Laissez les bons temps rouler

ahhhh…Mardi Gras…

ok so let me clear up a few things and respond to those of you who felt compelled to send me personal emails calling me an ass-kissing publicist and bitching me out for one thing or another that you felt I should have addressed in my last post.  Some were pissed because I only wrote what I loved about The Expendables and nothing about what I hated…no criticism no negatives just love love love.

And they’re right, sort of.  It was a little bit of a half-assed post – but I was trying to convey a vibe rather than give a review on a film that is still a work in progress.  I was/am excited about this movie (and would be whether I worked on it or not) because it’s my kind of movie with my kind of cast.  I wanted to write about MY experience seeing the movie, not about how cool I think I am because I can tear a scene apart and arrogantly give my opinion on how I could make it so much better even though I have never directed a movie.

So I am updating my half-assed post but if  you are looking for some epiphany or come to jesus moment you won’t find it here…

The post did not mention Jet Li or David Zayas – purely an oversight…only love here people because I loved them both…Jet shows range with his ability to pull off the jokes while showing his badass side in the fight scene with Dolph. Zayas plays Garza’s pathos with perfection…the performances are good in this film and while there are standouts like Jason, Dolph and Mickey, ultimately this is an ensemble piece.  Without Terry Crews, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Giselle, etc this would be a totally different flick.  As for how Arnold looks…he’s playing a character…he looks like a mercenary who’s lived an adventurous life not freakin Conan.

In terms of what didn’t quite resonate for me… I didn’t much care for the opening – I prefer the opening in the final shooting script

In true Sly fashion moments of intensity are broken up by comedic beats but I wanted a little more tension in a couple of scenes.

The music needs some work.  It was choppy and at the end the switch from one song to another was too abrupt and unnecessary…

There are scenes that could be tweaked and moments that weren’t in this cut I’d like to see but I’m not worried right now in February with months to go before release…I have complete confidence in Sly and his skills as a director.  I am confident that when August 13 rolls around The Expendables will be everything we want it to be…And that’s all I have to say about that.

as for the bombshell…it’s not about The Expendables or Poe…

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  1. Potro1980 Says:

    Yes, I.m thinking the same Kev, the bombshell is about Rambo V sure! may be about the casting, perhaps about a villain? 😉

    • Kev Brock Says:

      yeah man, maybe one of the Expendables actors is a villain in Rambo V. Possibly either Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren or heck, maybe even Arnold?


    • Potro1980 Says:

      Mickey rourke as Rambo´s V villain was talked few months ago, I think that the shots goes in another side hehe,and why met Sly and Mark Whalberg? only for show him his car?…

  2. Kev Brock Says:

    Who knows, maybe it has something to do with Jean Claude Van Damme? Maybe the two talked things over and did some hatchet burying? Maybe the surprising bombshell could be Sly and JCVD starring in a film together in the future after all that drama they had?


  3. dylanisis Says:

    I’m pretty sure the bombshell will be Sly directing and co – starring in Die Hard 5

  4. dudelove Says:

    Hopefully the bombshell is that Mickey Rourke is finally confirmed for Rambo V!

  5. dylanisis Says:

    Thanks for the reply Sheryl keep up the awesome work we all really appreciate you taking the time to keep us all updated. The Die Hard stuff i heard from an industry voice so don’t know how true it is maybe you can shed some light


  6. Andrew Says:

    You guys are way off…look at sheryls words…see how smart she is…see that she is basically saying that MARK WHALBERG WILL BE IN RAMBO V 😉

  7. Kev Brock Says:

    LOL at Mark Wahlberg being in a Rambo flick, I would like whatever you are smoking ’cause in all honesty the Rambo flicks never has any other well known stars other than Sly. I was actually kind of kidding when I said Rourke, Lundgren and Arnie might be in Rambo V. Get real.

    Maybe it’s Brian Dennehy returning as Will Teasle?


  8. farid Says:

    The bombshell is that Kev is the villain in Rambo 5! And Sly has a very gore scene planned for his character…hahhaa

  9. Darren Says:

    The bombshell is…. Rambo will die in the next movie!

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Yes, Rambo will die sure and the circle is closed, but I don´t think that this is the bombshell, and Mark Whalberg in Rambo, ummm… may be, but this is not a bombshell…

    • Kev Brock Says:

      That could be it, Darren. Ya know Rambo was originally supposed to die in the first one and maybe he’ll actually die in Rambo V as it would be a good way to close out the Rambo series…


    • Darren Says:

      Well I’m kinda hoping there will be a 6th Rambo… so that Sly reaches that number for both the Rocky and Rambo movies.

