By definition…

cameo role. a minor part played by a prominent performer in a single scene of a motion picture or a television play.

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  1. farid Says:

    Are you talking about Arnold?

  2. Mike Says:

    I posted this on the other thread, but i’ll repost here

    as for using arnold/bruce in promotion…I do Not think they should be on the poster as they are small roles…but they SHOULD have a “few seconds” in the trailer…I mean if they are going to feature mickey rourke in the trailer(whom from all accounts has a small role) then they might as well show arnold/Bruce…but nothing more…we dont want to be misleading…rourke, arnold, bruce have very small roles..

  3. Potro1980 Says:

    ¿?¿?¿? and so? Stallone´s words are that Arnold and Bruce have something more than a cameo… 5 minutes given for a long scene eh? or for a few scenes along the film…

  4. Potro1980 Says:

    Well, anyway, see the three together will be amazing 😀

  5. Kev Brock Says:

    5 minutes is still a minor part, it’s not like they are throughout the entire movie.


  6. Potro1980 Says:

    Yeah Kev, it´s clear, but for example, it´s not the same that Terminator Salvation, that the Arnold´s cameo was a few seconds of his digital face… this is much more and better than that.

  7. DUTCH Says:

    In the end, Sly makes the rules. Sly came out and said Arnie and Bruce are more than a cameo, so it shows you he was hearing some of the more idiotic fans out there that think Arnie and Bruce will be only seconds on screen. If Sly says they are more than a cameo, it also means he might want to add his ex PLANET HOLLYWOOD buddies in the promotion of the film. Why keep them excluded when that 5 minute scene is so bad ass. Some of you guys need to open your minds more and see that Sly just shut you up. Like I said, STALLONE MAKES THE RULES and he just shut up the fans out there that said Arnie had seconds on screen…END OF STORY!!! Trench, Church and Barney are three characters not to be ‘F’ with!

  8. Kev Brock Says:

    Um, Dutch, Sly never said Arnie and Bruce are more than a cameo, said only 5 minutes of screen time, it’s still a cameo. 5 minutes is very short and will go by fast.

    Bill Murray’s cameo in “Zombieland” was about 5 minutes long, same thing. Of course, when it comes to Arnie, Bruce and Sly…delusional fans will think it’s a leading role.


  9. Potro1980 Says:

    Aghhh!! always creating polemic! always!… who cares?? call this cameo, call this short secondary role, call this as you want! but enough please…:(

  10. DUTCH Says:

    I’m done! In Sly I trust!!!

  11. Potro1980 Says:

    This can read in your link Kev: “Stallone says that big scene with Willis, Schwarzenegger, and himself would amount to more than a cameo or a stunt in the final cut of the film. ´It’s probably going to be about 5 minutes of screen time´.”

    Well, any doubt yet??… Arnold and Bruce have a brief appearance in the movie, call this as you want, guys.

  12. Potro1980 Says:

    Personally, I would want to know that if the scene/s with Bruce and Arnold is only at the beggining or in more parts of the film… it would be a great detail by your part Sheryl… 😉

  13. Potro1980 Says:

    Ahhh, by the way, in another blog of internet there are a “alleged” full script of the Expendables since some time ago… I don´t know if this script is true or not, but I don´t want read, I prefer wait for the movie and see the spectacle, he he he 😛

  14. Kev Brock Says:

    “This can read in your link Kev: “Stallone says that big scene with Willis, Schwarzenegger, and himself would amount to more than a cameo or a stunt in the final cut of the film. ´It’s probably going to be about 5 minutes of screen time´.”

    Well, any doubt yet??… Arnold and Bruce have a brief appearance in the movie, call this as you want, guys.


    I read that…but you guys are taking Sly’s comment out of context. He clearly said they would either “amount to more than a cameo” or just a stunt at the end of the movie. Which means they could either. 5 minutes of screen time is not long at all.

    If they were to be considered a leading role, that’s more than a cameo, it would be more than 15 minutes. If Bruce and Arnie said they would amount to more than a cameo, more than 15 minutes, they would do it, but they just did whatever was on the script and I remember Sheryl saying it wasn’t that long.

