A broken neck and a broken JCVD

ok I’ve been quiet cuz I’ve been working on my own project – but more about that later.  First things first, the neck…Sly did indeed have a very serious surgery a few weeks after we wrapped The Expendables.  He did it under the radar and kept it out of the press…I love that! Arnold went to visit him in the hospital and I saw him a couple of weeks after the surgery.  From what he told me it was complicated and involved moving his trachea, putting in a metal plate and some very delicate maneuvering by the surgeon – the slightest mistake could have resulted in paralysis.  As for how it happened – I don’t exactly remember because Sly had several injuries over the course of the film – he did so many over the top stunts and rarely used a stunt double for the fights.  After one fight blood was pouring out of his ear.  I do know the fight between him and Steve Austin was brutal – took place in a cave with jagged walls and a hard dirt floor – stunt pads were rarely used as that would prevent Sly from getting the full frame shots he loves so much.  They both got their clocks wound in the scene that day.

As for JCVD, it is clear that during the pathetic excuse for a press conference he exhibited a real case of sour grapes.  JCVD was disrespectful, insulting and showed he has no character.  But then again most of us knew that.  That doesn’t mean some of his movies aren’t good, he isn’t in good shape or that he isn’t a martial arts expert – just that he clearly created a mythology about what happened to make it look like he turned down Sylvester Stallone for creative reasons.  Bull@#!%.  I’m not going to get into a he said/he said dialogue here since I wasn’t present for the conversations.  But again, my understanding is Sly really wanted JCVD and was writing a part for him – just as he did for Jason, Jet, Dolph, Mickey, etc.  Doing this film was never about the money for Sly so I find it completely implausible that he tried to lure JCVD with the promise of riches.  A rewarding experience, a chance to get back on the big screen in a big film and a role that would allow him to show his chops?  Yes.  The promise of money money money.  No. Anyone who knows how NuImage operates knows that getting money out of Avi is like milking a hummingbird – he has a formula that he sticks to which is why he is successful.  Sly had x amount of $ to make the film and he wanted to get the most out of it.  Giving bundles to a marginal screen draw makes no sense.  John Wright is right (heh heh) – the script went through over 100 rewrites…JCVD’s character was not fleshed out completely but Sly had an outline for who he was.  As with the other actors, JCVD would have the opportunity to develop the character.  I think it came down to how much of a team player would JCVD be – remember this was an ensemble piece – everyone had to click – ego on set would not be tolerated.  My thoughts – JCVD was perhaps the architect of his own demise in terms of the film because of ego and perhaps a little feeling of intimidation.  That’s my take and it is filled with a lot more truth than any speculation I’ve seen here.  Get it? Got it? Good.

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  1. Kev Brock Says:

    Oh well, I guess the Stallone camp are telling their side of the story then, on this JCVD thing. I’m still on Van Damme’s side though, dont’ care what anybody says. I don’t see him acting egostitical at all, in my opinion. He was respectful and honest at best. The end.


  2. ice!が食べたくなる。なぜ・・・・。 Says:


    最近朝・晩とかなり冷え込んできましたね!でもなぜか・・・・。 暖房の効いた暖かい部屋でムショウにice!が食べたくなってきた。 思ったら吉日!大量に買い込んでしまった・・・。 チョコレートice!・最中ice!・極め付けには氷の定番!がりがりクンice! さっそく今日はもうチョコレートice!カンショク!明日は何ice!にしようかな!! 嬉しい悩みです!…

  3. Andrew Says:

    Kev, grow up! Sheryl told what really happened! THE END indeed.

  4. John Wright Says:

    Thanks for the props Sheryl, it made my day! It angers me, but never surprises me in this type of situation when you get the occasional few people who know little on the subject, ranting and raving about stuff based on speculation alone, to the point of being insulting. Yes, freedom of speech and all that, but there is a time and a place for that and it is most definitely not on here.

    People should be very thankful (as I am!) we are getting your information, news and insight into Sly and The Expendables. I hope you weren’t too angered by some of these comments tainting what is supposed to be something positive, and I hope people will respect that and take petty arguments to the relevant forums in the future.

  5. Angelo Says:

    If it was about the money, this would be the most expensive movie ever made. No big whoop about JCVD, but it means that the JCVD film was one big lie. The Expendables could’ve recussitated his career, but he’d rather stick to DTV shlock.