  10. Andrew Says:

    I would love it if Kev was one of Rambo’s victims in Rambo V…killed by beheading, LOL j/k. Now that would be a bombshell.

    re: farid…I was thinking the same thing. 🙂

    • farid Says:

      Hahaha, I’m glad that everyone wants Kev dead…hahaha

      And as for Rambo dying, there’s no way Sly would kill him, cause he doesn’t want his fans to talk down on just like they did when he did Rocky 5, I think he’s learned his lesson from Rocky 5.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Everyone wants Kev dead in the film, not in the reality, explain well… xD

      • Kev Brock Says:

        If you seen Rocky Balboa, Rocky did die at the end. That explains Rocky dissapearing like a ghost as he’s walking thorugh the cemetery at the end. Something to think about.


  11. Mark Says:

    gREAT post Sheryl. Glad you didn’t sugar coat this new review/opinion on THE EXPENDABLES. Glad you said something positive regarding Arnie’s look. Too many fans have not seen the oak on screen since T3 and think he needs to look like his T-800 self. Keep up the great work and let Sly know we all await the trailer and stills from this film.

    P.S. Get Arnie to comment on TRUE LIES 2:)

  12. Artie Says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    I am a huge action movie fan and Sly and Arnold are my top 2 favorite actors, no one does action the way they do. I read one of your most recent posts about Sly dropping a bombshell that surprised you. I am sure that when the time is right you will announce what that bombshell is but I wanted to share a few thoughts I had as to what it may be…

    1. I recently saw pics and an article about Sly and Mark Wahlberg having a business lunch together. Could it be that Mark will be co-starring in Rambo V?

    2. I know Sly and Arnold are good friends and there have been rumors that Arnold may want to return to movies after his term is up…could Sly be waiting to film Rambo V until the end of the year when Arnold’s term is up and cast him as the villain in Rambo V? (Sounds too good to be true but a guy can dream can’t he?)

    3. I know that Sly had surgery over the summer and it seemed to be serious. I have seen pics of him recently and he looks good and like he is ready for action again. I’m not sure about this one, and I hope I am not right, but could the bombshell be that Sly has decided he will no longer be making action movies after his neck injury and will remain behind the camera as director?

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and thanks for keeping us all up-to-date on whats going on with Sly. Looking forward to the Expendables.

  13. Potro1980 Says:

    the bombshell pleaseee, I beg you… 😀

  14. Inge Says:

    Thanks for giving us your thoughts! They are greatly appreciated. After Sly got his neck broken filming this movie do you think the chances of him staring in a follow up is likely? Or would you see him doing the directing and maybe playing a lesser role in the sequel (if one is made)?

  15. Potro1980 Says:

    Uff Inge you don´t say that… Sly is perfectly, he is ok, or not Sheryl?…

  16. Kev Brock Says:

    Trust me, Sly will continue to do dangerous stunts for “Rambo V”, he’s not going to stop until he gets the scenes right in the script. His broken neck won’t even teach Sly anything. I’m sure you all want Sly to be careful, but Sly is willing to do whatever it takes to make the scene right and he’s willing to get hurt for it to make the scene realistic. Sly will do the same with the next Rambo just as he did with the Expendables.


    • Inge Says:

      I agree Sly is the man and NO one else is doing the stuff he is at age 63 but he’s not as young as he use to be. I just wonder if he will do more behind the camera work and leave the heavy stunts to the younger guys. I mean if there is an Expendables 2 he will be 64-65 before filming starts. He could still be the team leader but leave most of the hand to hand stuff to guys like Statham.

      • Potro1980 Says:

        I understand you Inge, but Sly is amazing he is capable of everything, certainly, are you Swedish?

  17. JJ Says:

    Do we know whether this will be R-rated or if they’re going for a PG-13? Was kind of expecting to get the definitive word from these recent screenings… anyone commented on it yet?

  18. Kev Brock Says:

    Is this the bombshell Sheryl? Did Julie Benz get signed for Rambo V? She also says Mickey Rourke might be involved in Rambo V too.


  19. Kev Brock Says:

    Sly and Mark Wahlberg did get together for a business lunch, this doesn’t mean that Mark could be involved with Rambo V but maybe for a different movie Sly is planning?


