…you say goodbye and I say hello….

Ahhh I’m in a reflective kind of mood tonight what with the “blue moon” so full and luminous and a retrograde Mercury causing havoc… I’m fairly certain that wackiness will ensue.  So before I head out into the land of the wild and the weird known as New Year’s Eve I’m chiming in with my take on the past 10 years…

Looking back makes me realize what a wild assed conglomeration of hideousness and hilarity the soon to end decade was. Let us not forget people…The 21st century began with the crazies in high gear as way too many people on planet earth believed the world was going to end with the advent of Y2K…But alas the world did not stop spinning on its axis, planes did not fall from the sky (yet) and cities did not come to a grinding halt. But one thing was for certain –  media manipulation was officially at full tilt.  And with that we were off and running as Playstation became the drug of choice, Dubya became the 43rd President of the US but not “us” and George Harrison reminded us “All Things Must Pass”.  The tragedy of 9-11 brought the country together for a brief moment until the 2004 election Kabuki tore us apart again.  Tsunamis and earthquakes ravaged the Indian Ocean, China and India while in the US Hurricane Katrina revealed to us this is a country still very much divided by class.  Saddam Hussein was found in a rat hole, our brave men and women went to war In Viet Nam and Cambodia….oops I mean Iraq and Afghanistan… and pirates once again trolled the high seas and I’m not talking about Johnny Depp.  The space shuttle Columbia disappeared before our eyes, that cute little Pope died , gay marriage became legal – sort of – and pot stores literally sprouted up over night in California.  We learned that you can see Russia from Sarah Palin’s backyard, a man named Barack Obama was elected President, Bernie Maddoff made off with other people’s money, Kenneth Lay took the easy way out, banks failed, the stock market did a free fall, the dollar tanked and gas rose to nearly $5 a gallon. Meanwhile back in Iran, thousands filled the streets to make their voices heard.  And the world listened…for a minute.  Oh and let’s not forget about Mad Cow disease and Swine flu and anthrax.

Social networking reminded us of how much we all want to be connected.. to our IPods and Iphones and Kindles but not necessarily to each other. We waged war against terrorism  but not against hunger in our own backyard. Global warming became the new buzz word. TV’s got flat, albums all but disappeared and TiVo changed our lives forever – ok so maybe just mine but it did! We met the Osbornes, LT danced with the stars, American Idol gave us mediocrity (Justin, Rueben) mixed with brilliance (Jennifer , Carrie, Kelly), Madonna stuck her tongue down Brittany’s throat, YouTube gave every moron in the world with a camera a chance at fame, Michael Jackson disintegrated, Janet Jackson showed her nipple ring and Amy Winehouse became an embarrassment to crack heads everywhere.  All the while Beyonce made it totally legit to have a big ass…errr… I mean booty.  Peter Jackson gave life to Frodo and Gollum,  Penguins marched, Memento mesmerized, Russell Crowe beat a guy with a phone (not very Gladiator like), a little fish named Nemo made us smile, Spidey ruled, Transformers enthralled but the sequel was a snooze fest and Christian Bale and McG ruined the Terminator franchise.  Pan’s Labyrinth disturbed us and we fell in love with Batman and vampires…again… as Jim Cameron…love him or hate him…delivered the best trip I’ve been on in years.  Moulin Rouge, Crouching Tiger, Daniel Craig as a very sexy Bond..I could go on and on…

The Red Sox won the world series, Usain Bolt ran really really fast, Shaq and Kobe ruled, Brett Favre got very confused, Beckham bent it in LA, Michael Phelps got cozy with a bong, Danica Patrick showed the boys how girlz play, Michael Vick went to jail, Barbaro broke our hearts, ‘roids raged, Tiger got beat by his own golf club and the Steelers won the Super Bowl…TWICE (just because I haven’t mentioned The Expendables doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mention my Steelers ;]

Ok so there you have it…maybe TMI but it’s my take and i’m sticking to it. Happy 2010 everyone.  Lots of good things are coming our way including the release of The Expendables and Arnold’s final days as Guv.  Cheers.

74 Responses to “…you say goodbye and I say hello….”

  1. Kain424 Says:

    Great recap. Wonder what the next decade will bring.

