This morning when my alarm went off at 5am I started to hit the snooze button when I suddenly realized…hey get your ass up…today is the day you’ve been waiting for – today the boys are back in town. the location was in Hollywood at the Hollywood Presbyterian church on Gower, which is about a 35 minute drive from Hermosa Beach on a Saturday morning. I don’t know if I was excited or nervous but I was certainly wound up and wide awake.  I arrived at the location around 6:15am and Bruce and Sly were inside the church running lines.  Arnold pulled up about 20 minutes later – I walked to the set with him and watched as the 3 guys greeted each other with excitement and anticipation.  Pretty cool stuff.  Bruce looked amazing – very fit, beautiful bald head and that smirky smile.  Sly looked relaxed but definitely ready to put this puppy to bed.  Arnold had a stogie in his mouth, a giant watch on his arm and was constantly making jokes.  I introduced him to Daniel Bertorelli, Sly’s stand-in from Brazil who became part of The Expendables family – Arnold told him he was happy to meet someone else with an accent!  Quite a few members of the original crew were there including Lighting god and all around cool kat DP Jeffrey Kimball and his A+ camera team, Nicole and Scott (hair & Make-up), photog Karen Ballard, Liz the costume designer and Mustaffa, Sly’s wardrobe guy along with Sly’s team, Kevin King and the fabulously chic Celeste.  Arnold had Greg Hall, who worked with him on every film since Kindergarden Cop, as his wardrobe person and his longtime friend, Dieter Rauter, doing double duty as stand-in and videographer.   Legendary publicist Paul Bloch and the always delightful Steven Eads were with Bruce. We also had director john Herzfeld shooting behind the scenes for the documentary he’s doing on Sly and the making of  The Expendables.  Producer Jerry Weintraub stopped by as did Dodgers manager Joe Torre who was with Sly’s brother-in-law the famous surgeon who operated on Tom Brady (sorry brain spasm – can’t remember his name).  Other than that we had no looky-loos or p’razzi.  I was, however, amused by the guy who drove by as the 3 guys were walking to their trailers – he almost fell out of his car…nice.

After Arnold, Bruce and Sly went through the scene a couple of times they all 3 headed off to wardrobe and make-up.  at 8:10am with three cameras rolling the biggest action icons of our time went to work.  I thought it was electric in Brazil when all of The Expendables stepped on set – but today was atomic!!!!  the whole crew was mesmerized as we watched the three of them play off of each other in a pivotal scene that sets up the whole movie.  And while I can’t/don’t want to give too much away I can tell you that Arnold’s character is Trench and Bruce is Church, the scene was shot in an empty church without extras and minimal set dec and it has tension and humor – what more can a girl ask for!  Sly was in top form as a director today and was in total command.  Bruce and Arnold were consummate professionals at all times – we got through the scene quickly without compromise.  In 6 hours we did wide shots, close-ups, turned around…the whole nine yards…pretty impressive.  Very Clint Eastwood.

With the EPK cameras rolling the three of them talked to me about working together for the first time and it is very funny…can’t wait to see that piece of footage land somewhere!  Karen Ballard also took some great shots – we are going to release a shot as soon as we go through the approval process which is why I am not posting anything today.  But I will have it posted as soon as we release it.

so that’s it folks.  I won’t have much to say about The Expendables until early May when we might be brewing up something very cool for Cannes.  Other than that, today was amazing – the whole ride has been amazing and remember – you don’t need a gun to be a badass!!

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  2. Fake Church Says:

    GREAT report. THANK YOU. So Arnold is Trench…love it.

  3. Fake Church Says:

    So no explosions, gun-fire or bad guys in the scene. Guess I was hoping for too much…but still can’t wait to see the EPIC scequence!

  4. Gillinator Says:

    Fantastic report! What an amazing thing to be there and witness the greatness of those three guys finally doing a scene together. I would love to hear what some of the joking was from Arnold! Can’t wait for the pic!

  5. DUTCH Says:

    Thanks Sheryl! Hope when Avi and Arnie went to lunch, they talked about making KING CONAN in the future!

  6. REAL6 Says:

    Thanks for that. I feel like alittle kid again waiting for a real movie 🙂

  7. mike Says:

    hey Thanks so much for the report, but i m wondering if sly will shoot another scene with bruce or is that it cause i think i remember u saying that he’ll shoot more scenes with bruce than arnold… ???

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  9. johnwalanp Says:

    Every child of the 80’s is looking forward to next year’s summer of dreams coming true: First, the A-Team movie is shaping up nicely, and now this!!! Please post a photo soon, it will keep us at rest (for now)!

    Oh, one question – from the footage released, I have heard some comments that it looks cheap, I think they are referring to the ‘flat’-looking picture/cinematography – I presume it hasn’t gone through post-production yet where the gloss and look of the movie will be added to give it that visual ‘oomph’?!?! Sly did such a great job with the bleak look of Rocky Balboa and the grittiness of Rambo – I hope he does the same with this and makes it jump out of the screen???

  10. Potro1980 Says:

    Awesome! I´m wishing to see some photos, thanks!

  11. Ian Says:

    Many thanks for the report Sheryl :).

  12. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, how was lunch with Arnold, Sly and Avi Lerner? Was there talk of RAMBO 5, KING CONAN and THE EXPENDABLES 2? Avi is the producer on all three upcoming Arnie and Sly projects!

  13. Potro1980 Says:

    ha ha you are obssesed with King Conan man… Sly talked few days ago about rocky 7, he is dedided to make it after Rambo 5… he he, it sounds a bit strange I think, until I dont see it I dont believe this.

  14. Robert Says:

    All I can say is “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Sheryl!!!!!! Every sentence I read from your description of what was going on…I’m thinking, “it was AMAZING, AWESOME, ..BREATHTAKING!!”.
    Those that were there present in those 6 hrs. of shoot…like you said “movie magic & history in the making!!!!” How they and you Sheryl, must have felt..WOW!
    Of course, we ALL can’t wait for photos of that shoot or even a smidge of filming or a trailer of those 3 guys, but I guess that we will have to wait until next year! It’s a movie I know everyone is going to see.
    Again, thank you did an awesome job..a job I wish I had!!
    Take care and tell Sly, that a fan from Chicago, can’t wait to see him explode onto the screen w/his Team!!!!

  15. JOHN MATRIX Says:

    “The Day The World Stopped”

  16. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl was a pure professional! Great words and description….it wets the appetite for what will surely become one of next years biggest blockbusters. Willis giving Barney (Stallone) and Trench (Schwarzenegger) the mission is going to set the tone for the film sky high. THE A-TEAM has nothing on THE EXPENDABLES. Oh, all Arnie fans want him to make KING CONAN, so yes, I want that film bad:) Plus, Avi Lerner is the producer making CONAN films and he and Arnie just had lunch. Humm…

  17. ethelmae Says:

    So just to be clear – Arnold & Avi did not talk about Conan…in fact Avi was leaving by the time Arnold got to the restaurant. And anyone who thinks Arnold is committed to anything but California for the next 14 months is way off track. Also the interview that has been running with Sly talking about doing another Rocky – hello people – that was done 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is not a new interview and Sly has no intention of doing another Rocky – Rocky Balboa was the perfect bookend to the original Rocky – nothing left to say. I personally am pushing Sly to do Poe – but that will have to wait until he does the next movie – whatever that may be. Thaks for the great feedback – and Kev…what do you think??

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Well, I guess I’ll post here to respond to Shery’s question. I agree with you that Sly should do the Edgar Allan Poe biopic that he always wanted to do. He should do that real soon.

      With the right actor that has the talented acting skills to play Poe, the film should have potential to be Oscar nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actor, etc. It be nice to see Sly back in the Oscars again and I think Poe would give him that opportunity. For an actor to play Poe, I’d suggest somebody like Robert Downey Jr., Ewan McGregor, or Matt Damon.

      Back to this Arnold, Sly and Bruce scene…it sounds great and I’m sure they made it very entertaining and funny. Like everyone else, I too am looking forward to seeing the pics, but it looks like it’s all up for Sly to decide on who gets the exclusive set pics first. I have a feeling Harry Knowles of AICN will be the first to score the pics of this Expendables scene since Sly is always going to him.

      It must be amazing for you Sheryl to see three big icon movie stars right in front of your face.

      I hope to get the opportunity to meet Sylvester Stallone in person one day as I hope it one day happens since I’m a fan. I’m happy that the Expendables is finished and wish we didn’t have to wait for next year to see it.

      Congrats on the great hard work Sly if you’re reading here!


      • ethelmae Says:

        ok don’t hate me here but I think in a year or so Robert Pattinson might actually make a cool Poe – but I must confess I like the RDJr idea…

    • Sean Russell Says:

      God Damn It!! Get That Edgar Allan Poe movie in production. Get Daniel Day-Lewis, Get Viggo Mortensen (with his name sounding as close to rigor mortis as any name could possibly come you think he would be perfect for this), I don’t care make this fucking happen! I want to see A well done version of Edgar Allan Poe’s life on screen and although some don’t think that Sylvester Stallone could pull it off, I’ll cheer him on all the way to the finish line. This could be grand.

  18. Potro1980 Says:

    Thank you very much for all sheryl, and I think like you about Rocky Balboa, I was worried… xD and yes, Ey Kev! say something, man, we miss you 😉

  19. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, THANKS so much for clearing that up about ROCKY 7. Somthing seem wrong about that scoop. Thanks for clearing that up with Avi. POE will be made one day, as will CRUSADE…the medievil action script Arnie owns.

  20. Fake Church Says:

    SHERYL, why are you so AWESOME:) Never liked that bogus ROCKY 7 news. And yes, please push for POE…it will win OSCARS:) I hope after Arnold is out of office, you get the gig to work on his first project, be it KING CONAN, CRUSADE, TRUE LIES 2 or T5!

    • Robert Says:

      How bout he comes back to Expendables 2??!! Trench, comes in full form and he joins them in a mission. The original cast w/Bruce Willis a more bigger role and add maybe JCVD, Kurt Russell, Norris, and Seagal.
      Then add Jack Nicholson for an inside Pentagon aide helping Expendables! What do ya think FChurch??

  21. Robert Says:

    Hi Sheryl, it’s me again..I can’t stop reading your words and description and I just picture in my mind that whole you said “atomic”. I just had a quick question, as I caught it after reading it over. John Herzfeld, a good friend of Sly and I know he was filming for the behind-the-scenes for the film. But you also mention a documentary of there going to be something else other than footage of making of Expendables? Is Mr. Herzfeld doing another different film project/documentary of Sly? Just curious…thanks again for everything. I hope you all had a nice lunch at Caffe Roma.

    • ethelmae Says:

      Hertzfeld has been shooting a docu about the making of The Expendables since Sly was in pre-production. as I mentioned in a much earlier post, he and his crew had total access to Sly and shot the good, the bad and the very ugly. Some of the footage will be used on the DVD but the majority of it is for separate release – I’d like to see it as a 3 or 4 part HBO or Showtime series but I’m not really involved with it so its not for me to say.

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  23. DUTCH Says:

    Good question Robert! I bet Sheryl is working on getting us an official “first look” photo from her blog. Sly is loyal to Sheryl so I bet she will get it up this week way before Harry at AICN!