  20. Potro1980 Says:

    Good job Kev! but I doubt that this is the bombshell…

  21. Robert Says:

    Hi Sheryl..

    Thanks again for sharing more thoughts. I never thought you’re first comments from the film were biased…and because this being a TEST screening and not the actual final product, you can also comment the negatives.

    It doesn’t make you a bad person, you are entitled to your opinion, so I can respect that. Of course, being on set and watching the scenes being filmed..then watching it be put together as a film is totally different.
    When you edit, add the music and add the different shots of introduction of a you can or in this case, SLY, can now tweak his film, make changes, which I know will be for the better of the film…which hopefully he will do.

    He has the time to do it, and hoping he can go back and add more footage if he has to. I know they did this w/Copland.
    Everytime I watch the footage of Expendables(which you can watch on the net)..sometimes I had wished it could have been alittle more serious…I know the action is there, a few funny parts, and of course the one-liners, ,which I read that Sly was making a, per say, a tribute movie of the 80’s action movie…which to me is okay.

    So when you say you didn’t care for the opening, and then you said “moments of intensity are broken up by comedic beats but I wanted a little more tension in a couple of scenes.” Thats what Im talking about!
    Sometimes people criticize a movie when the tone is not consistent.

    Being still in a “test screening mode”..of course the music is going to be adjusted. Thats when you said “music needs some work and it was choppy and at the end the switch from one song to another was too abrupt and unnecessary”…which Im sure Sly will fix and edit.

    You know, I kinda wanted the Expendables movie to have a tone like “Taken”…serious throughout w/a few one-liners. But Im sure in the end, I will enjoy Sly’s movie, I cannot wait to see it and see all those guys in one movie!!!

  22. Mark Says:

    Well said Robert. Now bring on the trailer and poster!!!

  23. Darren Says:

    I get the impression that the Expendables maybe similar to the Lethal Weapon series. Great characters and action, with healthy doses of humour. That wouldn’t be a bad way to go at all.

    • Robert Says:

      The Leathal Weapons movies were good, not bad, and if that’s the way the Expendables is going…that’s okay. Those movies were from the 80’s!

  24. Mark Says:

    If THE EXPENDABLES is half as good, action packed and funny as LETHAL WEAPON 1, 2, 3, then it will be super AWESOME!!! Sheryl, do you think Arnold has it in him to play old KING CONAN? This is the one film Arnie’s fans have wanted for years and years. Even more than when the oak did TERMINATOR 3. The casting for the reboot looks like a dtv film:

  25. Kev Brock Says:

    Really Mark and Andrew, what is up with all the Arnold obsession? It seems that you’re more into Arnie than Sly. Do you both happen to be the same person or is it split personalities? Honestly, I don’t really care if Arnie comes back to Hollywood or not. Simply put, Arnie had a good Hollywood run. He’s too rich from all the movies he’s made in the past, that he don’t need to come back anymore. He only does cameos once in a while just to keep his fanbase happy. If you think Arnie will ever star in a leading role ever again, you sir, are delusional.


  26. Mark Says:

    So Sly is poor and needs to star in movies but Arnie is rich and doesn’t need to come back to films? Humm, brain damage is not a good thing Kev LOL Sheryl and Cameron know whats up with Arnie…and that he IS coming back to make JIM CAMERON films and THE EXPENDABLES 2!

  27. Mark Says:

    Feast your eyes on Schwarzenegger’s comeback event film

  28. Robert Says:

    Hi Sheryl..

    Any status on a pic of Sly/Bruce/Arnold? Or any other pics coming up from the movie? We are all in need of some more pics from The Expendables!

    PS What was the view or thoughts from the actual producers of the film? Are they happy so far? Esp., from Mr. Avi Lerner?

  29. Kev Brock Says:

    Sly is poor? LOL! I have proven my point that you guys are living in fanasy land. Sly is loaded. Everyone should know that.


  30. Andrew Says:

    Kev, you stated above “He’s too rich from all the movies he’s made in the past, that he don’t need to come back anymore.”

    So isn’t Sly too rich also from the movies he’s made also? Maybe he should stop acting too seeing that you said because Arnold is TOO RICH he doesn’t need to come back. Yes I know, what you put doesn’t make sense.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Sly maybe rich yes, but I’m sure Arnie is much richer than Sly. Arnie has too much money that he can do what he wants now. That’s why Arnie went to politics instead of movies in the first place, figure it out.