    • farid Says:

      The next decade will bring more Avatar sequels, which I can’t wait to see and be taken to different planets and see creatures that you would only see in your dreams. Beautiful scenery and more adventures, like the ultimate vacation!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    What a lyrical account of the past decade. I’m certain that the next decade will be full of color!

  3. Potro1980 Says:

    Umm… I´m not agree about Terminator Salvation, and C. Bale is a wonderful actor and a good John Connor, infinitely better than Nick Stahl.

    • ethelmae Says:

      Remember – these are MY opinions but agreed, Bale was definitely better than Nick Stahl but I kept hearing Batman and it was a buzz killer for me.

  4. Mark Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sheryl, now thats it’s January 2010, when will we get the first photo of STALLONE/SCHWARZENEGGER/WILLIS in The Expendables?

    • ethelmae Says:

      good question Mark. When I saw Sly & Arnold just before Christmas Sly mentioned he wanted to use a quick flash of Arnold & Bruce in the trailer so if that happens then the photo should be available soon. Sly did say the trailer tested through the roof – it was clear he has high expectations for The Expendables – he said it is definitely one of his best. He finished editing the movie so of course I asked when we get to see it and he said soon…I so wish this movie was opening in April…

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Arnold and Bruce in the trailer? Woow, Sly is clever hehe. thanks for all Sheryl.

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Yeah, if the edit is finished why we must wait to August for its release?

      • Robert Says:

        I, too, Sheryl, wish this movie would have been released in April and not August. Of course, Sly will use a “quick flash” of those guys!! Its’ smart business and its a smart move on behalf of Sly and producers. Think about it, except for Sly fans around the world (and there’s quite of few), and that we keep talking about it, but the Arnold, Bruce, Jason, Mickey, Jet fans will see this awesome trailer and say “Man, I’m definitely going to see this movie!”
        Then you got the Couture, Cold Stone S. Austin fans who are going to see this trailer and man, The Expendables movie is going to explode on screen and at the box office!!
        True, guys, and I agree on both sides of the arguement re:box office numbers. I know Sly and producers care. I care, too, because that means another Expendables movie! Which I already know there’s going to be one anyway.
        Will it be 100-150 States-side? Who knows, but we ALL know, overseas, its going to ROCK!!!
        I agree, lets not argue about how much money it will make…all I know, I WANT TO SEE IT…YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE IT NOW!! Rambo is next, hopefully POE, then another Expendables!!
        Thanks for sharing Sheryl!!!

  5. Andrew Says:

    So far, everything that Mark and myself have speculated has come true…now the best part is we were right that Sly was a smart businessman and will put both BRUCE and ARNOLD in the trailer (the other two selling points of the film -no it’s not Jet Li or Jason Statham-….YES! COUNT ME EXCITED!

  6. Marek, Czech republic Says:

    Hi,I have one question. Whose back is on the Expendables poster? Is it really Sly? Thanks,Marek

  7. Mark Says:

    Thanks for answering the question Sheryl. Can’t wait for the trailer. THE EXPENDABLES is shaping up to become the biggest non sci-fi action hit of the summer. I think the film will hit big with 100-150 million domestic and 300-400 million worldwide.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      You are very optimist, I think…

      • Kev Brock Says:

        “Expendables” will do well in the box office, indeed but it certainly won’t do better than “Avatar” and the “Twilight Series”. I know Stallone fans wants this to be a box office smash, it probably will be, but it won’t be that big. It’ll probably do average in the box office.

        On top of that, I don’t really care how well a movie sells in the box office, I just want to see a good movie and that’s all that matters to me.

      • Potro1980 Says:

        I´m agree with you Kev, We love Sly, but many (fool)people don´t think the same as us… I hope that Expendables will be a succes for the box, and specially for Sly, for that he can make more films as the star that he is.