  24. supervixenusa Says:

    Sheryl you rock!! Thank you for all the juicy details! I can’t wait to see this Explosive flick. No poparazzi? That’s genius! love u Nikki XXX

  25. ‘The Expendables’, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis y Arnold Schwarzenegger ruedan su escena juntos Says:

    […] publicista de ‘The Expendables’, María Lascala, ha contado en su blog, tras anunciarlo previamente vía Twitter con un subidón del 15, el encuentro histórico de […]

  26. Steve Kasan Says:

    Thank you for your hard work and keeping us updated on this amazing journey!
    I will never forget the advice you gave me and the story about Daniel. Thank you again,
    Steve Kasan.

  27. The Spaniard Says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks for sharing this. It’s a kid’s dream, fullfilled at last 20 years later. I am 33 y.o. and I’m waiting for something like this since the late 80’s.

    Greetings from Barcelona, Europe.
    (btw people here are very excited about The Expendables, and already planning on going to the theaters on release date. I tell you the movie is going to be huge commercial success at Spain too!)

  28. Fake Church Says:

    Sheryl, have you seen AVATAR? I think you would be awesome as a James Cameron crew member:)

    I really hope Sly, Arnold and Bruce plan a trip together for next May’s CANNES. Now that would be true HOLLYWOOD seeing all 3 of them in a tux on the red carpet:)

  29. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, if your great friend Arnold Schwarzenegger came to you and asked you for advice on what film he should first make once he is out of office, what would you suggest to him? Arnie’s fans really want KING CONAN, CRUSADE (Arnie owns the rights), TRUE LIES 2 and TERMINATOR 5 directed by James Cameron? I know Arnie is fully commited to CA right now, but when January of 2011 is here, he will be out of office, so what film should Arnie do first? You suggested Stallone do POE as one of his next few films, so what would you suggest to your great friend Arnie if he asked you for advice?

    And by the way, is there any truth to the report that Arnie might accept an offer to run the MPAA?

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  35. Potro1980 Says:

    What is MPAA?? and Dutch, you are very crazy, man, ha ha, but I´m crazy too like you 😉

  36. ethelmae Says:

    MPAA is the Motion Picture Association of America – the late Jack Valenti headed it up for years. THe MPAA dictates ratings and also is the watch dog on IPR. Can’t speak for Arnold but doesn’t seem like there’s enough action in that job for him. I’d like to see him direct. And while The Crusades has been his passion piece for decades I don’t see him taking his shirt off and getting on a horse…but who knows. I’d like to see him direct AFTER True Lies 2. But keep it straight folks – I did not say he was doing TL2…but that would be my dream project for him. Welsome back Kev – we missed you ;-}
    as for Avatar I saw 15 minutes of it a couple of months ago and was blown away…

    • Mathieu Says:

      With the kind of next generation motion-capture technology being pioneered by Robert Zemeckis and James Cameron, it’s actually possible to see the Arnold of twenty years ago back on the big screen. Look what they did to Ray Winstone for Beowulf! I’d love to see Arnold and Paul Verhoeven finally make Crusade, and that might be a way they could do it…

  37. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, I have to say THANKS for replying to your readers. Thats awesome that you interact and respond. You’re AWESOME! I can see why Stallone and Schwarzenegger work with you. Yes, the MPAA seems too light for Arnie…though he can control the ratings on his future films:) Funny you mention Arnie should direct. Arnold wanted to direct films if he didn’t become governor. He said that in an interview. Regarding CRUSADE, Arnie can do like Eastwood did in UNFORGIVEN and not take off his shirt but still play a bad ass. I’d love for Arnie to direct CRUSADE or even TRUE LIES 2. I also want TL2 with older Jamie Lee Curtis. She still looks great. Since you have Arnie’s ear, maybe you should let him know what his fans want…not that he doesn’t know already. Just a thought!

  38. Potro1980 Says:

    Thanks Sheryl, you are very kind 😀 and all of us
    are wishing to see Arnold back into the world of cinema, like an actor, and a director too, why not? Sly knows a bit about this he he 😉

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  41. Kev Brock Says:

    Arnie for King Conan? Are you guys serious? I don’t think Arnie is in good enough shape for a role like that anymore and I’m sure Arnie himself would agree! Sheryl said Arnie is in good shape but not in good enough bodybuilder shape if you know what I mean. Arnie would need to have that look again if he wants the Conan role.

    As for Conan news, the latest I heard was that Brett Ratner dropped out of directing the next Conan movie and horror film director Marcus Nispel took over. Marcus said it was going to be a remake of “Conan, The Barbarian”. So for the looks of things, I don’t think Arnie will ever reprise his Conan character ever.

    It’s still possible that Arnie could go back to being the Terminator again, full time when his governor run is up. I’d like to see Arnie back in the leading role for T-5. I would rather see that instead of Conan.

    I’m sure Arnie still has interest in returning to Hollywood since he’s still doing cameos. I’m sure we’ll see him back when he’s done with politics! I miss him in the movies too.


  42. DUTCH Says:

    To Sheryl, because you debunked that bogus ROCKY 7 news, ABking spread the word to most of the major websites to take it down. So thanks again for clearing that up. It was actually you that stopped the gossip from making news on tv stations I’m sure. Even AICN just quoted you here:

    To Kev, Arnie would obviously pump some serious iron if he ever decided to take on the role of King Conan again. If Sly can do it, why not Arnie. When the oak is finished with running the state of CA, he will have enough time to pump up for any role, whether it be the T-800 in TERMINATOR 5 or Conan in KING CONAN. I do know however that James Cameron is doing a film with Arnold once 2011 hits. I hope it’s TRUE LIES 2 but it could also be BATTLE ANGEL.

    But the next thing I want to see is the first official THE EXPENDABLES photo(s) that Sheryl will most likely get this week. Can’t wait to see what Sly, Arnie and Bruce are wearing for their big scene!

  43. Dundun Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated sheryl!

    I just want to say something to the rocky 7 rumour.
    I read the interview that people blame for the rumour and it’s so obvious he’s talking about rocky 6, he even says so in the next sentence!(though there’s a typo and they wrote rocky V)
    whoever saw that interview as a confirmation for rocky 7 had a blackout in his reading comprehension.

  44. Lisa Pietsch Says:

    I am tingling with anticipation! Loved the post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  45. Potro1980 Says:

    For one time, Im agree with Kev ha ha ha 😉 the train of Conan have gone to Arnold… I think that is better a younger actor for Conan, for example Roland Kickinger, few months ago it was rumored, that Roland was in the rol at the remake of Conan. personally I would like more to see Arnold in Terminator 5 and anothers Predators, and a lot of new films xD but in T5 he must to be there!

    • ethelmae Says:

      roland can’t act and wouldn’t have a career except for his arnold impersonations like in See Arnold Run which was pure trash!! sorry but having him play Conan would kill the franchise for sure…

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Ha ha ha yes I think so, I only said this for his body, that is very similar than young Arnold, but I think that the best, would be the use of new tecnologies, for example in T5,for can see a young Arnold again, but I don´t see Arnold in Conan, because he must have to be in semi-naked all the film, and Arnold have now a good form fisic for his age, but not for do this…

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  47. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, you prove time and time again you know your shit with box-office casting and how Hollywood runs. Are you sure you weren’t a producer before?:)

  48. DUTCH Says:

    Sheryl, someone at THE ARNOLD FANS wanted me to ask you if greenscreen was used inside the church or if there were any exterior shots filmed with Arnold and the gang? Or are these spoiler questions from my friend?

  49. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Bruce Willis Filmed A Secret Scene With Sylvester Stallone For ‘The Expendables’ « Yuvablog Says:

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  50. KielerKai Says:

    My goodness, this sounds like a dream. I cannot wait to see that sequence on film! It’ll be EPIC, no matter what. 😀

  51. Tom Cooper Says:

    Sheryl, Can’t wait to see this one next year. Sounds like a fun time with the guys. Always great to read your reports from the field. Missed you at the reunion.

  52. Fake Church Says:

    I hope Sly hires you to do similar work for him on RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT. That is Sly’s next movie for Avi Lerner.

    I too want Arnold to become his own producer/director much like Sly and make his own passion projects like CRUSADE, WESTWORLD and whatever else he buys the rights for.

    Tom Cruise is very smart with this.

  53. Ian Says:

    Potro1980, the King Conan script that John Milius wrote was about an aged Conan, so Arnold doesnt need to looks like he did at 30 years old.

    This is all academic though as King Conan is unlikely to ever be made.

  54. Fake Church Says:

    CONAN is being made and starts production in February. Here is the latest news:

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Since that article made it clear that Conan is in his 20’s – 30’s in the next flick, definitely kills all hope of Arnie starring in it. This was made strictly for a younger actor. Sorry Arnie fans!

      I wonder who they’ll get for the young Conan? It’s going to be quite hard to find a young actor with a bodybuilder physique. I’m thinking Taylor Lautner of “Twilight” but he is not that huge yet, so I don’t know.


      • ethelmae Says:

        Lautner certainly has star power for the role – that guy has a big future for sure.

        Oh and Dutch…sorry I can’t answer the questions from the arnoldfan…

        and now for the bad news…got a call yesterday we won’t be releasing a shot of the guys until after the first of the year. That was not a tease – we definitely discussed getting the shot out asap but cooler heads apparently prevailed…makes sense from a marketing pov…guaranteed it will be well worth the wait.

      • Robert Says:

        Its bad news that we have to wait…but understandable. Like you said from a marketing POV..makes sense since the film doesn’t come out till Aug. 2010…but nonetheless, MAYBE start showing at theaters, small teasers from Expendables..very small clips to get alot people even more anxious for this film.
        Get alot of people talking…I remember what marketing team did for Rambo: First Blood II..they only showed Sly’s arms filing his knife, wrapping bullets around his arm, etc..I remember people in line around theaters waiting to see FB 2.
        That they do the same w/Expendables. I know we have the internet..but seeing it on screen!!
        Movie magic! Then a quick fast glimpse of Sly Arnie & Bruce..WOW!!! Then go black..Coming Aug. 2010!!

      • DUTCH Says:

        Robert, I love your ideas!

        That they do the same w/Expendables. I know we have the internet..but seeing it on screen!!
        Movie magic! Then a quick fast glimpse of Sly Arnie & Bruce..WOW!!! Then go black..Coming Aug. 2010!!

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  56. DUTCH Says:

    All hopes of Arnold making another CONAN film is now officially DEAD! No more promoting a new Arnie Conan from me anymore. Lets hope Arnie brings Avi his CRUSADE script to Nu/Image so he can fund it and hopefully Arnie pulls an Eastwood and Stallone and decided to direct himself in it. Sheryl, if I had an extra copy of the Wolan Green 1993 CRUSADE script, I’d mail you a copy. What a masterpiece of action, violence and storytelling. Arnie should direct CRUSADE…and TRUE LIES 2. Can’t wait to see when Sly directs RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT.

  57. DUTCH Says:

    You know what would be awesome, if James Cameron decided to direct WESTWORLD starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold as the vacationers. Cameron and Arnie rulled the sci-fi genre with the TERMINATOR films. But even better, if Arnie got the rights to do TERMINATOR 5 with Cameron. It was smart of Stallone to have bought the rights to HUNTER and then adapt it for RAMBO 5. Rambo will finally be out of the war movie setting and into something fresh and new. Sheryl, won’t it be nice in a few years when you get back on set with Sly, Arnie and Bruce for THE EXPENDABLES 2? We all know part 1 will be a huge hit and that part 2 will star Trench and Church along with Barney!