  31. Mark Says:

    Kev, grow a brain man. Sorry to sound mean!

  32. Potro1980 Says:

    Kev, Sly makes films because he loves cinema, not for make money, Arnold went to politics because he likes power… so, Sly loves cinema much more than Arnold, he is the number one.

  33. Kev Brock Says:

    Moving on to a new topic, I would like to see Sly working with these actors someday, actors that Sly never worked with before, my top 5:

    -Harrison Ford
    -Leo Dicaprio
    -Christian Bale
    -Tom Cruise
    -Matt Damon

    I always wondered why Sly and Harrison never worked together, I think that would make a fantastic collaboration.


  34. Andrew Says:

    Check out this poster Sheryl:

  35. Mark Says:

    Thats’s cool Andrew. Someone took the German THE EXPENDABLES poster and added the regular three main leads names (Stallone, Jet Li and Jason Statham) along with Arnold, Bruce, Rourke and Dolph.

    This is how THE EXPENDABLES final one-sheet should be sold when it is released around the world. It would add more box-office to the film. I want THE EXPENDABLES to clean house at the box-office when it is released this summer. STALLONE, SCHWARZENEGGER, WILLIS….those names sell the movie already. Come on Sly, make this fan made poster a reality

  36. Kev Brock Says:

    Craig won’t let non-registered users see the board. So Sheryl won’t be able to see the Stallonezoneboard unless if she’s registered there, though. I’m pretty sure Sly is registered under some private anonymous name there so he could still see the posts.

    As for Sly taking fan art to make them official posters, that’s never gonna happen. The studios make the posters. It’s not usually the directors job to make film posters for movies. Sorry to say, just being real.


  37. Mark Says:

    No worries Kev. Sly reads this blog as well as SZ. Arnie and Bruce should get credit for appearing in this awesome film. I say have their names featured on the poster.

  38. farid Says:

    I love Sly don’t get me wrong, but you people should take it easy with the whole poster thing, it’s only a movie man!!!!!!!!..hahaha

    • Kev Brock Says:

      I actually agree with farid on that one. 🙂 I’m more worried about the movie itself, not the trailers or the posters. Rock on!

  39. Mark Says:

    Marketing a film counts guys. It’s basic business and box-office. It’s obvious the end product is the most important thing if a film is well made but you have to sell and advertise it so the mass knows about it. SLY, ARNOLD and BRUCE sells this film globaly.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Sly and the film studios can handle the marketing on their own, we don’t need to do it for them.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      That is not our job Mark.

    • ethelmae Says:

      I am willing to bet the farm that arnold and bruce will not be in the poster…they are not Expendables..why would you put 2 cameo players on the poster when it was the other actors who busted their asses to make this movie as big and loud as it is…the shot of all the guys is pretty damn awesome and using Bruce and Arnold would be a waste.

      • Darren Says:

        Personally speaking, I’d rather not see anything of Bruce and Arnold until I watch the actual film. I’m dying to see something as anyone else, but I know not to open my presents before Xmas too 😉

  40. Sebastien Says:

    Don’t forget that Arnold and Bruce are doing a cameo, it has to be a surprise for the audience who dosn’t heard about this, but if people see Arnold and Bruce in the poster and see them for 5 mn in the movie, they won’t be happy !
    So i think this participation should not be in the poster or trailer and be a big surprise for the public and a great moment for the rest who are waiting for this moment.

    Sebastien from Paris.

  41. Andrew Says:

    Sebastien, I disagree. The Bruce/Arnold scene is at the beginning of the film. Having their names on the poster with a billing of SPECIAL APPEARNACES BY would let the audience know what they are in for. As soon as the film starts people will get what they want right away and then they can enjoy the rest of the film.

    And Kev, maybe you don’t know this but studios these days listen to fan suggestions…sometimes fan suggestions are better than the ideas of actual people who work on films.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Arnold and Bruce must be put in the marketing, but like a special collaboration or something like that, for not dissapoint the people.

  42. Mark Says:

    Stallone and Avi Lerner want THE EXPENDABLES to make money. It’s a genius business move at the box-office to include SCHWARZENEGGER & WILLIS on the posters and trailers. Besides making a kick ass action film, Sly wants his movie to make as much money as possible. Mr. Stallone, PLEASE include ARNOLD & BRUCE on posters with their names and trailers. Fans like Kev make no sense. It’s all business and making money. Plus SPECIAL APPEARANCE on the poster says it all!

