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a little sneak peek at Hale Caesar

May 13, 2009

Terry Crews as Hale Caesar

We won’t get fooled again…

May 13, 2009

awesome posters – turns out Sly did see these…they look bold and big just like the movie

Cannes poster

found some photos from Cannes

May 13, 2009


Slammin new photo

May 12, 2009

me again…just gave aintitcool the exclusive on this rockin shot of Sly…enjoy…and I didn’t say it was Bruce Willis as Church…also Sands, Lickson, Emmanuel and Richard characters are out…

kick ass photo

And we’re rolling…

May 12, 2009

cameras rolled yesterday with Jason and Sly doing some pretty cool stuff.  The sets Franco Carbone built on stage look great. today we have David Zayas, Giselle Itie and Eric Roberts.  Dolph Lundgren stopped by for a wardrobe fitting and the guy is in excellent shape – don’t believe the p’razzi shots you see  – the guy is fit.  Jet Li is also now in NoLa – Mickey Rourke arrives tomorrow and will work on Thursday and Friday.  We’ve been on stage at the Louisiana Film Studios in Harahan – tomorrow we move to South Peters Street for 3 days where THE EXPENDABLES will finally all be together.  should be freakin great.

I will be releasing an exclusive shot hopefully tonight…it’s a cool shot of Sly taken yesterday during a stunt. sure wish the studio had better internet access (wireless please!!) so I could do it from set…but that is my only complaint about the place…so far. Oh and the women’s bathroom is kinda funky…

I’m also adding a photo of an outrageously righteous beyond customized motorcycle Sly bought at the biker convention or Biker Week or whatever the heck it’s called.  all I know is there were a lot of crazy ass faves are still the ones Jesse James does but the guy who spent five years building the bike Smajor kudos…I need to get that guy’s name to give him his props…

Ok as for Church – some of you have it right but I can’t release the name until the deal is absolutely finalized.  I’m not trying to tease  you I am trying to cover my ass so bear with me…you won’t be least most of you won’t.

as for Arnold…how much time he can devote to his “cameo” depends on what is happening in Cali… but Sly promises every minute of Arnold’s screen time will deliver.  Since I worked with Arnold for 13 years it will be fun to be back on a set with him…and Sly…and Church 🙂

that’s t for now…hey if any of you are in the DC area check out the photo exhibit at the Smithsonian – the one featuring work from the official Obama inauguration.  Our unit photog, Karen Ballard, is prominently feautred in the book and in the Smithsonian exhibit along with other great photogs like David Kennerly…

that’s it for and my rented Kia will be heading across the mighty Mississippi with the Ragin Cajun turned up really loud…



kick ass bike

All revved up…

May 8, 2009

ok now that I found my wallet, had a beignet and some jambalaya and found a space in the production office I am ready to roll.  The cast, with the exception of Sly, arrives in NoLa over the next few days.  Next Friday we have all the boys on one set -Sly, Jason, jet, randy, Dolph,Terry and Mickey – should be pretty cool  Mickey works for 2 days.  Arnold will shoot his scene in LA on a date TBD. We start shooting on Monday at the Louisiana Film Studios in Harahan – pretty impressive I must say.  And while many of our locations are practical (in and around NoLa’s central business district) we have several days of stage work as well. Yesterday Sly was on Canal Street where he took possession of his newest baby – a 2006 tricked out to the max Ford Mustang GT convertible.  Sweeet is an understatement.  Some of the folks passing by were shocked when they realized it was Sly standing there admiring his new wheels.  Pretty cool.  I spoke to WWL a local radio station and told them how excited we are to be here in the Big Easy…and we are.  Other than that I am counting the hours til Monday.  Hopefully by then I can release the name of the actor playing Church.  Off to a production meeting then I gotta see Star Trek tonight!!!  oh BTW…Terry Crews character name has reverted to the original – Hale Cesear…bye bye Jazz Gumbo.  And Jet Li’s character name is not Ping Pong…whew.

Packing for NoLa

May 5, 2009

so I’m headed to fabulous NoLa on Wednesday and I must admit I am chomping at the bit to get back into production.  I mean I was kinda left hangin…all revved up and no where to go. And while I loved lounging around my lovely Hermosa Beach, catching up on sleep, seeing friends and watching past episodes of “Toddlers & Tiaras” I NEED SOME ACTION PEOPLE!!!!!  and it looks like that’s what I will get. So I am psyched.

