Now that I’ve seen The Expendables…

so I went to the “test” screening last night way the hell out in the Valley. When I arrived the line was out the door and around the building.  I was a little surprised that everyone in line knew they were seeing The Expendables.  Usually when a studio does a screening of this nature they keep the name of the film under wraps until the movie goers are in the theater..but then again quite a few had no clue as to what The Expendables was so it didn’t really matter.  There would be a focus group of approximately 30 movie-goers immediately following the screening so the film makers could get an idea of what did or didn’t “play”…I was stoked.

I found Sly, looking calm and collected, and asked him how he felt about having an audience finally see the film.  He said he felt really good about the film in it’s current form, which according to him “is about 85% there.”  He was still tweaking the music and a few little things here and there but basically what we were about to see is what the world will see in August…unless of course something hideous happens but I am not going there as I am in my happy place…

so what did I love about the movie…


Mickey Rourke steals every scene he is in

Sly and Jason Statham create an on screen chemistry we haven’t seen in many a moon

Dolph Lundgren is freakin awesome

The scene with Sly, Bruce and Arnold just freakin killed me…and Bruce is scarily hard ass

Randy Couture, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, Giselle Itie, Steve Austin, Gary Daniels all have pretty freakin cool moments…the film kicks ass, makes you laugh, has heart AND a decapitation…need I say more??

PS…Sly dropped a bomb on me which took me by surprise…it’s gonna surprise you too…

53 Responses to “Now that I’ve seen The Expendables…”

  1. The Maged Man Says:

    Thanks for the update! Stoked for this film and can’t wait to find out what “the bomb” Sly dropped was. I can feel that Sly nailed this film exactly how he wanted. Something to look forward to this summer!

    Rock on,

  2. Andrew Says:

    Thank you sheryl….YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    What could that bomb he dropped on you be…maybe that you will be his love interest in RAMBO 5, lol. j/k

  3. Lucas Says:

    Great news!!! But …
    “PS…Sly dropped a bomb on me which took me by surprise…it’s gonna surprise you too…”
    Do you have any idea how much I hate you right now? lol just kidding.
    I can’t wait to find out what that is, but I hope it’s good news. After the neck injury I got worried actually.
    Again, very good job, thanks for sharing the news.
    Best regards,


  4. Mike Says:

    Hey sheyrl, report sounds awesome!

    did you hear anything about when the Trailer will come out?

    so, wonder when we will find out this bomb!?

  5. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, thanks for the report. AICN has a couple of reviews as well. They say Arnie got fat and old and all that crap. I’m not buying that crap. Can’t wait for a trailer. Do you know when one will hit the web? I hope Bruce and Arnie on on the poster.

  6. Craig Zablo’s StalloneZone » The Expendables Test Screening Says:

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  7. farid Says:

    I got an info from an insider who told me what that bomb was. Apparently Arnold and Sly have a kick ass fight scene at the end which surprises everyone!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT 🙂

  8. TJDietsch Says:

    Will it be in 3-D?!

  9. mkunda33 Says:

    Sly dropped a bomb? hmmmmm

    …Maybe he and the gods of Action have another trick up their sleeve?

    Great update! Seems like the only thing that can slow Sly down is Kryptonite!

    Thanks for the update!

    Sly, StalloneZone has your back!

  10. Most Critics Loved ‘The Expendables’ « Statham Fan Says:

    […] Sheryl Main’s post about the screening which she attended as well.  As you know, Sheryl was the unit publicist of […]

    • ethelmae Says:

      wow you’re right – in my original post I did mention Jet Li but for some reason it didn’t make it into the revised post…Jet Li aside from a really cool fight scene with Dolph Lundgren, provides a lot of the comedic relief it he film…

      • Andrew Says:

        Sheryl, I hear THE EXPENDABLES trailer will play with BROOKLYNS FINEST? True or False?

      • Mark Says:

        Sheryl, does Arnie actually know that the web is buzzing on how old he looks on film? As a friend and collaborator, you must let Arnie know what fans and non fans think so that when he does come back, he will train even harder to shut those people up on their fears. I’m sure Arnie will choose one or two films that showcase his physique much like ROCKY BALBOA and RAMBO did for Sly. I would suggest Arnie make TRUE LIES 2 & COMMANDO 2 with Fox.

      • Mark Says:

        Sheryl, this role is perfect to showcase Arnie back in a hard R action film with a legendary character. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is…

      • Potro1980 Says:


  11. Rob Says:

    Wat abt Jet Li ?? … u mentioned nothing about him …how come?

  12. sara Says:

    Thanks for the update ever more excited to see it now!!

  13. Kev Brock Says:

    Unfortunately, AICN has been posting some negative reviews by readers of the film. Like usual Sly always gets mixed opinions of his movies no matter what film he does. I’ll wait to see the film in August and then I’ll give my opinion on it. It could be good or bad ’cause I’m an honest reviewer when it comes to movies, beware. Just because you’re a big Sly fan doesn’t mean you have to love everything he does and stick by his side all the time. Sly has done some bad flicks in the past. I hope he won’t dissapoint this one.


    • Faridr Says:

      Who cares what you think about the movie. AGAIN, no one asked for your opinion!

      • Kev Brock Says:

        I have the given right to state my opinion as I want. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read. Go back to AICN where you belong, nobody cares about you or your opinions either, you negative douche.