  43. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, I know you also want THE EXPENDABLES to make LOTS of cash so that Sly can make POE…his product (the actual film) is good…now the marketing/advertising (selling ALL the action stars that are in the film) must be equally as good. I mean the reason Sly got this group of actors together in the first place was to make history…then make the best of it and market everyone…especially ARNOLD and BRUCE.




    That says it all 😉

  44. Kev Brock Says:

    If Arnie and Bruce gets put on the poster, it’s gonna get people thinking they are in the entire movie when they are not, that’s why it isn’t such a good idea. They’ll have their names on the posters yes, but having pictures on them would just ruin the excitement. Bill Murray was never put on the “Zombieland” poster for that very reason. The same with Arnold when he did his CGI cameo for “Terminator: Salvation”. They’ll put Arnie and Bruce on the trailers for “The Expendables”, yes, but for the posters, no. “The Expendables” will do very well even if Bruce and Arnie is not on the posters or the trailers.

  45. Potro1980 Says:

    So, finally The Expendables will be PG13, don´t? and the release in dvd will be R rated I heard, is it true Sheryl? and What is the duration of the footage?

  46. Mark Says:

    Having their names—ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER & BRUCE WILLIS—on the poster is enough. Their image doesn’t have to be there.

  47. Sebastien Says:

    Kev, i’m 100% agree with you, when i saw “Zombieland” i didn’t know about Bill Murray and it was a great moment in the film , putting them in the poster is, i think, a mistake, audience will be confuse…. like i wrote a cameo is made to be a surprise .
    Regarding Poe, i would love to be Sly next project after Rambo, Sly is not only a action star, is a great actor and director, Rocky, Paradise alley, Fist, Rocky Balboa…. Not action movies. I ‘m very happy to see him coming back with personal project.

    Please Sheryl tell me that Poe is still on?! Thanks a lot.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      If Sly make Poe he will needs one half yera or two years, and this for his age is so much… He must to make action movies while as he can, then he already will time to make Poe.

    • Darren Says:

      I agree, he can make Poe at anytime. He should do action movies in these last years that he can. He can step behind the camera more often down the road.

  48. Potro1980 Says:

    James Cameron has said recently that he never will return to Terminator franchise… Well, is no problem for me, because if he makes (a hypothetical) Terminator 5 as he has made Avatar I preffer McG again xD May be when he knows that Arnold will be in T5 perhaps he change his opinion 😉

  49. Mark Says:

    Arnie looks awesome in this picture. He could still play HARRY TASKER

  50. Andrew Says:

    SLY and SHERYL, it was rumored that the the entire cast of THE EXPENDABLES will head to comic con this year as well as Cannes in MAY to promote the film…this includes both Arnold and Bruce if the rumors are true. Imagine when all this is documented on the dvd. You guys need to think about the big picture when this film is years old.

    SLY: MARKET Arnold and BRUCE. The real fans want it.

    • ethelmae Says:

      Using the word rumor should give you a clue on the clue train…it’s someone putting their fantasies out there and calling them rumors so that someone else will pick it up and perpetuate the rumor thus giving it life…doesn’t make it true

  51. Mark Says:

    Schwarzenegger met with Eliza Dushku last week. They discussed a possible True Lies sequel. TRUE LIES 2 is gonna be made! I cannot reveal my source until the news breaks…which could be in the summer time.

  52. Mark Says:

    Sheryl, I’m not delusional and that scoop/link you provided is OLD! Check with Arnie and he’ll set you straight…even if he can’t tell Variety or The Hollywood Reporter yet. You are funny Sheryl, for real.

  53. Mark Says:

    Check this out:

    Reunited w/ Ahhnold at half-time! Hilarious- asked if I’m ready for True Lies2! Told him NOone fights like me
    7:37 PM Feb 14th from txt

    Arnold knows that it will take a pre-existing action franchise to come back big time. Much like Sly with ROCKY BALBOA and RAMBO 4. TRUE LIES 2 will make a great amount of money even if Cameron only produces it.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      But How can you compare True lies with Rocky and Rambo?? Rocky and Rambo is a world big franchise, True Lies will be big there in USA, in Europe not, and for me is only an Arnold´s funny film, no more. Compare Rocky and Rambo with Predator, Terminator, Conan… these are BIG franchises.

