Sly clears my confused mind

Had coffee with Arnold and a couple of his friends today – BTW he looks amazing – fit and tan.  He just returned from Israel where he traded ideas on the environment.  Then he headed to Iraq to visit the troops.  I had the honor of traveling with him to Baghdad, Balad, Kuwait City and a few other places on July 4th 2003 so I know a). how much he loves meeting the brave men and women who put their lives on the line everyday and b). how much the troops LOVE having Arnold  visit their bases and the gyms.  He slept in Saddm Hussein’s Summer Palace which is now Camp Victory (ironic name by the way).  We also visited the palace in 2003 and I have video of me in one of the bathrooms where everything was gold including the toilet.  But I digress…As we were saying goodbye Sly pulled up and I had a few minutes to ask him some more questions about Rambo 5 guz honestly people I was a little confused and the comments on this blog did nothing to give me any clarity.

Right off the bat I asked him to clarify – was Rambo 5 two stories in one …and this is what he told me… When he first agreed to do another Rambo the idea of JR against something way way bigger was the logical step- he knew that this time out Rambo needed the ultimate challenge physically and mentally.  But as the creative process took hold Sly found himself veering away from that concept with the real pull towards the story of the  horrendous violence inflicted on the women and girls caught in the Mexican drug war.  It will have all of the trademarks of a Stallone film and the story will be provocative, revealing and totally kick ass. And while the chess game governments play using innocents as pawns has been told before I am prepared to bet the farm Sly will come up with stuff that will blow our socks off – figuratively and literally!! So now I’m clear – this Rambo will be Rambo and Hunter will be made in the future as a stand alone as it should be.  Sly is also talking about collaborating with a writer for Rambo.  The Expendables went through over 100 drafts and took a huge toll on Sly…it will be interesting to see who he teams up with.

I also asked about Poe…again… because that to me has the potential to be an award winning film even if the studios don’t get it.  He told me not to get him started on that one and as much as I wanted to ignore  and go for it I didn’t.  So I’m hoping Sherlock Homes does well so that someone will wake up and put some money behind it.

It was a good day…

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  1. farid Says:

    Hi Sheryl, I’m so glad and excited that Sly has changed his mind about mixing Rambo with Hunter, cause Hunter should be a movie on it’s own and it’s gonna rock, and about Rambo going in the direction of the Mexican drug war is amazing.
    But one thing that pisses me off is that I had bought the Rambo collection box set thinking that Sly is not making anymore Rambo movies, and now I have to buy another box set again in the future…hahaha

    Did he say if it’s going to be as violent as the last Rambo, cause we LOVED it!!!!

  2. Kev Brock Says:

    Some advice to Sly (Yes, I know you’re reading Sly) as I hope he will take to make the next Rambo MUCH better:

    1. Make Rambo 5 much longer than 90 minutes. Rambo 5 should be a full 2 hrs or even better a long 2 and a half hours. 🙂

    2. Bring back Brian Dennehy as Will Teasle. Believe it or not, Brian Dennehy is STILL acting in film today and he still has it. The acting chops. If Sly can fit him in the story, it would be great to see Sly team up with Brian again.

    3. Make Rambo be shirtless in the next one. Rambo wasn’t shirtless at all in the last one, I was kind of dissapointed in that. Come on Sly, if you can be shirtless in “Expendables”, you can be too for the next Rambo. Rambo needs to be a badass again like he was in Rambo II and III, with him shirtless, big machine guns and lots of explosions.

    4. Don’t make Rambo 5 full of star power actors. Leave that with the “Expendables”. With Rambo, go back to you’re unknown talent like you’re known to doing with Rambo, a movie full of unknown actors.

    5. Make the Col. Trautman flashback a lot longer. The Col. Trautman flashback in the last Rambo was really tiny. Can the next one be longer, Sly?

    I think that is all there is to be needed for a perfect Rambo film. Feel free to add to the list guys. 🙂


    • farid Says:

      For once I agree with you…haha

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Haha incredible! I´m agree with you too, well said Kev!