    I know it probably hurts you guys and pisses you off that it’s not a leading role with Arnie and Bruce, but this is something you’ll have to learn and get over it. You need to understand the truth.

    I just don’t understand Arnie fans. First you complained that you didn’t want Arnie playing himself which you got. Now your complaining that he may or may not be getting enough screen time in the film.

    What about looking forward to the entire film itself?


  15. Kev Brock Says:

    On a side note, I wouldn’t want Arnie and Bruce throughout the entire movie anyways. They are bigger stars than the other guys and I think Dolph, Jet, Mickey, Terry, Stone Cold, etc. deserves more screen time and get a chance at recognition and not have Arnie and Bruce overshadow them.

    I can’t wait to see the Dolph and Jet fight scene. I also can’t wait to see Sly and Stone Cold kick each others asses. I look forward to seeing those scenes more than the Arnie and Bruce cameo, honestly.

    The entire movie itself looks great entertainment fun. We need to look forward to that and not obsess with the Bruce and Arnie scene too much.


  16. Potro1980 Says:

    What???… Kev, really, are you normal? I have no words… And read well the link, man: “Stallone says that big scene with Willis, Schwarzenegger, and himself would amount to MORE THAN A CAMEO OR A STUNT in the final cut of the film.” So, why is not clear?? I said previously that Bruce and Arnold have a brief apperance in the film, are you agree with me or not?

  17. Kev Brock Says:

    Yeah, he said, “more than a cameo or a stunt” which means they could have done either one. Either do more than a cameo or just a quick action stunt at the end of the movie. They had two choices, Sly didn’t say which choice they made, I think Sly could be giving us a hint that they had more screen time, but he really wasn’t clear if they had more screen time or not.

    I understand what Sly is saying completely, but unfortunately you don’t get it yet.


  18. Fake Church Says:

    If i could roll my eyes i would…YAWN!

  19. johnwalanp Says:

    Aintitcool news has a spoiler article directly from Sly’s mouth about the scene and its content!

    OMG this sounds sooooo cool!!! August 2010 is too far away……..

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Yeah, it was a copy and paste from the same article I just posted (just like most of their news stories are copy and pastes from other sites), same article from Entertainment Weekly. Sly didn’t say they definitely made the scene more than a cameo. All he said was, “to amount to”. That doesn’t mean it’s definite. He said it’s probably 5 minutes. Common sense will do you good, kids.


  20. Mark Says:

    Kev, you are a boring little boy! Stop trying to make Arnie and Bruce seem like nothing to THE EXPENDABLES film! You bore us all with your bable about Arnie’s cameo and how non important it is to the film. Sly surely doesn’t see it that way and if you open your tiny little judgemental mind, you will see the big picture that Church and Trench are characters designed for a sequel. Bruce isn’t governor so he could have been a main star in the film, but Sly has a plan and it’s for Arnie and Bruce to headline II with himself. You’re boring kid! Go get a job…

  21. Mark Says:

    By the way, this is Dutch…but I’m using my real name now!

  22. Andrew Says:

    Kev, you are a child! You seem to live in your own world. First it was just get use to the fact Arnold will be playing himself. THEN YOU WERE PROVEN WRONG. Then it was just get use to the fact Arnold’s role will be a walk by. THEN YOU GOT PROVEN WRONG AGAIN. You love conflict on this site and if you can’t provide it YOU try again and again.

    I am equally a fan of Arnold as I am of Sly and can’t wait to see ONE OF THE GREATEST ACTION FILMS EVER made with THE EXPENDABLES featuring both ICONS. You need to get your mind frame to that place.

  23. ethelmae Says:

    ok kids I am declaring the topic of cameo officially dead. I posted the definition of a cameo role because it best described Arnold and Bruce’s roles in The Expendables. A cameo is a minor part played by a prominent actor in a single scene. End of story people. It was one scene – not two, not a scene that can be cut and bookended…none of that. These are pros – they aren’t going to do anything cheezy – the scene delivers 100%. as for Sly’s quote about it not being a cameo or stunt he was saying it has substance and that it isn’t just the three of them gratuitously in a scene with someone walking through the frame. So no more crap about the cameos…ok? can we play nice please?