  58. Sly, Arnie and Bruce’s scene on The Expendables went well. Oh and Rocky 7 isn’t happening « Live for Films Says:

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  59. Fake Church Says:

    In a way, I can wait until the first of the year to see this KICK ASS pic. But god knows it’s gonna be hard:) I really hope once 2010 hits we get that pic ASAP.

    Sheryl, By the way, do you think Arnold will be used in the marketing of the film (ie on tv spots and the official trailer or teaser trailer)?

    Sheryl, please tell Sly and the marketing people the way to sell the trailer and POSTERS is to have the NAMES of all the action CAST including WILLIS and SCHWARZENEGGER.

    It must say starring STALLONE, STATHAM LI etc…with BRUCE WILLIS and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Or appearances by WILLIS and SCHWARZENEGGER. You get the point…PLEASE PASS THE WORD.


  60. DUTCH Says:

    I totally agree with Fake Church on marketing WILLIS & SCHWARZENEGGER!

  61. Kev Brock Says:

    “”Yeah, I’m sure Sly would be marketing Bruce and Arnie for the upcoming new trailers. It’s the only way to get a lot more people interested in the film so, of course Sly will.


  62. DUTCH Says:

    I hope so Kev. With the names STALLONE, SCHWARZENEGGER, WILLIS on trailers, it will become a huge juggernaut worldwide mega blockbuster!

  63. Los rumores de Rocky 7 son falsos - lafactorí Says:

    […] confirmación de que todos los rumores de ‘Rocky 7’ son falsos llegó definitivamente al leer el blog de la publicista que está trabajando junto al director en ‘The Expendables’. Respondiendo a los cientos de […]

  64. Potro1980 Says:

    I´m totally agree with you about the names of Bruce and Arnold in the marketing of the film, please Sheryl, say this to Sly, it would be a succes. And about Conan, Arnold is the boss but, really,I don´t see him ready to do this film already… and I don´t like Taylor Lautner for the remake, he is still very young, and I think that would be better a rougher man for the rol.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I think Marcus Nispel might go for a UFC/WWE wrestler to star as Conan. Triple H has been rumoured to be Conan for many years now….who knows, maybe they’re still interested in Hunter Hearst Helmsley. I honestly think HHH would make a great Conan.


      • Potro1980 Says:

        Yeah, HHH have all for be a new Conan, but I think that the problem is that he is too know as the wrestler HHH, for exemple, finally if he would interprete Conan, here, in Spain, we will see HHH, and not Conan, do you understand? I don´t know if I explain well. I think that the best would be a semi-unknow actor for the role of Conan.

  65. 80s Action Heroes are brought together for new film Says:

    […] Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in the same movie?  Yes, its true.  They all shot a scene together for a film last weekend.  The movie is Stallone’s new picture called The Expendables.  Also in the film is Dolph Lundgren who starred with Stallone in the Rocky IV sequel and of course was an action hero himself  playing He-Man in the film based on the 80s cartoon.  The Expendables is about a team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.   You can read all about the scene with the cameos from Willis and  Schwarzenegger on the movie’s official blog: Ethelmae’s Blog. […]

  66. DUTCH Says:

    When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter if Arnie plays Conan again because he owns his own sword and sandal epic with CRUSADE. The script for CRUSADE is just as good or better than Milius’s KING CONAN. And the best part is, Arnie “owns” the rights. He can direct it, he can bring it to James Cameron to direct…he can do anything with the property.

  67. Behind The Films » Blog Archive » Action trio unite for Expendables scene! Says:

    […] Ethelmae’s Blog AKPC_IDS += "2216,"; Movies, On […]

  68. Robert Says:

    Thanks Dutch for the compliment…my mind goes wild with lots of ideas. I also like your ideas about marketing Willis & Schwarzenegger!
    Dutch, Fake Church, and myself should get into the Movie business, “The Idea” Dept..for casting, marketing, putting trailers together…also a job like Sheryl..I think we would make a good team!!

  69. Fake Church Says:

    LOL Robert.

    Sheryl, it is up to you to let Sly and his team know what is best for the film, the fans and the BOX-OFFICE. If they chose NOT to market ARNOLD and WILLIS, even if it is special appearances, that would be a BIG MISTAKE like Jack Slater would say from LAST ACTION HERO.

    Besides, Arnold needs all the movie publicity he can get since the film comes out in AUGUST and his term ends forever several months after that. THE EXPENDABLES will mark his return…………….

  70. Sylvester Stallones "The Expendables" vielleicht nur PG-13 - Bloodsuckerz | Board of the Dead Says:

    […] Arnie und Bruce vereint Der Autor von Ethelmae's Blog hatte die Ehre bei den Dreharbeiten des kommenden Action-Krachers The Expendables dabei zu sein. […]

  71. DUTCH Says:

    Robert, you’re a crazy dude, but I like it LOL. Hopefully Sheryl doesn’t get upset with all our requests. We are all passionate Sly and Arnie fans and obviosuly we want our heros to succeed at the box-office. Tom Cruise and Will Smith don’t have to be the only guys the studios want to go with to make big budget action films. With RAMBO, Sly proved no one can touch him still (except when Arnie comes back). Now with THE EXPENDABLES, Sly will show studio heads how it’s done when it comes to the action adventure genre. Like Fake Church said, Arnie has to show the young kids of today what they’ve been missing. They know his as the guy that did T3, but they should be excited and say “Arnold is coming back with another great action films”. With THE EXPENDABLES, it re-introduces the oak to the genneral public and marks his return, even if it’s a 3-5 minute cameo. Then the kiddies of today can anticipate future action films like TRUE LIES 2 ect…It would be a huge mistake not to do TL2 because that film has so many fans. It’s one of the greatest action films of all time. It seems like Cameron will be busy directing AVATAR sequels and BATTLE ANGEL, so Arnie should follow Sly and direct some big action films. Sly did an amazing job with RAMBO last year and proved he can direct big action scenes. If that MPAA job is too boring or non challenging for Arnie, how about he direct huge action set pieces in his own TRUE LIES sequel. Directing as a huge challenge like running CA!

  72. muri Says:

    great report here sheryl, thx for a lot of good inside views!

    i cant believe how much time there is still, til we see the 3 finally together…cant wait to see it!

    about sly…please he should never do another rocky, balboa was the best end, the rest would be just making the great hero a joke!

    i`m a 100 pro “PO” as the next movie he should direct and maybe he should have a little part (supporting role) in it, but ROBERT PATTISON AS PO…HELL NOOO!sorry sheryl!
    this boy cant act, he is just a face and always looks the same!

    robert downey has the look, talent, the attitude even if i would love to see viggo mortensen in it a lot more, but i guess he is slowly getting to old for it?!
    what about johnny depp?

  73. muri Says:

    by the way…i`m super glad/happy sly listened to the voices of the fans and arnie is not playing himself!:)

    best thing sly could have done, thx sly!

  74. johnwalanp Says:

    Sly has certainly proven the naysayers wrong over the past couple of years – no studios initially wanted to back-up and finance Rocky Balboa which went on to become the critical and commercial success it was, followed very closely by the beautifully matter-of-fact and intense Rambo, and wisely-so. Sly was still in top shape in-front and behind the camera, and it kept Sly still very fresh in the media’s eye.

    Now Sly has the commercial clout again to make The Expendables a huge box office and (one hopes) a critical success next year, and I sure hope they market it and tease it correctly without giving too many of the ‘money shots’ away before the release date. I would be more than happy to wait to see the ‘big reunion’ on screen on opening day, fresh for the first time – that alone will sell millions upon millions of tickets! To quote Lord of the Rings: “Keep it secret, keep it safe” …..then hit everyone smack bang in the face with a cinematic scene that will go down in movie history.

    I also hope it introduces more and more younger faces to the original action movie stars and they discover a love and appreciation for their classic movies. Movies where CGI was unheard of, pointless obligatory female nudity was added for the guys, and cheesy one-liners and catchphrases were the staple diet of these household names and recognised universally and these guys were worshiped like gods.

    Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to kick back and watch Tango & Cash…. or maybe Cobra?

  75. Update: Sylvester Stallone Does NOT Plan to Follow Rambo 5 With Rocky 7 | /Film Says:

    […] 2: Stallone's publicist (via AICN) has debunked this story definitively. Original story […]

  76. DUTCH Says:

    Yes, Sly listened to his fans and nixed that ridiculous idea of Arnie playing himself. That would have made the movie crap in my eyes. But Arnie is Trench so no worries. As for POE, I wish Sly would do it right after RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT and release it in December of the year he chooses. That way he gets Oscar consideration. Then after POE, do THE EXPENDABLES 2 with Arnie, Bruce and some new action heroes.

    Regarding keeping Arnie and Bruce a secret until the opening of the film, that would be a huge mistake. By now, many many people, fans, the general public will get wind of the three icons being in the film. This is the news aga people, word spreads. Even if it’s only 50% of movie fans/general public that knows about the three icons in one movie, it’s still enough to market SCHWARZENEGGER & WILLIS in the trailers. By saying :featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, IT SELLS MORE TICKETS…and thats what Sly needs to make sure we all get THE EXPENDABLES 2!

  77. Fake Church Says:

    Make no mistake, MOST people have already heard that SCHWARZENEGGER and WILLIS are in THE EXPENDABLES so there is no secret. Magazines, news outlets and the internet has reported on the SLY/ARNOLD/WILLIS team-up for months. People already know what to expect.

    I SAY MARKET THIS MOVIE with their names on the POSTERS, the TRAILERS and the TV SPOTS!

  78. DUTCH Says:

    Bttom line people, if Mr. Stallone wants to sell more tickets—and thats the name of the game in Hollywood and box-office—he will find a way to include his iconic pals ARNOLD & BRUCE in the trailers and name them. Sly has already started naming some of the cast mates on that 3 minute clip he showed the film festival, so he should now incorporate that to his THE EXPENDABLES trailers and name: SATLLONE, STATHAM, LI, ROURKE, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, and featuring ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and BRUCE WILLIS. Bammm, millions upon millions more tickets sold around the world!!!

  79. Fake Church Says:

    Imagine the poster on your wall Sheryl:


    ALL Those names on that POSTER (one sheet) would have to be framed in GOLD:)

  80. Kev Brock Says:

    Keep in mind guys, that posters are very small in heighth and width, so there’s a reason that Hollywood only prints a few big name stars on the posters. Lionsgate/Nu Image can’t fit every cast member on the poster. This is why they only have to fit a few on there. I think there will be different versions of the Expendables posters at movie theaters with a few characters in each poster, kind of like what they do with other movies such as “X-Men”, “GI Joe”, etc. I’m sure the movie studios will put Sly, Bruce and Arnie on a poster too. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.