      • ethelmae Says:

        Farid you surprised me with that comment to Kev…everyone has a right to speak up here but I will not tolerate the bitchy back and forth personal bs…The Expendables is not a perfect movie at this juncture and it may never be a perfect movie. I didn’t love everything about it but quite honestly I prefer to focus on what is good about it rather than what is bad about it. Sly is the director and I am pretty confident he knows what does or doesn’t work – and I’m 100% sure he knows better than some fan site that has an agenda…if he fixes a coupe of things in the beginning and gets the music right The Expendables will take you on a fast and furious ride for sure. So let’s play nice kids or I will cut the comments, close the blog and move to another site where you won’t find me.

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Kev has all the reason

  14. Kev Brock Says:

    On top of that, Sheryl and Sly would want people to feedback on the Expendables movie, either good or bad, that’s what Hollywood does it for to get people’s opinions!


  15. dylanisis Says:

    Sly is talking to Bruce Willis about possibly directing and co – starring in Die Hard 5, could this be the bomb Sheryl?

  16. Faridr Says:

    I was joking about the insider, but I have a feeling that the bomb that Sheryl is talking about is Jean claud Van Damme. He’s probably in the movie and Van Damme is probably told by Sly to say the things he’s been saying so that the fans will never expect it when they see him in the film.
    To me that would be a bomb and a major surprise!

    • ethelmae Says:

      that is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day and I’ve read some pretty ridiculous stuff. Not JCVD, not Arnold & Sly fight and not Die hard…when Sly says ok I will tell you cuz as you know things change so what was yesterday may not be today…cryptic enough for you guys??

      • Potro1980 Says:

        hahahaha very good 😉

      • Faridr Says:

        Hahahaha…c’mon Sheryl, I’m only joking around so we would have a good laugh about the whole thing! If you only knew how much I love Sly since I was 7, so I’m just having fun here.
        Oh and by the way, now that you became defensive about what I wrote about JCVD being in the movie, then that really tells me that he’s really in it, cause I noticed you became defensive about it…haha, I got you!!!

        I bet JCVD is gonna fight Sly, Jet Li, Arnold, and Bruce. He probably does a 360 degree helicopter kick and since all of them have surrounded him in a perfect circle, they all will get knocked out with one kick…LOL

        Now that’s a BOMB!!

  17. dylanisis Says:

    Die Hard may not be the bomb but i know the Die Hard stuff to be true

  18. Potro1980 Says:

    Only one thing Sheryl, the bomb is about Expendables or something else?

  19. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, did you see that some reviewers are posting that Arnold looks old and out of shape…what do you have to say to that?

  20. farid Says:

    Check out what Jean Claude said about turning down The Expendables. It’s a video clip interview and it’s recent.

    It’s hilarious!!!

  21. Robert Says:

    Thanks again Sheryl!! Man, if I only had known about the screening…but my question is: Will the screening of the Expendables be shown to audiences in different parts of the country? Or at least the major cities?
    Besides waiting for Aug., now the bomb you mentioned..its driving me crazy in seeing the movie!
    The only thing that comes to mind is an additional scene that you, Sheryl, were not aware of. Another scene w/another star…or a short brief shot for Rambo V.
    Sorry, now my mind is running like the rest of us. Nonetheless, I know, The Expendables is going to ROCK!! Its a guy film..a non-stop action, one liner, butt-kicking movie!!! No CGI, just plain old action, like it should…just the way Sly wanted it to be. You said 85% done…just a few tweaks here and there…which the music is very important. It drives the action, it drives the movie.
    Just want to thank Sheryl, again you are the bomb!!!! Tell Sly, I for one, cannot WAIT for his movie!!!!

  22. dudelove Says:

    This bombshell, is it good news or bad news?

  23. Bennett Says:

    Come on Sheryl. Why do women tease us. Tell us.

  24. Mark Says:


  25. BarneyRoss Says:

    Mis mensajes no se muestran.

  26. BarneyRoss Says:

    Entrad en

    El mejor y unico foro dedicado exclusivamente a Sly para hispanohablantes de todo el mundo.

  27. Tabitha Says:

    You had me at decapitation.

    Actually you had me at “so” but decapitation is such a cooler word.


  28. Gina S Says:

    Thanks for the update!! I can’t wait to see this movie. I just might have to go on opening night, and I hate going to movies on opening night!

  29. Potro1980 Says:

    Pacificor has bought Terminator`s 5 and 6 rights. there are a plot already, William Wisher is the scripter, the plot includes Sarah connor, kyle Reese and Arnold (may be).

  30. Potro1980 Says:

    And Arnold´s seems nice I think, he only needs a little more training.

  31. Kev Brock Says:

    Sometimes I think people ask the craziest questions. I wanna know this, I wanna know that. It’s just a movie guys. Sheryl and Sly can’t answer every single question ’cause I’m sure those two get asked the same questions by everyone else they talk to out in the real world. It’s like, you all beg Sly and Sheryl for the trailer and one sheet, but you gotta realize that stuff takes time. Have a little patience and be positive. They’ll be coming.

    I also find it kind of funny that some of you don’t think Sly will put Arnie and Bruce in the trailer, when everyone knows he will and Sly knows what people wants.

    Just be excited for the movie and not ask so many ridiculous questions.


  32. Sebastien Says:


    I really hope that the bomb news is regarding Poe, because like you, i think the timing is perfect with Sherlock holmes box office and Iron man 2 coming, Robert D.J is at the top now so the producer can trust this project.

    In France Sly is very respected as a artist and a great director by the press, and this movie will show all the talent of Sly as a writer and director.

    Sorry folks for my mistakes!


    […] Ethelmae’s review. […]

  34. Ian Says:

    Coming Soon have reported that Sly will no longer be doing another Rambo, which I have to say I’m gutted about but I can understand the reasoning.

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