  8. Mark Says:

    Kev, where do you come up with this stuff? You open yourself for the most rediculous arguments sometimes. Who ever said THE EXPENDABLES will do AVATAR and TWILIGHT box-office numbers? Don’t throw out stupidness just to be heard. The Sly/Arnie/Bruce movie should do 100 million domestic easy. I’ll go as far as 150 million if the hype is right and the film delivers big time. Those are hardly AVATAR numbers. Lets not type foolishness anymore please. Stay realistic when typing.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I am being realistic. Most of you here are being delusional as usual. “Expendables” will do good, but it won’t even go as far as 100-150 million as you mentioned, I think it will go around 80-90 million or a little lower. With the film being R rated and the film having all these action stars, that’s the reason alone it’ll only do average in the box office. To be perfectly honest, people these days don’t really care for these old action stars anymore. The only people that would still care for them is the small number of action fans that are still around.

      Really, why do you and especially Andrew care about box office budgets too much? I love that post lotofsly made about you guys in the stallonezone board, lol.

      No reason to be all negative dude, when I’m just being honest in a respectful tone.


      • ethelmae Says:

        sorry Kev but I have to disagree. It is clear tat movie goers want to be entertained and that is exactly what The Expendables will deliver – with old new action stars. AND WHO SAID IT IS R RATED? As for box office – I agree with you for the same reason sated above – movie goers want to be entertained. I expect $150+

  9. Mark Says:

    Kev, sorry then. Even if THE EXPENDABLES does 80-90 million domestic, I still see it grossing 200-250 overseas for a huge 300 million plus worldwide.

  10. Potro1980 Says:

    But, “The Expendables” will be Rated R??not Pg 13??

  11. Ken H Says:

    Hey, thanks for all your hard work so far. Those of us following the film since it’s announcements greatly appreciate it and I wish you the best of luck in 2010!

    I have three questions regarding the Expendables if you don’t mind me answering:

    1. I remember a while back you had posted that Brittany Murphy’s singing character was written out of the film. Is this still true?

    2. What is Gary Daniel’s role in the film? I’m a big fan of his due his involvement in “Fist of the North Star” and the so-bad-it’s-good “American Streetfighter”.

    3. Even though the filming delay cost him a role in this, has Sylvester Stallone expressed desire to work with Forest Whitaker in the future? I love Forest from Ghost Dog and would’ve loved to see him in this, although Terry Crews is a fantastic choice as well.

    • ethelmae Says:

      1. Brittany Murphy did not work on the film. Her character was completely re-drawn and as I said before amounted to no more than a walk-on. Sly loved Brittany and wanted to work with her.
      2. Gary plays a very bad guy and as always exudes brute force in a quiet intense way.
      3. Once again as the script morphed major characters changed as was the case with Forrest Whitaker’s role. But the reason he didn’t do the film was due to a schedule conflict – we pushed by a month which conflicted with another project he had already committed to. I fully expect to see Sly work with him at some point – he’s an amazing actor and really cool guy.

  12. Tabitha Says:

    Brilliant! Happy New Year, Sheryl..uh..four days late…

  13. Gina S Says:

    Happy New Year, Sheryl!! I hope 2010 is a good year for you.

  14. Andrew Says:

    This movie is going to be a MEGA BLOCKBUSTER and even Sheryl knows it 😉

  15. Potro1980 Says:

    But, the question is: it will be Rated R or Pg 13?… 😀

    • ethelmae Says:

      This may have changed (I will only believe a direct quote from Sly) but when I asked him about the rating a few months ago I had the impression the theatrical release would be PG-13 with the DVD release a hard R. That could have changed as I haven’t seen Sly in a few weeks but until he says otherwise that’s what I am going with.

  16. Kev Brock Says:

    Hey Sheryl, did Stone Cold really break Sly’s neck? That’s what Sly told FHM magazine.


    If it’s been published in FHM magazine, it’s probably true.


  17. Andrew Says:

    Potro, it’s R rated.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Ok, thanks Andrew, I didn´t hear nothing about this, indeed, I thought that the film would be Pg 13 according Avi Lerner´s declarations, but R rated is great! Sly got his way, hehe.

  18. Andrew Says:

    The fans want an R and they will get it. I’m sure Sly will deliver. 🙂

  19. Kev Brock Says:

    I can totally see it, Stone Cold on set of the Expendables, “If anybody wants to see Stone Cold Steve Austin break Sylvester Stallone’s neck, gimme a hell yeah”! LOL!


  20. Kev Brock Says:

    I just saw this video where Jean Claude Van Damme himself explains why he turned down the Expendables.

