That is so not the one sheet for The Expendables

46 Responses to “That is so not the one sheet for The Expendables”

  1. farid Says:

    Are you talking about the poster Sheryl?

  2. Potro1980 Says:

    I don´t understand…

  3. BarneyRoss Says:

    Sheryl esta es tu forma de hacer tu trabajo?

  4. Potro1980 Says:

    Sheryl, you complain that some people here are disrespectful, and in my opinion, with what you have done today you are who disrespect us, the fans, who we enter every day in your blog, with all the illusion, looking for some new news.

  5. Sid Vacuous Says:

    I’m not disrespectful; I’m quiet.

  6. Wes Bennett Says:

    That was so not worth checking back every day for a month-

    • ethelmae Says:

      sorry but I was making a statement to those who posted the bogus one sheets…how that became disrespectful to some doesn’t make sense to me. It was the nasty personal bs that turned this site into a whiney boring meaningless bunch of words. Yes I know I am not a great writer – that wasn’t the point…I enjoyed writing my thoughts and observations. I didn’t enjoy the petty crap that kept popping up over and over agin from the same people…I mean seriously folks if you don’t like what I write or think I’m unprofessional or a low rung on a ladder or a huge disappointment then create your own blog and spout your opinions all day long. Or go somewhere else but don’t kill my buzz…

      the one sheet comes out very very soon, the trailer is looking good, SHOWEST went well and the second test screening kicked ass soooo…

  7. jacko Says:

    I really look forward to your updates and was gutted when you stopped posting just because of a few A##holes that have nothing better to do than bitch. If they dont like what you post who makes them look.
    Some solid news or pictures would really be nice this post is a bit of a tease. Anyway good to have you back just shows you are above petty bitching

  8. Barney sly Says:

    Bueno.. si quereis cosas sobre expendables teneis nuestro foro

  9. Potro1980 Says:

    If you want to know how to do things well visit

  10. Potro1980 Says:

    This is a shameful, Sheryl, close the blog if you want, but do not tease the fans. I never would expect something like this of a profesional like you.

  11. Mike Says:

    Its too bad that you shut down your blog, Its a shame that the whole must suffer because of the minority whom have dominated the talkbacks with their vile…is it possible you could bring it back but as a private affair where readers must register?? and at your descretion to kick out/ban any unruly posters??

    • farid Says:

      You guys need to relax man, and stop saying ” oh it’s a shame this blog is closed “, it’s only a blog, they’re more important things in life for you to worry about than a blog!!!

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Yes, is only a blog Farid, so start with yourself regarding Kev… And Hollywood´s stars without fans would be nothing, so they must treat well the fans, not tease them… I enter every day in this blog, with illusion and respect, to see some news, not to laugh of me, I consider it disrespectful, so a little respect for ALL ok?
        I doubt that if Sly see this he is agree.

      • farid Says:

        You don’t need to start defending Kev all of the sudden now!!! He should have been kicked out long time ago, even Sheryl didn’t like him cause of some of the things he had said before I stepped in. I know some of you think it’s my fault, but he had it coming, he always had something to say about every comment that was left on this blog, and no one wanted to shut him up.
        I never disrespected any of you, just Kev, so relax and stop giving advice cause I like you, you’re a cool guy.

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Yeah, I know Farid, Kev usually created polemic, I don´t know if he did it on purpose or if is his way of being. Look, here in Spain we have a blog of fans of Sly, I put the link more up, and in that blog all of us are friends. Well, I don´t enter here for make friends, I enter searching some information about Sly , Arnold etc, but why so much belligerence? what is the matter with you americans?

      • farid Says:

        hahaha…well first of all, I’m not American, I live in Toronto and my background is Persian, so I’m far from being an American and so that’s why I needed to shut Kev up for good. As you know most of Americans are bunch of arrogant bad ass wanna be’s, so you can’t help but shut them up, just look at how messed up their country is and you’ll know why! So god damn racist

      • Potro1980 Says:

        hahahahahahaha!! 😉

  12. Punisher Says:

    Sheryl, I understand your point of view about stupid people here but there is no reason to close the blog, it’s an amazing space for all of us and I sure, it’s important for you also. Forget the past, you have a wonderful job and you are so lucky because you can share your experiences with fans!

  13. Barney sly Says:

    Poster promocional barney ross
    porque n oesta ya aqui publicadOO?=

  14. john wright Says:

    ….Sigh….Sheryl, sweetheart, this is more pain for you than it is worth. If I were you, I wouldn’t put up with this bickering any longer. These guys can go on the Stallonzone forums and fight it out. This is not the place as I have repeatedly said.

    It’s pathetic to see and it happens all over the net. It is totally disrespectful to you and Sly (if he does indeed read this) for your efforts. We wouldn’t have had all this inside information and exciting news if it weren’t for you and this blog. It is blatantly obvious that these idiots don’t get that, and continue to be aggressive, petty and ignorant. Just watch, following this post there will most likely be a number of replies to this that will prove my point.

    I can only apologise on their behalf and promise you that there are millions of genuine, appreciative fans out there, that appreciate what you and Sly have done here.