    Sheryl, how many guys turned down a role due to circumstances rather than not wanting to be in the film? I remember the announcement of the film back in October ’08 being totally left field and the film practically being cast insanely quickly.

  6. Waleed Al-Telbany Says:

    The first lines I started reading what you wrote about JCVD, I stopped.
    You just wrote lies and it just shows how angry you are cuz JC did not want to be in that movie – which is NOT a special movie. JCVD is one of the most respectable gentlemen and I know what his friends say about him: all good.
    In the press conf. I think you all saw that Sly hanged on the phone (which is disrespectful now) eventhough JC kept his good manners.
    Anyway, both of them are big stars and it is between them… but once someone starts talking shit about Van Damme, it’s just so stupid.
    You are talking about the man who changed the way action movies used to be! You are talking about the ONLY one who took the place of the late Bruce Lee. So, when you talk about JCVD, talk with respect.

  7. Mark Says:

    Once again, Sheryl sets us straight from fictional lies to the truth. Thank you mam! JCVD had a shot at a huge big screen comeback and said no to a heavy weight player like STALLONE. Sly would have let him flesh out his character like Sheryl said, but no. Anyways, whats done is done. Van Damme will be watching the weekend box-office for THE EXPENDABLES in August and contemplating whether to break his own jaw over such a huge mistake. At least we get STALLONE/SCHWARZENEGGER/WILLIS.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Yes, what were the “REAL” reasons KURT RUSSELL and STEVEN SEAGAL turned this BLOCKBUSTER down?

  9. Kev Brock Says:

    LOL, I love how people are accusing me of speculation when I’m just telling it like is, in my own opinion. All of you are delusional, including Sheryl.


  10. Mark Says:

    Kev, the DISRESPECT Van Damme showed Stallone is the same DISRESPECT you are now showing Sheryl at her own blog. Don’t shit in someone elses home pal! Grow up!

    • Kev Brock Says:

      She disrespected Van Damme by bashing the hell out of him and slandering him. She’s speculating on Van Damme too and I’m not afraid to call it out.


  11. Kev Brock Says:

    A profesional publicist? I think not.


  12. Mark Says:

    WOW Kev! What a way to put your foot in your mouth. Did you actually read what Sheryl posted? Enough with the disrespect man. ENOUGH before you get banned by Sheryl.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      You should say the same thing about Sheryl, disrespecting Van Damme. She’s only telling her side of the story. This is not the truth. What she said about Van Damme is all speculation as well. This is just a blog post, so you can’t believe everything you read online. Would an actual publicist do this? No. A real profesional publicist wouldn’t come on a blog and write a long nasty post about Van Damme. Let Sly and Van Damme handle this situation between them.


  13. Kev Brock Says:

    On another note, the truth behind the JCVD controversy doesn’t come out unless you hear from Sly himself. I’m sure Sly will speak to the media about it soon enough. Wait to hear from Sly publicily and then maybe we can believe it. Maybe Sly will think differently than Sheryl and Sly might think more positive about Van Damme, just a thought. Just hearing about it from some woman on a blog, makes it hard to believe. Sorry.


    • Potro1980 Says:

      Kev you are right in some things that you said about Sheryl but guy, you ask her to create a new blog about JCVD, so why are you complaining?? please, enough, we know what is your thought, and I agree with you in part, but a little respect, man, I would like to talk about Sly, Expendables, the movie trailer, another projects like Rambo 5 etc, not about JC´s refusal, I said already, this is old news…

      • Kev Brock Says:

        The reason I’m complaining is that I expected more from Sheryl. Nothing wrong with stating your honest opinion on things but it how it is said. Sheryl wants respect from others in this blog, this means giving respect to other Hollywood actors as well. I thought Sheryl calling JC disrespectful, insulting, having no character, sour grapes, and calling him egostitical was wrong and was done in poor tastes. She should have stated her opinion with respect but nope, had to go out her way bashing the man instead like most you guys were doing. That’s not what a profesional publicist would do.

        On top of that, I don’t really like the Stallonezone fan site anyways. TOO MUCH negativity there. All over. Not only that, most users in the stallonzone are crazy as I can see that most of you are from there.

        I’m a true Sly fan, been a huge Sly admirer for a long time. Despite the JCVD press conference video, I personally think Sly still has respect for Van Damme.


