped on camera like Stallone for the big scene?

    • ethelmae Says:

      Arnold is in great shape and still works out every day…he looks awesome but don’t expect Stallone style pumpedupedness!!!!

  9. Kev Brock Says:

    As far as I know, Arnie hasn’t been working out at all since he’s busy with politics. He’s not built at all anymore like he used to be. He lost the fit body he once had. I don’t think you’ll see him in a muscle shirt or being shirtless at all. I’m betting your money, Arnie will be wearing just a suit and a tie for this film.


  10. Fake Church Says:

    So I guess the rumor of Arnold driving a bad ass truck was false? Will Arnold (and Bruce) at least hold a gun or shoot a bad guy?

  11. Fake Church Says:

    I want him in SWAT type clothes.

  12. DUTCH Says:

    Hope Arnie and Bruce wear either military cloths or some kinda SWAT uniform.

  13. Kev Brock Says:

    Hey, although Sheryl never said what was in the script, Arnold driving a bad ass truck could still be in the scene. I’m thinking Sly and Bruce are talking, and here comes Arnie with a huge truck interupting them.


  14. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, Arnie can’t drive a truck in a church, unless he is about to go CASTOR TROY (Face/Off) on Sly’s Barney’s character LOL

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Why can’t he drive through a church? It’s an action movie so action movie’s make anything possible. It would make a funny action scene to have Arnie drive through a church wall, since it’s a dark comedy.


  15. Fake Church Says:

    Funny you mention FACE/OFF. I hope the church scene is an ACTION scene like the church scene at the end of FACE/OFF?

    Sheryl, is it an ACTION SCENE. Let us know young lady;)?

  16. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, I’m all for over-the-top action scenes. “Bring it happy feet”. It’s good that Sheryl is a voice of the fans and can let Stallone and Schwarzenegger know what we want and expect from the 5 scene. The only thing I want is for THE EXPENDABLES to feature Arnie, Willis and Sly in a bad ass action scene together. I hope the church scene is as bad ass as FACE/OFF like Fake Church said. But it has to be an action scene with the three icons or it will be a letdown! Sheryl, is it an action scene???

  17. Kev Brock Says:

    Dude, Sly is not stupid. Sly definitely knows what fans would want to see out of this important scene, so he will not dissapoint us. There’s nothing to worry about. I think it’ll be entertaining no matter what direction the scene is in.


  18. Fake Church Says:

    Maybe Arnold will be a priest, LOL. Just kidding.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Ya never know, Arnold could be a priest and Sly and Bruce’s character could go to the church to see Father Schwarzenegger as a laugh for the movie since it’s a dark comedy. Anything is possible when it comes to Sly. They gotta be at a church for a reason.


  19. DUTCH Says:

    I know it won’t dissapoint. I’m just stating the obvious by saying so. I know Stallone knows what he is doing and I can’t wait to see how all three of them look in the scene.

  20. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, as a publicist, what do you think about this. One of Arnold’s next moves should be director/filmmaker. Like Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone, Arnold should move into directing his own action films. Show the world what a feature film in the cinemas directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like. Arnie owns CRUSADE so maybe he should direct that or maybe he can let James Cameron produce TRUE LIES 2 but he direct it for Fox himself. Another smart move on Arnie’s part would be to get producer of THE EXPENDABLES, Avi Lerner, to fund a future KING CONAN film starring him as old Conan. Sly went back to the film that made him famous when he did a 6th Rocky films titled ROCKY BALBOA. So Arnie should do the same with an older KING CONAN epic. Even if the WB owns the John Milius KING CONAN script, Arnie can get writers to knock out a better draft owned by Avi Lerner, the owner of the property. Maybe Arnie should direct KING CONAN himself and leave Milius to help produce it. Hell, director Robert Rodriguez wrote a nifty little cameo for Schwarzenegger in PREDATORS (the 3rd Predator film now filming). Arnie can set his military character Dutch up in a PREDATOR 4. But whatever Arnie does next, a film by JAMES CAMERON is a must as is a sequel to THE EXPENDABLES starring himself, Willis and Stallone!

    Also, Arnold and James Cameron should buy the rights and finally own their billion dollar cash cow with the TERMINATOR rights. Will they once again team up to make one last Terminator film with TERMINATOR 5? Time will tell.