  54. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, I guess Sly needs to also be on this clue train you speak of seeing that he is the one who mentioned Cannes in May 😉

  55. ethelmae Says:

    Actually Andrew I was the first one to mention Cannes not Sly…I don’t think I said Sly wouldn’t go to Cannes I think I said Arnold & Bruce were highly unlikely.

  56. Mark Says:

    I never compared TRUE LIES to BALBOA & RAMBO, I compared Arnie coming back with a sequel like Sly did. And TRUE LIES grossed 232 million outside of the USA for a total of 378 million worldwide. Huge all over the globe. Adjusted for inflation, TRUE LIES grossed 260 million domestic and over 600 million worldwide.

  57. Potro1980 Says:

    The Mummy had a great collection too, and it don´t want to say that it was a good film… True Lies had a great collection not for being a good film, but because Arnold was involved in it, in that moment Arnold was the number one, making the movie that he made the collection would be great. I don´t want to say that True Lies is bad, I liked it when I was to see it to the cinema, but Arnold have films very much greats, he should come back with these films, like Sly with Rocky and Rambo. Rocky and Rambo resurrected Sly for the world of the cinema, it is a fact.

    • Kev Brock Says:

      There is no True Lies without Tom Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis, so hopefully they’ll agree to return too if the sequel gets greenlighted.


  58. farid Says:

    I can’t wait for Arnold to come back, cause I love him!
    It doesn’t matter to me what movie he does for his come back, as long as he comes back, and I’m sure whatever he does would be amazing as always 🙂

    • Kev Brock Says:

      once again I agree with farid, I love Arnold myself. If he does come back to movies full time it doesn’t have to be Terminator or True Lies. It can be any film. It doesn’t have to be action either. Arnie might want to try comedy again or do a family film. Arnie has done every genre over the years of film making. Comedy (Kindergarten Cop, Twins) Sci-Fi (Total Recall, The 6th Day) Fantasy (Conan, Red Sonja) Family (Jingle All the Way, Junior), Horror (End of Days), Thriller (Collateral Damage) and others.

      I would like to see Arnie try and do a War film or a realistic movie based on real events. Something more serious than silly action films that has been over done.


      • farid Says:

        Arnold should come back with a kick ass action movie so his fans would take him more serious, cause comedy would be too easy to do and it wouldn’t look like he’s putting a real effort into it for a come back. But a serious action film would put him right back on the map again.

      • Kev Brock Says:

        Actually, farid, Arnold had cameo roles in a few new comedy movies as of late. He had a cameo spot in ” The Rundown” and he had a cameo in Jackie Chan’s “Around the World in 80 Days”, both were strictly comedy films. I think it’s fine if Arnie might want to try comedy first in his leading role return. His fans would take anything he does with no problem at all.


  59. Mark Says:

    Hence why I suggested SGT.ROCK or WITH WINGS AS EAGLES.

  60. Kev Brock Says:

    What about a war film for Arnold guys? Do you think Arnie can do something based on War In Iraq or Afghanistan? Do you think Arnie can do a “Hurt Locker”, “Saving Private Ryan” and a “Black Hawk Down” type of war film? I can. Arnold never did a war film like that before. We all know Arnie supports the troops and takes the two Wars seriously. A film like that can be a mix of action and politics.


  61. Andrew Says:

    Sheryl, I bet you can ask Sly point blank…will you bring EXPENDABLES to Cannes and make this a non-rumor, lol 🙂

  62. Mark Says:

    Absolutly! Arnie has always wanted to make a war movie (he said this numerous times in 80’s and 90’s interviews). Funny enough, he never did one. Maybe he was afraid that controversy about his father and the Nazi party would pop up during the production. But that’s exactly why Arnie should do a war movie. Say to hell with those clowns that want to spread foolishness. The end film should speak for itself and not propaganda. I still hope Arnie does either SGT.ROCK with Joel Silver or the awesome, well written German war story WITH WINGS AS EAGLES. This script is a great as CRUSADE. I own them both!

    • Kev Brock Says:

      Obviously Arnold would be too old to be in the Army to be considered for a war film, but I think it would interesting if Arnie plays a veteran and he trains a bunch of young soldiers on how to fight.


    • Potro1980 Says:

      Arnold acknowledged in several interviews that, when he was a teenager he sympathized with Nazi ideology, and he apologized for it, and called it a mistake of youth.