      • farid Says:

        But Sly can’t make Rambo shirtless anymore, because of the tatoos that he’s got on his shoulders. It wouldn’t make Rambo really a Rambo with tatoos. So Sly please keep the shirt on.

        Thanks lol

    • Potro1980 Says:

      And Rocky Balboa farid? Sly already had some tatoos when he filmed that movie, for this there are something called makeup… xD

      • farid Says:

        OH REALLY!!!! Sorry I didn’t know there’s such a thing called MAKEUP! And how do you expect Sly keep the make up on his body while he’s in mud and water?!!

        Oh let me see, I think you’re gonna say that CG make up will be used and ILM is the one to do it, right?!! haha

        Think before you talk!

  3. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, ask Sly if Rambo will visit Colonel Trautman’s grave in this one? He didn’t know Trautman was dead in the last film.

    Also, glad we are all in agreement that HUNTER must be made. Tell Sly that no less than 100 million dollars of Nu Image’s money should be spent of this upcoming sci-fi spectacular 😉

    RAMBO 5 is going to kick ass and live up to the last 4 movies, I already know this.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Shery, also, in the novel HUNTER there is an asian bad asscharacter on Hunter’s team. Tell Sly that asian sensation RAIN who can be seen in NINJA ASSASSIN should play the character TAKAKURA from the novel HUNTER. Sly always likes working with new stars and he is the guy for that character.

    Also, wolf (Hunter’s pet WOLF) must be brought to life in the film. Sly can’t leave that character out as well…PLEASE PASS THAT ALONG.

    Glad you had lunch with Arnold. Maybe it will be you who breaks the exclusive of what will be Arnold first movie after he leaves office.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Actually, I think Taylor Lautner would be perfect for the “Hunter” role. Popular fan base, great built, I’m sure Sly has got his eye on Taylor for a future role someday. I can definitely see Taylor has an action star someday.


    • Kev Brock Says:

      I believe Hunter was aimed for a younger character. Read the plot from the novel.


  5. John Says:

    Hey Sheryl, was wondering if you can shed some light on a couple of previous projects that Sly has shown some interest in. First, Sly has mentioned adapting the novel “The Lions Game”, do you know if he still plans to carry that through. And second, do you know if Sly has talked about possibily doing an old script of his called “Maggie’s Eyes”, seems like a good film for him to do to show some acting chops. Thanks!

  6. Potro1980 Says:

    Sheryl, we want to know if Rambo 5 will be as bloody as John Rambo. I hope that al least will be R rated.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Potro, obviously Rambo V will be rated R, lol. We should all be focused on…

    1) when we will get the official THE EXPENDABLES trailer playing in theaters / the one-sheet revealed / and the photo of SLY/ARNOLD/BRUCE?

    2) in what summer does Sly plan on releasing HUNTER?

    3) will he consider casting Rain (Ninja Assassin) in HUNTER? 😉

    4) when does he plan to release RAMBO V and will School-Boy and a mention of Colonel Trautman be in the fifth film?

  8. Kev Brock Says:

    Andrew, those 4 questions are too early to be answered. By the way, “Ninja Assasin” looks like a shitty movie.

    Actually Sly needs to get an unknown actor for Hunter. Sly is well known for making unknown actors famous, he needs to stay away from star power. Leave that to the Expedables, like I said.


  9. Andrew Says:

    Kev, you do know Sly is going to play the title character of Hunter (it was written for him by James Byron Huggins)? And what star power are you talking about? Rain is not a huge star in the U.S.

    By the way, NINJA ASSASSIN was pretty good.

  10. Kev Brock Says:

    wow, did I just belieave what I just read? Did you even read Sly’s message about “Hunter” in the Stallonezone? He made it pretty clear he is going to have someone else star in the lead and not him. I think Sly means, he wants to go for a younger guy for the “Hunter” role. It wasn’t made for a guy in his 60’s. The role was made for someone around the 20’s or 30’s.