  21. ethelmae Says:

    just to set the record straight and to end the speculation – no one drives anything through anything in the scene(s)…

  22. DUTCH Says:

    Ethelmae, you would not be spilling the beans if you told us if it was an action scene though. Or is that spilling the beans? The reason for the speculation was because Harry Knowles at AICN reported that Arnie, Sly and Bruce drive big trucks in their scene. Thanks for clearing that up.

  23. ethelmae Says:

    This script changed until the last day of shooting but i don’t recall AICN saying all 3 would be driving the 1952 Ford pickup – in actuality that is Barney’s car – he drives it. No one else is driving in the scene…at least not as of today.

  24. DUTCH Says:

    Harry once said “Arnie drives a big ass truck” end quote. But like you said, the script changed. No matter what is shot on Saturday, it will be special since Arnie and Sly are finally on screen together. Much like DeNiro and Pacino in HEAT. Bruce Willis too, but since Arnie and Sly are the two greatest action icons, they get the hype and expectations from the fans. Ethalmae/Sheryl, I hope you get to work with Stallone some more on RAMBO 5 next year and with Schwarzenegger on that JAMES CAMERON 2011 film he is working on with Tom Arnold. It’s a secret action film for now but it could be BATTLE ANGEL or hopefully TRUE LIES 2. Take care!


    P.S. Please get us a photo this Sunday after the scene is shot Saturday:)

  25. JOHN J. RAMBO Says:



  26. Potro1980 Says:

    Ha Ha Dutch you are very crazy, man, but I understand you 😉

  27. DUTCH Says:

    Just want whats best for Stallone and Schwarzenegger. THE EXPENDABLES is a great start!

  28. KevBrock Says:

    “P.S. Please get us a photo this Sunday after the scene is shot Saturday:)”

    Trust me guys, Arnie will get the first photo way before Sheryl even does for his twitter page. I’m sure he has a cell phone camera and he’s almost always twittering everywher he goes and taking pics everywhere he goes with his Twitterberry he uses. Arnie will be the first to get it. Keep an eye on his twitter page when he goes to film the scene this weekend…


  29. ethelmae Says:

    hahahaha…Arnold walking around all day on the set tweeting…i don’t think so…

  30. DUTCH Says:

    I think Sheryl will have the first photo on her blog. So now it’s SHERYL vs SCHWARZENEGGER:) LOL

  31. Potro1980 Says:

    I cant wait!!!Sheryl will be the first, I know… 😉

  32. KevBrock Says:

    I don’t know, Arnie seems pretty quick with his twit pics on his twitter page. He’s been snapping pics of himself before important meetings and political speeches on twitter, this is why I think he’s going to get it first. I’m sure he’ll bring his blackberry or mobile phone or whatever he’s using to tweet on. I know he won’t be tweeting throughout the whole day on set, but you know he’s going to tweet a few things about filming the Expendables before he goes on. He’ll want to pose a pic with Bruce and Sly before filming. Like I said, keep an eye on his twitter page on Saturday and I assure you, there will be something. 🙂


  33. Potro1980 Says:

    On next saturday I will watch this blog, like all days he he, I trust in Ethelmae 😉

  34. DUTCH Says:

    Either way, we (the fans) win whether it’s Sheryl or Arnold.

  35. Kev Brock Says:

    Okay, whatever you guys say, but my money is on Arnold, that he’ll score the pics first. It should be Arnie, he’s been best friends with Sly and Bruce for years, so I think Arnie deserves to exclusively show pics on set of the Expendables. If you think about it, Sly and Bruce will want Arnie to do this.

    If you were true fans of Arnie, that you’ve been dying to get him in the movie and have a decent scene that you’ve been ranting about here, I’m actually kind of surprised that you wouldn’t want Arnie to have the pics first.

    Something to think about.


  36. ethelmae Says:

    ENOUGH WITH THE PICTURES ALREADY!!!! No more comments about who’s posting photos from a scene we haven’t even shot yet. B O R I N G

  37. Potro1980 Says:

    Well said! and Kev, you ALLWAYS creating polemic…

  38. Potro1980 Says:

    And one thing, it seems that you are more interested in Arnold than in Stallone and the film. Stallone is what matter to me, his next films, Expendables, Rambo 5 etc… Arnold is great, an idol, and the scene with Sly and Bruce will be awesome, no doubt, but Stallone is the number one, and a good guy, and this is his film, so please, let´s talk more about him.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      That word polemic is getting annoying, is that your favorite word? I would kind of appreciate if the attacks and personal insults would stop ’cause I never did that here, just a guy speaking my mind on Sly and the Expendables like everyone else.

