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ok this was ballsy…

July 7, 2009

Burns Waggener visited the set of  The Expendables a few weeks ago with his friend Eric.  As guests of Steve Austin they had unprecedented access…but they didn’t take any photos.  Burns needed a memento and came up with this…

Burns and his new tat


July 4, 2009

first off let’s cut the MJ chatter…Sly knew him, I never heard him call MJ a pedophile although millions of folks around the world believe he was and an MJ biopic is not on Sly’s radar…seriously.

As for Church – Sly’s back in LA getting ready to start the editing process, look at what he has and what he may still need, if anything, and then make a plan to shoot Church and Arnold.  Church will be shot on the east coast or perhaps LA…that is still TBD.  Church is male not female os we can end that speculation as well.

As for Arnold, if you go back to the first press statement I made regarding Arnold’s participation you will note he was to play himself in a brief cameo that would be shot in LA.  That has not changed although Sly has bantered about several scenarios for Arnold that make his character more meaningful to the story.  He is not an Expendable and I highly doubt he will be running around in swat gear brandishing a weapon…but anything can happen!  When it happens you can be sure I will keep you posted.

Brittany Murphy – in an early version of the script her role was quite big…but as time went on and Sly continuously reworked the script, her role diminished and became a bit part.  Sly ahs a tremendous amount of respect for her and wants to work with her – when  you see the film you will see what I mean.  The role ended up being  a glorified walk-on.

As of yesterday Empire still hadn’t posted the photos on their website…since we gave them an exclusive run I can’t post it for a few more weeks…if I find it online I will share.  Total Film, another UK outlet will have an exclusive image of Jason in their August issue…

the light at the end of the tunnel

June 26, 2009

so here we are with only 4 days of shooting left before we wrap it up and head back to our lives.  I’m feeling a little melancholy as I usually do when a film draws to a close  but for some reason I’m really feeling it on this one.  It has been such a cool experience being a part of this film and working with this amazing cast and crew. But it aint over til its over and we still have a whole lot of stuff to do…Jason throwing knives and kicking an interloper’s ass on a basketball court,  a car crash in a warehouse somewhere in NOLA with Dolph and Sly and a church with or without the character Church.  On Thursday  July 2 at 5:30pm I bid adieu to the Crescent City and along with Miss Sadie head back to Hermosa Beach.

last week was a busy one  – Harry Knowles visited the set on Wednesday.  I’d never met him before  but I do read AICN on a daily basis.  So when he came rolling in with his dad for some reason I was prepared for a high maintenance night.  Thanks for the nice surprise, Harry.  He was the prefect guest – he wasn’t interested in the traditional interview with the actors but I wish I had taped the conversations he had with Dolph, Jason, Sly etc…all Harry wanted to do was soak it in and as you can tell from his post he was like a sponge!!  And he didn’t rat me out when I scraped the side of the golf cart as I drove through the metal doors leading to the palace courtyard set.  So thanks for that!!  The next night we had journalists from Japan, Holland, France, the UK, IGN, UGO and the Times Picayune visit…once again great people who asked good questions and were very patient.  Being on a set usually means a lot of sitting around waiting…or eating…and they did both.  At around 3am they finally got their interviews with Sly, Jet, Terry, Dolph and Randy.  too bad Jason had already left.  at any rate…busy week as  I also did interviews with most of the cast that will be used for media outreach as well as on the DVD.  I used some of the questions submitted by fans – it was a fun and interesting process to hear the guys talk about their characters, about working together as an ensemble, Sly as a director and the process as a whole.  Gave me a whole new perspective while reminding me of things I had forgotten…and in spite of all the bitching I’ve done over the past 3 months about heat, bugs, rain, gators and whatever, I’ve had a pretty amazing experience.

last night we said good bye to Jet and Giselle.  felt damn weird.  What can I say about Jet…he’s Jet Li – an amazing human being who is dedicating his life to making the world a better place.  His ONE FOUNDATION is his focus now and we all wish him the best.  As for Giselle, The Expendables marks her debut in a US film.  Being the only female in a testosterone fueled environment was no easy task but aside from her stunning beauty she is a very strong and powerful force.  She does things in this film that will certainly make film goers take notice.  She became my closest confident on this film – she will be missed. 