    The star power I’m reffering to is that “Rambo 5” or “Hunter” don’t need a big cast full of mega stars. “The Expendables” is only good for that.

    That guy from “Ninja Assassin” is getting big enough as he already is. Really, the movie looks like a piece of shit, and I don’t plan on seeing it. Wait for DVD on that one it is.

    The only good movie that I’m looking forward to is James Cameon’s “Avatar”. I actually thought, “Twilight: New Moon” was very very good and I wonder if Sly took his daughters to see that flick? He probably did.


    • Kev Brock Says:

      James Cameron, I mean.


      • Specialist91 Says:

        Hi Kev,

        You may have misread the original post from Sly. He was saying that the Hunter film will have another character in the lead, ie not Rambo. I think he will probably star in it himself, as the character is an older guy in the novel, not a young’un. Take care buddy..

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Twilight:New moon good?? this will be good for teenagers only… in all other respects I´m agree with you hehe

  11. Andrew Says:

    Kev, I think it is you who is confused. Sly will play HUNTER and not give it to some young jock.

  12. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, you have it great in life to hang out with both SCHWARZENEGGER and STALLONE. It makes me wonder if you are hanging out with Arnie because he is going to employ you on future projects. If thats the case, let Arnie know the fans want him to make PREDTORS and mostly COMMANDO II. Check out this page and show Arnie:

    Regarding Stallone, I’m glad you like the RAMBO V idea now. Is it possible to ask Sly if he will show Rambo’s father in the 5th film given the ending to part 4? Also, will HUNTER become his stab at doing a bad ass sci-fi in the vein of James Cameron’s ALIENS?

  13. Potro1980 Says:

    At this moment I´m interesting in Expendables and Rambo 5, not in Hunter, Hunter will have his moment, but not now. I think that I express the Spanish fan´s thought.

  14. Andrew Says:

    Yes, RAMBO 5 and THE EXPENDABLES. I want the trailer… 🙂

  15. Mark Says:

    RAMBO 5 is a must…more than any other project!

  16. Potro1980 Says:

    Yeah, you are right, cannot compare Rambo with Hunter or another film, a new film of Rambo is a great event for the cinema.

  17. Robert Says:

    Honestly, I am SO glad he is NOT doing the sci-fi script for Rambo, rather doing a much more realistic subject that again is happening. Just like what was going on in Burma, now the situation in Mexico.
    That’s for real…innocent girls vanishing and being used in that country. Just as a regular tourist, you have to be very careful..its so corrupt.
    So now, this storyline is definitely going to be even a better Rambo!! Thanks so much, Sly for not going that route w/Rambo and doing the sci-fi storyline w/another character.
    I still see an EX-2, and I’m w/Sheryl…Sly you need to do POE and do it w/R. Downey Jr. Then the Hunter movie, or better yet let’s see EX-2!!! I read somewhere, Sly was also doing a voice for a Adam Sandler movie…cool! I believe its’ called Zookeeper, starring Kevin James. Do it for your kids and nieces & nephews.
    Also, like to see another get together w/Arnold & Bruce!! Sly is definitely going to be very busy, so we will all be waiting patiently for The Expendables and Rambo 5!!!!!!

  18. Mark Says:

    The only movies Sly and Arnie should do is the BILLION DOLLAR “The Expendables” franchise. Every 3 years, Sly, Arnie and Bruce can team up and make an EXPENDABLES movie. In between, Sly can make RAMBO sequels, Bruce Can make DIE HARD 5 and Arnie can do either TRUE LIES 2, PREDATORS/PREDATOR 4 or COMMANDO II. Sheryl, do you want Arnie to make a PREDATOR 4 movie fully starring Dutch or a sequel to Commando with an older sexier Alyssa Milano?

  19. Potro1980 Says:

    Don´t forget Terminator 5 Mark…

    • ethelmae Says:

      neither! True Lies 2 is my hope but who knows if he will ever come back to the big screen…we can only hope.

  20. Mike Says:

    I wish there was video of that guy you mentioned.. falling out of his car when he saw the guys standing there..priceless!