      I’m a big fan of both Arnie and Sly. So don’t judge other people that they like another cast member more than Sly, this is the Expendables blog site which we can talk about any cast member we want as long as it’s related to the Expendables.

      I will no longer post here, I’ll just lurk. Just for Expendables and Sly information only since I’m a huge fan. I will no longer discuss Hollywood with anybody here. Good day.


  39. DUTCH Says:

    Ok, enough is enough. Just wait…

  40. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, you always seem to get Sheryl mad. wow.

  41. ethelmae Says:

    i’m not mad at Kev – I just hate it when things go from dialogue to diatribe…I hope you will continue to post Kev and speak your mind. But when things start going downhill please let’s put the brakes on everyone…thanks.

  42. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, you seem to know what Arnie will be wearing in his scene and how good of shape he’s in. You must know that iconic scene down pat by now. In your own way, is it EPIC???? I wish I had the script and knew:)

  43. Fake Church Says:





  44. DUTCH Says:

    By the way, when you say Arnie isn’t as pumped as Sly, do you mean because he is not fully an actor who can give 100% to working out and looking like he did for TERMINATOR 3? There’s no way Arnie is T3 ripped for THE EXPENDABLES, or am I wrong Sheryl???

  45. ethelmae Says:

    I spent last Tuesday with Arnold – went to sacramento with him for the day. He is in great shape and always works extra hard just before he starts a film. Even though this is just a cameo he knows the fans expect to see him look good…and he does. I hope he carries some type of weapon but I believe that will be decided on the day …once the guys get on set and get in character I am expecting some interesting ad-libbing and possible tweaks to the scene. I know for sure Arnold is not in a suit but I also know nothing has been decided wardrobe-wise. That will all shake out on Saturday.

  46. DUTCH Says:

    THANKS Sheryl!!! By the way, if and when you do speak to Arnie and he asks your advice and word on what his fans want him to make when he leaves office, please tell him TRUE LIES 2 directed by James Cameron, KING CONAN and THE EXPENDABLES 2!

  47. REAL6 Says:

    Ethelmah, thank you so much for the little info you do give us. I can’t even read half your comments because these 3 people are babies asking you stupid questions!! Probably 25 and under!!!

    Don’t let any of these idiots stress you out!

    Let’s go steelers!!!!

  48. Fake Church Says:

    You are a sweetheart. You always deliver with your answers. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE:)

    Yes, let Arnold know we the fans want him back to making films.

    And let Sly know we the fans love him and always will.

  49. REAL6 Says:

    Correction: Ethelmae I ment 😀

  50. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, check this report out

  51. Potro1980 Says:

    REAL6 a bit of respect for ALL, ok? I could attack Kev sometimes, but with RESPECT. Saturday will be a big day for the history of cinema. 😀

  52. DUTCH Says:

    Big day indeed Potro1980!

  53. DUTCH Says:

  54. DUTCH Says:

    Another recent picture of Arnie lookinh awesome and in shape. He can still play KING CONAN easy.

  55. Ian Says:

    So glad the date had finally been set! Look forward to seeing any picture and hearing about the shoot :D.

  56. RockyZone Says:

    PLEASE do somothing to stop this guy posting behind the scenes footage of The Expendables on youtube. I do not like this guy being disrespectful of Sly’s hard work and yours too.

  57. Potro1980 Says:

    He is very better than lately, is great.

  58. Potro1980 Says:

    Tomorrow is the BIG day, no? 😉

  59. Ben Jolliff Says:

    pretty pumped about tomorrow!! hopefully all goes well and we will see a pic of three awesome action heroes from the 80’s and 90’s and hear about the bad assery that will consume the screen.

  60. Fake Church Says:

    Hopefully we get a set pic by Monday 🙂

  61. Potro1980 Says:

    Today I woke up and I thought “Today is a special day he he…” well, I thought that this sensation was because today is the BIG day hehehe, and yes, of course, but suddenly I read this news in the net:

    I ca´nt believe… xD

  62. Potro1980 Says:

    I read in a page of internet that there are in the net a pirate copy of the film already, this page says that the brazillians put this in the net because they are angry for I do´nt know what… it´s that possible?? the pirate trailer is nothing compare with this eh? this fact seems very badly to me…

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