    See the video yourself:

    I’m reading the stallonezone board and they all stick by Stallone’s side like always. They all claim that Van Damme here disrespected Sly.

    I don’t see that at all. Van Damme was very nice and polite in this video. He maybe poking fun at Sly’s speaking voice a little bit, but hey, everybody impersonate’s Sly’s voice for a laugh. That’s not a big deal. Van Damme was simply asking more information about the character he was playing and for some reason, Sly wouldn’t give more details on his character. Van Damme disrespected Sly?

    No, not at all. Van Damme even said he was a huge fan of Sly at the end of the video. Van Damme was just being honest and real about things.

    So from what I see, in my opinion, I think Sly Stallone just disrespected Van Damme. If Stallone gave Van Damme the answers to his questions about his character, then Van Damme wouldn’t have turned it down.

    I’m a HUGE fan of Sly myself, but there are some things he does I disagree with, you can’t always be on Sly’s side. Gotta be real on things and kudos to Van Damme for being real. No offense to anybody. I’m just being real.


    • Potro1980 Says:

      JCVD is a fool,we don´t need him, we have Bruce and Arnold. haha JCVD what do you think about this?…When Sly asked to Arnold if he could play a little role in Expendables Arnold answered:OF COURSE, and nothing more, this is A GREAT,not JCVD… Today, if JCVD would have a time machine he would return to the moment to Sly´s phone call… Somebody doubting about this?

      • Kev Brock Says:

        You have to admit that this was very unprofesional for Sly. Director’s jobs are supposed to tell their cast about their character, but nope Sly is always talking about making people big stars and making them big money like JCVD said. Jean Claude is being a profesional. Why would you want to star in a movie when the director won’t give him information on his character?


  21. Andrew Says:

    ARNOLD said of course because he is smart. JCVD said NO because he has no sense.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Actually I think JCVD is making sense. Totally. If you were signed to star in a film, and if you ask the director what character you’re playing, then the director responds back, “I’m going to make you a star and you’ll get rich”, how would you feel? Wouldn’t that kind of piss you off? That’s what Van Damme is saying here. If Sly gave Van Damme the answers he wanted, I’m very sure Van Damme would gladily star in it with no problem. Maybe Sheryl can give us some insight on this story as well when she gets a chance.

      Maybe she’ll even say that Van Damme is full of it or maybe she’ll admit that Sly made a mistake here.

      If it is true of what Van Damme said in that video, that would be dissapointing of Sly ’cause I would have liked to see Van Damme in this movie.


  22. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, what do you think of Van Damme’s comments?

    Jean-Claude Van Damme THE EXPENDABLES True Story

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Yep, I’m interested in hearing the full story on this whole JCVD thing myself. Maybe Sheryl make a whole new blog on it?


    • Potro1980 Says:

      This guy is a clown, now Van Damme is a De Niro or a Pacino…JCVD was a soporific film, so continue making films like Universal Soldier 3=trash directly to dvd market.

  23. Mark Says:

    What gets me is why would Van Damme suggest to Sly to play a priest?????? Does that make any sense? The conversation was about THE EXPENDABLES and JC decides to give Sly the dumbest out of left field advice! JCVD is a huge idiot for insulting Mr. Stallone.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I think with the priest thing, Van Damme is just joking. He was in a good mood in that video and upbeat as you can see. He was insulting Sly at all. Just making an honest point.


  24. Potro1980 Says:

    Really, I´m not interested in JCVD, and you guys? someone other than Kev?… Who is JCVD compared with Sly?…

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I honestly believe, people are being negative and so immature toward JCVD when he didn’t do anything wrong. Just an honest guy and telling it like it is. It’s a free country, so he has the right to think this way all he wants. You all say, “The Expendables” don’t need, Van Damme? Well Van Damme doesn’t really need Stallone to make him a star and get wealthy ’cause Van Damme is already both. I thought the movie “JCVD” was really really really good, I think it was his best since “Bloodsport”. You guys are not an actor, so you don’t know what it’s like in Hollywood, same with me. Jean Claude is a better athlete and bodybuilder than Stallone is anyways. That’s a fact.


      • Potro1980 Says:

        First: JCVD is not a star. Second: I would have liked to see JCVD in Expendables, of course.