    Any one of those guys walking next to the road would turn heads, but yeah.. two or three? that’s a traffic accident waiting to happen!

    I love that you’re sharing the info you are, but that’s really gotta’ suck that these comment people just climb all over you to get in a word with Sly. You’ve been a great source of info though, so I just wanted you to know that someone appreciates YOUR efforts.

    This is likely why Sly and company don’t do the blog thing themselves. Can you imagine being told by literally anyone with a keyboard, how every one of your projects need to play out. It seems positively scarey sometimes.

    Not to mention folks that haven’t figured-out that a successful film is not one that caters to their existing desires, but creates and fullfills new desires. It’s almost like people say “Gimme chocolate! THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE ALL THE TIME!!” Have any of them stopped to consider just how nasty chocolate would become at that point?

    Oh well, I guess going to school to learn about things like that is out of the question when you’ve got cab drivers ready to lead the country for us at a moments notice.. 🙂

    I look forward to your next installment. 🙂

  21. Potro1980 Says:

    Let´s be serious, Terminator was the BIG franchise for Arnold, he must his fame to this films and he is known for this films, True Lies is nothing compared with this trilogy, and don´t forget that he won the elections for governor thanks, in great part, to Terminator 3… so I think that his longly waited return must be in this sequel, Arnold can´t dissappoint his fans, one more time…

  22. Andrew Says:

    Potro, it is out of Arnold’s hands at this point. The rights to the TERMINATOR franchise are in court and we will know who owns them next month. SONY looks like the strongest contender.

    Sheryl, thanks again for all your responces. You are a great source and a cool as hell person. I hope Sly hires you on all his films. 🙂

    Mark and myself have our sources in the industry too and are friends with Harry Knowles so just know we have Sly and Arnold’s backs ALL the time 😉

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Yeah, I know, I only say that if Arnold have the oportunity to play in Terminator 5 he must do it, at least with a little role, because Terminator without Arnold is not Terminator, we have could check this in Terminator Salvation… and Arnold WILL BE BACK, hehe, I don´t have no doubt to respect, all his fans in the world are hoping that moment has long.

  23. Mark Says:

    TRUE LIES 2 is a must! Thanks for the reply Sheryl! I never see you push for Arnie to be in TERMINATOR 5. Do you want Arnie to be done with that franchise once he’s back in Hollywood? If he returns…

  24. Mark Says:

    Wonder what this means for Schwarzenegger. Any thoughts Sheryl…can you get some info from Arnie since you two meet up every now and then?

    Read this link for the info

    Here are Clints thoughts at MH:

    – Dough-disabled Halycon tell Nikki Fenke that they hope to have a buyer for the “Terminator” franchise – which they’re being forced to sell in order to pay off their debts; surely they had some old Manilow records they could’ve flogged off on ebay!? – by February 1, 2010. My money is on Summit…. or Sony. And speaking of all things “Terminator”, I’ve been informed Christian Bale “likely won’t be back” as John Connor for the next installment – in fact, anyone and everyone associated with “Salvation” will likely cash in their return tickets. But that probably won’t surprise anyone – especially considering how woeful “Salvation” turned out, thus the likelihood that the new buyer of the franchise will be keen to ‘start afresh’.

  25. Andrew Says:

    Potro, I understand what you mean.

  26. Mark Says:

    I’m sure Sheryl would love to work on a Terminator film.

  27. ethelmae Says:

    sorry guys but another Terminator is the last thing I want to do.. T4 killed the franchise for me.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Buff… I don´t think so Sheryl, T4 is not a good movie, but is the movie that should have been done for T3 with Arnold, because in my opinion, T3 is much worse than T4, the only good of T3 is that play Arnold, everything else in that film was already seen and was trash… T3 was a embarrasment for the franchise, my friends and me left the cinema very disappointed, we were waiting this moment during 11 years… there are many people that think the same about this, this film was unnecessary, we all know what were the real reasons why it became.