  81. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, look at THE OCEAN’S 11 movies and then say the above again…

  82. Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis finally shoot their Expendables scene | Gay Sci-Fi Nerds (GSFN) Podcast Show Says:

    […] and Arnold Schwarzenegger to shoot a very special scene for The Expendables. Now according to Ethelmae’s Blog the scene was shot last weekend and having witnessed this historic movie event she described what […]

  83. ethelmae Says:

    we did the special shot for the one sheet, etc in May in New Orleans. Photog Patrick Ecclesine did a beautiful job…the key shot is of The Expendables…Sly, Jason, Jet, Dolph, Terry & Randy. But Kev is right – I would think the posters in Asia would highlight Jet while the euro ones would highlight Jason & Dolph…Sly of course is in everything – not sure how using anrold & bruce ups the ante – everyone knows they are in the film. Their roles are cameos and my 2 cents is it would be misleading to make it look like they are all over the movie.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I agree with Sheryl, Arnie and Bruce are only in small parts, if they advertised and marketed them for the masses, people would be extremely dissapointed to see them only in little parts. Not the whole movie.

      That is why the media never advertised Bill Murray being a cameo in “Zombieland” ’cause it’s just a cameo, he didn’t need to be advertised all over the place.

      Now I can see exactly why Sly is holding off the pics of the Bruce, Arnie and Sly scene, it all has something to do with a marketing thing. If Sly throws these pics on the internet, it will get people thinking that Arnie and Bruce are starring the leading role when they are not.

      On top of that, you guys shouldn’t worry about the posters and Arnie/Bruce being in the trailers anyway. Sly finished the film, we all should look forward to that, and not beg him how to advertise his movie. There are reasons that Sly is strict about these things. Let Lionsgate and Sly handle the advertising.

      I can see Arnie/Bruce being in trailers though, not the whole trailer, but I’m sure they’ll show Arnie/Bruce just for a few seconds in the upcoming trailers.


  84. Fake Church Says:

    There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between Bill Murray’s appearance in ZOMBIELAND and that of Bruce and Arnold…and that is that the major movie websites and the media have already made a BIG DEAL about Bruce and Arnold being in THE EXPENDABLES letting a vast majority of people know they are in it.

    That was never the case for Bill Murray’s appearance in ZOMBIELAND. I guess they kept that a secret. No one is trying to keep the fact that BRUCE and ARNOLD appear in THE EXPENDABLES.

    And again, that is why I suggested that the one-sheet and movie trailers say “APPEARNCES BY ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and BRUCE WILLIS”! Exactly how would that be misleading if the word APPEARANCE is used? I would hope Americans and people overseas have enough common sense to know what the word APPEARANCE means.

    It would be DROPPING THE BALL in my opinion if Arnold and Bruce don’t get marketed in the campaign. They will obviously be in a PART II so what sense would that make for them to be marketed all over a second film, but kept out of the marketing campaign for the first…and again, it is no secret they are apart of this film!

  85. ethelmae Says:

    well since we aren’t making the decision on this we will just have to wait and see. Whether they are or they aren’t the movie will stand on its own.

  86. DUTCH Says:

    We;ll just have to wait and see what happens, but the bottom line is MONEY! If Sly wants his baby to make as much money possible, include SCHWARZENEGGER & WILLIS on 90% of everything. The final one-sheet should be in the vein of the LAST ACTION HERO one where they showed numerous characters from the film. That way, Arnie and Willis can be included, even if smaller on the poster.

  87. Fake Church Says:

    Sheryl, I know we are not making the decisions and I know Sly is a smart man…I just hope he does what is best. Film and marketing campaigns are forever so I hope that is in the back of his mind.

    This film is an ENSEMBLE film much like the OCEAN’S 11 movies. I bet if you count how much screen time (for example) that asian guy on the team in that film got it wouldn’t amount to much (or Scott Caan, James Caan’s son), yet he/they are a major part of the team/film. Same goes for ARNOLD and BRUCE. I don’t believe these appearances are being filmed just for fun. I think it is to set up for the obvious sequel in which Arnold would no longer be governor.

    Just take a look at the OCEAN’S 11, 12 AND 13 posters and tell me ALL the names didn’t fit and sell that franchise!

    • Kev Brock Says:

      well, Sly does seem to be following the fans advice. Sly does read the stallonezone, the AICN talk backs, and I’m sure he does read the comments here on a regular basis. I’ll never forget the fact that Sly tried to get Kurt Russell for us but Kurt said no to this movie, sadily. Sly also tried to get Jean Claude Van Damme and he turned that down as well. He also replaced 50 Cent in Expendables after the negative feedback of that choice of actor. So yeah, Sly does go by the fans decisions sometimes. So, I guess it’s good to speak out and grab his attention. I’m sure he’s listening to us. 🙂


  88. DUTCH Says:

    If Sly is listening to us right now on Sheryl’s blog, market SCHWARZENEGGER & WILLIS:) With that said, can’t wait until 2010 for the first official still!

  89. Fake Church Says:

    That first image should really be a X-MAS present:)

  90. Robert Says:

    I would have to agree with Sheryl, since Arnold & Bruce have really can’t put their names on poster. It’s misleading in a sense that they are NOT in the whole movie like the rest of the guys.
    Let’s trust in Sly & his Team to market it as it should be. Since Sly wrote, directed, produced..he WILL be involved in ALL aspect of the film. Not like the marketing people for his film “Get Carter”, which in my opinion was a very good movie/cast/action…but what happened??!! They really didn’t do any marketing, they didn’t push that film whatsoever…in my opinion.
    I hear you when you say “Sly has to market Bruce & Arnold” in the posters…but its misleading like Sheryl says.
    But you know what?? It’s OUR PASSION for this film to do huge business…to show everyone that SLY can write & direct an awesome movie with this type of cast and like Sheryl mentioned, the movie: “THE EXPENDABLES” WILL STAND ON ITS OWN!!!!!!
    This movie has been already been talked about for a long time, its been on the internet buzz for quite some time. Its a very anticipated movie, its on the list of films to see!!!
    Sly’s movie is gonna ROCK! Avi Lerner was already talking sequel when they were still filming the battle scene at General Garza’s!!
    He knows he has a franchise on his don’t think Sly and all the Exec’s have been talking about EX2?? They already have ideas/storylines..I wouldn’t doubt they already got JCVD, Seagal, Russell signed up already with ALL THE BUZZ for this movie!!
    Then w/Bruce & Arnold onboard since their characters have been establish in the first movie…OMG..Expendables 2 is REALLY GONNA ROCK!!
    Everyone and their mother is gonna want to be in Sly’s Expendables!
    So let’s put alittle faith in our main man….SLY

  91. Fake Church Says:

    Nice post Robert…BUT again, I always suggest using the word APPEARANCE BY. That is they key to not mislead anyone 😉

  92. DUTCH Says:

    In Sly I trust!

  93. Potro1980 Says:

    JCVD, Russel and Seagal in Expendables 2?? all of three did´nt want to participate in Expendables, I don´t see that they change their opinion too easy, and before of talk about Expendables 2 first let´s wait to see Expendables, and what happen with the film…

  94. Kev Brock Says:

    I’m sorry guys, but I don’t want another “Expendables” movie with different action stars. Honestly, I don’t want Sly doing sequels of his other movies outside of Rocky and Rambo. If he wants to do more “Rocky” and “Rambo”, that’s fine with me. That’s what Sly is known for.

    Doing another “Expendables” movie will make Sly look kind of egostitical and desperate for another hit. The man even admits to having an ego by saying jokes like, “A movie full egos”, and stuff like that. I don’t want “Tango and Cash 2”, I don’t want “Cliffhanger 2”, don’t want another “Demolition Man” or another “Get Carter”.

    I want to see Sly remaking “Death Wish” and doing “Poe” next, after he’s done with “Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt”. I think Rambo should be his last sequel and I want Sly to concentrate on other work. No more sequels.


  95. DUTCH Says:

    Potro1980, yes, all talk should remain on the first THE EXPENDABLES film. I’m just waiting until the first official photo of the trio breaks all over the net!

    Kev, too bad you don’t want a sequel to THE EXPENDABLES because Avi Lerner already said he see’s this as a three part franchise. Sly also agree’s with him. I don’t think it’s about ego, I think it’s about making more kick ass action films and also staying relevant in the game called HOLLYWOOD. If you didn’t notice, Sly needs surefire blockbusters and since RAMBO 5 will most likely be his last sequel to his two iconic characters, the Italian Stallion needs a money making no brainer franchise. Hell yes I want POE…don’t know so much about a DEATH WISH remake, but Sly should continue THE EXPENDABLES with a part II. Hell, the sequel doesn’t need a bunch of new action guys, just ARNOLD and WILLIS on a new mission with SLY!

  96. Fake Church Says:

    I say drop the idea of adding any new action stars…(maybe just one and it should be Van Damm). Although he was foolish for turning down a hit because he has an ego and yet his next few films look like crap.

    I say build on the actors who live from the first film and expand on ARNOLD and BRUCE as leads.

    Kev, ROCKY is over. RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT will be the last RAMBO movie (most likely). In other words, Sly needs a NEW franchise and both he and Avi Lerner know that is with THE EXPENDABLES. This kind of film begs for sequels (different missions/adventures). You should OPEN YOUR MIND like QUATO would say from TOTAL RECALL 😉 and see this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Sly to have a tentpole each summer the EXPENDABLES movies come out.

    Some of you forget next summer is going to be very competative with action titles. We have THE A-TEAM, Angelina Jolie in the action fest SALT, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in DAY & KNIGHT, etc. etc. THE SUMMER is going to get competative as always. That is why I want THE EXPENDABLES to hit and hit BIG.

    That is why I say Sly goes all out with his marketing campaign to include SCHWARZENEGGER and BRUCE. Once the other studios and movies and stars see the names STALLONE/SCHWARZENEGGER/WILLIS on a poster, tv spot or trailer…they will STAY AWAY!

    Sheryl, can you at least tell Sly of our ideas…PLEASE 🙂 and then let him decide?

  97. DUTCH Says:

    Yes, Sheryl is in the game of Hollywood and wants whats best for Mr. Stallone’s THE EXPENDABLES. It would be nice if Sly reads what his fans want or suggest from this blog. God knows Sly reads Harry Knowles AICN talkbacks. God also knows Sly listens to ALOT of feedback and thoughts from his fans that have his back. Hope he reads Sheryl’s blog once in a while.

  98. Potro1980 Says:

    I´m with you Dutch, Expendables 2 only would needs Arnold, Bruce and Sly to be amazing! I want that Sly make sequels of his greats succes films, but Poe, is not a exciting film to me, because Sly can´t be the protagonist, only would direction and he would have a secondary role as much. Poe is one of the biggest horror´s writers in the history, and an american icon, so I understand that you, americans, want to see this film.

  99. Fake Church Says:


  100. Potro1980 Says:

    And another thing, I don´t want JCVD in a possible sequel of Expendables already, he rejected Sly´s invitation, when he would must have thanked to Sly for his courtesy, because, How many succes films have made JCVD in the last years eh? all went direct to dvd market… This fact seemed to me very bad by JCVD, so now, his expendable train should have left for him…

  101. Kev Brock Says:

    If what you said is true about “The Expendables” being a three part trilogy, I won’t believe it until I see some official news from either Sheryl, Lionsgates or Sly himself. There hasn’t been any news about an “Expendables” trilogy as far as I know. I think Rocky and Rambo is good enough, if Sly has another big franchise, the “Expendables” would overshadow Rocky and Rambo with all these action stars. I honestly think, one “Expendables” movie is enough

    I just think it’s best for Sly that he shouldn’t do anymore sequels. What’s sad is that the public seems to ignore that Sly wants to remake “Death Wish” and do an Edgar Allan Poe biopic, yet, his fanbase still wants to see more sequels of his other films.