  24. Andrew Says:

    I was formerly known as FAKE CHURCH now going by my real name as well.

  25. Mark Says:

    Well said Sheryl. All I wanted was a 3-5 minute scene with Arnie involved. I got it, So I’m happy. Kev loves to belittle Arnie and I’m not ok with that. Sly and Arnie are best friends so show some RESPECT dude!

  26. Andrew Says:

    Everyone here knows it’s 3 to 5 minutes and I love that. I’m not thinking it’s a 45 minute role. I just can’t wait to see this puppy next SUMMER (multiple times).

  27. Kev Brock Says:

    The nonstop attacks I get here are pretty hilarious. Just shows how immature most of your readers here are, Sheryl. And I was nothing but nice and honest, correcting the mistakes that people were saying that were wrong. I wasn’t bashing Arnie or Bruce at all as I’m a fan of both actors. What I was saying is, they don’t need to be hogging too much screen time as the other actors deserve more. Say or think what you guys want about me.

    If Arnie and Bruce were throughout the entire movie, imagine what Dolph, Jet, and Stone Cold look? It would make them look like second class citizens and would hold them back, not getting any recognition ’cause the star power is all on Bruce and Arnie.

    Get my point now?

    Just one small scene is good enough for Arnie and Bruce. They don’t need to be throughout the entire movie at all. The end.


  28. Andrew Says:

    re: If Arnie and Bruce were throughout the entire movie, imagine what Dolph, Jet, and Stone Cold look? It would make them look like second class citizens and would hold them back, not getting any recognition ’cause the star power is all on Bruce and Arnie.

    THAT MIGHT BE TRUE, but it doesn’t make your point any less BOGUS. That is a moot point. You can’t blame ARNOLD and BRUCE for their STAR POWER!

    • Kev Brock Says:

      If you think about it this is why Sly, Bruce and Arnie never starred in a movie together over the years ’cause they knew that “EGO” and “Star Power” would get in the way with other actors. The guys admit it too. The only reason they are doing this now ’cause it’s the right time.

      Honestly though, I really think Arnie and Bruce aren’t really needed for the film at all ’cause it was doing fine before they were announced for the film. I like the direction of the Expendables. The action, the story, the cast, etc.

      Let Arnie, Bruce and Sly, star in the leading role in a different film someday, just not this one. I’m just dissapointed to see that the fans should be concentating on the entire film overall, and all they could think about is the Bruce, Arnie, Sly scene and ignore the rest of the film. That is what’s happening here.

      It’s just my opinion, relax, everyone has the right to be entitled to it.


  29. Mark Says:

    Oh poor Dolph and Jet Li etc…Like Andrew said, Arnold and Bruce are MEGA STARS…icons. Of course they will overshadow anyone in the film except Sly. The most talked about scene is the cameo, period. It doesn’t have to be an action scene and when people walk out of cinemas next August, the scene most talked about will contain STALLONE, SCHWARZENEGGER and WILLIS! Live with it and stop saying “poor Dolph, Statham and Li”. You really make no sense! Whats your argument again???

  30. Kev Brock Says:

    It’s kind of funny that you guys would reveal your real names after Sheryl calling you out, and realizing that some of you guys were banned from the Stallonezone, and now you’re bringing your childish behavior here ’cause you have no place else to do that on? You’re the ones living in your own worlds here. I’m only speaking the truth as I see things in Hollywood.

    Sly is giving Dolph, Jet, Statham, Rourke, Stone Cold, more recognition and giving them a shot at star power, now you guys are saying they are nothing. What’s wrong with that picture? Those guys are good actors in the action genre, they will become mainstream stars after this movie is released.

    This movie will especially help Dolph get out of his straight to video career as well.


  31. Potro1980 Says:

    Woow, here there are quarrels eh?…Well, now we know the details about the cameo, only I hope that this scene fit well in the film, because see Bruce and Arnold at the beginning and not more in all the rest of the film I think that it could seem a bit rare, but… let´s trust in Sly, anyway, the scene will be amazing sure.