      • Potro1980 Says:

        Well said Kev, I´m Sly´s fan too, Sly is my idol since I was a child and I love him, and I recognize that you are right in many things that you have said about this, but this topic already tires.

  14. Mark Says:

    Kev, incase you forgot, Sheryl works for Sly and Schwarzenegger. She hangs with them from time to time. She doesn’t just speculate, she gets word from the horses mouth.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      She made it clear in this post she wasn’t part of their conversation with Sly and JCVD when Sly was asking him to be part of this movie. She said in this post she doesn’t know a thing. Yes, she is speculating. You’re wrong.


  15. BeepBoop Says:

    wha wha im kev brock, im a giant baby
    also I get upset about things on the internet

    why arent you more professional on your private blog! grrr!

  16. Kev Brock Says:

    Well, Sly proves he’s got a broken neck by posting his X-Ray pictures at Stallonezone, he also calls out the JCVD controversy and says JCVD is lying in that video.


    There you have it, we heard from Sly confirming both of these.


  17. ethelmae Says:

    You owe me an apology Kev The 2 posts of yours I deleted were rude and uncalled for. When I stared this blog I made it clear I was not going to be a part of rumor mongering or speculation. Everything I said was true. If you can’t bring ourself to apologize then you can take your comments elsewhere as they are not welcome here.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Ok, sorry and I apologize to Sheryl and all your readers. I take it back that I now agree that Van Damme is a douchebag after all. No hard feelings at all.

      I also want to thank Sly for setting things straight. Even though Sly posted the message at Stallonezone, it would be great if Sly wrote us blogs here too sometime.

      Sheryl, is it possible if you can get Sly to post here once in a while? That be so cool!


      • ethelmae Says:

        thank you. Sly knows what goes on this blog and yes I will ask him to post something here but honestly I am happy when he goes to Craig’s blog as he has been a very loyal fan dedicated to all things Stallone.

  18. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, I am glad Kev appologized to you. HE MADE ME MAD!

  19. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, it wasn’t hard to see that Stallone (and Schwarzenegger) are in your corner. Afterall, you work for or with them. Why someone would think you are full of shit is beyond words. Thank god KEV had the right mind to do the right thing and appologize to you. Now, lets hope Mr. Stallone brings your blog or AICN or STALLONEZONE the first still of STALLONE/SCHWARZENEGGER/WILLIS very very soon and the teaser trailer. Let me state this again regarding the trailer…

    Arnold has less than 12 months left as leader of CALIFORNIA. If he really intends to come back to HOLLYWOOD -and this still remains to be seen- he needs to plant the seeds now. Because rest assured, HOLLYWOOD is more cutthroat than politics. Arnold has been off screen for many years now. Times have changed, movies have changed, tastes have changed. He needs to remind people what he was all about…making KICK ASS ACTION MOVIES. This leads to what will possibly be the KICK ASS ACTION MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Now, we all know that Arnold and Bruce will appear in the film as an extended 5 minute cameo. That still doesn’t change the fact that STALLONE and NU IMAGE need to use Arnold’s name to help sell this movie both domestic and foreign. Many people will go to see THE EXPENDABLES for many reasons. BUT the main reason -I think- most people will got to see it for is the first time pairing of SYLVESTER STALLONE and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Sure, the movie has Jet Li and Jason Statham etc. etc. but the world has waited for these two men to appear on screen since the 1980’s. I believe Stallone being the smart guy/businessman he is will ask and get Arnold and Willis’s permission to use them in the marketing of all trailers and most promotional material. I mean why get all these action heroes together only to not sell what is probably the most important aspect of it…teaming THE TWO GREATEST ACTION HEROES OF ALL TIME TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME. Arnie does have to prove he still has what it takes to make bad ass action films. THE EXPENDABLES is the first real role he’s done since T3 in 2003. Come on Arnie, show us what you are made of with your cameo role of TRENCH. If the trailer states “with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis” or “appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis”, it won’t fool anyone into thinking they are stars of the film. Leave that for the sequel!

    • Potro1980 Says:

      If Arnold don´t play in movies what he will make? he will return to the big screen, I have no doubt, and nothing have changed, man, here you are the proof 😉

  20. Kev Brock Says:

    How much do you guys want a bet that Austin doesn’t even feel bad that he broke Sly’s neck for reals? I’m positive that Austin LOVED every minute of it. Austin would think this is Stone Cold in real life. Proves he’s really is one tough SOB. This would be a moment that Austin would remember for the rest of his life, a historic moment of Austin’s career. Congratulations for Steve Austin. He just broke a legend’s neck. The guy that brought us Rambo and Rocky. LOL!!!!