    I want to see Sly concentrating on doing some more original material too. I don’t think he wants to do action films all the time, he wants to mix up genres which is why he threw “Poe” in the mix as to get away from action and do something serious.

    I think Sly would make a very good Edgar Allan Poe biopic with an interesting plot and actors with good acting chops. If Heath Ledger was still alive, imagine Heath playing Poe, that would have been amazing and I think Heath would have nailed the Poe role perfectly. RIP Heath.



  102. Potro1980 Says:

    Imagine this, imagine that… let´s talk about possiblities Kev, not about fantasy that, unhappily. is not possible already… and Kev, Expendables as a trilogy was said by Avi Lerner two months ago, aprox.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Me, talking about fantasies? Hey, I’m not the one dreaming here, it’s most of you dreaming up fantasies with all these silly sequels that will never happen!!!


  103. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, you are not keeping up again. AVI LERNER and SLY stated that THEY BOTH WANT SEQUELS. This is not a LIE, it is a FACT.

    And yes, I also want POE to come out sometime soon, maybe even after RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT.

    BUT PLEASE, I do NOT want Sly touching DEATH WISH. That is a bad idea waiting to happen. Give that to Statham or Van Damme. Sly is bigger and better than a DEATH WISH remake. That idea/concept has been done to death. Any the reason Sly is making ALL these action films is because he has accepted reality that-that is what the public and fans want from him (his words). We can’t see Sly in a Lifetime drama now can we. Even Sly is not capable of all things.

    You really believe that EXPENDABLES sequels can overshadow two ICONIC and famous series like ROCKY and RAMBO? Get real my friend. That can and will NEVER happen. And with that said…bring on EXPENDABLES II starring STALLONE, SCHWARZENEGGER and WILLIS 😉

  104. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, you said “If what you said is true about “The Expendables” being a three part trilogy, I won’t believe it until I see some official news from either Sheryl, Lionsgates or Sly himself.”

    Stallone did mention sequels to THE EXPENDALES!

    Kev, you said “Expendables” would overshadow Rocky and Rambo with all these action stars.”

    Would a new film character of Harrison Ford ever overshadow INDIANA JONES? No way in hell! Barney is no Rocky or Rambo!

    Kev, you said “his fanbase still wants to see more sequels of his other films.”

    Of course we do, because if Sly gives the world some of the greatest action films like THE EXPENDABLES in his elder years, we want to see him still working, being successful and keeping the action genre alive. Who else is gonna do it, Chanum Tatum? Hell NO!

    oNOn a positive note, POE is coming!

  105. Fake Church Says:

    Sheryl, when will Sly reveal the ONE SHEET?

  106. muri71 Says:

    oh jesus…

    first and again, i am a stallone fan since rocky 3 and i saw it in 1983, for the first time and sly became my idol, the reason why i started to train from time 2 time, depends if i can beat my laziness 😉 and the reason why i became a low budget filmmaker myself etc.

    at some points i`m with you guys and at some, i`m not.

    i love the rocky saga except part 5, til death, but i dont want another sequel. rocky balboa was the best ending, it was perfect and thats it!

    about rambo…he really even impressed me, cus i never thought that another rambo would/could work out like the rocky balboa story.
    cus i thought, therefor he is to old.
    in boxing u always have the george forman real thing, so it worked in the boxing universe without being a joke.
    but rambo was always about a man on a mission movie, the outsider who gets the mission done. but it was also about toping the movie before in killing, his body etc.
    i thought he couldnt get it done believable…but he did. he put the gore element into the rambo movie and that was something, i havent seen until i`ve seen john rambo and it was great.
    sly even looked meaner than before.
    but he also brought it to an end ,which was great…rambo getting home and getting maybe his peace back…it ended like first blood began. he on his way home and in my eyes, you cant get a better ending for the rambo franchise.
    now if sly will do another rambo, i really think and i love this man…he will screw it!
    its time he should let the past in the past and start new and he did start new by ending his iconing roles and start to find new ones.
    i dont want him to do cobra 2, demolition 2, or tango 2…it would have been great if he did them in the 80`s or 90`s but he didnt and its good that way.
    those movies were great in their time, but what? arent there enough good stories out there?

    i always thought sly could do it the eastwood way…clint was this freaking cowboy dude and dirty harry, but for what is he known now…in the last 20 years, one of the best film makers around, an oscar filmmaker.
    sly always had the talent in writing, directing and yes acting…maybe most of the people have forgotten, what a great actor he was, before he became mister franchise and the leading action icon.
    besides his fans of course…but this acting thing became a no talking thing! it was done after he started franchises, nobody outthere talks about what a great talent he had as an actor anymore.
    they only talk about his action movies…his body etc.
    thats sad, cus he really had the talent to be a new brando, de niro etc and the good thing is, its still not to late.
    he had moments in rocky balboa and i really see him in the eastwood league as a movie maker…if he starts after the expendables to do great movies even without “”action”.
    i want him to do po and i want him to stay on this road of becoming a great movie maker and getting back of becoming an oscar actor!

    as much as i love the idea of sequels for the expendables and maybe getting kurt & jcvd & wesley on board but it didnt happend with this movie and i`m hyped man, I´m really hyped for this movie and anyone who is going to download this movie and not watching it in the cinema SHOULD BURN IN HELL!
    but i want sly slowly getting out of the action league befor its getting a joke…i really wouldnt have a problem if he would do ONE deathwish revenge movie but a BIG NO to: rambo, cliffhanger, cobra, tango, etc
    its time he should move on and start to make great movies and start to act again.

    i really believe sly has it still in him to do another inspiring movie like the first rocky movie and i`m not talking about a sports movie cus you can say what you want. rocky wasnt only about sport, the first movie has so much more to offer except that.

    i think sly should start and go back to good true story telling which the first rocky was always to me & get back to acting.
    clint did some great acting in unforgiven and million dollar baby & those movies were great story telling and sly is by a mile a better actor than clint.

    these are my thoughts…and yes i grew up in the 80`s and i always loved those movies…i love action movies but i also love good story telling movies and i always thought sly did waste his talent.

    its a shame copland didnt made it for him, cus sly was brilliant in it…the last time he really did act a full movie.
    but i think hollywood aint about one movie… if he`d stay on that path for 2-3 movies longer…he would have been back in the oscar race but thats my opinion.

    sorry for mistakes…i`m from germany so english isnt my mother tongue!

    so HELL NO about a nonsens rambo savage hunt stuff, that sounds so direct to dvd jcvd or segal like.

    if sly has in mind to get back in the oscar game…he should end with the expendables as his last action movie.
    i mean how cooler can you end…in casting all the names, the icons and legends… who wanted to be a part of this and those who didnt, screw you!
    i think sly should do his revenge movie with deathwish but only if he has a deal with millenium or lionsgate…whomever if not…HE SHOULD DO “PO” and after that no more action movies.
    i see him in great storytelleing movies…great acting movies…like clint did in the last 10 years.

  107. Kev Brock Says:

    Ok, where is your proof that Avi Lerner and Sly agreed to sequels of the Expendables?

    I actually agree with muri, that Sly should concentrate on good storytelling more than action. I want Sly to find a film where he could land himself back in the Oscars again and I’m sure “Poe” will do that for him. He deserves a Best Director award at some point.

    I love Sly as the action star, but I want to see him do more out of that genre.

    I do look forward to seeing, “The Expendables” just as everyone else, it looks like great action fun and a thrill ride, we need to look forward to that.


    • Potro1980 Says:

      Yes Kev, I said already that first wait to see Expendables, and then, will let´s see what happens… but the plan is make of Expendables a trilogy, said by Avi Lerner, I read his declarations some time ago.

  108. Fake Church Says:

    wow, some people’s heads are in the clouds. It’s one thing to just say hey Sly should make some great dramas, and it’s another for a studio to actually want to finance SYLVESTER STALLONE in one of those films. Make no mistake, HOLLYWOOD is a BUSINESS and Sly is not the first person that comes to mind when a drama is written. THAT is the cold hard reality.

  109. Potro1980 Says:

    Ah! I remenber now! Sly said that the plan was make a trilogy of The Expendables if the first film has succes, and Avi Lerner was agree with this, but he does´nt understand that Sly wants to make Poe, and not a film wiht shots and explosions… these are words from Stallone.

  110. Kev Brock Says:

    Links, where are they? The source? I need proof, don’t talk and make things up. That’s how these rumours of Sly making “Rocky 7” start in the first place!


  111. Potro1980 Says:

    Kev, you always doing the same haha 😉 I don´t have the link, but here you are a link of Dolph Lundgren talking about Expendables and a posible sequel, and I hope Dolph is in that he he.

    And Sheryl please,can you clear us? the film will be pg 13, don´t?

  112. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, Stallone does good storytelling by doing action films. Oh sorry, you want him to go outside of action films again and give the world more SHADE, DRIVEN and AVENGING ANGELO. Those aren’t action films and those film were when Sly experimented and almost was shut down by Hollywood. Me personally, I want Sly to succeed and if that means writing some great storytelling action films and sticking to what works, I’m all for it. POE is a great must make film but don’t kid yourself and start dreaming of Sly doing OTHELLO or SHAKESPEAR.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I never said I wanted him to stop doing action movies. I still want him to do action movies like he’s known for of course. I just want him to start doing other genres. Do a mix. I would like to see him do a thriller sometime. Maybe a comedy film. Sly should mix it up. I mean, who would want to see a 70 year old man doing action movies all the time? Sly’s going to have to stop doing ’em at some point.


  113. Potro1980 Says:

    With Rocky Balboa and Rambo went back Sly to the place that he deserves in the world of the cinema, so I think he must continue to make this type of films mostly. Sly is the number one, an action hero and an icon of the history of the cinema, so viva Sylvester Stallone and viva the action movies! 😉

  114. Kev Brock Says:

    Hey Potro, I read that link you posted and there is no where in that article where Sly said a trilogy is confirmed where Avi Lerner agreed with Sly about it. All Dolph said was that Sly “never mentioned” a sequel. All Dolph said was, “There are starting to talk about it and starting to hold that up”. That doesn’t mean anything is confirmed. That doesn’t prove anything on how Avi Lerner confirmed a sequel with Sly.

    On a side note, Hollywood usually don’t confirm sequels of movies early depending on how the first one does in the box office. If, “The Expendables” does well in the box office, maybe there’s a possible chance.

    There’s no confirmation about a sequel in that link, all I’m seeing that it “might” happen. Don’t get your hopes up yet.


  115. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, here is one of the links I had to go searching for. There are several more, but here ya go:

    “there will be both PG-13 and R rated cuts for The Expendables and they will test each to decide which to release. The Expendables is costing about 80 million dollars, thanks to so many real explosions, the star cast, and everything else that goes into making an action flick. The studio wants this film to be a big hit and Avi is hoping to turn it into a franchise – including whoever doesn’t die in the first film in subsequent films.”