Ok now for Church…I saw on several websites that it is Bruce Willis but as I write this nothing has been confirmed about who will play Church. Someone PLEASE make a decision here people!!!

so here I sit on the back lot of the studio while fires rage, Sly shoots the hell out of things and Randy Couture stealthily takes out a few palace guards.  Terry is here too but hasn’t worked yet. Looks like Randy and Terry will wrap up tonight or tomorrow..then Steve Austin and Eric.  Last to go will be Jason who is with us til the bitter end which is only fitting as he was was in the first scene we shot so many weeks ago…

Earlier  today on splinter unit Steve Austin and Eric Roberts went swimming – blown into the water by a huge explosion.  The first part of the scene was shot in Brazil – today we shot the aftermath.  Ah movie magic.

factoid…we shot the title sequence for the film tonight – the song playing during the scene has lyrics by Sly and music and additional lyrics by one of the guys from Godsmack…I think it was Sully but haven’t had a chance to confirm with Sly…so please don’t quote me.  What I do know is the song is pretty freakin perfect…

that’s it for now…I have about 3000 photos to go through but didn’t want you to think I forgot about you…

RIP Farrah – you fought a brave fight. And MIchael Jackson…you were one crazy mother towards the end but your music will never be forgotten…sad ending to an even sadder life…ah fame and fortune…

I need to be clever – will you help?

June 12, 2009

Monday and Tuesday I am doing interviews with t he cast for the electronic press kit and DVD.  There are some questions i HAVE to ask – like tell me about your character, etc but since this is a unique movie I want the questions to be interesting and revealing.  So I’m turning to you – if you could ask Sly, Jason, Jet, Terry, Dolph, Randy, Eric, Steve or Giselle a question ABOUT MAKING THE MOVIE OR THEIR CHARACTER what would it be.  Respond only on the blog and I promise to read them all as long as you don’t get too verbose or off track.  IF I use  your question I will let the actor know it came from a fan…so thanks for helping…I expect big things from you guys!

Cult of Personality

June 11, 2009

working on a film shot on location is similar to a traveling circus…lots of moving parts, lots of different personalities, long hours and little time for social engagement outside of work.  So the cast and crew become a family of sorts – kinda dysfunctional like most families but a family nonetheless.  As in most families there is a hierarchy and the way I see it… the producers are the parents constantly telling you what you can and cannot do, the director is the teacher and life guide, the actors are the children and the crew – well I guess we are the glue that holds it all together.  when you have an adventure such as the one we’ve had shooting The Expendables you tend to bond with your co-workers. I am always fascinated by set dynamics – it never fails… the oddest couples emerge…Eric Roberts and Steve Austin for example – these guys are day and night but as Eric told me last night, Steve is now his new best friend.  Their common ground – a raucous sense of humor among other things.  Both of them are pretty freakin funny and together they are hilarious. Terry and Randy are like the set ambassadors – they always have a smile or kind word for everyone but they both look like they could break you in half in a New York minute.  Jason…ah Jason… well he’s the guy everyone wants to be or be with!!  He is a really focused let’s make it better, rougher, meaner kind of guy who just looks freakin awesome in that swat garb…holy cow people.  He is longtime friends with Mickey – it was very cool having them on set together….Jet Li is the consummate professional.  He is always prepared always on point and totally immerses himself when on camera.  I was taken aback by his keen sense of humor and his love for shopping!!  I am also impressed with his commitment to his foundation (  There is only ONE Earth. Each of us has only ONE life. We share the planet, and that makes us ONE global family. By helping others, we are also helping ourselves. Together we can overcome any challenge or difficulty. We encourage you to join us and help support the One Foundation. Pretty inspiring! Dolph is the one people look up to.  He reinvented himself and is very unassuming on set.  But he is a big blonde Swedish dude so seriously how unassuming can you be???  Then there’s the Slymeister…what can you say about this guy.  He is a visionary and risk taker who obviously loves what he does.  Writing, directing and starring in a film of this scope is no easy task to be sure but he sees everything in his minds eye and what a vision it is!  The actors love him as a director and he seems very generous as an actor.  We already know he can write.  And he likes to keep it real by doing most of his own stuntwork…which encourages the other actors to do the same.  Pretty freakin amazing.  He likes to keep the vibe on set upbeat so our sound guys crank up the tunes…The Who, CCR, Tom Petty, Rick James, Led Zep, Stones etc etc etc…every once in a while you’d hear him yell “keep up the momentum guys” as another explosion goes off or another body goes flying.  I love my life.