  28. MarkMark Says:

    T3 is miles ahead of T4! It’s good on Shery;’s part to want TRUE LIES 2 over a new TERMINATOR film.

  29. Mark Says:

    T3 is miles ahead of T4! It’s good on Shery;’s part to want TRUE LIES 2 over a new TERMINATOR film.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Terminator Salvation is not trash Mark, and is not a bad movie, not is good, and is in a the sideral distance compared with T1 and T2, but not with T3… McG is a bad director, but Mostow is not Cameron… may be I exaggerated when I said that T3 was trash, but this movie was a very very disappointing movie, and was “expendable”, hehe 😉 I saw T1 and T2 hundred times, I never tire of seeing them, but T3 only 2 times, and I don´t want see more…for me only exist T1 and T2, no more.

  30. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, talk Arnold into making TRUE LIES 2. Promise him 20 million dollars of your own money, LOL.

  31. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, some guy is reporting this info which sounds bogus to me:

    I had dinner with a friend who works at Fox last night and apparantly Arnold has “agreed in principle” to appear in Predators. Apparantly Arnold loves the cameo and said yes to the part after speaking with both Robert & Nimrod last week.

    Exciting times ahead.

  32. ethelmae Says:

    Arnold is a Robert Rodriguez fan, that I know.

    As for T3…it was a really good script that turned into a good movie but unfortunately not a great one. The problem for me was the casting. Claire Danes literally jumped into the role, vacated by the inexperienced Sofia Bush, with very little prep and no background in action films of this scope. She worked hard and did her best but it was a total mismatch. Same with Nick Stahl. But the killer was the lack of chemistry between the two. I didn’t give a flying @#*! about either of them, especially when Arnold was on screen. And Kristanna Loken as the T-X had the look but not the inner life I wanted to see from this machine. I do give Jonathan Mostow credit though…he had impossible shoes to fill and I think he did a great job. McG on the other hand was way out of his league. I mean seriously people did you see Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle or whatever the ridiculous title was? Why anyone handed over the franchise to him is way beyond my imagination. Mostow left it intact and with a place to go. McG took that place and turned it into a bore-fest. And Christian Bale with his Batman voice totally killed my buzz. So there you have it. I won’t be posting any further responses on the subject. Unless of course something cool happens like Jim cameron buys back the rights and decides to make the final chapter of The Terminator with Arnold…

    • Potro1980 Says:

      I´m agree with you about the casting of T3, you have all the reason about that, and would be great that Cameron would want to make another Terminator´s film, I hope he is hearing you hehe, and thanks too for the Predator´s information, see Arnod is this sequel would be amazing!

  33. Mark Says:

    MANY thanks for the reply Sheryl. I love it that you interact with your bloggers. I love this quote from you “Unless of course something cool happens like Jim cameron buys back the rights and decides to make the final chapter of The Terminator with Arnold…”

    If onlt that happens!!!

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Another two Terminator´s movies with Cameron and Arnold, like Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedy, with a “will be continued” in the middle, and filmed both two together and united, at one time, like Lord of the Rings, because there are still so many “War against machines” to show in only one film 😉

  34. Potro1980 Says:

    Wow! I red now this news in a Spanish blog, read this: “McG said that he will make not one, but yes two more films of the Terminator franchise. The director claimed that the only thing that really disappointed him in this sequel is that it wasn´t better than the first two parts. You read well: he compared Terminator Salvation with T1 and T2… and there was a moment when McG compared his work with Hitchcock´s work, with that we tell everything…”

    Haha this guy is very funny! 😀 I still remeber his “great” plot to Terminator 5… pleaseeee don´t!! hahaha 😉

  35. Potro1980 Says:

    Here, the news in English:

  36. Mark Says:

    I wonder if Schwarzenegger and Stallone will go to the AVATAR premiere with James Cameron. McG is a turd salesman. All talk and no greatness!