  116. Fake Church Says:

    EVERYTHING in HOLLYWOOD is about FINANCING! THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE (ASK SHERYL). Sly coming off ROCKY BALBOA, RAMBO and THE EXPENDABLES is not going to get FOX, WB, DISNEY, COLUMBIA, PARAMOUNT etc. to say “hey lets greenlite a comedy, a romance or a drama with SYLVESTER STALLONE as the star.”

    What they are going to say is hey, lets stick a gun in Sly’s hand and watch him blow away the bad guys. SORRY, sad but true. Stallone already knows and accepts this reality and that is why he is still making BIG action movies and why RAMBO: SAVAGE HUNT is next.

    I want POE next after RAMBO, but even Avi Lerner is not quick to greenlite that film. He recently asked Sly if there will be any gun fights or explosions in the film…I think it was ment as a joke, but you get where Avi is coming from. POE should only cost about 10 million (I’m guessing) so there really wont be any risk involved.

  117. Gillinator Says:

    Hey guys, quite the lively discussion going on here! Thought I would chime in with a better link for Avi talking Expendables sequels:

    As the article points out, the guy sees everything as a franchise, and this one doesn’t mention anything from Sly about it, but it will certainly be talked about if the film does well– WHICH IT WILL of course!

    As for the marketing angle, I’m of the opinion that they should not go overboard marketing Arnold and Bruce. A hint of it in the trailers and sure maybe a small “appearances by” or “featuring” on the posters, but having Arnold’s image on it or name as big as the main stars would backfire because people would think he has a bigger role than one scene, not to mention Arnold would take a political beating for it (probably will anyway). One more year, then all bets are off and Arnold can “be back” fully in movies again! Crusade, True Lies 2, Doc Savage, more Expendables, bring it on! I really hope this is what he decides to do.

  118. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, here is more on a link to THE EXPENDABLES II AND III:

    If “The Expendables” hits big – and I think it’s pretty safe to say it will – you can expect further adventures of the titular mercs.

    Millennium Films’ Avi Lerner said recently that he believes the company has their next big franchise in 63-year-old Sly’s flick.

    “Definitely. We already have got some ideas about ‘Expendables No. 2,’ ‘No. 3,’ Definitely, it’s a franchise movie.”

    So having said that, there’s always the possibility that Schwarzenegger and Willis might pop up again as Trench and Church, respectively, in sequels.

    Gillinator, thats all we ask for with marketing Arnie and Bruce. As long as they appear in some of the marketing, all is well. Arnie and Bruce will help sell the movie with their iconic names and images involved. Plus we know Arnie will go to the premiere and maybe to Cannes with Sly.

  119. Fake Church Says:

    I see THE EXPENDABLES opening to nothing less than 40 million on opening weekend. It will be a matter of time before it crosses the 100 million domestic gross. THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL.

    I want THE EXPENDABLES to be both Sly and Arnold’s franchise film together. Each can make their own BIG action films. Sly can have RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT and then Arnold with WESTWORLD or TRUE LIES 2…but then every two or three years they both come together for an EXPENDABLES sequel.

  120. DUTCH Says:

    Stallone and Schwarzenegger should be making THE EXPENDABLES VI all the way until they reach 87 years old. Then Sly should do POE and Arnie do CRUSADE:) LOL

  121. Fake Church Says:

    Gillinator, “appearances by” or “featuring” on the posters is a nice and effective move and not misleading at all. Same with a movie trailer.

  122. muri71 Says:

    funny that the same guys who say “sly should do po” also say “he should stick with action movies”!
    whats wrong with this picture?

    of course hollywood is and always was about money…but sly started as an actor and a good storyteller and became later this action franchise icon!
    i love action movies but reality check people, sly is not getting younger, even if his body looks better than anyone else in his age. that really doesnt mean he can do action movies until he is 75. that wont work plus it would look ridicilous, with the years to come…even if i`m a fan.

    clint eastwood became an action icon with his tough guy western movies and his dirty harry films and now what? if he would never go through the risk of makin some great movies, even if people didnt went to see it in the cinema he would never became a great filmmaker these day.
    if clint makes a movie now, no one talks about his leone western or dirty harry films.
    in the last 10 years he is known for great storytelling and great movies, nearly every movie of his last 6-8 works were oscar movies!

    i see sly there, most of you guys maybe forgotten sly came from this base of storytelling, great movies and acting!

    i`m giga hyped for the expendables, not a second hyped for a next rambo, it ended good i dont want to see sly with a bandana again.

    po is the way to go and after that, he should go through this period of trying to make him self known again, as a great storyteller of good movies and a actor. i think sly was there enough in the action genre.

    the last full good acted movie of sly was copland and as dutch said that: driven, angelo, and shade are not action movies, well if someone of you think, those movies were oscar contenders, your way off!;)

    2 of those movies were low budget movies and driven is really well…only just a bad movie, bad casted (except sly of course) and a waste of money PLUS the the reason why shade, angelo happend
    those movies only happend, because driven bombed after that it was hard for sly to get good roles and thats the reason why his name became a no go for some years.
    driven is a sport cars, action movie and one of the main reasons why sly was down in neverland for some years.

    as good as rocky balboa and john rambo were, he needed his old franchises to get back in the ring.
    the movies made money, not as much as in the glory days but he should let those cows sleep now forever and start new.
    start to invent himself again, like he did 2-3 times in his career.

    great storytelling in action movies? well i`ve seen em all, which action movie has “great storytelling” in it?
    maybe i`m wrong are we talking about action movies like predator or action movies like cobra, well i hope you get the point, those movies a are genre faves, cool, good if you like those kind of movies (i do but i also know, those are not great storytelling movies) yeah but great storytelling, come on?!

    no one said he should do shakespeare clint also does no shakespeare, great movies/storytelling doesnt mean shakespeare people.
    look clint did unforgiven, mystery river, million dollar baby, letters, changeling…all great movies, about telling a story all great acted, great made…all no shakespeare!

    i see sly there…if he starts to write stories like the first rocky again…he can go there and do movies like copland on his own!
    those movies what would they cost 5-10 mil. bucks?
    sly has a lot of friends and he can get some names in a good storytelling movie like de niro, willis for small roles if the project is worth it.
    i bet if sly would write good matrial again, they even wouldnt want him to pay them the full fee they are worth.
    with no risk he will not get there…but if he goes on like this…meet the spartans…will not the last time they will make jokes about sly.
    its a shame…

    but after expendables he should let the action genre be…and start again. with maybe 2-3 small movies, self written and directed…good storytelling, no action in the traditional way and start to star in smaller roles as a father, a uncle, or twisted characters he can go there…and i hope he will?!
    if he would do those movies just for 5 mil. with the name stallone he would always get 30 mil. back. even if people know he wont to action movies anymore.

  123. DUTCH Says:

    What a LONG and unneeded RANT! Keep the rant short because your point gets lost in the rant. Yes, I want POE because Sly will not star and I want to see him direct what is said to be a MASTERPIECE script, much like Arnie’s CRUSADE is a masterpiece script. I can have POE and have my RAMBO:THE SAVAGE HUNT! You want Sly to do more SHADES and COPLAND (great film), I want more THE EXPENDABLES, CLIFFHANGER and RAMBO type films. Stop the long rants because in the end, look at the films our hero has choosen…action adventure films. If you can’t accept that, move on to Daniel Day Lewis as your hero. He does the films you guys talk about and want. Be realistic…Sly accepts his audience and what he is “SUCCESSFUL” in. Wake up guys or you will make Sly go into a rut again with films like SHADE and AVENGING ANGELO.

  124. Potro1980 Says:

    The worst works of Sly were comedies and anothers films without action, it is clear, since this, began his unhappy fall in the industrie during many years… only with his iconic franchises, Rocky and Rambo, Sly got return to his true place in the industrie of the cinema. If Expendables have succes Sly said that Avi Lerner wants a trilogy, but this we will see, first let´s wait, I don´t have very clear that Expendables will make a lot of money , because some stupid people still have prejudices about Sly and his films, and specially, I want to see the quality of the film, because the mix of humor and action… I trust in Sly but… Rocky Balboa and Rambo were very good films, I hope that Expendables be a good film too, but I will not deny that I´m worry about this…

  125. Kev Brock Says:

    muri is probably the most intelligent guy in this blog, I agree with everything he’s saying. Kudos. Over the years, Sylvester Stallone HAS TRIED every genre in the movie business. He started out as drama, he tried out a few comedies like “Oscar”, “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot”, “Tango and Cash”, etc. He’s even done a few family films like “Spy Kids”, “Antz”, etc. He’s done one thriller called, “Eye See You” it was a straight to video movie, but I thought it actually a really good one wishing that film got the recognition it deserved. Just because his past films failed, doesn’t mean “Poe” or his other work out of the action genre will fail too. The past is a learning experience and I think Sly could learn from them to not make those mistakes again. Sly is not going to do action movies for the rest of his life, what part of that don’t you guys understand?

    And guys, you seriously need to get a reality check, the articles you posted came from movie blogs where anybody can make things up. That’s how these rumours start. I’m not believing anything until we get confirmation from either Sheryl or Sly. I find it hilarious how some of you guys believe everything you read online.

    Al Avi Lerner said is that they are talking about making the Expendables a three part trilogy franchise, already talking about ideas, he may have said “definitely” but that is still not promising anything. He never said anything about Sly being part of the next two movies. What if the next two “‘Expendables” movies are confirmed and Sly won’t direct or star in the next two? It could happen.


  126. Kev Brock Says:

    I didn’t mean to post my name twice, I typed this really fast, sorry.

  127. Potro1980 Says:

    Yes Kev, and some unfortunate day Sly will dead, as all of us… man, is clear that Sly is not going to make action films with 80 years old, some day he must have to make another type of films, but I think that currently,he should make action films mostly,as long as he can, because the action films gave his fame, and it is defendant by his fans.

  128. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, you make NO SENSE with the above. Believe what you want to believe, but you wanted proof and GOT IT. And the articles are real and to be believed.

    I don’t know how seriously I can take you after stating EYE SEE YOU was a good movie! WTF! That movie was a piece of trash, PERIOD! And it did have a limited U.S. release much like SHADE. For all you guys that want Sly to star in drama’s…I’m sure they can be made, but they will go STRAIGHT TO VIDEO. Maybe that is what you guys want from Sly, but I do not.

    Kev, THE EXPENDABLES is the brain child of SLY so how do you figure that parts 2 and 3 (IF MADE) would not star him? Did you hit your head hard this morning???

    MURI, I want POE because like Mark stated, that script is already said to be great. WAKE UP and know that Sly playing an uncle or a father or a (LOL) twisted character would only make sure the films goes STRAIGHT TO VIDEO. WOW, some of you live in LA LA land where the easter bunny and the tooth fairy are real.

    Sly cannot do action movies forever. I see him stopping at 70 years old and then directing from there on out. I would be perfectly fine with that. Until then, I want as much ACTION SLY as possible.

  129. DUTCH Says:

    Muri and Kev, you two are starting to piss me off with some of the foolishness that you say. WAKE UP! First Muri complains about Sly doing sequels. Guess what, he did ROCKY BALBOA, he did RAMBO. Either support the man or shut your face’s and go follow Eddie Murphy (comedian) or Daniel Day Lewis (dramatic actor). Just because ROCKY BALBOA is a sequel doesn’t mean it’s not as great as the first one. All you two are on is “how Sly does too many sequels”!!! Well if they are well made, thats all that counts, jesus!