    • Potro1980 Says:

      ¿?¿?¿? are you kidding?? are you a normal person Kev?? I don´t see nothing funny in your comentarie…

  21. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, I know this is off topic, but what do you think if THE HURT LOCKER’S Kathryn Bigelow directed TRUE LIES with Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis while James Cameron produced? Bigelow worked well with Jamie Lee on BLUE STEELE back in the day and I’m sure after her Oscar heat, Arnie would love to be under this hard ass females directions for the spy sequel. Cameron and Kathryn still talk and maybe it’s what TL2 would need to be relevant again. Make it political like RAMBO but fun like a MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE film.

  22. Mark Says:

    I ment to say if Bigelow directs TRUE LIES 2.

  23. farid Says:

    I’m directing True Lies 2 and I’m going to recast the 2 dogs Arnold banged their head together in the first one, cause they felt that they deserved more than how Arnold treated them! LOL

  24. Mark Says:

    That was a classic action scene with those 2 German shepards in True Lies.

  25. John Wright Says:

    Hi Sheryl

    Lol, just noticed the tiny ‘smiley face’ 🙂 at the bottom of the page – nice finishing touch!

    It’s early days still I know, but a few quick questions if there were any rumours or developments:
    Any mention of the rating for this movie? PG-13, R etc?
    Running time (Sly is probably hard at work in the edit suite)?
    Who is doing the music?
    Any official Website in the works?

    It would be awesome is Sly posts something on your blog, I hope he does! It would cement all your hard work and the cherry on the cake for us, on top of all the great info you have given us over the months! Failing that, the infamous Q&A sessions he did on aintitcool.com for Rocky Balboa and Rambo were insanely popular, a must-read and prime material for a funny, insightful and intelligent Autobiography (ARE YOU READING THIS SLY??!!), I hope he plans on doing something similar again?

  26. Kev Brock Says:

    A Q&A Session with Sly would be great for this blog Sheryl. I’m down with that!


  27. Potro1980 Says:

    One thing, I know that Steve Austin is much loved for you americans, I dont´ know Steve Austin a lot, only as a wrestler and a little, but I think that Austin must think over about this event, so serious, he have luck that Sly would be strong, and specially, a good guy…

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rob Andrews, I 400 calci and Elisa Poggese, Agent Sandra. Agent Sandra said: RT:Why JCVD didn't do the Expendables: https://ethelmae.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/a-broken-neck-and-.. http://bit.ly/4QA3QM #expendables […]

  29. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, do you think RAMBO 5 will be the last one? If I could suggest what Arnie should focus on when he returns to films, these films top the must make list. Sheryl, please pass this along to Arnie’s email from ABking aka Mark and Andrew. He knows us:

    Arnold, you have less than 12 months in office, so what films are you looking to make. If you listen to the fans, here is a list of what you can look at over the next several months and decide what to make. These projects are some of your best bets to return strong with:

    A JAMES CAMERON FILM – Don’t know what you and Cameron have planned, but it should be a big budget, stunt filled, action packed spectacular event film.

    TRUE LIES 2 – Get Cameron to produce this for you but get a visionary filmmaker to direct. I would suggest either Kathryn Bigelow or Paul Verhoeven.

    KING CONAN – You and John Milius should convince Avi Lerner to fund a 80 million KING CONAN film in the near future. Keep the budget tight and make it as bloody and violent as possible. Try to outdo CONAN THE BARBARIAN.

    JOHN MATRIX: COMMANDO II – Make this sequel as raw as Stallone made the 4th RAMBO. Add some politics and take John Matrix to the jungle or a foreign landscape like Iraq or Iran.

    CRUSADE – You should make this epic your directorial debut and keep the budget tight at 80 million. This film can become your UNFORGIVEN. You’ve lived and breathed CRUSADE for decades, so like Cameron did with AVATAR, make this baby one day.

    WESTWORLD – This could be your homage to your Terminator films. But instead of you playing the robot, you can be the guy that gets to fight the robot as a human.

    DOC SAVAGE – I don’t know if your friend Shane Black is writing this for you, but this could become a huge RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK type action/adventure.