  37. Mark Says:

    We have faith in Cameron and that the masses will make AVATAR a huge hit….BUT…in case the stars don’t align for Jim when the film comes out, maybe he will owe Fox True Lies 2 afterall. A four quadren action sequel that will cost only 100 million (compared to 400 million) and make huge money automatically. Check out the VARIETY link…is it any indication the film might get shredded and ripped apart and not perform as expected? We hope not:

    Our hope and bet is Summit/Sony/Fox buys the rights to T5, they make an offer to Jim and Arnie, they say yes, the script gets written in 2010 while Arnie finishes office…Cameron and Schwarzenegger film T5 in 2011 for a summer 2012 release date. One can friggin hope and dream.

  38. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, do you know if we will get an EXPENDABLES spot over the super bowl?

  39. dylanisis Says:

    Hello there Sheryl, just watched that documentary and was wondering if you have seen it and what do you think about what it says about Arnold? (Sly escaped pretty unscathed)

  40. dylanisis Says:

    Bigger Stronger Faster (sorry)

  41. Potro1980 Says:

    Which documentary?

  42. dylanisis Says:

    its called Bigger Stronger Faster

  43. Potro1980 Says:

    Ok, thanks.

  44. Kev Brock Says:

    Hey Sheryl, can you confirm for us if Brittany Murphy had her cameo in “Expendables”? The rumours are going to start coming in on that very quickly and it would be great if you clear that for us. RIP, Brittany.

    • ethelmae Says:

      Very sad news about Brittany Murphy. She did not work on The Expendables. The role Sly wrote for her literally turned into a walk-on as the script morphed and so Brittany stepped out. Sly always talked about working with her on something and mentioned what a great Janis Joplin she would make.

      • Kev Brock Says:

        Sly is probably sad about her himself, now that she died, I’m sure he is wishing she had her in the film now. Again, RIP Brittany. Thanks for the insight!


  45. Angelo Says:

    Sheryl, any chance you could tell us whether Hunter or Rambo V will be coming first? I am currently reading the novel and I can’t picture anyone else but Sly as the lead. He is perfect for this movie.

  46. farid Says:

    Who gives a damn about Rambo or Hunter anymore when AVATAR is out there!!!!!!!!! DAMN I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

    • farid Says:

      p.s. Forgot to mention The Expendables also!

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Avatar is historic, amazing FX, very amazing, tecnologically talking is INCREDIBLE, but the rest is TRASH… very dissapointing as a film. In my opinion, may be, James Cameron is overvalued by all, specially there, in USA… I´m much more interesting in Rambo, Expendables, Sly and Arnold than in this EXPENSIVE cgi films with a plot that seems wrote by a CHILD…

  47. Angelo Says:

    Those of us who prefer a hard hitting film with good storytelling and developed characters rather than gimmicky CGI fest with a sappy romance.

  48. Kev Brock Says:

    Off topic: I saw “Avatar” too guys. To be honest, I thought it was pretty good. Nothing amazing or mind blowing that most people are making it out to be, but the film was exceptionally entertaining. First off, the acting wasn’t the greatest. Sam Worthington wasn’t that great of an actor, and I wished James Cameron picked a better leading star.

    Secondly, the story to “Avatar” wasn’t original. The story of this man going to another world to join these people and getting attacked by villains has been told so many times. You gotta admit that this film felt like a live action video game, it definitely felt like one to me.

    The CGI and Cinematography was very impressive, yes, but that was pretty much the only thing I liked about the film, was the special effects and all. Sigourney Weaver was kind of annoying in it but Zoey Saldana did a good acting job though.

    The film felt too “Terminator”, “Transformers” mixed in with a Western. I’ve seen better sci fi movies than this.

    Sorry, I thought “District 9” was much better.

    Did you see “Avatar” yet, Sheryl, what did you think?