    Muri wants Sly to play Uncles, Fathers and Twisted killers??? Are you serious kid??? Get a huge clue in life and realize that is as good as putting a knife to Sly’s own throat and killing his million dollar career. POE is coming so you two should shut your faces and be happy! Uncle roles my ass!

    Kev, you think Muri is the smartest guy here why, because he agrees with your silly career advice for a billion dollar action adventure icon? Coming from the guy that said…and I quote…” Arnold will be playing himself as governor of California in THE EXPENDABLES and you guys should wake up”….your words and once again you were proven WRONG, as always. And you will once again be proven wrong when Sly hits a home run with RAMBO:THE SAVAGE HUNT! When Rambo 5 kicks ass and is a bad ass well made action thrill ride, I will be there to say “shut up” because you guys that complain about sequels are loving and eating up Sly’s awesome career choices. Stop complaining about Mr. Stallone so much. Either accept his choices in life (Rambo 5) or go on someone elses blog, like maybe Kevin Costner. He makes Uncle roles, and father roles and even twisted killer roles in MR. BROOKS (great film by the way)…but opps, Costner isn’t a huge box-office movie star anymore. I wonder why!

  130. Kev Brock Says:

    Yes, I think “Eye See You (or D-Tox)” was a decent movie. Just because a movie is a straight to video release, doesn’t mean it’s bad. I thought the film told a good story and Sly’s acting was actually great in it. Plus, best of all, Sly shares the same movie with Kris Kristofferson who is another legend. I think that’s what I loved the most about that film is Stallone and Kristofferson in the same movie together.

    And Dutch, muri never said he wants Sly to play Uncles, Fathers, and Twisted Killers. All muri is saying he wants Sly to go back to doing good storytelling movies with good acting in a Clint Eastwood kind of vibe. Re-read muri’s post again, mate.

    Yes, I’m sure Sly still has a few more action movies in him before he findds himself on a walker or a walking stick and I’m sure he will do as much action movies as he can before he gets too old. What I find silly is, many of you Stallone fans want Sly to do more action movies, yet you all hate the idea of Sly doing another Rocky because of his old age. See the double standard there? It’s the same thing with action movies. If you don’t want Sly doing another Rocky film because of his old age, the same it would be for action films.

    Also, the first “Expendables” movies hasn’t even came out yet, and none of us haven’t even seen it yet, and people are already talking about sequels? Doesn’t it make more sense to see the first one first and then discuss the sequels after?

    You need to re-read your posts. You are attacking Sly’s career saying that he will fail at other movies out of the action genre. Sly will NEVER be a straight to video film maker ever again, that was in the past, this is NOW. Sly is back in the mainstream again. As long as he’s in the mainstream again, Sly will be successful at everything he does, no matter the genre he decides to do.

    On a side note, didn’t Sly agree to do voice overs for a family film about voicing animals, a film that also stars Adam Sandler? He is still on for that movie, I believe. So don’t attack Sly that he can’t do other movies out of action. Lame.


  131. Fake Church Says:

    Kev, muri did say he wants Sly to play UNCLES, FATHERS and TWISTED people. GO and RE-READ!

    EYE SEE YOU was trash and Sly would agree.

    Thank god both you and Muri are not Sly’s agents, otherwise the man would be a straight to dvd KING like Van Damme and Seagal.

  132. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, fans complained pre BALBOA about him doing another one because of “old age” because Rocky is a character we all grew up with from when he was young until Rocky 5. So fans were biased and didn’t want to see Rocky fight again because…WHO COULD HE FIGHT without it being a boring “been there done that” sequel. But Sly is SUPER SMART…and wrote a GREAT story with age…and a great story period. Sly doing action films at 63 is still believable and good only because “SLY LOOKS YOUNG AND SUPER FIT”…period! If Sly looked like the late Walter Mathau from Grumpy Old Men and he was running on docks and fighting Stone Cold, of coyrse it would look DUMB and REDICULOUS. But since he still looks the part, he still has the energy for the part, he still has muscles for the part, he still wants to do the part, audience accepts him as the part…Sly should and will still play action packed films for a few more years. If Sly is going to Slow down, I would rather him do roles like Eastwoods ABSOLUTE POWER. A thriller well directed but still in the action thriller genre.

  133. Fake Church Says:

    When Sly does slow down, I would like to see thrillers with some action. Other than that, he should just direct like EASTWOOD without being in the films. That is when he is in his 70’s though.

    Sly is still young and fit to make action films like RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT and THE EXPENDABLES series. 😉

    That is also why when Arnold comes back to films he should make at least 3 or 4 action films before he gets too old (70 years old). Make TRUE LIES 2, WESTWORLD, CRUSADE, T5 etc.

  134. Kev Brock Says:

    Well lets just say that we will let Sly do whatever he wants to do. He makes his own decisions in his career. When Sly just signed on to do a family film like the movie, “The Zookeeper” which he does voice overs for animals…that’s a pretty good sign there that he’s about had it with action films. Plus, I’m sure Sly is doing the “Zookeeper” for his three little daughters.

    When Sly finishes “Rambo: The Savage Hunt” whenever that maybe, I’m betting my money he will work on either, “Death Wish” or “Poe” after that. Really, think about it, why would he want to do nothing but action films all the time? Doesn’t it get boring doing the same thing? Why do you think he’s doing the “Zookeeper” film? To mix things up.

    Try to remember when Harrison Ford did “Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal Skull”, people made fun of him because of his old age. Sly is NOT going to get stuck in the same genre.

    If Arnie came back to Hollywood after his governor run is up, I don’t expect him to be physical and doing his own stunts. You guys really need to look at reality. You’re just going to keep thinking that Sly is going to do action movies no matter what anybody else says.


  135. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, Fake Church already said Sly can give up action when he’s 70. Are you awake. Not forever, when he’s 70! Get it now! Sly is doing the ZOOKEEPER for his 3 daughters, not to mix things up. It’s that simple. Rest assure, he’s not bored of action films or he would just not make RAMBO 5…hello!!! And didn’t we already say Sly should do POE next? Who are you arguing with when you say POE should be next? We agree! Hello! When Arnie comes back, he will do physical roles, thats why it’s called a challenge. Is he going to do all of his own stunts? Hell no, but he’ll as usual do 50 % of them or what the enssurance company will allow. When Arnie works for Cameron, it aint gonna be in a non stunt movie pal, wake up. This is reality we live in!

  136. Kev Brock Says:

    “Sly is doing the ZOOKEEPER for his 3 daughters, not to mix things up.”

    Yes, he’s doing the Zookeeper’s for his 3 daughters, not only that, Sly is also a role model for children too. A lot of children are Rocky fans and Rambo fans as well, Sly wants to do more stuff for the whole family. Yes, it gets boring doing action movies all the time. No actor wants to stay in the same genre all the time. Arnie even switches genres in his career sometimes too. Kurt Russell has even done every genre.

    “Rest assure, he’s not bored of action films or he would just not make RAMBO 5…hello!!!”

    I didn’t say he was ever bored with action films. I’m sure he would always love to do them but as he gets older he won’t be able to be physical anymore. My point is, was that, even though he will be giving up action movies soon because of him aging, you would still want him to do thriller movies with little action in ’em. He’s doing Rambo 5 because he’s still young enough to be physical, he’s got more action in him, the man even admits it. Might as well do Rambo 5 before he gets older, know what I mean? That’s why he’s doing Rambo 5 now to get it out of the way before he gets older. Use a little common sense.

    “When Arnie comes back, he will do physical roles, thats why it’s called a challenge. Is he going to do all of his own stunts? Hell no, but he’ll as usual do 50 % of them or what the enssurance company will allow. When Arnie works for Cameron, it aint gonna be in a non stunt movie pal, wake up. This is reality we live in!”

    Why do Arnie fans obsess with him wanting to work with Cameron again? Don’t get your hopes on that either, mate. Cameron doesn’t work in Hollywood that much anymore, as he is just releasing “Avatar” which took him years to make. After this, I don’t see Cameron working on something new anytime soon.

    You honestly think that old men at 70 years old can do their own stunts in action movies? HAHAHAHAHAHA! LOL!

    Arnie and Sly are both like what 62 or 63? They may decide to give up action movies way earlier. Also, about Arnie possibly returning to Hollywood full time after being governor, don’t get your hopes up on that either. Arnie could still stick with politics. Maybe become a Senator of California or something. I don’t see him giving up politics for good after him being governor is up. He may still stick with doing cameos, not doing leading roles. The only leading role I see him doing is the rest of the Terminator movies, that’s it.

    I don’

  137. DUTCH Says:

    Kev, Kev, Kev, you are a funny guy, really! Since you keep an argument going and going well beyond the expiration date, let me just say I’m glad THE EXPENDABLES is next, then RAMBO 5 then maybe POE. End of story! Oh, not to get you babling again, ZOOKEEPER is coming too LOL.

    Regarding the governor, if he comes back, I’m sure he won’t leave politics for good. He might do 3 films and do something else. But at least we’ll get a few more films. But when you say Arnie and Cameron won’t work together, you just sound foolish. Get this, THEY WILL WORK TOGETHER RIGHT AWAY! You must not be reading internet buzz,but I’m sure you’ll say thats just hear say. Sometimes people like you should wake up and know whats what. Cameron will have another movie out in 2 years after AVATAR. Oh, and TERMINATOR isn’t the only role the oak will do if he comes back, wake up and stop coming of naive!

  138. Potro1980 Says:

    he he he, Kev you are a great man 😀 I´m with Dutch and Fake church, of course, but I think that Eye you See was not very bad, is better than Driven and trash like that, al least Sly kills somebody in this film ha ha 😉

  139. Robert Says:

    Wow..alot of discussion going on..miss a day or so and missed all the are my all make sense in your different thoughts, but check this out.
    After Balboa, Avi Lerner and people @Lionsgate saw alot of potential as Sly as a writer & director. Rambo’s script/story had to be alot more realistic and Sly did his homework and contacted SOF..found out what was going on in Burma…perfect! Placed Rambo in that scenario and made it work and people @Lionsgate/Lerner saw that there was an audience for SLY & Rambo.
    Storyline for Expendables, I believe was the original storyline for Rambo. So, Sly pitched the idea for what is now for Expendables, but w/a twist. Let’s get all these action guys and they loved the idea!!

    Now, Poe was another project for Sly..and I know Sly REALLY wants to do it. Lerner and Team see $$ for action for Sly right now. OK, fine, SLY gets back into some REAL significant shape…(Sly, you look awesome!!)lets do Expendables, Rambo Savage Hunt then maybe EX-2.

    Yes, I agree, would love to see Sly get himself some serious acting roles..and thats where Poe comes in, Sky directs, gets Robert Downey, Jr. to play POE, Sly wins Oscar for writing & directing!!
    Now other major studios are now after him..maybe to direct or maybe there’s a serious role out there that they can see Sly in. Sly CAN ACT!!! No doubt about it. But Sly is a money-maker at action.

    I guess what I’m getting at is, even at his age, he looks there’s more action still left to do. But as soon as Avi, lets him do Poe, let me refraise that, finances his POE out Oscar academy!! Then the door is open…wide open! And he will follow Eastwood’s foot steps.