    WITH WINGS AS EAGLES or SGT.ROCK – You’ve always wanted to make a WWII action film. Get Paul Verhoeven and go to Europe and shoot one of these titles.

    THE EXPENDABLES 2 – This sequel should star STALLONE/SCHWARZENEGGER/WILLIS. Nuff said!

  30. Mark Says:

    I never said Arnie will make all these films. Just some suggestions on what will make his comeback the more greater. I’m sure Arnie doesn’t need me for that but these are projects that would work at the box-office and films his fans want to see him do.

  31. Mark Says:

    I hope Arnie swoops in and buys his legacy from under LIONSGATE. Marrio Kassar & Andrew Vajna bought the rights from under Cameron and Arnie in the early 2000’s…then sold it to the Halcyon guys. Arnie should buy the rights and own all merchandise, dvd sales etc. Maybe get Cameron to produce T5 with Paul (TOTAL RECALL) Verhoeven directing:


  32. Kev Brock Says:

    Who said Arnie is coming back to movies after his governor run? After Arnie’s governor run, he could still stick to politics by becoming Senator of California or something like that. So don’t jump in and assume Arnie’s going back to Hollywood full time ’cause I don’t see it happening. He could still do small cameos in movies though. I think he’s done playing the leading roles in films. Hate to burst your bubble there, buddy, but just being realistic. You guys from the stallonezone are living in fantasy land.


  33. Potro1980 Says:

    Arnold will come back to Hollywood full time, there is no doubt.

  34. Potro1980 Says:

    Lionsgate is in the pole position to adquire Terminator.

  35. Kev Brock Says:

    Arnie hasn’t officially decided anything yet. Just wait until he finishes his governor run and maybe he’ll announce his plans. I don’t see him coming back to Hollywood at all. He seems very happy with politics. Politics was Arnie’s lifelong dream over bodybuilding and movies. I don’t see Arnie getting away from it.


  36. Mark Says:

    Kev, dude…you are so far behind. Go ask James Cameron and he’ll set you straight. I won’t even waste my time with your comments about Arnie coming back.

  37. Kev Brock Says:

    I’ve read that too, something about James Cameron wanting to work with Arnold again. They maybe talking about it. That doesn’t mean it’s official that Arnie is coming back though.


  38. Robert Says:

    First, I just want Sheryl to please tell Sly, we hope he is feeling better and he is getting alot of rest and recuperating well. A neck injury is serious and we want Sly to get better to start filming the next Rambo, get ready to promote The Expendables and all his other projects he’s got lined up.
    I started to want to make comments on what Kev has been saying, but I will leave that alone. He’s apologized and I”ll leave it at that.

    I appreciate Sly writing over at Craig’s site Stallonezone, which I have been going there since he started that website. I appreciate him keeping us posted w/Sly news. I can tell Sly appreciates his site, for him to write and clear things up. I also appreciate very much for Sheryl giving us the scoops on the Expendables.

    As for JVCD, deep down I think HE knows he made a HUGE mistake turning Sly down. For him to make those stupid comments..I believe he did to bring attention himself for his movie. I have a feeling his agent or his friends talked him out of it…why? I really don’t know why, but hopefully he could and should apologize to Sly and maybe get him in Expendables 2.

    There’s no way, Sly, just spoke to him about money. Sly is the writer, director, and ex. producer, and I’m sure he told him what the character he wanted him to play. Sly is a professional. If he didn’t do it to the rest of the cast, why would he have done to JVCD??

    Right now I’m just really excited that soon we will be watching the most exciting action movie of all time!!!!

    Sly, I can’t wait to see your movie, can’t wait to see the next Rambo, Hunter and would really like to see you do POE!!
    Take care of yourself and thanks again Sheryl!!!!!!!

  39. Mark Says:

    Like many others I come here sometimes to get updates on the Expendables cause it seems like it could be a cool movie with many of my childhood stars. I do make the mistake to read the comments in case anyone has any information about the movie though. So.

    Kev. I am assuming you are a child. So maybe you should turn of daddys computer, go downstairs and ask your mother to make you a cup of hot chocolate (yummy for the tummy Kev!) and then go outside and play with your friends. Maybe you even will meet a nice girl and get that special first kiss! That would be a more stimulating life for you.