It’s my understanding the role of Church has not yet been finalized but it could be very interesting so stay tuned.  Mickey Rourke is definitely an Expendable and works in about 10 days.  90% of the cast will arrive in NoLa this coming weekend and we start shooting on the 11th. having everyone on set next week will I’m sure cause me to become apoplectic…I mean seriously folks…Sly, Jason, Jet, Terry, Dolph, Randy, Mickey…

next time you hear from me I will be sipping chickory laced coffee and munching on a beignet…

just a spoonful of footage…

April 28, 2009

so here’s a little never before seen footage from the set of The Expendables shot in Brazil.  I’m headed to NoLa early next week and will be bloggin and tweeting up a storm. I also got a sneak peak at the teaser posters for the Cannes Film Festival which I hope I will be posting in a few weeks.  Some behind the scenes photos will also be posted.  footage shot by John & Pedro


ok kids…I’m outta here

April 24, 2009

we wrapped the brazilian portion of our program at 5:30am at Parque Lage. David Zayas, Giselle Itie, Eric Roberts and Steve Austin worked in what I can only describe as a tense scene in Garza’s palace.  The place is beautiful in itself but the way it was lit  – thanks to the lighting God that is Jeffrey Kimball (not ass kissing) – and with the Cristo lit in the BG (ok I know I am obsessed with the Cristo as well but it is just so iconic that every time I see it I am in awe) created a really cool kind of foreboding look. In one scene where General Garza is painting a self portrait, Sly took one of the canvases and began painting.  he reminds me of Ruscha and the way he works. The crew was in a great mood even though night shoots can be brutal.  we all took photos of each other – some of which I will post in a few days so you can get a glimpse of who is making this film.  I want to give a shout out to all the crazy fans who vigilantly stood outside the Sofitel Hotel every night waiting to see Sly, especially the SLY SQUAD, a group of Brazilian fans who traveled from as far away as Amazonia.  Also to everyone at the Sofitel…Barabra Maia, Ana Carolina, Jean-Phillipe and of course the best concierge in the world, Lionel.  Sly’s bodyguards, Flau, who is a member of the “Elite Squad” (look those guys up if you want to read about badasses) and Ruan…great guys who heped me a lot when things went wacky.  And I met the director of “City of God” a bold film about life in the favellas…all good for me. I will be posting the teeny tiny clip Sly put together next week.  More photos will be released in a few weeks – our unit photog, photojournalist Karen Ballard, has done some gorgeous work (not ass kissing).

and yes I am a publicist and they pay me to publicize the film but anyone who knows me knows ass kissing is not my thing…I really don’t have anything bad to say about this film – I may in the future but you’re right…I’m a fan…I’m excited.  Sorry if that annoys someone.  I worked on “Ready to Rumble” and I maintain it is one of the worst films ever made.  I also worked on “The Love Guru” which apparently you thought was one of the worst films ever made.  The script was laugh out loud funny and I wanted to work with the genius that is Mike Myers.  But the movie wasn’t good…like really not good.  But my experience was. And I got to take a photo with Verne Troyer…on center ice where the Toronto Maple Leafs play. I won’t even get into “The Sixth Day” because I love Arnold and watched him try to make it work…unfortunately Roger Spottiswoode didn’t get the memo.

Ok that’s it…time to head to the airport.  thanks for your feedback…good & bad…I head to Nola in about 10 days.  That is going to be really fun!

Tchau Rio.  Obrigado

So it’s no secret that I love

April 23, 2009

action flicks and the badasses (male & female) who make them.  Arnold and Sly set the bar, rebuked stereotyping and gave us all some of the most memorable moments on film. So when I have the privilege of standing in the middle of what is The Expendables set, in Rio de Janeiro, I have to pose the question…how lucky am I!!!! Watching Sly act and direct and being on the set with Randy Couture (not to mention the afore swooned over Jet Li, the totally manned up Statham, the gloriously beautiful Terry Crews and of course “the Man” himself, Sylvester Stallone) I am grateful for a fortunate life. there’s no disputing Randy Courture is a tough guy but yesterday when I sat down with him at lunch – well actually dinner since it was 11:30pm – I got a glimpse of who he is…a determined focused down to earth athlete who enjoys what he does and who he is.  All the fems on the show are now formally in love with him.  Then there’s Terry Crews…magnificent man clad in a magnificent body.  I worked with Terry on his first film – “The Sixth Day” with Arnold and although he wasn’t convinced I knew he would one day be living the dream.  He is a sweet caring man who is grateful for his good fortune.  Both Randy & Terry are really gracious towards the fans. so ya gotta love that.  Tonight is our last night of shooting main unit here in Brazil – second unit will continue for a few days in Mangartiba.  I have mixed feelings about leaving Rio…this hasn’t been an easy 3 weeks of shooting (I’ve been here a month) and aside from the normal problems of working in a foreign country I have really enjoyed the experience.  I’ve learned a lot about the Brazilian culture, made a few mistakes (I inadvertently made a tourism person cry) and had a few laughs.  But most of all I’ve made a few friends who I cherish and am grateful to for helping me through this adventure.  As I said…how lucky am I.  More later.  Ciao tscau for now.