    Let me throw this out there..once Arnold is done as Gov..he will get Sly to be in HIS movie..whether it be True lies2, Crusade, etc..or maybe collaborate in a different movie. But once Expendables is out, and w/ALL 3 in same scene, even as cameos..look out!!! Lionsgate is going to go beserk!

  140. Potro1980 Says:

    Robert you have a lot of imagination ha ha, but it would be genial, I hope this wishes can be reality some day for the sake of Sly, Sly deserves all that and more.

  141. DUTCH Says:

    All I want from Sly is RAMBO 5, POE and THE EXPENDABLES 2. All I want from Arnold is TRUE LIES 2 with Cameron, TERMINATOR 5 with Cameron, THE EXPEBDALES 2 and CRUSADE!

  142. Potro1980 Says:

    Well said Dutch! and a role in Predators for Arnold, or another predator starring it! and I would like see Sly in an Frank´s Miller old Batman, I think it would be curious he he, and may be in a remake of Death Wish.

  143. Potro1980 Says:

    Frank Miller talked about this some time ago, let´s imagine guys, a film visually like Sin City, and extremely violent like Rambo, with Stallone starring a shady Batman, a mix of personality of Rocky and Rambo… it would be great I think, he he 😉

  144. Fake Church Says:

    I do not want Sly touching DEATH WISH. The story has been done to death.

    Kev, you are like a broken record from HELL. Lets live in the here and now…and the now is THE EXPENDABLES and RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT. Stop living in LA LA LAND where SANTA just made the mad hatter some tea. We all live on planet earth where Sly is still making BIG ACTION FILMS and where Arnold has less than a year as governor before he returns to JAMES CAMERON FILMS! 😉

    And yes, THE ZOOKEEPER is coming…

    • ethelmae Says:

      actually Death Wish is something Sly has had his eye on for some time. And don’t underestimate him by calling it a remake – it would be more like a re-working of the theme with the Stallone touch – and I for one would like to see him do it. But who knows – The Expendables has certainly opened a new path for Sly – he wrote an ensemble piece which he hadn’t done before, he masterfully directed an amazing cast in some very complicated scenes, blew up half the world and and he performed some of the most dangerous stunts he’s ever attempted. I mean seriously what is left to blow up – himself? It surprises me that everyone is so gung ho about the next Rambo. While I like the premise I am ready for Sly to show his true talent as an actor, director and writer without boxing gloves or a headband. More like the Copland Sly…
      I’m also surprised that so many of you subscribe to what is written on fan sites as gospel. It’s people like us sitting around making s*#t up so that people like us will talk about it as if it were true.

      • mur71 Says:

        great to read that sheryl & kev and i see it the same way!

        bring back sly to acting sheryl, i`m fine with action and i adore the man for what he did in the past for the acton genre, but he cant do it for the next 10 years, he`s been there a lot and enough! i want the acting sly back!
        the first rocky, fist and copland sly!

        maybe some have forgotten this stallone and why he became famous in the first place…with a little drama, where he didnt kill anybody and acted like de niro or brando, a movie called “rocky”!
        Best Actor in a Leading Role
        Sylvester Stallone
        Sylvester Stallone becomes the third person to be nominated for both acting and writing in the same year, following Charles Chaplin for The Great Dictator (1940) and Orson Welles for Citizen Kane (1941).
        what a start this was…!

        i`m fine with deathwish…if it concentrates more on the drama aspect, but rambo its done! john j is home perfect end, let it be.
        i dont want sly fight a super soldier…we had that in universal soldier, its so done and so 90`s!

        i want po, deathwish if its more the new eatswood direction ok and aftter that more movies like copland!

        and every so yesterday guy who wants a stallone from the 90`s telling he should do rambo 5 and po at the same time… something is wrong with you guys!
        yeah the man still looks amazing but he cant be your action hero forever, he gets older.
        eastwood made it the right way and if clint can do it…it should be easy for, sly cus he always had more talent in acting, wrting and directing than clint!

  145. Potro1980 Says:

    Expendables will be great, but Rambo is the most Sheryl, I´m very very happy with Rambo 5, is an icon of the action, we want see Rambo the more better he he, dont forget that Stallone´s “resurrection” was thanks to Rocky and Rambo eh? and a remake of Death Wish will not be bad, always that if not be pg 13 and be R 😀

  146. Potro1980 Says:

    Here you are 😉

  147. Fake Church Says:

    Even more reason to MARKET Arnold and Bruce in the film:….e-expendabl es/

  148. Fake Church Says:

    The quote I love the most…

    “Stallone says that big scene with Willis, Schwarzenegger, and himself would amount to more than a cameo or a stunt in the final cut of the film. “It’s probably going to be about 5 minutes of screen time.” Which, if you think about it, is kind of impressive considering that Willis and Schwarzenegger were only on the L.A. set for 6 hours. “We only had them for that one day and then Bruce had to go off to Istanbul and Arnold had to go back and do his governmental stuff. But I was impressed because they got up at 5:30 in the morning to do this.”

    It does not play like a CAMEO 🙂

  149. Potro1980 Says:

    Great! but it would be good that with that 5 minutes, Arnold and Bruce appear in the beginnig and the final of the film, and not only at the begining, but I don´t think…

  150. Fake Church Says:

    Maybe that is Sly’s plan (re:Arnold and Bruce appear in the beginnig and the final of the film, and not only at the begining) …who knows. I just like the fact that Sly loves what he has filmed and says it’s not stunt casting and plays like more than just a cameo.

  151. Potro1980 Says:

    If Arnold and Bruce appear only at the beginning and nothing more in the rest of the movie this will see some rare… like if Arnold and bruce must be appear obligatory and doing whatever, don´t? I don´t know if I explain well, but I trust in Sly and I hope that this scene/s will fit perfect in the film.

  152. Mike Says:

    I would think Bruce will appear abit more in the film than arnie…especially since he is the guy whom hires the team..I think in the first script he had 3 scenes..

    as for using arnold/bruce in promotion…I do Not think they should be on the poster as they are small roles…but they SHOULD have a “few seconds” in the trailer…I mean if they are going to feature mickey rourke in the trailer(whom from all accounts has a small role) then they might as well show arnold/Bruce…but nothing more…we dont want to be misleading…rourke, arnold, bruce have very small roles..

    as for DEATH WISH, id LOVE to see it…its a perfect mix of drama/action for stallone to do. he would excel at this…Im usually not big on remakes, but I think stallone could make this something special…I remember it being talked about in 2007, and sly wanted to follow up rambo 4 with it…but no dice….I’d love to see it happen and am glad sly still wants to do it..ethlmae, do you know the status on this film happening??

  153. One word describes the Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger scene in ‘The Expendables’: Atomic Says:

    […] Source: Ethelmae’s Blog […]

  154. Gina S Says:

    I haven’t been able to check your blog over the last few weeks due to work and life being busy and hectic. I apologize for posting so long after you wrote. I love your description of the scene with Sly, Bruce, & Arnold!! I wish I could have been there. It sounds awesome! I hope you can continue to post periodically. It doesn’t have to relate to the movie. I really enjoy your blog. I can’t wait for the movie to come out! Keep up the great work!!

  155. Movies listing: ‘The Expendables’, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger roll your scene together Says:

    […] chicken hair puts itself him one. The publicist of ‘The Expendables‘, Maria Lascala, has counted in your blog, after announcing previously route route Twitter with a subidón of 15, the historical meeting of […]

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    […] ihn das Haar des jungen Huhnes in einem an. Die Publizistin von 'The Expendables', Maria Lascala, hat in seinem Blog gezählt, nachdem sie vorher Weg Twitter mit einem Subidón der 15, dem historischen Treffen von Sylvester […]

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    […] de poulet lui se mettent à l'un. La publicitaire de ‘The Expendables‘, Marie Lascala, a compté dans son blog, après avoir préalablement annoncé une voie Twitter avec un subidón de 15, la rencontre […]

  159. Phil E Says:

    Wow is an appropriate title for this post. Not just for the update on the scenes with Sly, Bruce and Arnie, but also for the fact of WOW, I can’t believe I just read thru all of your stupid arguments about what Sly should be doing next in regards to his movie selections. Let the man finish this one and see how it goes. Who gives a rat’s furry behind whether it’s a Poe movie, another Rambo sequel, Expendables 2 or whatever, (my vote is for Oscar 2). If you’re a fan then you’re a fan and if the premise of any upcoming movie sounds good then you’ll go see it. And if it stinks you’ll go on some blog somewhere and mouth off about how you didn’t like it, but others will argue with you about this and that, and how it that shows how excellent he is doing … etc etc, blah blah blah, yakity schmakity. And if you like it and post somewhere about you’re opinion, 1000 different idiots will tell you how wrong you are, etc etc, blah blah blah, yakity schmakity. Most of you should just get back to work and stop wasting your bosses’ money posting during work time. I know I should, but my job sucks and my boss is an idiot, so …

    Here’s the thing, who cares if he makes more sequels, of this movie or other movies, (well except for Rocky as the last one was a great ending, and as he said it was the last one so he should stick to that). If they’re good ideas and he has the funding and the ability to do the work/stunts/etc then who are you to tell him he shouldn’t do them. In the same vein, who is anyone here to tell him he should only be making action movies for the next 5 to 10 years because “that’s all his fans want”. Bullcrap! I’ve never been interested in Poe, but if he makes a movie about him I’ll probably go see it. I’ve never been a fan of the original Deathwish movies either, but if he reinvents it, I’ll give it a go.

    And stop “telling” him how to market his movie. He know’s how to do that himself. When I first heard about the 4th Rambo I was a bit leary. I loved what he did with Rocky Balboa and thought it a perfect ending to that franchise but wasn’t sure what more he could do with Rambo. When i saw the first trailer, where he comes up behind the the guy and chops his head off, I got completely psyched for the movie and didn’t care if the rest of the movie would suck because that trailer hooked me. It has been the only movie ever, EVER, that I went to see opening night. (That will only last until next summer when Expendables comes out, but for now it stands.) And then I went 5 more times over the next 5 weeks. And then i bought it the day it came out on DVD. Because he hooked me with that trailer and I love that movie.

    Sly knows what he’s doing for his movies and how to market them. If I were him reading this blog and seeing the constant badgering about so called marketing of the names and stuff, I’d just stop reading cuz you’d have pissed me off. BECAUSE IT’S CONSTANT, NEVERENDING, GOES ONE FOREVER, AND EVER, And Ever, and ever … And it’s completely a waste to read thru.

    When I first found this blog I got excited about how everyone was so pumped for this movie but then reading thru all the crap it becomes overkill and sort kills the mood for the movie, until Sheryl either pipes in with some words of wisdom or provides a new update. By the way Sheryl, thanks very very much for that. You’re posts are what keep me coming back to read to get updated on the movie and see what inside info you might be able to dish out. But from now on I’m sticking to your posts only, even if they don’t make sense to me if your answering other people’s stuff i haven’t/won’t read.

    Oh, and by the way, i was kinda kidding about Oscar 2. (But only kinda) I actually liked Oscar even though everyone pans it. I think he was hilarious in that and should try his hand at comedy again, or whatever he wants. Like I said earlier, if the premise is interesting of any movie he makes, whether as actor, director or whatever, I’ll give it a try. Certainly hasn’t been a waste of my time so far, not even the ones people criticize, and denigrate. People who are supposed to be fans I might add.

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