    As for the poster, the real deal is now online over at and its a doozy!

    • Potro1980 Says:

      Ey don´t insult, man, I didnt insult anybody, I always talked with respect, so don´t generalize, ok? and I am not agree with Sheryl attitude in this post, I can´t express my opinion or what? repeat, I talk with respect, and this is a free country as you say, or not? Sheryl wants respect, ok, I want it too, but respect FOR ALL TO ALL, ok?

    • Wes Bennett Says:

      “All this inside information” – yeah the last post was mind-blowing…..

    • farid Says:

      Oh MAN, I love the new Expendables poster, it’s sooooooo much better!!!! It’s something that I would actually print on the back of my t-shirt or on the front!! LOVE it!

      • farid Says:

        Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to print this new Expendables poster on a shirt or something?

  15. tonystalloney Says:

    hi sheryl

  16. tonystalloney Says:

    just wanted to say, Fu** the twangers on here that are mouthing off, like the line in Rocky IV when Duke says to Rocky “you know what to do, do it, do it”….Sheryl do it….for the true fans !!!!


  17. john wright Says:

    I rest my case Sheryl…

    It’s pathetic guys. I give up. Carry on bickering then moan on Stallonzone if/when Sheryl cancels this personal blog of hers. I wouldn’t blame the lass.

    • Potro1980 Says:

      John, if Sheryl wants to close this blog she is in all of his right, but she must not tease us like in the last post… I never was disrespectful here, and I feel offended with her action…I´m in my right too, don´t?

  18. jacko Says:

    NEWS FLASH…No one cares about who is bitching about who you sad lonely men. Most if not all of us come here to get news of the film not read your petty comments. Go to a private chatroom and bitch and moan till your hearts content that or get a room and make up as it sounds to me as if you think about each other far to much.
    Or meet up and settle it like men and stop this pathetic he said she said and let us (the people who are intrested in this film) read about the film.
    Its a free country so feel free to f##k off with your girlfriends somewhere else. And leave us all out of it so this site is not shut down for us people who can read without feeling the need to screw it up for everyone.

  19. Wes Bennett Says:

    As a fan who is looking forward to “The Expendables”- I had checked back here every day for a month- and was a little disappointed to not get a little bit more information about the post. However- I am grateful that this blog has given us information in the past. But it is you who are using words such as- “aggressive, petty, ignorant, pathetic”- and then calling people “idiots.”

  20. farid Says:

    Just enjoy the blog while it lasts

  21. Potro1980 Says:

    Sheryl, you said that here there are people disrespectful, yeah, you are right, I´m agree with you, but look now the commentaries of the “good” people… Well, who is more disrespectful?… Sorry, but I don´t like this nothing already.

  22. Potro1980 Says:

    Thank´s people for convert Ethelmae´s Blog in trash… 😦

  23. John Says:

    Sherly, can you tell is if the film is more similar to a Die Hard/Lethal Weapon type film, or is more like a Commado/Cobra like flick. Also, is the tone in the official trailer what we’re gonna see on screen? Thnx

  24. jayfan Says:

    You are a winner of the Honest Scrap Award!

  25. KD Says:

    I am a little delayed in commenting because I keep checking back hoping against hope that you have started up the blog again. For what it is worth, your postings gave me a new insight into filmmaking and I really enjoyed reading about the behind the scenes action. I sincerely hope you’ll write again.

  26. Shel ster Says:

    If I were you, I’d just keep on writing whatever the F*** I wanted to write and not even bother reading the comments. Why would you?
    You can only make yourself happy, anyway!

  27. Darren Says:

    In page 96 of the latest UK Empire magazine it says Rambo V is off?

    “..Stallone admitting, shockingly, that Rambo V is no longer on the agenda. “I think Rambo is pretty much done” he says quietly. “I dont think they’ll be anymore. Im about 99% sure.”

    I know Sheryl hasn’t been updating this blog, but I think the fans need to know what’s going on. Is Rambo V really off? I was really looking forward to another installment.

    • ethelmae Says:

      A few months ago I mentioned Sly dropped a bombshell…that bombshell was…no Rambo 5…when he decides whatg his next move is I will update…

      • Potro1980 Says:

        Hi. I´m very very dissapointed with this news. Here in Spain, the fans are very sad 😦

      • ethelmae Says:

        sly did leave the door open a tiny little crack in the interview – I think he said it was 99% dead…I’m good with it not happening – Sly has some pretty cool ideas and wants to make good movies so I’m looking forward to the next chapter. I hope Poe is in there some where, would love to see an Expendables redux and would really love to see Arnold back…

  28. Darren Says:

    Many thanks for replying Sheryl, it’s much appreciated. Will Sly write to AICN or Stallonezone explaining why it’s been cancelled? I feel sad 😦 I hope the Director’s Cut of no.4 gets released.

  29. Stallone Not Making Rambo 5? - Screen Rant Says:

    […] to have “retired” John Rambo? What should the actor/producer work on next?Source: EthelMae’s Blog via Moviehole var linkwithin_div_class="linkwithin_hook";var linkwithin_site_id=141268; […]

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