      • Potro1980 Says:

        An another third: yes Kev, you are right, Van Damme is an athlete and a bodybuilder, but NOT AN ACTOR xDD

  25. Mark Says:

    Kev, you say “Jean Claude is a better athlete and bodybuilder than Stallone is”????? You must be kidding! Once again, stop talking foolishness. Stallone is in better shape than JC could ever hope. Sly in COPLAND was in better shape than JC is now….LOL

  26. Kev Brock Says:

    Wow, you guys are going to have Sly’s back no matter the situation, eh? You bunch of obsessed fanboys, LOL!!!!

    Of course, Jean Claude is a way more talented athlete than Sly. Van Damme has way more martial arts experience than any action star in history!!!

    Read Van Damme’s wikipedia:


    Did Sly have any experience in sports other than bodybuilding? Sly may know boxing a little bit, but Sly never had a boxing career. Jean Claude however, been doing martial arts since he was 12.

    Plus, Van Damme has a more muscular physique than Sly does.

    Jean Claude is still in great shape. Here’s a recent picture TMZ posted of him once…

    When in that video did Jean Claude disrespect Sly? JCVD made it clear, he STILL respects Sly. Jean Claude has nothing negative about Sly at all.

    I love Sly too, always had, and will always be a Sly fan, but you have to accept the fact that JCVD is way more talented. “JCVD” is a great film, check it out if you haven’t yet. He’s doing fine without Sly and that film “JCVD”, is a success overseas.


  27. Kev Brock Says:

    Is there a reason my comment is awaiting moderation?

  28. Kev Brock Says:

    Wow, you guys are going to have Sly’s back no matter the situation, eh? You bunch of obsessed fanboys, LOL!!!!

    Of course, Jean Claude is a way more talented athlete than Sly. Van Damme has way more martial arts experience than any action star in history!!!

    Did Sly have any experience in sports other than bodybuilding? Sly may know boxing a little bit, but Sly never had a boxing career. Jean Claude however, been doing martial arts since he was 12.

    Plus, Van Damme has a more muscular physique than Sly does.

    Jean Claude is still in great shape and you can still see he’s in great shape in that video above.

    When in that video did Jean Claude disrespect Sly? JCVD made it clear, he STILL respects Sly. Jean Claude has nothing negative about Sly at all.

    I love Sly too, always had, and will always be a Sly fan, but you have to accept the fact that JCVD is way more talented. “JCVD” is a great film, check it out if you haven’t yet. He’s doing fine without Sly and that film “JCVD”, is a success overseas.


  29. Andrew Says:

    Kev, if you have never tried out for comedy, now is the time. You can use the above for your audition for a big laugh 😉

  30. Mark Says:

    Kev, please stay off the drugs LOL… Mickey Rourke knocked Van Damme out in a resturant once. So much for a black belt. All it takes is one swing from Sly or Arnold right in JC’s jaw and it’s funeral time LOL

  31. Kev Brock Says:

    Really, you’re all mad at Van Damme ’cause you know what I say is the truth. Many of you are misinformed and taking his comments out of context with JCVD’s video above as it’s clear you don’t know anything about Hollywood and don’t know what it’s like being an actor. Jean Claude is just doing what he wants to do.

    Kurt Russell turned this movie down too and no one is hating on him for that. Many of you need to grow up. Go back to the stallonezone.


    • Potro1980 Says:

      JC is more talented than Sly??? Kev,really. are you kidding? and don´t compare JC with Kurt, please…

      • Kev Brock Says:

        Ya know, just because JC did a lot of straight to video movies and did some indie films, doesn’t mean he sucks. You all saying he sucks, it’s just an opinion that you’re all entitled to. Van Damme is not a bad actor. If he was in the Expendables, I’m sure Van Damme would deliver a great performance. I thought his acting was really great in “JCVD”, it was a decent performance. I think that’s the reason Sly wanted Jean Claude in the Expendables ’cause he liked his work in the film “JCVD”.

        I’m not kidding around that Van Damme is more talented than Sly. Better athlete and better fitness person.

        Nobody hasn’t answered my question yet. Did Sly ever had any experience in sports? Why didn’t anyone answer? It’s because Sly didn’t do any sports other than bodybuilding.