  32. Potro1980 Says:

    And all the people would want Expendables 2 with Sly, Arnold and Bruce and nobody more, this would be orgasmic ha ha, well perhaps could have a place for a repentant Van Damme (ayyy what a fool man, reject the Sly´s invitation…), and perhaps to a repentant Seagal too (another that has rejected a role…) dying at the first minutes of the film xDD and finally another place for Chuck Norris as a boss, this would be genial, ahhh and Wesley Snipes would be great too! 😉

  33. Mark Says:

    The icon known as SCHWARZENEGGER is on Leno tonight. He might mention THE EXPENDABLES so watch it!

  34. Mark Says:

    When did Sheryl call Andrew and myself out? And on what??? Wake up pal, because you are dreaming. You say Dolph, Jet, Statham and Stone Cold will become mainstream stars???????????????? You just proved how little you know with saying that. And you say Dolph will get out of dtv action films?????????????? Get real man, GET REAL! This topic is BORING now. I’m done!

  35. Mark Says:

    Arnold did not appear on LENO as scheduled:(

  36. Andrew Says:

    Kev, YES, please refresh my memory as to when Shery “CALLED US OUT”? LMAO, you are one weird guy that’s for sure.

    The names Dolph and Stone Cold and the word STAR POWER do not go hand-in-hand. Do you know what you are talking about? Both of them are going to still end up in direct-to-dvd movies after THE EXPENDABLES hits BIG.

    And Mark is right, the MOST TALKED ABOUT SCENE in the film will be the OPENING SCENE. I guess Dolph, Jet, Statham and Rourke better pack up and leave HOLLYWOOD.

  37. Potro1980 Says:

    I know that many people (not Sly´s fans) going to go to the theaters to see the film ONLY for the scene with Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger. this is a fact.

  38. Andrew Says:

    I guess only a few of us live in a fairy tale world on here according to Kev.

  39. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, do you wanna help point STEVE KASAN in the right direction of Arnolds with this. He’s asking for help:

    They can do a Commando 2 but in the style of Rambo 4.
    Imagine this, Jenny in the peace corps, something military related. She is working with a crew in some bad country in Africa–where else–and her group gets held up in some camp. Matrix, now retired, hears about this from Kirby who is still in the service.
    Goes at it alone to get Jenny out safely. He does get Jenny out but Matrix leaves her friends behind. Jenny pleads with her dad to get her company out. Matrix hesitates but decides to do it because, they’re US soldiers after all.

    Matrix and Jenny both tear down the camp bullets blazing and finally get to see Arnie get on an M40 and re-use a big-freaking-chain-gun!
    Etc.-Etc.-saves the day, hooray, fun for all.

  40. Potro1980 Says:

    Haha Commando is a very bad fil,, but I like it a lot! I want Commando 2 with Arnold!

  41. Potro1980 Says:

    a very bad film I wanted to say 😛

  42. Andrew Says:

    COMMANDO is an 80’s classic. It’s a product of its time. How can you not love it?

    And before Kev comes on here and says I called COMMANDO a classic on THE GODFATHER’s level, I didn’t 🙂

  43. Potro1980 Says:

    Ha ha I love Commando, but this film in its time was a copy of Rambo with the objective to launch Arnold to the stardom, in this period Stallone was the number one of the action, and Arnold only was an imitator of Sly yet, but time after, when Arnold was a star already, this film became a cult film by the Arnold´s fans. Let´s be serious, objetively, Commando is a bad film, but I love Commando, it´s very funny hehe, the first time I saw this movie I was a child with 6 years old, and I keep a great memento of that, then I have seen Commando 10 or 15 times more, viva John Matrix! XD

  44. Potro1980 Says:

    Its the same like Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rambo III etc… all of us know that these are bad films, but are GREATS!! ha ha, 80´s films for ever! 😉

  45. Andrew Says:

    None of those are BAD films…they are just less dramatic than previous installments. They took a different direction.

    Commando included.

  46. Potro1980 Says:

    Andrew, for example, First Blood is a very good movie, I think that this movie would have deserved to win several Oscars; Rambo II and Rambo III not are good films, but this two movies(especially Rambo II) created a mith, an icon of the history of the cinema, independently of his quality cinematographic.