  63. ethelmae Says:

    i’m closing this site down…I told you guys several times before I am not interested in personal attacks etc but you can’t help yourselves so say goodbye to ethelmae…

  64. Rich Says:

    What a shame the blog is to close. The noted StalloneZone website is suffering from the very same problem as i’ve read above.

    It’s a crying shame two great sites are being ruined by a couple of extremely rude people.

    Thanks for all the great scoops and the inside movie making track, its been a great ride!!!!

  65. farid Says:

    Sheryl, do you know when Sly is gonna start filming Rambo V?

    • Darren Says:

      Also, what about the DVD/Blu-ray release of the Rambo Director’s Cut?

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Ah yes! very good question Darren, what about this? I searched some news in internet many times and nothing about this 😦

  66. Potro1980 Says:

    Ah, for I said about Universal Soldier, don´t? I understood already, really is a nuisance hehe, but… bad luck JCVD.

    Well, I think that this blog mustn´t be closed because a bunch of “fool” people, in any case expels “bad people” and all arranged 😀

  67. Potro1980 Says:

    Is confirmed, Mickey Rourke will be Conan´s father.

    • farid Says:

      What the hell!!! Poor Mickey Rourke, he’s not that old to be Conan’s father?!!!
      They should have chosen Steve Martin or Lawrence Fishbourn!

    • Potro1980 Says:

      hahaha Steve Martin or Lawrence Fishburne?? haha you are very crazy 😉 Look Jason Moma, he is young, so about his age, Mickey will be fit well, I hope…

  68. John Wright Says:

    I’m really, really gutted about Sheryl closing this down, she knows I tried to address this before in previous posts and I support her in that this should have been a positive place to celebrate and be thankful for the inside information she provides us with. Yet there are those few people who spoil it for the rest (and I have my suspicions) who seem to have nothing better to do but behave like utter morons and act aggressively, not only to other people but to the site author themselves.

    I see this all the time on other site such as and many others (as Rich mentioned above, it seems to be happening at Stallonzone). I find it disgusting to see so called civilised people behave like A-holes. I feel sorry for these people because they need help, and to grow a pair, because I honestly feel they act in this way online because they don’t have the balls to do or say these things in real life. Sad. Very sad.

    Anyway, a sincere thank you for everything you have done for us fans Sheryl, and I’m sorry to see this go, but to be honest I can’t blame you after all the crap you have had to put up with. Take care and I hope your efforts pay off when The Expendables is released, you deserve it.

    All the best,

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Yes, you have reason, but relax, this is not a drama… And fool people there are in all places, is unavoidable.

  69. farid Says:

    Can you guys believe that Sylvester Stallone turned down these film roles: Die Hard, Witness, Romancing the Stone!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate him for that, but I still LOVE him 🙂

  70. Potro1980 Says:

    Well, the blog is still open, but there aren´t news… 😦

  71. Potro1980 Says:

    One question Sheryl, Rambo 5 is going to be filming in Spring, don´t? but there aren´t anything news about this movie, there isn´t a cast, there is nothing, only a script, and I saw Sly in a fitness convention with Arnold and he has short hair yet… This means that the filming had been delayed?

  72. jdpennington Says:

    That is truely sad that people cannot act their age and have conversations with the realization that everyone is’nt going to share the same opinions all the time and it’s no reason to act like an a** about it.Alot of fans on the Stallone Zone are very sad to see that Sheryl won’t be giving us all that good inside info,I personally LOVED reading the blogs.To those that screwed that up for the rest of us,please,feel free to take your high & mighty opinions and go play in a busy traffic intersection,Thx guys.

  73. Potro1980 Says:

    Finally, Predators Arnold´s cameo didn´t go on, don´t? anybody knows anything?

  74. Wes Bennett Says:

    Its bad enough that the movie was delayed from April until August- now there are no updates on this blog. I mean principle photography started in March of 2009- and its getting released 17 months afterwards. I was pretty excited about this movie- but give us a poster, a clip- something…. this blows-

  75. Potro1980 Says:

    By the way, I think that some news that have appeared recently in mass media latin americans are a embarrasment, because they said that Expendables was filmed to prepare a next invasion to Venezuela… Well, foolish words.

    I hope that I am not talking to a wall…

  76. farid Says:

    OH MAN, I just saw the official Expendables poster and I loved it how they posted Bruce Willis and Arnold’s name on it too, GREAT JOB!!!

  77. Potro1980 Says:

    Is this an official poster? I think that put the names of Arnold and Burce as a special appereance is a right position.

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