As for the crew I must say there are very few on this team I don’t like but some of my faves are…Celestina who allows me to vent and rant on occasion, Wes the Visual Effects God, Amy who went to Jesus with me in Brazil, Audrey & Kent the prop masters, Mark the key grip, my girl Shannon who runs basecamp and kept me sane in Brazil, the “hair girls” Nikki and Kristi, Mustaffa the wonder of wardrobe, the crazy assed crafty guys Mike & Paul and almost all of of transpo…what a hilarious bunch of characters they are!  And I cant forget my peeps in the production office who always take care of me…Ashley, Amy and Casey. But my absolute faves are the beauttiful Giselle and Super PA Craig.  I feel pretty lucky to be able to work with such a cool group.

Last night was interesting…we started with Jet Li in the back of a pick up truck shooting, running and jumping then moved to the palace grounds for lots of gunfire and explosions.  On more than one occasion the ADs had to move crew out of the way so as not to get hit by exploding grenades…we also had to be mindful of the hundreds of bullets being fired by nearly 100 extras and of course the totally out of control big mama Terry Crews blasts his way to hell with.  The explosions looked pretty cool as well but the dust it kicks up contains Fullers Earth which is NASTY NASTY NASTY…and hard to get off your skin and clothes. And the fireballs our SFX team created weren’t any sissy fires…they went big…real big.  Tonight we have more of the same…Next week we enter the homestretch as we wrap (I think) on June 26th.  Looks like we are going to have some press visit us when we shoot the Somalian pirate scenes…we will also do the EPK interviews and we may have a visit from an online outlet – waiting for confirmation.  And did I mention we are shooting French hours tonight?  No lunch break and we can only work 10 hours…yippeee…we have to wrap by 6am…ok enough…more later. Oh and to you know who you are…don’t hold your breath…



Shannon & me

Shannon & me


I went a little rogue last night

June 4, 2009

part of my job is to make sure no one takes photos on set other than the unit photographer.  when we are shooting in a public place it’s impossible but on stage or on the back lot at the Louisiana Film Studios you must obey my authoritay!!  With over 70 extras it’s not an easy task but I make best effort.  Last night I broke my own rule – I took photos on the set.  I had to – it is such an impressive set.  We are shooting the battle scenes that take place in the courtyard of General Garza’s (DAVID ZAYAS) palace.  So I am posting a couple of shots I took with the IPhone I hate…

We have 3 more weeks of shooting left – the majority of which will include all of the guys.  One thing I love about Sly’s scripts is that no matter how many heads roll (literally) there’s always an element of humor.  Who knew that Jet Li and Seve Austin were funny?? Actually Steve makes me laugh more than anyone on set.  He’s a totally anchored to the earth living on a ranch in South Texas kind of guy with a big body and a bigger heart.  And a sassy sense of humor. Even when Sly and he are beating the bejesus out of each other.

To while away the hours during night shoots I began doing little impromptu interviews with the guys in between setups.  GIves me a chance to get some quotes and find out how they see their characters while giving me a little glimpse into who they are as people.  Barney Ross (SLY) is the sage and strategist of the team.  Lee Christmas (JASON STATHAM) is former SAS and a savant with anything with a blade.  Toll Road (RANDY COUTURE) is the intellect of the group, a skilled and deadly demolitions expert.  Hale Caesar (TERRY CREWS) is a long barrel specialist who has been friends with Barney for over 10 years.  Ying Yang (JET LI) is a master at close quarters combat, who because of his size is the brunt of jokes from the bigger guys.  But they all know he can be as deadly with a kick as they are with traditional weapons.  Gunnar (DOLPH LUNDGREN) is a combat veteran and an expert at precision sniping.  He’s also the problem child of the group.

No news on Church.  Oh and the guy who said my blog is poorly written…piss off!!


Palace set

alace set 2

I was kinda bitchy today

May 29, 2009

 and man a couple of people were in the line of fire…don’t know if it was having a way too long weekend or the heat humidity bugs and mold (and yes I am talking about the weather again people) at Fort McComb that got to me but whatever it was I am glad it is gone – I was one crazy bitch today…sorry everyone. ok enough about me…Charisma Carpenter was on set today and she is pretty cool – and beautiful – and nice.  I haven’t seen her since Buffy…my bad.  I’m now a fan…again.   She plays Lacy, Lee Christmas’  girlfriend.  I’m thinkin there’s going to be some chemistry there…from a woman’s perspective I would vaporize if a cool looking british accented badass pulled up to my house on a Ducati with a bottle of champagne.  Indeed.  Today we were in the dreaded palace tunnels where a big battle takes place between the Expendables and Garza’s red beret guards.  Some of the guards have warrior like paint on their faces.  Kind of freaky and pretty intense. Sly Jason Jet Randy Terry Steve Austin and Gary Daniels worked today.  The Expendables were in their swat garb…sweet. Sly handed out crew t-shirts today – black with the Expendables logo on the back (the entire back of th shirt is a huge raven and skull) and on the front left…tomorrow we head back to mid-city to shoot Lacy’s apartment – Monday we’re at City Park.