  47. Andrew Says:

    Potro1980, hence they are important films 🙂

    re:but this two movies(especially Rambo II) created a mith, an icon of the history of the cinema, independently of his quality cinematographic.

  48. Potro1980 Says:

    Yeah, of course, are the best in category of action films, and are some of my favourite films too, hehe 😉

  49. Mark Says:

    THE EXPENDABLES should join the list of “one of the greatest action films ever made”!

  50. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, when can we expect the trailer in theaters as well as the one-sheet?

  51. Potro1980 Says:

    I hope Mark, but let´s wait and see… I wouldn´t bet my money eh? but I hope I´m wrong…really.

  52. Mark Says:

    Potro1980, IN STALLONE I TRUST!

  53. Mark Says:

    Imagine THE EXPENDABLES trailer to this awesome rock song!

  54. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, you might not know this or maybe you have heard about us…but both MARK and myself are known on the net and to the major movie web sites such as AICN, DARKHORIZONS, IGN etc. as ABking -the BIGGEST STALLONE and SCHWARZENEGGER fan ever- and we help promote both actors and their films in a good light. We want them to be successful and to continue that success until they retire. Just lettting you know how passionate we are. 🙂

  55. Andrew Says:

    sheryl, what is your email….I have some info I have to ask you about and do not want to post it on here……….

  56. Potro1980 Says:

    Good song!

  57. Potro1980 Says:

    Ha ha 🙂

  58. Andrew Says:

    Lundgren WILL not be playing CONAN. Sheryl any thoughts on this news?

  59. Potro1980 Says:

    Of course, as much he would play a small role xD

  60. Andrew Says:

    The new CONAN still seems like it will be small without ARNOLD.

  61. Potro1980 Says:

    Umm, I don´t know, if they make a Rated R film could be a good film perhaps…

  62. Andrew Says:

    CLASH OF THE TITANS looks like crap. Maybe CONAN will too.

  63. Potro1980 Says:

    Clash of The Titans going to be trash sure! like Troy hehe, and Conan may be too 😉

  64. Potro1980 Says:

    Look this!

  65. Potro1980 Says:

    Eooooo, nobody say anything?…

  66. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, do you like the new RAMBO 5 plot?

  67. Potro1980 Says:

    It looks like the old plot, the orginal story that talked for Rambo 4 few years ago, is more realistic than the savage hunt, I think that this story is more appropiate for Rambo´s saga.

  68. Potro1980 Says:

    And the savage hunt will be another film out of Rambo I think that it´s great, don´t you think?

  69. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, have you heard that Arnold might pop up in PREDATORS…aka Predator 3…if he agrees to film a legendary Dutch Shaefer cameo? You know Arnie best so is there a chance he’ll actually say yes to Robert Rodriguez? I know Arnie did THE EXPENDABLES for his great friend Sly, but Rodriguez is no Sly!

  70. Potro1980 Says:

    Rodriguez wanted Arnold to make Dutch role, it will be in the predator´s planet, the kidnapped humans in some moment meet a man who has survived many years alone in this planet fighting the predators, and this man would be Dutch… but this role it would be more than a cameo I think, so I doubt that Arnold will play this role, but another shorter… may be

  71. Andrew Says:

    I doubt Arnold will do it unless it is from SLY or CAMERON.

  72. Mark Says:

    The PREDATORS cameo sounds like a nice 5 second set up for Schwarzenegger to be the main star in PREDATOR 4. Regarding RAMBO V and the Mexico story, it sounds like a real winner in the vein of Rambo. Stallone is a great writer and I hope he puts RAMBO V in the summer like RAMBO II and RAMBO III.

  73. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, is Arnie talking to JAMES CAMERON about making another action film once 2011 comes? Tom Arnold has said this numerous times in the past.

  74. Andrew Says:

    RAMBO V is going to rule just like whatever SCHWARZENEGGER makes next — TRUE LIES 2 😉

  75. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, any word on if the still of Sly/Arnold/Bruce might come out the day before x-mas as a gift to fans 😉 ?

  76. baseballstas Says:

    Marky & Andy – looks like Sheryl doesn’t want to talk with you either.

    HO HO HA


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