        I repeat, Van Damme has YEARS of martial arts experience, he’s been in plenty of martial arts competitions and won many of them. That’s not enough evidence for you?

        Many of these guys in the Expendables are even more talented than Sly. If Sly got a broken neck by Stone Cold and almost got killed by an uppercut by Dolph, you say that Sly is more talented than them? Um, wow.


      • Potro1980 Says:

        Sly is 63 years old Kev… he was a bodybuilder and didn´t practice martial arts, and? what did you want? that he had gone to the Olimpic Games? this is CINEMA Kev, and Sly wants JC for his trayectory as action hero, not for JCVD. Jc in Expendables would be great, of course, but now with Arnold and Bruce we don´t need JC.

    • ethelmae Says:

      sorry Franck but I’m not posting your commnet. If you want to tone it down I am happy to post but I am trying to eliminate the personal attacks.
      Thanks for understanding.

  32. John Wright Says:

    Okay guys and gals, lets simmer down eh? This is Sheryl’s blog, not a forum for heated conversations like this, so lets try to show some respect to her, because she has given us the goods on The Expendables, so lets be thankful of this. I’m sure there are many forums to discuss these things on, and you can be as heated as you like.

    I haven’t seen the JCVD video yet, but I see both points of the argument. Unfortunately with Holloywood, unless you are on the inside, you will NEVER know the full truth. If JCVD was offered a role by Sly, it is only right that as a veteran action star himself and actor by trade that he should ask about his character, just like any other actor would. Its not so much about pride or respect, as ‘is this role right for me and do I want to play it’? JCVD has his own career and plans to follow, especially after the success of ‘JCVD’ itself. If he is happy following that path then so be it.

    On the flip side, Sly may not have developed the characters at that point, so may not have been able to give JCVD the information he wanted, even during filming characters were being written in and out, so that’s all Sly might have been able to give. Lets face it, Sly wanted the biggest and baddest cast of action stars ever assembled for this – that’s the main attraction of this movie, so it would only have been natural to approach as many guys and gals as soon as he could. I’m sure JCVD and Kurt Russell weren’t the only ones to turn Sly down. Sly has enough on his plate with this movie, so his time and efforts may only have been restricted when approaching potential cast members.

    We may never know the full story, so lets move on eh guys? We have an impending trailer and promo pics to look forward to!!! Any news on this Sheryl??!!!

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Yeah, now JC wants to play Drama and Romance like a good actor… what about Universal Soldier 3?…Well John, we talk with respect, like you say americans, this is a free country, don´t?

  33. Kev Brock Says:

    Good post John Wright, and I agree with everything you said. I came here to help defend JCVD before the kids from stallonezone started bashing him here which I predicted that will happen.

    Jean Claude maybe as an ass in that video, I agree, but he has every right to state his opinion and drop out of the film all he wants to as this is a free country. Don’t hate on Van Damme for this. He’s just being a profesional and being an actor which most of us including me know nothing about.

    I’m sure Sheryl is going to write a blog about the Jean Claude controversy anyways and looking forward to reading it.


  34. Andrew Says:

    John, good points…

  35. Potro1980 Says:

    I repeat, I´m not interesting in JC, and I think that this is not his blog and he doesn´t appear in Expendables, don´t?…

    • Kev Brock Says:

      You may not be interested in JC, but it doesn’t matter if you are or not. When stuff like this that are related to Stallone and related to the Expendables, when rumours or controversy explode all over the internet, it won’t go away until it dies out. That’s what happens with the internet these days. This isn’t JC’s blog but it is related to Stallone and the Expendables. Sheryl here is associated with the Expendables, that’s why we’re talking about it. Know what I mean?


      • Potro1980 Says:

        JC’s refusal is more than a year ago, is old news, nobody is interested in this already. We want to know when will be release the Expendable´s trairler, not what he said this guy (JC).

  36. Kev Brock Says:

    I’m still interested in hearing the full story. Wouldn’t you all like to know why Sly did this to Van Damme? Why he wouldn’t give him the information on his character that he wanted? I think it’s an important thing for fans to know. Hell, maybe Sly will come out on the internet and admit to everyone he was wrong. Sheryl haven’t said anything about this yet, because maybe her and Sly are talking about it behind the scenes.


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