so Church…there is a scheduling conflict that is being worked out.   The script went through a re-write and Brittany Murphy’s character was deleted.  there’s no teaser trailer yet but we do have 60 seconds of BTS footage I was hoping to post but there is some debate as to whether that helps or hurts the marketing and publicity plan by peaking interest too early.  I don’t understand that thought process – I see it differently…but I don’t call the shots.  So we shall see or rather you shall see, hopefully.

Hanging out at Fort McComb

May 20, 2009

shooting all week at Fort McComb off Chef Menteur Highway about 30 minutes from the center of NOLA.  The fort was built in 1822 and used by the Confederate army for about a year at the start of the Civil War before being retaken by the Union army.  Lots of catacombs and tunnels but I cant go too far inside or I have a sneeze attack from all the mold and god knows what else.  Interesting place – haven’t seen any gators which I hear are all around but we do have snakes and 6 pygmy goats who work for the state of Louisiana as self contained lawnmowers.  I love that! It’s here where we shoot some major battle  scenes and the aforementioned water boarding scene.  That scene literally left us all gagging.  it was intense and could be one of the most effective scenes in the film.  But then again there are so many of those moments in this film and we are just getting into the meaty stuff. Sly, Jason, Jet, Randy, Steve etc insist on doing their own stunts…even the actor (or was it an actress) who got water boarded didn’t use a stunt person…yesterday we had the Nogueira twins on set – sheesh those guys are humongous!  A little trivia –  Rodrigo Nogueira fights Randy Couture in August in Portland so the dynamic between those two is pretty interesting.  So far today Jason has done a hammer time on a few unsuspecting lookouts while Jet kicked his way through some walls.  All while Sly was releasing himself from a stranglehold and Randy was flipping and puttingthe hurt on another goon. After lunch Sly and Steve Austin mix it up again and this time they go in for the kill so to speak.  Next week we shoot a big car chase sequence near Esplanade and N. Claiborne…should be nuts…

I finally got my reward…Mickey Rourke, Jason, Sly, Jet, Randy, Dolph, Terry

May 18, 2009

we finished week 1 of a 7 week shoot here in NOLA and I gotta tell ya it was a freakin amazing week.  Seriously I know I’m a publicist but I am also a lucky fan who scored the perfect job…Friday night/Saturday morning I was standing in the middle of South Peters Street at 5:30am watching Sly Jason Mickey Dolph and the guys roar out of Tool’s garage on indescribable choppers (Jason rode a Ducati) that were loud…seriously loud…like vrrrooom vvrrrooooom LOUD so apologies to the neighborhood – but it was do damn exciting.  Total bummer we only had Mick for 2 days – he had to get back to Iron Man 2…but he and his character brought a vibe to the set that was just the element needed to bond the whole cast together.  Seeing the expendables sitiing around Tools tattoo parlor plotting, planning and just being guys kind of blew me away…the p’araazi finally revealed hemselves on Friday on rooftop and hanging out of windows and we had lots of fans who definitely saw some action.  Today we are at Fort McComb…not sure where exactly that is even though I drove here but it is beautiful and quite peaceful out hre.  Just the place for a torture scene…

I know you are anxious to hear who’s playing Church and I am anxious to reveal it but the deal is still not sealed…you’ve been very patient!

oh what a lucky man he was….

May 14, 2009

yes I am obsessing with song lyrics but hey I had an amazing day yesterday.  Shooting in a machine shop on South Peters here in NOLA – first shot was with Sly, jason, jet, Randy & Terry…then we moved into the scene with Sly and Dolph that for me was a real cinematic moment.  Aside from their history let me tell you they have amazing chemistry.  Jeffrey Kimball’s lighting for that scene added just the right dramatic touch…it was very cool.  And the folks staying at the hotel across the street got a real treat as Sly and Dolph hung around video village which was in the middle of South Peters street.  We wrapped around midnight.  Today we started at 3pm – tomorrow around 6pm…that’s when we finally have ALL of them together including Mickey and Dolph…I’m gonna so excited I will be chasing my tail just like Miss Sadie ..