    And if you actually are a grown man, I have this to say: Maybe you should turn of daddys computer, go downstairs and ask your mother to make you a cup of hot chocolate and then go outside and play with your friends. Maybe you even will meet a nice girl and get that special first kiss! That would be a more stimulating life for you.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  40. Kev Brock Says:

    Still though, as for this JCVD vs. Sly thing, I still think there is a misunderstanding of all this. Something was taken out of context that maybe even Sly himself didn’t understand JCVD of what he’s going through. JC doesn’t need to apologize, he’ll just move on to do his own thing. Doing his usual direct to DVD movies and indie films. If Van Damme doesn’t want to be a huge star anymore like he once was, hey, that’s him. That’s where he wants to be.

    I agree that JC did was wrong now and maybe a jerk for it, yeah. Truth is, guys, JC doesn’t care about this drama. He’ll only care about his own life and his own film career like any actor would.

    He won’t think that he put his career in a negative direction like this. He’ll just keep moving on to do his own films like he always does.

    I still respect Van Damme although I do know what he did to Sly was wrong, but everybody makes mistakes.

    Us fans should be concentrating more on the “Expendables” movie itself.


    • Robert Says:

      I agree, leave well alone re: JCVD. Let’s concentrate on The Expendables, a shot of Sly/Bruce/Arnold and hopefully Sheryl is up to give us the scoops on the filming of Rambo!!

  41. HT Says:

    Ethalmae told it like it is and Van Damme is a jerk. I think Stallone should do Hunter next because it will make as much as Avatar if directed right. Also, Arnie should make True Lies 2 because it’s the only film he can do that will make lots of money. Stallone should pass this advice to Arnie. I agree with the person that said Arnie should direct his own films like Sly. True Lies 2 directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  42. Potro1980 Says:

    Kellan Lutz or Jason Momoa as Conan??

  43. Potro1980 Says:

    But, I don´t understand how much you like True Lies , this is very funny to me xD this film is correct, no more, I don´t like it very much and I don´t know nobody who like so much this film…

  44. Potro1980 Says:

    The best Arnold´s films are Conan, Predator and Terminator, so I think that Arnold should come back in those films, these films would make a lot of money, more than True lies I think.

  45. Mark Says:

    Even Sheryl wants TRUE LIES 2. I’m sure she will let Arnie know what his fans are asking for..in terms of what films his fans would love to see him come back in.

  46. Luke Says:

    Good job Sheryl, thanks for the new info. Hope Sly is feeling better and has no side effects on a long term. I was a JCVD fan until this day. I’m not a fan of anyone who trash talks Mr. Stallone. Sly had only good things to say about JCVD in the past, so this is selfish and uncalled for.
    JCVD did a few good movies but hasn’t done anything good enough to back up his words and ideas on “The Expendables”. Good riddance, specially if he was supposed to play Dolph’s character. Won’t be missed.
    Have fun with “straigh to dvd” movies, Belgian boy.

  47. Marty Mulrooney Says:

    Another great post Sheryl! If anyone would like to read my interview with her btw you can do here:

  48. muri Says:

    first of all, hope sly gets better soon, man this guy is awesome at this age still doin his own stuff and still gets through all the pain, just 2 make pro movies, my respect sir!

    second, jcvd is a douche, i was one of the few then, who said he didnt do it because of the role wasnt good enough, even if i dont have the inside knowledge…cus u cant say the role isnt good enough and then do “universal soldier 3” and “path of the eagle” or whatever shitty roles he took, who will go direct 2 dvd?!
    dont tell “i`m looking for artistic stuff” and “character” etc and then go on direct 2 dvd action movies, with no charcter at all, thats BS!
    sly gave him a chance and this sucker blew it and he also started BS talk…who does that, just an ego douche, with no respecgt, who without the help off sly wont ever see the big screen again and i`m fine with that.

    truely in the cast of the expendables, jcvd would have been the one who would have lost the most…he wouldnt be the coolest one, he wouldnt have been the toughest one, not the fastest one, not the baddes one and not even the funniest one…he would have been the loser in the cast of the expendables and he knew it, thats the reason and he knew jet li would have kicked his ass!

  49. ‘Expendables’ Mention « Statham Fan Says:

    […] Main, the unit publicist for ‘The Expendables’, has an informative entry in her personal blog about Sylvester’s neck surgery and her take on Jean-Claude Van Damme and what he said at a […]

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