  49. farid Says:

    HAHAHAHA…You guys are hilarious with your opinions on AVATAR. Even the most well known film critics have said it is an amazing movie, story wise and technically.
    I’m not even going to argue with you. I’m so glad you guys will never be involved in any movies…LOL

    • Angelo Says:

      Yeah, a guy whose action films are influenced by Michael Mann, John McTiernan and Sylvester Stallone would be so much worse than CGIfest #453059876957650987

    • Potro1980 Says:

      … Where are you from Farid? Here, in Spain, most of the critics were similar to what I said, but I only expressed my personal opinion, as you, so please don´t laugh, a little respect, GUY…

  50. Potro1980 Says:

    By the way, recently in a interview, Sam Worthington said that when he read Avatar´s movie script he told James Cameron that it was pretty bad, and asked Cameron who have written this… haha this guy is the best, he hits everybody: McG, Cameron etc xDD

  51. Kev Brock Says:

    Just because most movie critics say it’s good, doesn’t mean I have to agree with them. My opinion is my opinion alone. I’ll say it again, that “Avatar” was pretty good, I’m not bashing the movie in any way. It’s just nothing amazing or mind blowing that a lot of people are making it out to be. I’m not really into this CGI/popcorn action thing and that’s exactly what “Avatar” is. I like movies that are more serious and more insightful, like “District 9”. “District 9” is my favorite movie of the year and it’s way better than “Avatar”.

  52. farid Says:

    I personally don’t give a damn what film critics think cause I’ve seen enough movies and because I work in the animation industry in Canada I can tell which movies are excellent and which ones are terrible. Trust me AVATAR is excellent and so was District 9, but what makes AVATAR stand out from the rest of the Sci Fi films is that the motion capture technology is insanely perfect which managed to show the true performance of the actors and all the subtleties were transferred through into the CG characters, which resulted the audience to completely forget that this is a CG character they’re watching and everything became extremely believable.
    James Cameron didn’t use CG to sell this film, he had no other choice but to use CG to show us the planet Pandora. If he could actually go to a planet like that to shoot the film, then he wouldn’t need to use CG much and then you would focus on the story more and you people would say, damn the movie had a great story.
    AVATAR did have a great plot and a flat out Green and anti war message. If the story wasn’t really good, people wouldn’t line up to see this movie and would wait for it to be released onto DVD to watch the CG stuff. So they go to watch it because it is the complete package!

    So there you go, this is why AVATAR IS THE KING!

    • farid Says:

      ps. Just so you all know, here in Canada AVATAR has received a 9.5 out of 10 from 570 people who have watched it and wrote a review on it, people like me and you, so that proves that the majority of people are on the same page. And for the rest of you who think it’s trash or whatever, then that goes to show how different you are from the rest. Maybe you should think about that.

      Also know this that these are my favorite movies, so you don’t think that I have no taste in movies:

      Rocky, Scent of a Woman, Godfather, Road to Perdition, Saving Private Ryan, Legends of the Fall, The Departed, Seven and of course Avatar and the list goes on….

      So trust me I can what an excellent movie is.

  53. farid Says:

    If AVATAR was trash like some of you said, then why is it that it has received multiple nominations for the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars?!!! James Cameron is nominated by the way 🙂

    So go and take some film making classes so you can tell the difference between good and bad. If you think Rambo is better than Avatar then there’s no need to argue with you cause you simply won’t understand. Period.

  54. Potro1980 Says:

    Avatar IS NOT A GOOD MOVIE, the only interesting of this movie is its awesome cgi, and nothing more, and this film was SOLD AND PROMOTED many months ago by its revolutionary cgi and its amazing 3D, this cause were the slogan of this movie. if you remove the cgi and the 3D the rest is TRASH, because the plot is simple and predictable, Avatar deserves an oscar ,but only for the FX, that quite expensive were… this is my opinion. Great country Canada Farid.

  55. Andrew Says:

    SHERYL, WILL it be the first week in JANUARY we get that still of the 3 ACTION HEROES? OR has it been moved back?

  56. Potro1980 Says:

    Merry Christmas for all, too for Kev xD

  57. INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Ethelmae (Sylvester Stallone’s Publicist) + FILM PREVIEW – The Expendables « Alternative Magazine Online Says:

    […] […]

  58. Johnyboy Says:

    Did you ever get an answer if School boy would return in the next Rambo movie? Seems logical to me.

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